Chapter 28 - Corridor Of The Fallen’s Master (2)

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How long did they walk?

Decorations that resembled Ancient Greece appeared on the large door ahead of them, but it wasn’t something they could enjoy.


Jin-hyuk frowned.


Magic was behind that door. Even though the door should be reducing the amount of magic leaking out, the pressure from there was immense.

He glanced to the side and noticed how stiff Teresa had become.

“H-How can we defeat such a monster on our own?”

Her voice trembled. Right, it was unsurprising.

The magic from the door felt like it pierces their skin. It was so strong that they thought they would be trampled.

“There is no need to be afraid. Didn’t you know that your opponent was strong before coming?”

“R-right, but…”

“Besides, in battle, the stronger side doesn’t always have to win.”

Strategies and tactics were created to overcome the strong. If all the winners were decided simply by the amount of magic…

‘I never would have reached the end of the tower.’

“Do you have a plan?”

“Only one thing. No matter what happens, believe in me.”

Jin-hyuk let out a short breath and pulled out his dagger.

“Uh? What do… you mean?”

Teresa asked, but Jin-hyuk didn’t answer.



He reached out and opened the door.


A spectacular view, along with a dazzling light, unfolded in front of them. The floors and pillars inside were made of gold.

At a place where a red veil fell from above sat a noble throne.

“You are finally here. I was too tired of waiting.”

The woman, who was leaning her chin on her hand, smiled. Jin-hyuk looked at her.

‘She is amazing no matter how many times I see her.’

Long, silver hair reached down to her waist. Red eyes, a beautiful face, and an alluring body.

Indeed, she looked like the quintessential vampire who was blessed with immortality.

And she also was horrifying…

There were twelve members of the blood clan lined up next to her. By comparison, they merely looked alright.

“Are the people safe?”

“I haven’t touched a single one, don’t worry.”

Elise beckoned them lightly.


[Lv?? Dimensional severance is dismantled]

The veil was removed, and the captives appeared.


“Um! Up!”

She had tied them down, gagged their mouths, and blindfolded them.

From the raid team captain, Song Cheon-hwa, to the porters, most seemed unharmed.

…. Thank god.

[Lv2 Eye of Truth has been activated.]

Jin-hyuk used his skill to scan them. Dozens of status windows appeared.

Although the magic consumption was extreme, Jin-hyuk had checked each one.

He had to find it.

Among them…

‘That man,’ it was then…

“Now that you see the hostages are safe, is it my turn to ask a question?”

Elise, who had been waiting, spoke.

This was just a formality. She would ask him the question whether he said yes or no.

If he refused, she would kill the other humans first.

“Ask away. Actually, I am curious as to why you had to play such a difficult game?”

“It is the smell which comes from you that made me invite you here.”


His sweat surely didn’t smell.

If it was a smell that provoked vampires… no!

“Yes. The scent of blood flowing through your body! A sweet scent which cannot be compared with these ordinary humans has stimulated me.”


He knew his blood type was B, and now this woman was calling it sweet.

Jin-hyuk touched his forehead.

“You don’t seem happy.”

“You want to suck me dry and turn me into a mummy. Is there anyone who would be happy with that?”

“I am no idiot who eats all of the delicious things at once. You will be allowed to live for 60 years. So do not be too afraid.”

Hearing that didn’t exactly reassure him.

That was, in a word, ‘I will keep you by my side and stick my teeth into you whenever I am hungry.’.

“I appreciate the favor, but I have no intention of living as a fancy lunch box to a vampire.”

Find a toy for such a sadistic hobby elsewhere. There were definitely people who were into that.

“I am sorry, but I never said you get to choose.”

“I know. I don’t mean to back down either… let me give you something else instead of blood.”


Was it because he spoke bluntly? Elise smiled, but it was only for a short time.

“There is nothing more precious than delicious food to us. No matter what you suggest, my heart will not change.”

“What if it is ‘freedom’?”


At Jin-hyuk’s words, her face changed. At the same time…

“How dare you!”

“Speak such words!”

“I will tear you apart, human!”

The vampires who were on either side of her shouted at once.

Their killing intent was oozing out at his words. Right, this was how it worked.

To them, freedom was more than just a word. The years spent in exile and endless darkness…

The beauty of the stars and the moon shining in the night sky. The soft feeling of the wind and freshness of the grass.

All of them were long lost.

“You… the words you are saying. You need to take responsibility for it.”

“If I weren’t responsible, I wouldn’t have said it.”

Jin-hyuk took a mask out of his sleeves. It was a black mask with geometric patterns on it.

