Chapter 40 - Infinite Growth (2)

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A heavy layer of magic filled the entire underground level.


Elise’s face became stiff. She was one of the absolute beings that existed in the tower. If Elise was at the apex…

Then this opponent was one of the apex characters of mythology. This wasn’t an enemy that could be taken lightly.

“I will take care of him, so in the meantime, try to find a way out.”


“I can manage to survive, so you need to run away!”

“What? Are you worried about me?”

She was the size of a Pomeranian.

How could she stand in front of him so proudly? Like a dog trying to protect its master.

“What are you worried about?! Promises cannot be kept if you die! What you’re about to do will lead to that!”

Elise screamed in annoyance.

“Do not worry, and just watch.”

“What? Is it really the time to act proud?”

“It isn’t about being prideful. I am just asking you to trust me.”

He’ll show her.

Just who was the player she had made a contract with.

And who would be smiling in the end.

Thud! Thud!

A loud roar filled the air as a 3-meter-tall stone statue moved.

Its appearance was modeled after that of a desert jackal. The underground’s boss monster, Anubis.

“Interesting. Did you hear anything about me from the True Ancestor on your shoulder?”

Anubis asked a question.


The atmosphere changed rapidly. This feeling… that’s right.

As expected, was he going to accept it?

[Anubis' unique ability 'Anubis' Judgment' is activated!]

The caster would now ask three questions. The conditions of the skill would then be satisfied.

… enough.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

“Right. Right. How else would I be able to know this place?”

“I see.”

Anubis nodded his jackal head. If it was the True Ancestor, then she would be able to know everything about the underground.

“Is your purpose for coming here to claim the Hive?”

“Well, something like that. If I claim it and sell it on the market, I can get a good price.”

If it was an item that allowed the infinite multiplication of insects, then it would be worth the price.

That was the second question.

“Then I will ask you one last question, grave robber. It is the natural habit of small creatures to be blinded by treasure, but did you think you could escape alive after entering my realm?”

Last but not least, a boring question.

Of course, it had to be this…

“If I can’t get rid of you, I will bite my tongue and die.”

Jin-hyuk spat out his answer, and as he did…


The power of the divine manifested.

[All requirements have been met.]
[Anubis' Judgment has been activated!]
[All stats are reduced by 50%.]
[The use of Unique Abilities and Skills is sealed for 1 minute!]

Status windows appeared one after another. At the same time, he could feel the magic in his body diminishing.

His sharp senses felt dulled, and access to his skills was cut off.


It wasn’t finished yet. The true terror of this ability was what followed.

[Anubis chooses 'Judgment of the Great Player'!]

“Introduce yourself. This is the great player that will be my hands and feet.”

Anubis proclaimed in a deep, low voice, and at the same time…


Powerful magic surged forward, incomparable to the magic exuded by the insects.


The entire underground level shook. A great warrior was chosen by the divine and obeyed their orders.

Therefore, Jin-hyuk’s opponent would have the power to crush any enemy that stood in its way.

Its pale skin and dazzling claws stood out immediately.

‘Isn’t his level around 71?’

The level of the blood clan he had faced in the ruins was around level 50 or so, with a few that were a bit higher. However, the situation now was completely different from then.

Due to Anubis’ Judgment, his stats were halved and his abilities sealed. Jin-hyuk held his dagger without much thought.

“Stop drooling. Do you want to eat my head that badly?”


Even if he didn’t understand his opponent’s language, he understood that it meant yes.

Come to think of it, there were some people whose unique abilities allowed them to use the language of monsters.

If he could fuse related abilities to those, what would come out as a result? As Jin-hyuk was thinking about this.


The Giant Mantis quickly slid over the sand, instantly narrowing the distance between them. Its scythe-like arms were aimed at his neck.



Jin-hyuk twisted the path of the attack using his dagger, making it only cut the air.



The Giant Mantis’ body leaned forward as its center of gravity was utterly compromised.

‘You’re full of gaps, you insect,’

What could it do with its eyes looking around at a 360-degree angle? It didn’t even have enough time to react.

Jin-hyuk’s eyes gleamed with a hidden smile while, at the same time, his dagger slashed through the gaps in the Giant Mantis’ guard.


The sound of its flesh breaking apart was accompanied by a bright green fluid spurting out.

This damage was only possible since he had aimed at its joints instead of its skin.


It was screaming desperately already with just one leg hurt.

Jin-hyuk pulled his dagger out and widened the distance.

“You were looking down on me for being human? Well, now you’ve lost one leg.”

This is the nature of some strong monsters. They looked down on their opponents and inevitably got tricked as their supposed prey proved stronger than expected.


The Giant Mantis’ steps flattered.

It growled with its mouth as its body’s fluids dripped to the sands below. It was just for a short time, however.


Its severed leg regenerated.

