Chapter 33 - The Black Crow Guild (2)

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At the penthouse on the top floor of the building.

Shin Gunsu, sitting in his private office, pursed his lips at the news that kept arriving.

“H-Hyung! The raid team was taken down!”

“The communication with the outside… no, I thought he was messing around.”

“All the elevators are down. He is coming up. And fast. He’s already reached the 20th floor!”

None of the news coming to him was good news. All of them were just words that heralded the coming doom.


Shin Gunsu hit his desk.

“Damn it! What kind of trouble is this!”

An intruder out of nowhere?

Due to the nature of their guild, they had already made too many enemies, but this was the first time someone was attacking them like this.

And all alone too…

“Never, I am not going to falter.”

At first, he thought the guy was just a psychopath who had come here wanting to die. But after seeing his security team dismantled so easily, Shin Gunsu had to admit it. This was an enemy that was more terrifying than a hundred men.

It was then.



The screams could be heard right outside the door.

Kang! Kang!

The screams were followed by the sounds of swords clashing, but it was just for a second.

There was no presence of energy left outside anymore.


Shin Gunsu could feel his heart beating quickly.

In the midst of his own fear and morbid curiosity.

…. Kik

The door opened

“Are you the guild master?”

The intruder appeared in front of him with a bizarre appearance.

[Barrier Duration: 0h:15m:33s]

Only about 15 minutes left before communication with the outside could go through again, but this was good enough.

‘There is no need to worry about dealing with a single scared crow.’

Jin-hyuk took a step forward.

“Stop. I will cut you down if you don’t stop!”


Shin Gunsu pulled out his sword.

Perhaps it was a weapon imbued with magic. It had colorful sparks flying around it.

At first glance, it looked like an expensive sword. After all, this was to be expected from a Guild Master.

But why?

Despite the harsh warning, Jin-hyuk couldn’t hide his smile.

‘Such a clumsy move…’

Perhaps because he had a bout with Chun Yuseong not too long ago. His body had felt what it was like to be fully involved in a clash of swords.

Shin Gunsu’s movement felt uncoordinated and hesitant.

How would he attack?

His aim.

All of it.

As Jin-hyuk continued his steps forward, Shin Gunsu, unable to hold back his anxiousness, shouted out.

“Didn’t you hear me telling you to stop?”

[Shin Gunsu activates Lv3' Quick Sword'!]

Shin Gunsu’s sword vanished from sight.


The tip of his sword moved towards Jin-hyuk, leaving behind afterimages in its path.

‘No… does he actually think this will work?’

Jin-hyuk felt bad for the man. His hand moved in line with the sword. At this speed, there was no need to avoid it.


The moving sword stopped.


The sound of shock escaped from Shin Gunsu’s mouth.

His blade had been caught despite its fast movement. His being shocked at this was natural.

Shin Gunsu felt goosebumps rise from all over his body. From his past as a gangster until now.

He had been through countless experiences.

… even if he died and woke up again tomorrow, he could not win. It didn’t take long for him to realize there was no hope.

“You… who are you? Who ordered you?”

Shin Gunsu hesitated and took a step back.

He couldn’t run away in a small room.


His back hits the glass of his windows, causing his body to tremble.

This was terrifying. Even the subordinates that he had trusted were no longer here.

“Try guessing.”


“Guess who I am and for what purpose I came here.”

Who knows? Maybe the correct answer would come?


Jin-hyuk stabbed his dagger through the middle of the desk.

He then takes a seat in a soft chair near the table.

“Dangun… did they send you from Balhae? To keep us from growing?”


Wrong answer.

Usually, he would laugh and tell them to try again. But this Golden Bell (a quiz show in Korea) by Jin-hyuk had slightly different rules.

If someone got the question wrong, there would be a penalty. And there was something good about this.

Jin-hyuk picked up a ball from the side of the desk.

‘The go pieces are thick.’

As expected from a rich guy, they always got the best ones.

“W-why are you…’

Shin Gunsu mumbled anxiously.



“Ahhh! My…. Forehead! My forehead!’

It was because of that.

Shin Gunsu rolled to the ground while covering his face with both hands. A lump was already forming on his forehead.

It should be painful since Jin-hyuk had hit him with something infused with magic.

“Again, guess. And think before you answer this time.”

Jin-hyuk fiddled with another go piece this time.

“Uhh…. Black market! Right, them! Weren’t you commissioned to attack us for a huge pay?”


Wrong this time too.

“Wait, wait! Whoever sent you, I will pay you twice the number they offered. Okay? What do you need? Just say it. Because we can get everything!”

At the thought of getting hit again, Shin Gunsu had gone pale and tried to strike a new deal.



“I told you to guess who it was. Did I ask you for money?”

Did he learn Korean as a second language? Why couldn’t he understand when being told clearly?

He wasn’t sure what level of Korean this guy knew, but he was sure that King Sejong would rise from his grave to curse the man.


And another go piece hits him again.

There was more magic behind it this time. Shin Gunsu was twisting his body from the pain.

“Wah! My forehead…. Shit!”

“This is your last chance. Make one more mistake, and I will hit you with everything this time.”

“Huh. Huh….’

Shin Gunsu took a deep breath.

He then looked at the mask on Jin-hyuk’s face and made a face as if he had recalled something.

