Chapter 10 - Labyrinth Libarintos (4)

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Jin-hyuk checked the item that appeared in front of him with his hands trembling in excitement.

[Goddess of Luck, Fortuna's Wheel of Luck (Incomplete)
Acquisition Difficulty: S
Description: Maximize Luck for 10 minutes (1 use). However, because the item is incomplete, the range of use is limited.]

The goddess of luck in Roman mythology.

And this item was the wheel of luck that the goddess was supposed to possess. It was an incomplete, single-use item because of the F-grade items he used to craft it.

But this was good enough.

At least for the 5th floor and below, he would be able to craft things that were more powerful than just weapons.


Jin-hyuk grabbed the handle of the wheel.

It was hot.

The heat of the relic’s magic spread through his fingers.

’Still, relics are relics, right?

The item gave him a sweet feeling.

‘Right, this is how attractive they are.’

Jin-hyuk smiled as he turned the handle 360 degrees.


[The relic' Wheel of Luck' has been activated!]
[Luck rises to the maximum for 10 minutes!]

Heavenly Luck.

It wasn’t known exactly what this stat’s effect was, but he knew the amount of luck he had now was freaking absurd.

He would even win the lottery if he picked out a number.

Lucky enough to take a nap serenely on a battlefield filled with bullets.

Of course, there were limitations placed on it. Namely, the limited range.

The world was scary…

The world had its own strangeness, and luck could not be the single factor ruling above everything. There wasn’t even a single line of explanation about the extent of luck’s effects.

The good luck he had received could be beneficial but also be difficult to use.


Such simple thoughts were for stupid people. Jin-hyuk knew precisely what the item’s boundaries were.

‘It is information that I learned after all.’

At that time, he had cursed aloud many times. Thanks to that experience, though, no more mistakes now.

Jin-hyuk took out the 10’ Lottery Enhancement Scroll’ items.

The enhancement success rate was 0.000012%.

1 in 8.14 million.

It was literally the same probability as winning the lottery.

If it’s used for the dagger…

[Enhancement succeeded!]
[You have acquired the Old Dagger (+1)!]

The dagger took on a faintly reddish glow.

As expected!

Jin-hyuk smiled.

The scroll was an item that had extremely bad probability of success. Now that his luck was at maximum, the success rate was essentially 100%.

From now on, he would repeat the same process over and over again.

He would continue until all 10 scrolls were used up. So let’s do the next one.

Jin-hyuk used the second scroll.

[Enhancement succeeded!]
[You have acquired the Old Dagger (+2)!]

The more times the enhancement succeeded, the more the color of the dagger changed.

The blade became redder and redder.

And finally…

[Enhancement succeeded!]
[You have acquired the Old Dagger (+10)!]
[Because the maximum has been reached, further enhancement is no longer possible.]
[You have succeeded in making a +10 item for the first time in the Korean Server!]
[You have acquired 5,000 coins!]
[This achievement will be included in the 'Hall of Fame' for tomorrow!]

A +10 item.

It was the maximum enhancement value possible from an F rank item.

In addition, he obtained coins too.


Jin-hyuk lightly twirled the dagger and cut it softly in the air.

A light and clean feeling.

‘I like this.’

[Old Dagger (+10)]
[Acquisition Difficulty: F to (A)
Attack power: 280
Durability: 110/110
Effect: Bleeding Damage 3%, Lightness 50%.]

The weapon’s attack power was one thing, but it also had a bleeding and lightening effect.

‘Now I finally have something useful.’

He might not have to worry about weapons for a while now.


The Tower of Trials opened its doors, and a day passed.

At the end of the first day, numerous players uploaded videos of them exploring and growing within the Tower.

Each player was different from the others. They tried to secure subscribers in any way they could by focusing on uniqueness.

And the ordinary people who lived outside the Tower…

All of them watched those videos for one single reason.

To find the best and most skillful players.

Only then would they know who would be able to progress to the next floor of the Tower within 90 days to prevent the end of humankind.

At that moment, Jin-hyuk, who had been scanning the [Tower of Trials] community boards, stopped in his tracks.

He had found something interesting.

[#PlayerHamos #KoreanServer #Vet #Tower of Trials 1st floor, Goblin Dungeon Clear Video in Shortest Time!]

‘There are people saying such things.’

The goblin dungeon was cleared in 15 hours, and the video covering it had views exceeding 1 million.

About 10,000 coins once you converted the viewers to the 1:100 ratio.

And once the 90% fee was excluded, the total earnings would be around 1,000 coins.

‘Hamos seems to have made a name for themself in the lower floor sections once more.’

A memorable and familiar name. A rookie who had shone brightly for a single moment before vanishing.

Obviously, it was a player under the same name.

‘To clear it in 15 hours…’

Jin-hyuk clicked on the video with a serious expression on his face. It was a melee dealer who hunted down the goblins.

Well, the speed wasn’t bad for someone of an ordinary level.

Of course, from Jin-hyuk’s point of view, who had cleared it in 3 hours and 40 minutes, this was just a cute little thing.

However, the reactions to the video were completely different.

