Chapter 25 - True Swordsman, Chun Yuseong (1)

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Jin-hyuk slowly turned his head and saw a man with an old-looking sword.

…It was a sword he knew.

A replica version of that was displayed at the National Museum of Korea.

An iron sword with the Qianlong symbol engraved on it.


Then it must mean that this was the guy who stalked him in-game ages ago.

He evaluated his opponent.

The man made a sharp impression with his solid body and tall frame. He was probably over 185 cm.

The impression of a well-forged sword.

‘I didn’t know much in the game as he was just a psychopath stalker, but he looks quite fine in real life.’

No, to be precise, even a model would be ashamed to be next to him. It was hard to find such a perfectly sculpted body and face.

“Aren’t you tired of it?”

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue.

Was it not enough to chase after him in the game? Now he gets chased in ruins in real life too.

Seriously, this guy would probably follow him into hell.

“That annoyed look… you won’t be looking at me like that anymore.”

The man spat out the words through his teeth as terrible killing intent surged.

Ah, right.

This guy hated being ignored by other people. From the standpoint of the opponent, this wasn’t a pleasant attitude.

“No, let’s think about it with common sense. What kind of crazy bastard comes chasing all the way here? And if you want to fight, you should be nicely asking for acknowledgment.”

“It will be different this time. as long as we are made to start again, I will not be pushed around by you.”

It made no sense. It never worked between them.

With a small sigh, Jin-hyuk activated the Eye of Truth.

[Skill activation canceled due to the level difference.]

Of course, there was a level difference, but it didn’t matter.

This was because there were additional stats that could override it.

[The stats effect has neutralized the level difference.]
[Looking at the target status window\]

Name: Chun Yuseon
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Level: 29
Strength 35 Agility 31 Stamina 18 magic 10
Stat Points:0
Occupation: Swordsman
Unique Ability: Song of the Sword
Skill: Lv6 Sword Spirit Qi, Lv5 Eye of the Ancient One, Lv5 One Hit Combat, Lv5 Self Defense Qi, Lv5 Battlefield Selection, Lv4 Chasing Sword Dance….

[Copy Conditions: Chun Yuseon believes that he is stronger than anyone when it comes to swords. Hit him with the 'sword' he is the most confident of.]

A much longer stat window than any he had seen until now.

Did he recognize Jin-hyuk through the [Eye of the Ancient One]? If this guy had stalked him to the point where he was looking through him, he could understand the tenacity of following him until here.

‘Chun Yuseong…’

Such a nice name.

Tower of Trials.

The veterans there.

Chun Yuseong was one of the players with whom Jin-hyuk had a terrible relationship, but he was also amazingly skilled.

In fact, the people who fought with Chun Yuseong would always be in awe of the man. And he was feared as the Sword Spirit.


‘Was he of this level?’

Jin-hyuk read the status window with a sad expression.

Level, skill, unique abilities, stats.

Others would have lost their minds at seeing such a large window. Of course, he also admitted that the man was much stronger than he was in the past.

The build to become a swordsman was flawless.


‘It is the same with me.’

The gap hadn’t narrowed even in the slightest.

Instead, it had increased.

“If you want to fight, I will not stop you, but will you be okay? I am not the only one here, though?”

Teresa, who responded to Chun Yuseong’s energy, was approaching at a fast pace. At most, she would arrive in 2 or 3 minutes.

After that, it would become a two-on-one fight.

“Saint… you brought useless companions.”


“I think I need to make two corrections there. First, she’s not a companion.”

Their interests were just aligned, so they were together for now.

And second.

“I never take useless ones along.”

As soon as Jin-hyuk finished speaking, he heard the sound of the wind moving.


A silver shield appeared.

The energy that gently pulsated on its surface. A weapon with divine power.


Chun Yuseong held his sword out in a hurry.


He managed to defend in the short window of time, but the shock was so great that his nerves were on edge.

Don’t look down on the opponent.

“Why not run away before she comes? It isn’t too late now.”

“… I will not allow another to intervene in our confrontation.”

[Chun Yuseong activated Lv5' Battlefield Selection']

A transparent veil began to spread around Chun Yu-seong’s body. In line with that, Jin-hyuk smiled.

As expected.

He responded back to the most gentle scratch.

A unique barrier that allowed one to choose the battlefield he wanted.

The strongest type of barrier among the barriers possessed by Chun Yuseong.


A new space of about 50 m was newly created.

And what caught his eye was the image of a training center with smashed marble floors.

‘Such a manly place.’

It’s incredible how consistent his character was… and his talent.

Chun Yuseong held the sword with both hands.

“You can no longer get help from outside.”

A barrier that cut off the world.

Chun Yuseong immediately used his skills.

[Chun Yuseon activates Lv5 'One Hit Combat']
[All stats of Chun Yuseong are increased by 10%]
[The effect of Teresa's 'Song of Battle' will disappear.]
[All stats are reduced by 10%]

Status messages appeared one after another. It was the result of being forced to come in here through Battlefield Selection.

And with that, Chun Yuseong had the confidence to fight.

But Jin-hyuk wasn’t going to avoid fighting.

‘… caught you.’

This unfavorable situation was correct.

A special condition that was attached to ‘Fusion.’

[If the situation turns overwhelmingly more unfavorable than the original copying condition, the copying conditions will be modified accordingly.]

