Chapter 32 - The Black Crow Guild (1)

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The prolonged torture session that lasted for 3 hours was finally finished.


[… Hic. Hic. I might die… … from… that.]

Elise sobbed softly.

Her nose felt like it was broken. He had rotated her 720 degrees at all sides.

Inside the right, it felt like she was trapped inside a hell-like gravity training for astronauts.


‘Did I do it too much?’

This woman, who was supposed to have the authority of a clan leader, seemed like she had lost her soul.

However, his compassion didn’t last long.

Because now this vampire was trapped inside a ring.

“Stop crying and come out.”

Jin-hyuk infused magic into Braham’s Ring.



Elise, who had been trapped inside, was released.


She seemed surprised at this.

She was bound to be surprised at this sudden gift of freedom.

“Finally… it is time to take revenge!”

It was time to repay the humiliation.

She was thinking of paying back the suffering a thousandfold, but…


… but what was this?

No, didn’t her field of vision feel too low?

Only when she raised her head up could she see the other person.

‘Why is it like this?’

Elise tilted her head and scanned her body. Only then did she realize why her point of view had changed.

Her slender height had shrunk all the way to only 30 cm.

Even the potent magic she possessed had disappeared. Her red eyes shook violently.

“W-what is this?’


“Only part of the body materializes when the seal is in place.”

“Only part…?”

“Right. Only part of the body.”

To be precise, should he call this the mini version of Elise?

The power she could exert now was less than 1% of her true powers. Of course, even with those restrictions, she was still stronger than ordinary vampires.

It wasn’t enough to just defeat the opponents. She could smash them.


Elise slumped down. She looked like she was about to cry.

Considering that this was her first solemn time, it must be a shock to her. Jin-hyuk then smiled.

‘It is… slowly time to feed her.’

Since he’s used the whip on her a lot, even a dried carrot now would taste sweeter than anything else.

Jin-hyuk sat next to her.

“Don’t cry and listen.”

And he began to speak.


“What I said in the ruins, they weren’t baseless words.”

The promise he made in the ruins. To give freedom to her and her subordinates.

“I wanted freedom, but not this kind!”

“I know. Who said this is being given to you?”

Jin-hyuk waved his hand.

“Not just physical freedom. But the true freedom you desire will be given.”

“This… what do you mean?”

Elise’s voice trembled.

She had probably guessed what he meant, but she needed confirmation, so Jin-hyuk told her.

“Elise von Ataraxia. If you can help me… I will eliminate those who betrayed you and restore you to the head of the Ataraxia family..”

[New video has been updated in the Hall of Fame.]

A 10-minute video and a message were uploaded to the [Tower of Trials] community.

Considering the difficulty of the ruins, the video was too short. Well, it was only a compilation of highlights made by weaving together the separate battle scenes.

However, the viewers who saw this video had no choice but to admit the video’s duration was right.

The raid was thought to have failed.

However, the situation changed entirely as a masked player appeared and defied all the expectations.

MochiMochi: it is my first time swearing into my hands after seeing this end-of-life video.
Brightlatter: I agree. If I stood in front of a vampire, I would be scared.

The nobles of the night, who were able to use both magical and physical attacks, were trampled down like worms.

Scenes that felt detached from reality unfolded one after another.

Cidersucks: It is insane. I thought I was watching John Wick, whose dog just died, and their car was stolen.
RabbitPrincess: That was a death sentence.
Ivacson: This is insane.
KoreanJocker: But it isn't like the natural movement of the linkage.
BBQedVampier'sTaste: Hehe. I am trying to figure the other side out. Magic with magic and sword with sword.

There were numerous praises for the masked man.

Nothing else but admiration could be expressed for him.

Because the vampires were pressured and overwhelmed.

It was then.

IdCentre: As expected, I thought it had to be him. This is the man in the Hall of Fame with the video for the Mangrove Tree and the +10 weapon strengthening.
Digression: Inside scoop, people are saying that he is the one who made Song Cheon-hwa's hair fall out.
BrightLatte: Hahaha! Lol! Was the baldness caused by the strongest?
Digression: In this world, one cannot trust the strong. Hehehe
BBQedVampire'sTaste: If the Saintess of Amsterdam admits it, everyone else should put their head down and admit it.
Cidersucks: Give me a bowl of soul!

While the eyes of the world were on the video.

Jin-hyuk arrived in front of a high-rise building.

The base of the Black Crow Guild.

“I heard that the guilds are sitting on money trees… must be true.”

Since it was a 35-story building with a view of the Han River, what was the price they paid for it?

No matter how small, the price had to be around 10 billion for a unit, right?

The forest of buildings he saw through the mask was a different world from the single room that Jin-hyuk lived in.

But why?

He didn’t feel any envy for the power he lacked when it came to money.

The owner of this building will be facing the worst moment of his life now.

‘Shin Gunsu! He ordered it!’