ColoredHomona: I am exhausted. Solo Clear in 15 hours? Is this even real?
BeyonceForm: Wow. I will subscribe now and watch the videos this guy posts in the future.
MalteseCEO: 22222222
3x500: 3333333

The comment section was filled with excitement.

They were saying that the player might be able to save humankind for them, but then…

MrBaldHuman: 15 hours isn't that fast. Some people I know cleared it in less than 5 hours.

Someone left that kind of comment, like throwing water on the fire. Obviously, there were retorts too.

BeyonceForm: What is this new disease? It is disgusting to seek attention like this.
LeisureScholar: The way he speaks is absolutely disgusting. Are you supposed to act like this?
MalteseCEO: 22222222
Sojuof Gopchang: I went to the 50th floor and cleared it in 1 minute. Hahaha. With no proof around too.

People were swearing back at the guy in an instant.

But even while everyone was laughing, Jin-hyuk wasn’t.


‘This person was in the tower too.’

How could he forget?

A player he often played with up to the 20th floor.

He didn’t see the player after clearing the 20th floor, but this person was definitely different from Hamos.

‘There is a stork among birds.’

This MrBaldHuman was a player that Jin-hyuk had truly acknowledged as skilled.


“Puahahah! We did it!”

A man who was reading through the community board was smiling widely.

It was Hamos.

No, he was a player named Lee Myung-hwan, who was active under the name Hamos.

“Look. Because it worked.”

“Kuak. Look at the comments.”

“It is all about you on the boards. It was worthwhile to fight the goblins. Phew!”

The men and women around Lee Myung-hwan all high-fived each other and cheered.

“It was because we all worked hard together. Thank you, guys!”

Lee Myung-hwan scratched his nose.

“Haha. Who wouldn’t know that you did it all by yourself?”

“The editing was good, and we arranged things cleverly so no loops would be noticed.”

“Right. Look at this. Those who gathered said they would support you.”

The video which had been uploaded was actually…


Aside from Lee Myung-hwan, four other people had helped him conquer the dungeon.

Of course, that wasn’t to say that the help was obvious.

In places where any help would be noticeable, the other players helped Lee Myung-hwan look stronger than he actually was.

Make the main man look stronger and the scenes more colorful to catch the viewers’ gaze.


Lee Myung-hwan smiled.

[Views: 1,235,095]

That was the number of views after just 6 hours.

If the viewer numbers stayed this high, they would be able to secure many coins in the future.

Even if the fee was 90%.

‘Don’t curse me too much.’

Because the world they lived in was dominated by outstanding people.

As Lee Myung-hwan was giggling in happiness.


[New video uploaded to the Hall of Fame.]

Suddenly, a new video appeared.

And it immediately went to the top.

“W-what is this?”

Lee Myung-hwan jumped up from his seat and was so surprised that he bit his tongue.

“It… is higher than my video?”

This could not be!

There was no way someone could get more views than he did on the first day…

It was impossible.

But since he saw it with his own eyes, there was no way of denying it.

“Yah, Myung-hwan…”

“Play it.”

“Perhaps someone cheated. But it cannot be.”

“Shut your mouth and put it up on the screen!”

Lee Myung-hwan shouted.


Finally, the video played. Unlike Lee Myung-hwan’s video, that video was only 5 minutes long.

It wasn’t edited either.

But the content within was beyond imagination.

“No…fucking way.”

Lee Myung-hwan’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t help his reaction.


‘Makes no sense!’

[For the first time in the world, an item was successfully strengthened to +10!]

The appearance of a +10 item.

Further explanation was meaningless.

The same went for calculating the probabilities.

“T-the view are… no, the comments? What the fuck is even happening there!”

Lee Myung-hwan shouted louder than before, his voice trembling.

It was a question of earnestness.

“It surpassed 1 million in 15 minutes. It seems to be spreading.”

Then the comments followed.

BeyonceForm: The first in strengthening it to +10?
HomonaColor: Is that even possible? I've only seen up to +5 before.
KnifeFairy: What were the odds? I noticed that only the lowest level enhancement scroll was used.
Speedwagon: Right. Multiply it by ten. One of those scrolls only had a success rate of 1 in 8.14 million.
SwordFairy: I will start to look into it.
KnifeFairy: You start first.
LeisureScholar: But... to get subscribers, shouldn't they disclose their information? Why is it all private?
IDcentre: Who else could this be? Can it be anyone else but that player who beat the mangrove?
LeisureScholar: No way. Seems so real! There can be no one but him.
KnifeFairy: I just felt goosebumps rise on my body. I will only watch his broadcast in the future.
Harvard5thgrade: I am thinking of taking off my pants to just donate.

The comments were heated. Clearing the goblin dungeon was forgotten right away.

The internet was filled with stories that emerged quickly.

“Uh… Uh?”

Lee Myung-hwan sat down in his seat.

At most, he knew he could only reach up to the 6th floor of the tower. Actually, the tower’s beginning stages were the time he had aimed to make money.

‘All ruined.’

Completely ruined.

“Which motherfucker did that?!”

His dreadful yell filled the air.

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