Chapter 42 - Infinite Growth (4)

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Two wasps roared.

[The 'Hive' ability triggers the 'Fear' status effect]

The Rift stat that Jin-hyuk possessed allowed him to overcome or widen any gaps he had with the target.

Fear was a status effect that paralyzed a part of the senses and chipped down its target slowly until death. Quite an annoying ability.

Especially when used by something that didn’t die and continued to reproduce.


The wasps flew in towards him from the left and right. As before, Jin-hyuk again looked for the chance that appeared when they descended from the air.


Jin-hyuk took out an item that he had purchased at the Coin Exchange the other day.

[The Giant Pill (C)]

It was a special item that had the effect of increasing the size of the user by up to 10 times. It was a trump card he had prepared for this moment.

“You idiot! Did you think you could survive the poison by growing in size!”

Anubis, who watched this, broke out into laughter.

The wasp’s venom was strengthened by Hive and was strong enough to kill giants.

Even the Giant Pill would be useless, but Jin-hyuk didn’t eat it.

“Who said that I would be the one eating it?”

Instead, it was thrown into the mouth of a flying wasp.

It went in a straight line and right down the wasp’s throat.


“W-what… is this…!”

Anubis questioned the action, but Jin-hyuk didn’t give him an answer. Instead, he slammed the ground and ran forward.

‘I need to finish it before the pill gets absorbed.’

He had about one minute.

That was the amount of time he had until the wasp turned into a giant. The distance between them was narrowed instantly, and he approached its nose.

The wasp moved its tail reflexively. Its sting, dripping with venom, was aimed toward Jin-hyuk.

‘Still aiming for the carotid artery.’

It was their instinct to aim for a vital point. Jin-hyuk moved his neck slightly to avoid the sting. At the same time, he stretched out his arms and climbed onto the wasp’s back.

As smooth and natural as flowing water.


The wasp twisted its whole body.


It couldn’t run despite its desire to get away.

Jin-hyuk firmly grabbed the wasp’s wings on its back and pressed onto a part of its nervous system with his thumb.



The movements of the wasps became noticeably slower as he had hit its central nervous system.

This allowed him to control its speed, direction, and aggression.

‘Flying with insects in the past definitely helped with this.’

This was why experience was useful in life, no matter how crazy. Of course, there were more memories of him falling down from them.


Jin-hyuk rode the wasp and flew towards the Hive.

“What are you doing?! Kill him! kill him right now!”

Anubis gave the order to the other wasp.


The other wasp followed the order and began to follow Jin-hyuk. He now had 30 seconds left.


A little faster!

It wasn’t easy to keep his eyes open as the wind hit him, but he still increased his speed.

20 seconds, 19… and the moment when the time remaining was 10 seconds.

['Unknown Cube (D)' has been used.]

Jin-hyuk used another item he bought at the Coin Exchange.


A translucent tube, about 2 meters in size, wrapped itself around the Hive. Of course, right as one side of the cube closed, Jin-hyuk had escaped from inside, leaving behind the wasp he had controlled.

‘Now, for the finish.’

[Combining 4 items to strengthen the 'Unknown Cube']
[Ability Booster (D)]
[Sticky Glue (F) x4]
[Cobweb of Karlturis Forest (F)]
[Runny Nose of the Twin-Headed Ogre (F) 100mg]

After using the rest of the items he had, a spider web pattern was engraved on the membrane.




Bang! Bang!

The wasps hit the wall with their bodies, but it didn’t break. The performance was terrific, even if it was made with lesser quality items.


With this, the final stage was set.

“Now the opening ceremony should have fireworks, right?”

Due to the lack of time, he didn’t say much and just flicked his index finger against his thumb.

[Lv4' Element of Fire' is activated!]

When the gigantification was to take effect, flames appeared inside the cube, making the wasps react.


The flames blazed into a monstrous size within the enclosed space of the cube, amplifying its power behind imagination.

The wasps were turned into charcoal immediately. However, their shattered bits were still wriggling, their regeneration taking effect.




Hundreds of wasps were regenerated from the many tiny bits. It was an absolutely monstrous number, but there was one problem.

The space inside the cube was limited.



The wasps were crushed by their own numbers. Eventually, their frames couldn’t handle the pressure and were crushed.

[The Giant Pill (C) has been dropped]
[Level has risen!]

From the crushed wasp corpse, the ‘Giant Pill’ that wasn’t fully absorbed fell as a drop.

‘As expected.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

This was the reason why he was counting down that one minute. If he fed the Giant Pill, made them multiply, and killed them all before the pill took full effect… the pill would return as a drop.

Of course, other items could also be duplicated like this, but there was a reason for choosing this item in particular.

That was because it was impossible to feed the wasp high-ranked items, and he needed as many pills as possible for the eventual attack on the 4th floor.

‘I have also gone up two levels.’

Due to the absolute massacre that he committed here, he received experience points much more numerous than regular hunting.

