Chapter 35 - How A Veteran Grows (2)

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Two people took a few steps back as if something was aiming at their lives.

“This is… it was a stage we put a lot of effort into, but it got completely shattered.”

The man had a bitter smile and disappointment in his voice.

“Right. When could he have noticed?”

It was the same with the woman who was looking annoyed.

A ‘dimensions distortion’ barrier had been spread throughout the building. Even their appearances had been reproduced using the ‘human duplication’ magic.

Additionally, they had even managed to grasp both their individual stats and unique abilities to create a reconstruction of the entire system.

There would have been no issue even if the person had eyes that could perceive truth, perspective, or even mind reading.

But somehow, the plan they thought was perfect had come crashing down.

Perhaps it was because they didn’t know that Jin-hyuk had used Stigma of the Soul. Even if they had hidden their identity, they must have decided that signing a secret contract with the association’s president would have had some benefit.

There should have been no reason for him to deliberately give up an advantageous position to insist on a low rank. In addition, Jin-hyuk’s Eye of Truth was supposed to be something that was outside of the standard workings of the system.

The barrier they had made failed to reproduce the system’s configuration of the copy condition, which gave Jin-hyuk a weird sensation from the start.

[3 stars 'Dimensional Distortion' is weakened.]
[Remaining Time: 0h:2m:59s]

The barrier that had been damaged by the dagger had begun to shake. This was due to the damage dealt to its central parts.

‘3-star dimensional distortion…’

To make something that even boss monsters in the lower floor dungeons could not use. It was definitely odd.

The coins and magic spent to make a barrier of this level would have exceeded the monthly budget of a medium-sized guild.

Jin-hyuk tilted his head towards the two people in front of him.

“It seems like the expensive prank you were playing is over, so tell me. Why did you approach me?”

“Hmm. Wouldn’t the proper order be to ask for our identities before our purpose?”

“Why ask that? Don’t we already know each other?”

Jin-hyuk nodded as the two people in front of him narrowed their eyes.

“Oh. You know who we are?”

“Go ahead then.”


It wasn’t difficult to predict these people’s identities with the information already provided. They were wealthy, highly informed, and would do anything to get what they wanted.

And there was only one organization that was that eager to recruit talent.

“Demonic beings. Judging from the mana level, you just finished the job quest.”



Both of them looked shocked.

The man and woman failed to control their expressions.

“Ha… you aren’t normal. Isn’t this a big shock?”

“I can understand why they paid so much attention to you. When I asked why they were using so much of the society’s resources to recruit one person, they didn’t answer. Now I see why.”

So far, various things could be connected. In the past, there were also rankers who made names for themselves in [Tower of Trials].

There were also some fresh rookies that only stood out when it became a reality.

However, none of them knew the identity of the person standing there.

“I do not have time to admire or listen to you people, so get to the point.”

There was only one reason for staying here, despite the meaningless conversation. He was curious as to what kind of interesting proposal they would make.

Jin-hyuk glanced at the ceiling.

2 minutes left.

Once the barrier was broken, the moment the dagger fell down to the ground would be the end of the conversation.

“You don’t have to be so cautious about us. It seems like there are some preconceived notions about demonic humans, but there is a lot of nonsense mixed in.”

“Hmm. Are the people who first created the Coin Farm going to try and wash their image?”

“Let’s call it realism. Of course, if you are the kind of person who believes in the bullshit that people’s lives can be exchanged for anything… such conversation is meaningless.”

“You have my interest. Go on.”

“First of all, if you join us, we will give this to you as a down payment.”

The man took out a scarlet-colored jewel.

Was it…?

Jin-hyuk frowned.

This item

‘Twilight Dew.’

A treasure possessed by a ‘Quasar,’ a half human and half bird and one of the spirit beasts.

Healing, regeneration, strengthening, poison detoxification, and more.

Under the 10th floor of the tower, it would be considered an amazing item. It could be used to further defrost the Frozen Tears as well.


“… you will simply give it?”

If they put it up for auction right now, wouldn’t they get a more profitable price?

“Honestly, it is a pity, but it is because the people above us are very interested in getting you. Perhaps, if you officially join the group, you will be given benefits that would be incomparable to this.”

The man shrugged.

And immediately tossed the Twilight Dew to Jin-hyuk.


He felt the heaviness on his palm. Jin-hyuk then looked at the jewel that was the size of a child’s fist.


It was definitely big.

The benefits were rather strange, but he was looking forward to hearing more.

“Then the next benefit?”

“The second would be taking down any one person that you desire.”


“Right. As long as the subject is human… anyone.”

Look at that confidence.

These people weren’t reflected in the official rankings as they were demonic humans, but their skills wouldn’t fall behind when compared to the top rankers.

‘If I ask them to get rid of anyone, they can do it.’

In effect, it was a successful mission given on a silver plate.

At that moment…



A brief thought flashed through his mind.

“What if you fail to kill the target?”


“You know, it’s a possibility.”

“It will not happen.”

“Right. The assassination team is made up of players stronger than us.”

The two were very confident. They did say it clearly, but they definitely hinted at the perfect success of any target’s elimination.

“Then, in the case of failure, can this contract be considered unsuccessful?”


“Why? Have you come to lose your confidence? The second hiring benefit is to show the demonic human association’s absolute power. Isn’t that a contradiction?”

Jin-hyuk provoked them.

And laughing out loud was a bonus.

The man bit his lip.