“Kang… Jin-hyuk.”

Three words.

“Now you have the correct answer. Right. The one for whom you sent Park Hajin after with the order to kill.”

Jin-hyuk took off his mask and exposed his face.

“Damn it! So you came here to get your revenge? Just because of that, you shook down the whole building?”

“Just? Just?”

Jin-hyuk frowned.

“Right. You must have killed Park Hajin and the others too, so it is the end of the story. No need to do this….”

“Ah. So. That should end things?”

“Don’t think too stiffly and look at the situation calmly. They aren’t here right now as they are attacking the tower, but the rankers in this guild are over level 50.”


“If you kill me, all of them will come after you. The chain of revenge will never be broken.”

Blood brings blood, and revenge brings revenge.

Unless one side stopped, the slaughter would continue.


That was true.

Blood and revenge were keywords that interfered with peaceful sleep. And Jin-hyuk smiled

“Right, let’s just kill you and end it cleanly here.”


“I will take my last revenge here, so make sure your side forgives me.”

“What nonsense is that…. uh!”

Jin-hyuk took a handful of go pieces and shoved them into Shin Gunsu’s mouth.

“Kuak! Kuak!”

Shin Gunsu began to cough in desperation as these strange objects invaded his mouth. Even blood was starting to leak out, but Jin-hyuk forced his mouth closed to not let a single piece out.

“You stop it. The ring of revenge and shit you spoke of. There is no law that says that I am the one who has to end it, right?”

What? Revenge brings revenge?

Why did you send assassins for him if you were worried about that?

“That’s the end of listening to this shit.”

If the Black Crow Guild’s men came to attack him, then he would just deal with them. It’s not like he was afraid of them.

“Stop it now.”

Jin-hyuk said for the last time and swung the fist with all his might.



His fist punched deeply into Shin Gunsu’s face. As it made contact, the sound of teeth clashing with go pieces echoed from within his mouth.

‘Instant death.’

Jin-hyuk looked down at Shin Gunsu, who was on the ground.

The face was completely smashed, so there was no need to check

Now then…

“Yah, the guy, pretending to be dead. Wake up.”


“I will count to three. One.”

“Yes! I am all awake!”

Among the black suits in the hallway, a man answered. He was a man in his mid-20s.

Judging from his lack of magic, he seemed to be a non-player.

Was he Shin Gunsu’s secretary then?

“Introduce yourself. You will be spared if you show me that you are useful.”

“My name is Kim Hwe-wong, and I’m 26 years old. I am in charge of overseeing all the work of the Black Crow Guild. I can speak five languages and studied computer science and accounting at Stanford! Anything can be left in my care!”

“Oh, oh, nice. Quite straightforward.”

Jin-hyuk nodded, looking satisfied.

Age, experience, and specs. He thought this was enough

“As you can see, things aren’t going well here. The guild leader is dead, and the wounded are everywhere.”

“Yes… yes.”

“So I am going to entrust this guild to you.”

“Uh… yes… yes?”

Kim Hee-wong’s eyes widened as if they would explode.

“There is nothing to think about. Honestly, it would be a waste to destroy such a middle-class guild. Just handle it in moderation.”

It was a plan that he had thought up on the way here.

Just barge into the boss’ office and then take control of the guild from behind the scenes. This guy would serve the perfect role in that arrangement.

As a secretary, he should know everything happening in the guild.

“B-But if I were to be the Guild Master, no one would follow me.”


A non-player and former secretary, suddenly in the top seat, who would follow?

“You don’t have to worry about those who oppose you.”

“Ah! Will you take care of it yourself?”

Kee Hee-wong’s face brightened.

Considering the power that Jin-hyuk had shown, it would be simple. If Shin Gunsu was taken down so easily, then everyone else in the guild would be easy as well.

But Jin-hyuk shook his head.


Why would he take up such a messed-up job?

Wasn’t there a reliable helper next to him that could take care of this?

“Did you hear everything?”

Jin-hyuk glanced at the ring on his hand.


[N-No! To me?]

Elise, who was silent, became shocked.

“Is there anyone else?”

[I am the head of the Ataraxia family with the noblest of blood flowing in my body. You want me to play the role of a nanny to care for such insignificant humans?]


This again.

“Still in that mindset? Would you like to hop onto the windmill one more time? Huh? Why hold onto that crutch? It won’t work.”

[Don't do it! Stop! I'm dizzy! You bastard!]

Surprisingly she was scared of the windmill.

She even swore.

“Did you just curse me?”

[What? Tha… that wasn't even an actual insult.]

It sure sounded like one.

At least…

“Fucking xxxx human. If you dare imprison this noble body in a ring and treat me like a squirrel in a cage, I will xxx you and then xxxx you with xxxx. And hang xxxxxx onto you for xxxxx 30,000 years!”

At this level, you could say that she’s had most of the profanity sealed inside her.

[H-How can you say such harsh words…]

Elise stuttered.

It must have been too much of a shock for a noble person. Actually, she probably would have heard this occasionally from around her, but listening to it in pure Korean without a filter must be a first for her.

Anyway, she was a bit more docile now.

“With this man, deal with those who do not listen.”

[Fine. But what are you going to do?]

“I have work to do.”

Since he was done clearing the ruins, he no longer needed to be stuck on level 1.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

Now was the time to really grow.

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