And in this case…

[Copy conditions have been adjusted]
[Achievement of pre-copying and post-conditions is acceptable.]
[Complete the condition within 10 minutes of the time limit.]

The conditions had changed.

He can now first copy the ability before fulfilling the condition.

“I will copy the unique ability of Chun Yuseong.”

[Copying the Unique Ability 'Song of the Sword (S)']
[Song of the Sword: Increases your understanding of swords by 200%. The body naturally seeks efficient sword movement, and the senses of the whole body become extremely sensitive.]
[This is one of the essential abilities to receive the title of True Sword.]

Until now, it was a fight that relied on experience and reflexes.

From the moment he acquired this ability, he could understand the sword.


Jin-hyuk grabbed his dagger with his right hand.

And flicked his left index finger at Chun Yuseong.

“Don’t pretend to be alright!”

Chun Yuseong grunted.

At the same time…


He kicked the ground and rushed towards Jin-hyuk.

The distance was narrowed in an instant.

He was fast.



Jin-hyuk dodged the attack aimed at him and looked at the next one that followed.


Several slashes came from Chun Yuseong’s sword in less than a second, desperate to reach his vital points.

At that time…

Chun Yuseong’s face distorted more than before

“What… tricks are you playing?”

“Uh? What?”

“Do not pretend to not know! Your main specialty isn’t melee range but medium range. Why are you fighting with a single dagger?”

Because of his stalking, this guy already knew Jin-hyuk’s fighting style. He knew he enjoyed fighting at a distance rather than close range.

He was right.

“For now, I think this will work.”

He couldn’t use anything else for now due to the copying conditions. Additionally, since he was already able to use the Song of Swords, the dagger was ideal for dealing damage.

Of course, that was something only Jin-hyuk could understand.

From Chun Yuseong’s point of view, this only angered him.

“I will kill you!”

Enraged, Chun Yuseong swung his sword.



Dozens of times…no, it was hundreds.

‘How the hell is this happening?’

As time passed, Chun Yuseong became unable to understand the situation.

The battlefield was optimized for him. Besides, wasn’t the opponent giving up on his usual combat style and playing close range?

It was all favorable to him.

He thought he would win…

But the balance didn’t break. And there was only one reason why this could have happened.

‘He’s using swordsmanship?’

It wasn’t just an imitation but sophistication that came with long years of training.

In addition, there was an unprecedented level of anomaly that pierced through his gaps. He was shocked as they kept arriving.

Chun Yuseong widened the distance and took a deep breath.

It was because he had activated a lot of skills in a short span of time.

“I don’t know what you did, but it is amazing. Without me realizing, you learned swordsmanship.”

“I have been on a grind and learning new things lately. And it is more fun than I thought.”

Though he only received it a moment ago.

And it was something he learned from Chun Yuseong.

If he said that, the guy would go insane.

At Jin-hyuk’s words, Chun Yuseong was shocked.

“Right. Even if you had lost your organs, relying on my swordsmanship to fight you is the wrong move. It is my mistake for being too relaxed against a monster like you.”

He admitted it.

The fact that he can never win unless he does his best.

In an instant, the feeling of air changed like a sword that stretched out in a straight line.


[Chun Yuseong activates the Soul Chasing Sword Qi!]


Blue magic flowed from the sword.

It was the manifestation of the ultimate intention of cutting down everything in front of him.

“Shit. Aren’t you too much? Are you saying you want to use that against a beginner who just started learning about swords?”

“From the moment you called yourself a beginner, I knew I shouldn’t listen to the bullshit you say.”

Chun Yuseong dismissed the words of Jin-hyuk.


As he released his sword qi, Chun Yuseong rushed to Jin-hyuk, who was looking down at his dagger.

‘Will it be okay if I fight with this weapon?’

No matter how hard the strengthened dagger was, it could not withstand sword qi.

It wasn’t called sword qi for nothing, after all.


He would make it capable of dealing with it.

No, the ability to transcend the swordsmanship

Jin-hyuk grabbed a black pill that was on the rock with the other treasures.

“I will fuse the Song of the Sword and Demon Soul Pill.”


As soon as his words finished, a dazzling light shone.

[Fusion successful!]
[You have acquired the unique ability of 'Sword Grave (SS)']
[Sword Grave: Increases understanding of the swords by 500%. The body searches for the optimal sword path, and the perception of the sensations around the body will reach their highest level.]
[It is one of the essential talents to receive the title of Sword Demon.]
[Copied ability is stored in 'Memories of the World'.]

If possible…

He wanted to do this after absorbing the Frozen Tears.


The opponent would get too worked up at it, so he decided to put up a good fight right now.

[Unique ability 'Sword Grave' will appear.]

The name of the one who saw the end of the sword’s path was the True Sword. On the other hand, the one who broke it all down was called the Sword Demon.

The strongest and worst of talents.

So no one remembered such a name.

All that was left was a single sword stuck in a nameless graveyard.

This is the story of the Demon’s head.


An unimaginably horrific aura began to rise, and the marble floor below began to rise into the air.

And at that moment.

[Lv1 Black Moon Night is activated!]

The Black Moon fell upon Jin-hyuk’s dagger.

The jet-black crescent moon dyed even the light within the barrier black.

“W-what absurd power is…”

Chun Yuseong, who was running to attack, became stiff.


Was dangerous.

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