Chapter 39 - Infinite Growth (1)

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With the sound of liquid dripping down.

Finally, the blood donation, which saved a life, was done.

“Hehe. It was yummy.”

Satisfied, Elise wiped the drops of blood from her lips with a handkerchief.

On the other hand, Jin-hyuk was caressing the tooth marks on his neck with a complicated expression.


His head felt dizzy.

Just how much blood did she suck?

“Seriously, if you cannot pay back your meals, you will be locked back in the ring for a month.”

“Don’t worry. With this amount of magic, it can blow away all the bugs here.”

“Sure, sure.”

Jin-hyuk, who stuck his tongue out, connected to the [Tower of Trials] community.

And registered the video he had recorded.

[Video has been uploaded.]

He had been put into the Hall of Fame several times, but this was the first time he had done it himself.

‘It’ll be like a new BJ, so I won’t be able to receive the exposure the top ones get.’

But it didn’t matter.

The video would eventually make its way around as long as the content was good.

If just a few people spoke about the video, many others would start viewing it.

‘Fine, this is done.’

Next, it was time to stop by the Coin Exchange.

Jin-hyuk’s eyes moved across the screen.

He had to buy a few items to get everything he wanted.

[Exponential Pill (C) 11,500]
[Unknown Cube (D): 2,500]
[Ability Booster (D): 5,000]
[Cobweb of Karlturis Forest (F): 300]
[Runny Nose of the Twin-headed Ogre 100mg (F): 300]

Jin-hyuk bought the items in an instant. Since he had already decided what to get, there was no hesitation.

“You bought a bunch of useless things.”

Elise tilted her head. Her face was clearly asking why he was buying so much garbage for so many coins.

Well, those who didn’t know would all react like that.

“Look here.”

Jin-hyuk smiled and walked to the edge.

“You want to head down?”

“Yes, I am going to get crazy busy from now on.”

He should enjoy the day, especially as he will be heading into the hole now.

After saying that, he took a step forward.


The wind buffeted hard against his body.

The gust of wind was so strong that even the Element of Fire couldn’t maintain its form. Because of this, even his vision wasn’t working right.

“Any solutions? Why aren’t you answering me? Say something! No… are you thinking of committing suicide here?”

Elise screamed while holding onto Jin-hyuk’s shoulder.

She was a True Ancestor of the vampires. Even if the Earth was hit by a meteor, she would probably live through it.

But the human body wasn’t like that. If he died instantly, it was good, but if he was lucky, he might survive down there with a non-function body.

‘Gravity magic or flying magic is too much.’

He didn’t even know when he would reach the bottom, so using those magics would be a waste.

Perhaps it would work with the player avatar body he had when this was all a game, but now it was impossible.

Despite Elise’s urgings, Jin-hyuk didn’t answer.

He simply kept counting internally.

‘17 minutes and 13 seconds… 17 minutes 20 seconds… 17 minutes 44 seconds.’

The time was observed diligently as if a clock was in his head.

And finally,


Jin-hyuk, who had been silent, shouted.

[Elise activates Lv?? 'Reverse gravity'!]

In an instant, Jin-hyuk’s body defied gravity. The timing of its activation left his body approximately 1 meter away from the ground.

He would have met a terrible end if he had been just a little late.

“Done. Now that I am at a height where I can jump and get off, there is no need to use magic.”

“Uh? Uh…’

Elie waved her hand, allowing the gravity to return to normal and leaving Jin-hyuk to land on the ground.

‘First, my eyes.’

Not even a speck of light was visible in the surrounding darkness.


[[Lv4' Element of Fire' is activated.]

Four balls of fire rose up in four separate directions. The place was a moist place filled with mud and stones.

The deepest part of the Tower of Trials.


“What are you doing?”

Elise, who should be on his shoulder, was flapping her wings again. It was a bonus with her puffed face.

“Do not hide it this time and tell me. How the hell did you know where the ground is?”

“Does that bother you? Instinct”

“T-that… that doesn’t make sense! How can one know the exact timing?”

“A feeling.”


“A guess.”

The truth was that he had memorized it. Was it when he had gotten tired of the Tower of Trials?

He had tried new things for the sake of the thrill. Things like starting an avalanche at the top of a 3-kilometer tall snowy mountain and riding a sled through it.

Or going into a dragon’s lair naked and leaving after putting a bell around a sleeping dragon’s neck.

Or trying to survive inside the belly of a unicorn whale for a week.

He also did many more things to stimulate his nerves. Of course, diving down this pit was one such activity.

After about 200 dives…. Even if he didn’t remember it offhand, his body did.

How deep the pit’s bottom was.

“Ah, for real. It isn’t a feeling or stuff. Tell me properly. You seem to have been hiding many things from when we first met. Partners cannot act like this!”

“I will see how you behave and then tell you.”

Elise kept asking, but Jin-hyuk just waved his hand, and right then,


“… this!”

Both remarked at the same time.


“Grrr! Grrr!”

All of a sudden, the mud around them began to move. The things that were resting in the damp mud had reacted to the prey that had suddenly entered its territory.