He recalled what Park Hajin had said at the ruins.

Seeing as the man had confessed, there was no need for evidence.

‘You… were trying to kill me, right?’

Everything else could be tolerated. The large guilds were free to monopolize and commit corruption with each other. Just one thing was an exception. Touching was the exception.

[Your humanity has withered due to Cold Heart.]

Perhaps all of these things were the reason why his personality had become this cold. Jin-hyuk fused magic into his legs.

And then kicked the glass door open.


With a roar, the 5 cm thick tempered glass shattered.

“What? The glass?”

“Did a dump truck drive through?”

Everything inside became noisy as Jin-hyuk pulled out his dagger.

“I will say it only once. Bring me Shin Gunsu right now and get him on his knees. Or I will be hanging out here today.”

This threat made it natural for the ones inside to swear at him.

“What nonsense is he saying now? This jerk!”

“Do you know which guild this place belongs to and dared to come here?”

Of course, he knew.

“Isn’t this a place that sells charcoal grilled crow meat?”

They had tried to stab someone in the back. This company didn’t care if a third party died to fulfill its purpose.

Thanks to this, an angry customer came from far away to meet with the company’s representative.

“I guess you have gone all crazy.”

“Uh. Call for the guards. They have work to do now.”

Men in black suits began to come near him, and Jin-hyuk made the first move.

Even breaking limbs was fine in self-defense.

Kang! Kang!

The men wearing black suits surrounded Jin-hyuk while holding iron pipes. Most of them were ordinary people, but there were a few who could use magic.

“Ha…! Look at this jerk! Did you follow the concept of that veteran from the video?”

A man with split-parted hair asked while pointing at Jin-hyuk.

“For real, Marvel and those kinds of things ruined the people. How many of you headed to the emergency room after acting like Spider-man?”

“Forget it. Let’s just get him. He might not even have money to pay for the glass, right? It is hella expensive so let’s count it as 10,000 for a hit.”

That kind of conversation was needed there. An iron pipe then hit Jin-hyuk on the side.


On target.

However, the sound that filled the air wasn’t the dull sound of metal hitting bone. A popping sound that grated the ears came out instead.

The iron pipe had gotten cut and fell to the floor in two halves. They had obviously said 10,000 for a hit, right?

“This dagger, money cannot buy it.”

Use it with special care.

“100,000 won for one hit.”

Jin-hyuk smiled and waved his fist.


As his fist made contact with a face, the nose bridge collapsed, and blood spurted out.


The man’s body in a black suit jumped up like a live fish jumping out of water.

“300,000 won. 400,000 won. This must hurt, so I will give around 1 million.”

The man’s body collapsed after four hits. It was a merciless beating

“How many punches did he take?”

“He isn’t the kind who gets pushed around since he is strong…”

At that moment, the ease disappeared from the faces of the rest of the men wearing black suits. They all realized that this situation was serious.

“So I said. If you don’t want to be messed with, bring me Shin Gunsu.”

“That is difficult. The guild leader isn’t so free to come and deal with idiots like you by himself.”

This time, a man who seemed to be in his 30s stepped up.

And it was natural that this guy could use magic.

Was this guy the team leader?

“Hmm… one or five of six, you should last.”


“You seem stronger than the others, so I don’t think you will pass out after just one or two hits.”

He had made a judgment after evaluating the man’s muscles and magic.

“What a fucking bastard…”

The man’s face contorted in an ugly expression. As the head of security lead of a mid-level guild, he was someone who couldn’t be simply disregarded.

He had never been disrespected like this.

He would be given a position anywhere he wanted. This kind of humiliation was a first for him.

“I’ll kill you!”


A Japanese sword was hanging around the man’s waist. The sword was well over 1.7 meters in length.


Again, this was surprising.

“Was he the one who was dispatched from ‘Samurai’?”

Jin-hyuk groaned.

The 7th largest guild in the world. One of them was the Samurai Guild of Japan.

This sword was a weapon that those from that guild used.

“You know of it?”

“I heard about it.”

“Then, you can understand how stupid your provocations were.”

“Well… should I be wary of a nerd dispatched to another country and not even from the raid team?”

Aren’t they being sold out to other nations because they lacked skills?

If he was upset by being placed in a place like this, he should do something about his skills.


The man eventually became enraged. He narrowed the distance between them quickly and thrust his blade towards Jin-hyuk.


However, he couldn’t manage to even cut the flesh. The blade stood still around 1 cm from Jin-hyuk’s forehead.

He kept pushing, but the blade wouldn’t budge.

All because of the dagger in Jin-hyuk’s hand.

No, even before that, his blade was blocked using one hand?

What nonsense is this?

Contrary to his looks, was this young man a tank type?

Or maybe…

The man in the suit was coming up with too many assumptions.

And at that moment.

“Grit your teeth, or you’ll bite your tongue.”

Jin-hyuk told him in a low voice.

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