Chapter 30 - Corridor Of The Fallen's Master (4)

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“How can a human…”

Belus mumbled in disbelief.

Right, he couldn’t help but express his disbelief. The attack they had used now didn’t spare any magic so that it would be able to take down humans in one blow.



How could a human stop it so easily?

Jin-hyuk shrugged.

“The skills and fire we use are at odds with each other.”

In addition, the level difference has been reversed due to the Rift stat and Adaptive stats.

If this kind of situation took place…

They would have confidence.

“The moment Elise is sealed, the chances of you people winning is gone.”

“Certainly, defeating you with magic seems tough.”

Belus dispersed the magic he had gathered.

“But as you said… wouldn’t it mean you cannot handle a melee attack?”

Suddenly a black sword appeared in his right hand. It was a rapier used by vampires.


[Belus activates Lv9 Dark Furious Energy.]

Black energy flowed smoothly into the rapier.

It was a type of sword qi.

And a pure kind as well.

“There is nothing better than using this to deal with people who are as irritating as flies.”

And he wasn’t wrong.

For those with amazing magic abilities, the moment the fight went to a close distance, the risk increased.

Moreover, the odds would be too much if they were to attack simultaneously with all 12 of them.


That was their plan.

Under normal situations, it would work, but…

Who said that Jin-hyuk was strong only at magic?

[The unique ability 'Sword Grave' is activated!]

In the quiet silence.

The talent of a swordsman who dominated an era entered Jin-hyuk’s body.

It changed.

Everything he saw and felt


His heart was beating wildly. He could sense everything, from the most minute movements to the flow of magic. The world seen through his mask looked so different now.

‘Indeed… He didn’t have the name of the Sword Demon for nothing.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

‘… what?’

Belus tilted his head.

Just now. He felt something had changed.

It was hard to pinpoint, but the atmosphere had changed.


His hands trembled slightly.

No way.

‘Was he afraid?’


Belus gritted his teeth.

“Don’t… joke with me.”

Afraid of a human?

It cannot be. It shouldn’t be!

Above all else, they were the ones who would break the flesh of humans. He wouldn’t waste time anymore.

Belus grasped his sword.

“No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to do anything.”

An intense flame-like dark energy burned on his blade.

It was a sword that was able to cut through anything.

“We will take him down at once.”

“Sure. No one should miss him.”

“We will have to cut one of his limbs off.”

The Blood Clan members took up formation against Jin-hyuk.

Front, back, left, and right

Not a single ant could escape.

However, Jin-hyuk stood still. He didn’t even respond.

He just glanced at the enemies with a grim expression.

“Sword qi. Is that the one thing you believe in?”

“Don’t act out. No matter how much you crawl or fly. You will not get out of here.”

Well, anything he said might just feel like a bluff.

It was a situation where anyone could see who had the advantage and disadvantage.


It was time to prove it with their skills and not with words.

Jin-hyuk infused magic into his dagger.



The light from his dagger was so bright that it made the eyes of anyone who saw it ache.

“T-this cannot…”

Belus’ eyes grew wide at the scene in front of him. The energy he felt from that dagger was utterly different from the sword qi, which covered his blade. The blue-colored energy completely enveloped the dagger and soared a full meter above its tip.

There was no doubt.


“Aura Blade?’

“Infusing energy into a sword. Shouldn’t it be tested out like this?’

Jin-hyuk extended his dagger.

The sharpness to cut everything down. An overwhelming force was directed at the vampires.


It was then that his form vanished.

“H-he is gone?”

“Where is he?”

“Shit! Do not let him out of your sight and use detection magic!”

Belus shouted, but it was too late.


Red blood gushed out from the shoulder of the vampire on the far side.

Even for vampires, getting their arms cut off would take time to recover.

‘One for now.’

Jin-hyuk’s eyes followed the next target.

Starting with the weak towards the strong.

No matter how confident he was of victory, one shouldn’t be careless.


The dagger moved in a circle.


As the dagger pierced through their thigh, the vampire screamed.

And another…

[Stop it right now…!]

Elise seemed to be yelling at him, but he couldn’t hear it.

It was because he had already shoved Braham’s Ring into his pocket.

“Don’t move separately. Keep the formation! Do not be fooled by the opponent!”

Belus yelled out his orders.



The vampires all took their positions and filled any gaps created by the wounded.


Ten rapiers surged forward towards Jin-hyuk. The moment they and the dagger collided, however…


The rapiers were smashed into dozens of pieces.

Their blades shattered, again and again, their swords unable to withstand the force of the attack.

‘It doesn’t matter. Even if half is lost, the other half can do the job.’

Sacrifice was inevitable in any situation. This was what Belus believed in.



All of the rapiers were cut down swiftly mid-air. None of them could even chase after Jin-hyuk’s shadow.

30 seconds.. 1 minute.

As time passed, Belus’s expression began to turn stiff.

‘Does this mean this man cannot be defeated unless I put my life on the line?’

In the meantime, the number of vampires on his side was slowly decreasing.

He couldn’t even begin to comprehend what was happening. It was like they were dealing with a ghost.


Another one fell.