It was used in the labyrinth, but even though it looked the same, it was different now.

The runes engraved on the mask’s right cheek stood out.


Elise narrowed her eyes. Looks like she had figured out the meaning of this mask.

Jin-hyuk bowed. Now that he’s thrown the bait, it was time to get to the point.

“I am Kang Jin-hyuk.”

“On behalf of the demonic humans in the Tower.”

That was the current character he was playing.


“I will get you out of your prison.”

Even this character’s personality and goals.


Demonic humans.

A term used for those who turned their backs on humanity because of money, revenge, or personal beliefs.

The demonic humans prevented the players from climbing the tower. They held hands with the monsters in labyrinths or ruins.

Just like right now.

After the Tower of Trials became a reality, numerous evil deeds, such as the Coin Farm, were hotly discussed by various news outlets. There was a clear awareness of demonic humans.

“I have heard of them. But, you are one of them?”

Elise didn’t seem to believe this. Well, the mask alone wouldn’t convince anyone.


He will give her one piece of information that only a demonic human would know.

“We have already reached the 27th floor of the tower with the Temple. There, I learned that Miss Elise was here and that there was a way to deceive the seal placed around the ruins.”

They were words said without interruption.

It was a bonus that there were simple things to explain.

“Indeed… if you know about the temple, then it is no lie.”

“Then do you believe me?”


Elise shook her head.

“You know too much about us. And are also saying things which we have long considered impossible to solve.”

A rose with thorns.

“More than anything else, it is hard to believe a man who talks too much.”


It would have been enough to shake hands and leave if it was a request or suggestion.

But rejection was death. Elise slowly raised her hand.

The vampires lined up next to her shined with power. If the order was given now, both Jin-hyuk and Teresa would be killed.

This wasn’t easy.

“If I prove that it isn’t just words, will you trust me?”


Elise stopped her hand.

“It would be a burden to believe simple words, right?”


“I will do anything. Just give me a chance.”

“Good. If you are a demonic human…”

Elise looked at Jin-hyuk and turned her face away.

“You wouldn’t feel any reluctance to kill humans.”

A blue status window appeared.

[Unexpected Quest
Description: Kill the comrades you were with.
Reward: Elise's Trust
On Failure: No words can convince Elise.]

Either kill.

Or die.

Only two options.

And Jin-hyuk…


Without hesitation, he grabbed the dagger, confident that everything was going to plan.


“What the hell are you doing!”

Teresa shouted with a face that showed her reaction to this betrayal. The man had been strange from the moment she met him.

Although he was extremely strong, his mysterious nature kept her on edge. Yet she remembered the words that asked her to trust him.


The moment he saw him nodding his head without hesitation to kill his comrades, doubt turned to certainty.

The opponent’s identity was really that of a demonic being.

“From the beginning… you were thinking of using me?”

“Isn’t it meaningless to question it now?”

Jin-hyuk extended his dagger forward. As if there was no need to talk anymore.

“It will not be easy.”

Teresa defended with her shield. Was she going to protect the hostages with that shield?

“I know that Miss Teresa isn’t an easy opponent.”

It wasn’t for nothing that there was a legend about her blocking the outbreak of Amsterdam alone.

But dealing with monsters was a different thing.

“You’ve never fought a human… right?”


Jin-hyuk’s form disappeared.


From behind!

Teresa turned her head.


The dagger scraped the iron surface, and a heavy shock was transmitted to her shield.

‘So fast!’

Besides, his movement…

It was disgustingly tough to follow.


Teresa’s expression turned pale from the attacks. She thought that if she focused only on defense, she would be able to survive.

But that was a huge mistake

5 minutes? No, 3 minutes like that…

The moment she bit her lip


A sad sigh escaped from her lips. She had read the situation wrong, and the response was wrong.

And Jin-hyuk wasn’t the kind to miss the gap.


The gap that was left open was filled with one smooth movement.

His dagger penetrated into the spots that were not covered by armor.

Teresa’s body shook violently. An artery was cut, and blood gushed out like a fountain.

A fatal wound.


Teresa groaned and finally fell.

And she simply died just like that.

‘One will not be enough.’

Jin-hyuk wiped the blood from the dagger and turned towards the trembling raid party. Jin-hyuk stood in front of them.

He had confirmed through the Eye of Truth.


Jin-hyuk broke the gag of one man and took off his blindfold too.

The man, who had his restraints taken off, cheered.

“R-rescue team…! T-thanks to you! We surriv…ed?”

The man who was overcome with emotions went dumb at the sight.

On the other hand, Jin-hyuk smiled brightly.


Long time no see.

You fucking bastard.

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