“… fine. But, if your request is successful, you must immediately move to meet with the executives.”


Jin-hyuk nodded and took out his smartphone.

He looked at the address book where the names and photos were stored and showed it to the two.

“This guy is the target.”

“He is someone I don’t recall.”

“My first time too. Is that your pick?”

“Well.. you must be unfamiliar because he isn’t active outside.”

Probably only a few knew of him.

At the very least, there was him, Yoo Yeon-hwa, and Lee Taemin… other than that, not many others.


“Let’s meet as colleagues next time. Bye till then, handsome oppa.”


The dagger embedded in the barrier fell, and time began to flow. Jin-hyuk, who retrieved the dagger, looked around.

‘They left.’

The two were no longer visible. The original Awakened Association, which had been cut off in its own dimension, was back.

Now he could get the second test certification.

Ah. Before that.

He had one thing to do. Jn-hyuk quickly opened his status window.

[Whisper function has been activated.]
[Yah, so you have a minute?]

He spoke and waited.



A rough and irritating voice.

The target of the voice was Chun Yuseong. As expected of a cold guy with short answers.

[You said you wanted to be strong?]
[What kind of bullshit is this now?]
[No, just answer me. Do you want to or not?]
[… I did say that before.]
[Well then. I will tell you a secret. You have to build up as much real-life experience as possible against strong opponents.]
[Fight and Fight and Fight again. You can become strong only when you cross the line of death. This is a secret training method that only I know of, but I am telling you.]
[Have you lost it? Did you eat something wrong?]
[I love you, future swordsman. I believe in you, hyung. Even if you are seriously injured, you mustn't come to take revenge on me.]
[Yah… you!]

Jin-hyuk then cut off the connection.


He did warn the guy, so he should be able to handle it.


‘What will happen if the swordsman fights with demonic humans?’

To be honest, it would be a scene worth buying popcorn for.

A pity he could not go watch.

Did an hour pass?

Jin-hyuk took the 2nd certificate and walked out of the association. However, there were other people besides Lee Taemin and Yoo Yeon-hwa.

The person he had asked to take care of the Black Crow Guild…

Kim Hee-wong.

“Oppa. Do you know this man…”

“Hyung. That person, isn’t he the secretary of the Black Crow Guild?”

Lee Taemin and Yoo Yeon-hwa asked with anxious faces. The two of them only had terrible memories of that guild.

He could understand.

They could not help but react like this since they didn’t know the circumstances.

“It is fine. Fellow people I know.”

Now that this has happened, they should start getting to know each other. There was something they needed to do for the future.

Jin-hyuk introduced them to each other. And, of course, he changed the information slightly.

For example, Elise had hidden her identity and referred to herself as a player from the north.

‘There would be an uproar if they knew that she was the True Ancestor.’

Lee Taemin and Yoo Yeon-hwa, who were initially skeptical, nodded their heads.

“The guild side will be handled by Kim Hee-wong. Yeon-hwa and Taemin also can contact him when you have time. He’ll handle everything from dungeon recruitment to various conveniences.”

“Yes. Just contact me. If you are acquaintances of the president, then I will do anything to help.”

Kim Hee-wong clenched his fist.

The guy had said that he was abused while working below Shin Gunsu. Now that he was free of that man, his expression had brightened.

“Wow… so, is hyung the Black Crow Guild Master?”

“To the world, it is this friend, but I am the one who actually runs it.”

“Hyung, you attacked the ruins and took a guild into your grasp in just a few days. Are you really a human? No…”

Lee Taemin seems to be at a loss for words. He knew that Jin-hyuk was a veteran but wasn’t this like breaking all the limits?

He didn’t have much to say other than calling this whole thing crazy.

At the same time, his heart began to race wildly at the fact that he was acquainted with such a monstrous person.


‘Meeting hyung is the luck of my life!’

Although large guilds and rankers in the world were fighting each other for supremacy. When compared to Jin-hyuk, they were all ridiculously weak.

It was like joking about calculus in front of Stephen Hawking.

‘No matter what happens, I will believe you till the end!’

Lee Taemin had made up his mind.

While Kim Hee-wong was talking. Jin-hyuk looked at Elise.

“And you…”

Seeing her with pouting lips, he sighed.

“No. Let’s not talk.”

“Why! Why! I didn’t even do anything, but you are the one poking me!’

“Is it even normal to blow things up because you got called as a kid?”

When he heard this news from Kim Hee-wong, he doubted his ears.

Just for that reason…

Shit. The entire nation would return to the stone age if all Koreans had a personality like this.

“More than anything else, you have lived for thousands of years. Can’t you not get angry at such provocations?”

“T-that… it is because no one provoked me until recently!”

“…you are amazing. For real.”

The selfish queen.

Vampires weren’t just plagued with pride and high self-esteem, but the princess disease too.

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue.

“I need to go hunting now. Get into the ring.”

“Uh? Can’t you hunt alone?”

“Because it is hunting, we need supporters. Ah, and don’t worry. If you help this time, I will give you a good rest.”

This time, he needed Elise’s efficiency on his side.

“But is there any place left for hunting? They said all the guilds have monopolized them until the 3rd floor.”

The Tower of Trials reached up to the 50th floor.

Until the 4th floor was opened, the hunting grounds wouldn’t be open to normal people.

Everyone knew that.


In actuality, the Tower of Trials did not only have 50 floors.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

“From now, I will show you why a veteran is a veteran.”

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