What was this like?

A small beer can was fine for a midsummer night, but then he was also given fried chicken as a bonus?

It felt like he was about to become drunk from the many rewards received from this sweet combination.

‘This is why I cannot give up on the first underground level.’

Crawling into this damp pit full of disgusting bugs was far from pleasurable.

Even so, he could survive with a smile because of the reward that came after.



Wasps died and were reborn again and again. It was similar to a Mobius strip which kept going in an infinite loop. All he needed to do was look at the sight with his arms crossed.

Even if he simply stood still now, the experience would come.

[The Giant Pill (C) has been dropped]
[Level has risen!]
[The Giant Pill (C) has been dropped]
[Level has risen!]
[The Giant...]

Looking at the constantly appearing status windows, Jin-hyuk had a thought.

Anubis must be dying inside right now.

“W-what is this…!”

Anubis’ eyes widened to the point where it seemed like they would explode. Clearly, his plan had been made to eliminate this human.

Even the strongest beings had fled from him when faced with an infinitely multiplying enemy.


For the Hive to be destroyed like this was something he couldn’t imagine. This was the reason behind his shock.

‘Is it possible he was trying to provoke me right from the start?’

Seeing how so many of the items that the human used were exactly of the right kind, there was no doubt.

Everything had been at rap.


A terrifying sound came from Anubis’ mouth.

At the thought of having been a puppet in this human’s hands, it felt as if his sense of reason would explode.

He didn’t even have the time to get angry now.

All he could see was the constantly leveling-up Jin-hyuk. As time went on, the human would just get stronger.

He had to decide, even if it was just a second faster.

“Damn it.”

The only way to prevent this disaster.


Anubis spread out his palms and then closed his eyes tightly.

[Anubis destroys the Hive!]


The Hive inside the cube exploded.

“Is this how you react?”

Jin-hyuk, who had been enjoying this midday show, clicked his tongue. He knew that the sweet moment wouldn’t last forever. Yet, when the moment ended, he still felt a little sad.


Anubis bared his teeth.

They were white and looked strong enough to crush bones.

But there was no need for fear. As long as the Hive was destroyed, the fight was done.

“I know you are angry, but you cannot show it on your face. You know you look ugliest when you make such an expression after a loss, right?”

“Do you think you will be fine after acting like this?”



Even if Anubis continued to threaten Jin-hyuk, he would still be able to eat three meals a day and die after hitting the ripe old age of 100.

Being short-lived and dying suddenly wasn’t in his dictionary.


At Jin-hyuk’s impudent attitude, Anubis could no longer control his anger.

Kwang! Kwang!

The ground underneath him cracked from the pressure. Anubis was angry and wanted nothing but to kill the man in front of him. His reality of not being able to do anything was a grievous annoyance.

“You, you must come to the top, human! At that time, I will pluck off that head of yours with my own hands.”

“I was going to go up even if you didn’t tell me. Ah! Of course, my head will be fine in its original position, and if you pull it out like some robot head, I won’t look good.”


Anubis was at a loss for words. The more he talked, the more stressed he got.

Standing there only left him with an ever-increasing rage as every minute and second passed.


“Your face. I will remember it.”

With a short warning, Anubis destroyed the stone statue containing his soul.


[The vessel of Anubis is destroyed!]

The statue’s fragments crumbled to the ground and, at the same time…

[Conditions met!]
[Anubis' Judgment
Acquisition Difficulty: Overrank
Description: If you ask the target three questions and the target answers them, the condition of the skill is met. The target's stats would be reduced by 50%, and activation of skills and unique abilities would be limited for 1 minute.
However, the ability can only be used once on the same target and, if abused, might provoke the wrath of the Egyptian God.]
[The vessel of Anubis is destroyed!]

The ability was finally acquired. It was an ability that was classified as overrank as it was a god’s power.

‘I got my Christmas present a little bit too early.’

He could halve the stats of his enemies with just three questions. A total scam ability!

Although the ability had restrictions, it wouldn’t be a problem if he used it correctly.

It was then.

[The gods of Egyptian mythology are interested in your existence.]
[Some express strong hostility!]

A red status window appeared. It seemed like Anubis couldn’t stand being looked down on.

‘Well, the burden on God must have gotten lighter.’


Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue.

‘I will have to think about the upper flowers of the tower. First, I need to distribute the stat points.’

The priority now wasn’t the gods but his self-growth and the 3rd-floor boss.

He had reached level 18 after coming here. His free stat points were now up to 54.

This was tremendous growth.

This was the correct path.

This kind of level was something that a ranker, someone who received generous support from a large guild, could barely attain after hunting in exclusively-controlled dungeons.

He achieved it all by himself in just one day. Who would believe it?

‘I need to think about where I should invest my stats..’

As Jin-hyuk was about to bring up his stat window.


A window appeared that requested a call.

“This one is?”

Jin-hyuk frowned.

The name on the screen was from…

Quite an unexpected person.

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