“… This always makes me speechless.”

Each time its limb was cut, it would grow back.

Jin-hyuk quickly took his stance.

Here it comes.


The Giant Mantis leaped upwards from the ground towards Jin-hyuk with an audible sound. It drew its claw and slashed it an arc.


No doubt.

At first glance, it didn’t seem significant, but there were white spots under its toenails.

His dagger wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

In that case…


Jin-hyuk moved his head to avoid the attack, and the claws cut only air once more.

Woong! Woong!

The attacks that followed also only cut nothing but air, and they weren’t even slow.

As the battle continued, the Great Mantis began to show the characteristics of resilience inherent in an insect monster and the Great Player buff.

Due to these stacking effects, the Giant Mantis’ claws were becoming so fast that it was difficult to discern their movements with the naked eye.

Nevertheless, Jin-hyuk was still moving around them as if dancing to a rhythm.

‘As expected, just like a trot song.’

From the moment the battle started, a song was playing in his head.

‘My love for you is unconditional and unconditional! Crossing the Pacific Ocean! Crossing the Atlantic Ocean!’

That thick singing tone and addictive melody.

Whenever he fought against the insects underground, he would time their attacks with the song.

As if by some miracle, whenever an attack was about to hit a vital point, he could avoid it by simply following the rhythm to waste the opponent’s stamina.

‘Why does it seem faster than before?’

No, really.

Just a moment ago, there would be mistakes here and there, but they weren’t visible now. By following its movement, Jin-hyuk could feel the enjoyment in his rapid breathing.



As the fight dragged on, its attack speed gradually slowed, and the claws’ movements became visible.

‘Nice. At this point…’

Jin-hyuk held his dagger in reverse and dodged the attack that came from above.


He would aim for the gap!

He glanced at the Giant Mantis’ hind legs.

Puak! Puak! Puak!

And he aimed a clean blow towards them.

Jin-hyuk gave the mantis four stings through its legs and moved back immediately.



The Giant Mantis, once again, struggled to move in the sand.

Of course, since it wasn’t fatal, the wound would heal.

‘But the scars left in its heart will last for a long while.’

Jin-hyuk staggered forward and stood in front of the Giant Mantis that was struggling to stand back up.

And as it repeatedly tried to get up.

One, two, three…


Once the enraged Giant Mantis finally got up, he would defeat it again.

He immediately repeated the same action.

One, two, three.

The point of this was never to make it difficult for himself. It was a relaxed atmosphere as a slight smile appeared on his lips.

To finish it, he put on an expression that seemed to say, ‘You won’t be able to defeat me in a hundred years.’

It felt like his thighs were going to explode, but it was fine. This moment of heaping insults upon the strong was the reason why veterans existed in this world.

“H-How can this happen?”

Anubis let out a scream stained with anger and shock.

A fight he was sure would be his victory was now going in the opposite direction. It was difficult for even Elise to believe.

“I knew he was strong, but this strong…”

He had been a special person since the first time they met.

She admitted it.

Even Belus, among the best in her clan, struggled futilely against him and was defeated. However, that had been when all of his abilities could be used.

It should be a completely different story in this scenario where his stats were nerfed and his unique abilities and skills sealed.

‘To play with his opponents only using his senses and reflexes.’

Elise gulped at this unbelievable sight.

Moreover, wasn’t his opponent a designated warrior from Anubis?

It felt instead that Jin-hyuk was immensely superior.

Elise’s eyes took in Jin-hyuk’s movement as he repeatedly sat and stood in front of the Giant Mantis.

‘Really, if it is him, it can be done.’

The downfall of the Ataraxia family and her hatred for the families that had caused it.


It would become a reality.

Maybe he could make her dream come true.


Elise’s heart began to beat quietly again.

Anticipation, excitement, and a sense of exaltation spread through her body. At that moment, the Giant Mantis’ legs were cleanly severed and flew into the sky.


Jin-hyuk wiped off the bodily fluids that had stained his dagger on the floor.


This way, both claws could be removed.

“Kik, kikk…”

The Giant Mantis was backing away. It was a rare sight for an insect-type monster that was naturally belligerent.

What? Can it be stopped?

“Didn’t you like to hunt?”

It had been running around with the desire to kill him but was giving up already?

Of course, he did understand.

Hunting was fun when you were chasing something, not when you were the one being chased.

And this time, it was the prey, and he was the hunter.

“What are you doing?! Do not back down! Fight back!”

Anubis’ voice filled the air. He was clenching his hand in frustration.

However, the Giant Mantis didn’t obey its master’s orders due to its state of fear.

“What are you doing? Run! Quickly!”

Jin-hyuk placed his dagger’s blade on his shoulder.

He then smiled as he began counting down from ten.

‘Run as far as you can.’

Though that was an impossibility.

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