None of his clan members remained standing next to one another.


Now… he no longer knew.

Belus felt a chilling energy approaching him from behind.

And that was it.

The last thing he remembered.

The fight was finished.

And it was simply a foolish waste of time.

No, calling the fight foolish was something only Jin-hyuk alone could say.

Those who watched couldn’t even lift a finger as the whole thing happened.

“Miss Teresa…”

Song Cheon-hwa stuttered.

What did he just see now? Was this for real?

To wipe out an entire clan of vampires without having a single person on their side wounded. No other ranker would be able to do this.


Song Cheon-hwa gulped.

“That man. Do you know who he is?”


Teresa didn’t answer.

Instead, she glanced at Jin-hyuk. The mask he was wearing. It meant he didn’t want to reveal his identity, right?

“We met by chance in the middle and moved together. He told me to believe him, and for more details… he never told me.”

“I see… ah!”

Song Cheon-hwa reluctantly nodded and sighed.

It was because he saw Jin-hyuk was trying to do something while wearing the mask.

“Wait! Wait a minute!”

Song Cheon-hwa ran to Jin-hyuk


Jin-hyuk, who was standing in front of the relic, looked back.

“T… My name is Song Cheon-hwa, the one commanding this raid.”

“I know a little about that.”

Responsible for the failed raid, you mean.

An incompetent bastard who was more dangerous than the enemy. He would have crushed this incompetent bastard into a corner if it were him.

With what face could he even talk to Jin-hyuk?

… forget it.

People like this don’t even know what wrong they’ve committed.

“Take the wounded and leave the ruins. I have a lot of stamina, so I just need water and simple nutrition.”

Jin-hyuk waved his hand as if telling him to not bother.


Song Cheon-hwa wasn’t thinking about pushing it.

“B-before that, I have to tell you something about the relic.”


Was he trying to claim the right to the relics?


This guy was more than shameless.

“As you may be aware, the ownership of all the items obtained in the raid belongs to Balhae Guild…”

Jin-hyuk cuts off his words.

“I saved your life, and now you want to talk about the relics?”

Dogs were so annoying.

He could even imagine what this bastard wanted to say next.

Song Cheon-hwa quickly added.

“Instead, we will pay another reward. Whether it is money or coins. We will make sure you aren’t disappointed.”


That was it.

He hadn’t thought of it till now, but he couldn’t help it now.

“I don’t need that. Just take it.”

Jin-hyuk took a step back.

“A-are you really fine with that?”

“Sure. Instead, just don’t regret it, whatever the outcome is.”

Jin-hyuk shrugged.

Song Cheon-hwa felt uncomfortable at this, but he didn’t think much of it. He had no reason to hold back when the man gave up on rewards.

It was a piece of wood lying on a wide rock.

The relic was ‘Merlin’s Staff.’

It was one of the 7 broken pieces of the relic, but that didn’t diminish its value.

‘If you use it as a magic ingredient, its value is limitless.’

Song Cheon-hwa’s eyes were stained with greed. If he took this, all the mistakes he had made in the raid could be covered up to some extent.

But the moment he grabbed the piece with his hand.

The piece felt hot and sent searing pain through his palm.

Song Cheon-hwa was surprised and released his hand. However, what surprised him more than the burned skin on his palm.

Was the shape of an inverted cross on the palm of his hand.

“W-what is this?”

It was…

“A curse.”

Originally, it was a relic that could be obtained only after destroying Elise.

But since this was a situation where Elise hadn’t died and was instead sealed, anyone who touched the relic would naturally be cursed.

“Cu-curse! No! I cannot die… right? Me?”

“It isn’t life-threatening, but…”


Was it called alopecia?

“All the hair on your body will disappear.”

Simply put, it meant you had to live hairless like a pig all your life.


Song Cheon-hwa touched his hair with trembling hands.


They were falling out one by one. It seemed like only a few were left.

This was why Jin-hyuk said he’d regret it.

Well, it was useless now.

“No…no way!”

Song Cheon-hwa screamed and ran off somewhere. Perhaps he went to look for a mirror but seeing himself now wouldn’t be good for his mental health.

“… you are so mean.”

Teresa smiled.

“Trying to get your hands on someone else’s food is bad.”

“But if this happens, shouldn’t Mr. Jin-hyuk also have to give it up?”


‘Because I know how to touch it without getting cursed.’

‘Blessing of the Star’

If he could use divine power, he could endure the curse.

“Before answering Miss Teresa’s question, maybe I ask you one thing?”


“Do you admit that you lived thanks to me?”


Teresa looked into Jin-hyuk’s eyes.

If it wasn’t for him…

None of the raid team would have gotten out.

“Right. Thank you. I lived thanks to you.”

Teresa nodded her head.

[The condition has been met]
[You have succeeded in copying the unique ability 'Blessing of the Stars']
[The copied skill is saved in 'Memories of the World']
[Blessing of the Stars
Acquisition Difficulty: SS
Description: You can wield the divine power only the paladins can use, and you will be able to continue a second life unless you are afflicted by instant death. (Cooldown 240 hours)]

With this.

He had accomplished every last goal he had from the ruins.

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