Jin-hyuk drew his dagger.

‘Giant worm…’

A medium-sized species, it was impressive that its massive body reached a length of 5 meters.

Naturally, since its skin was so thick, even his dagger wouldn’t pierce.


[Unique Ability' Sword Grave' is activated!]


Blue light flashed from his dagger. If it was a blade that could cut through anything, then it would be penetrated no matter how thick its skin was.

“Tie them all together from the first one that appeared.”


He’s already worked together a hundred times with Elise. Even with his eyes closed, he could fully take down the opponent.


Jin-hyuk kicked the ground and ran.



The worm’s jaws were wide open, exposing dozens of sharp, saliva-covered teeth. However, just before it could swallow its prey.

The movement stopped.


Thousands of glistening thin lines made of red blood could be soon. It was Elise’s bondage music.

Jin-hyuk moved quickly.

He moved his dagger to and fro as he navigated through the worms.


His hand was strong.

A piece of meat a meter in diameter slid down to the mud.

The worms were just large targets as long as their movements were restricted.

What came after was truly a one-sided massacre.


The worms were cut down.

By the time he had eliminated half of them…



The worms were beginning to glow. They were tied up by Elise’s thread, but they were starting to twist their bodies as if they didn’t care.

‘They don’t have senses.’

But even if they did that for a hundred days, they would not be able to escape…

Did it think it could sacrifice its body?

The True Ancestor’s bondage cannot be broken so easily. Seeing the worms being slaughtered, Jin-hyuk smiled.


Then, a roar was heard at the side of the cliff. Insects that resembled scorpions and spiders were crawling up towards them.



An obscenely large number.

In addition, there were also winged flying monster species mixed in. The insects covered both the ground and the sky.

“Ugh. Can this all be handled on your own?”

Elise rubbed her eyes. But…

“Did you have to ask that?”

Jin-hyuk shrugged his shoulders and injected magic into his dagger.


The blade’s blue light suddenly became black. After a moment, tangible qi began to manifest.

Black Moon, Black Moon Night.

‘The flower of the raid is a wide one.’


It was the strongest skill that had destroyed Chun Yuseong’s blow in one move.

A dark vision.

The insects could not move their bodies even when approaching death.

They were supposed to be the predators in this place. Other species were simply prey.

But, first vaguely… and then lastly accepting… They realized.

The realization that their teeth, claws, and overwhelming numbers that had been a promise of lethal death meant nothing in front of this person.

Theirs was a place being swept away by a storm.


Heat rose from the red hot ground where life no longer existed. It was simply annihilation.

[Level has risen!]
[Level has risen!]

Thanks to so many monsters, his level went up by two.


Immediately after using such a big technique, the muscles all over his body began to creak as his blood vessels burned up.


‘This is definitely better.’

His current magic stat was 41. The effects of absorbing the Frozen Tears could also be felt all over his body.

There was enough so that even Black Moon Knight could be used at least three times.


His heart kept pounding loudly as he walked into the darkness and said.

“Why don’t you come out now? With these low-level bugs, no matter how many come, it will be useless… isn’t it time for you to understand?”

This splendid performance was just to summon the master of this underground.

And it was then that a reply came.

“Oh. You know about me?”

Someone answered from the dark, making his skin crawl.

A feeling of intimidation similar to when he met Elise.

‘Indeed, a vessel which contains the body of a god.’


His heart began to beat fast. He had been bored from just fighting bugs and wanted to enjoy this.

“Answer me. I asked if you knew about me.”

The magic in that voice grew stronger.

“Of course, I know. I have heard the hounds roaming the desert and the biting sounds in my ear.”

Desert hound.

Those words are used to address the Egyptian God, Anubis.

“Since you are the first human to come here, I decided to wait for a while before killing you, but you are forcing my hand.”

“I have no intention of flirting around either. Doesn’t the group dynamic work better when the one above everyone shows himself?”

The’ Hive’ was a special item that could multiply insects indefinitely.

That item was why the underground was known as the best hunting ground.

“Amazing. You know about that too.”

“I know more than that. If possible, it would be better if we didn’t hide behind bugs and stuff and came out directly to save each other’s time.”

“Puahaha! Are you saying that you want to go against me?”

Well, this was an expected reaction. Considering the difference between them, Jin-hyuk was likely like a little child in Anubis’ eyes.

In the end, if he wanted to copy its ability, he would have to taunt it.

[Anubis' Judgment]
[Description: Anubis asks three questions, the target answers three questions, and the 'Curse' is activated. All stats are reduced by 50% for those who are cursed, and all unique abilities and skills are sealed for 1 minute.]

A deceptive unique ability that had an absolute roll-on effect. And for him to acquire that skill.

[Copy Condition: Destroy the vessel containing Anubis' consciousness by exhausting his patience.]

Even if his physical body was just a stone statue imparted with part of a god’s consciousness, it would be impossible for him to run out of patience.

However, the condition could feasibly be achieved through the most extreme of probabilities.

‘I am empowered to ask the most powerful questions in this world.’

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