Chapter 45 - Swordsman's Proposal (3)

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“That’s right! He sees the real deal! Of course, it is me!”

It was Jong Do-hyun who jumped up from his seat.

He must have thought he was being pointed to because of what he had done in front of the association building.


“Dumbass. He didn’t call for you.”

Hong Deok-pyo, who was next to him, grabbed Jong Do-hyun by the wrist and pulled him down.

“Uh? Hyung?”

Jong Do-hyun asked a question but wasn’t answered. Instead, he stared at Chun Yuseong.

‘Right, if it is his level, he would want to fight a strong guy like me.’

He could understand that.

Because he, too, would be thrilled to find a strong opponent.

‘I like this more and more.’

When he first heard about Chun Yuseong, he wanted to see more of him. When he heard how Jong Do-hyeon described him, he wanted the man under any conditions.


Only as he saw these actions did he become convinced that he needed to get this man.

If he couldn’t get him alive, then he would get him by killing him.

“I will let my body loose after a long time.”

Hong Deok-pyo took off his suit, exposing his muscles through the white shirt.


Chun Yuseong, who raised his sword, didn’t lower it down.


As his thoughts began to race, Hong Deok-pyo frowned.


Upon closer inspection, the direction the tip of the sword was pointed towards was slightly different.

It was not aimed at Jong Do-hyun or himself but was instead a little more to the right.

There sat a man with an annoyed expression on his face.


After a long moment, the man sighed as he got up. And so everyone acknowledged just who the opponent would be.

“Who is he?”

“Not Hong. Was it someone else?”


“I don’t know him…”

“Look into the database right now.”

A loud commotion rose in the crowd as the guild officials began to search for information.

At least the man was inside the association building, which meant that he had at least passed the awakening test.

Of course, there would be information about him available.

[Player Kang Jin-hyuk, F rank]

After a moment, they were able to confirm the information.

“No. F rank?”

“N-No… he called an F class now?’

“He didn’t seem that way, but maybe this man likes to bully weak people?”

The commotion grew louder.

Something that made no sense was happening as Jong Do-hyun shouted.

“H-hyung! That is the man! The one who hit me in the back of my head!”


“Didn’t I say that a guy was with Chun Yuseong? It is that guy who hit me!’


Hong Deok-pyo looked at Jin-hyuk.

And Jin-hyuk looked at him at the same time, allowing their eyes to meet.

“I don’t know why Chun Yuseong has pointed at you, but if you can figure out a way, reject the offer. This is no place for someone like you.”

Cold and realistic words.

People around Hong Deok-pyo agreed to it as well.

“Right. The skill level should match. The fight will end in less than a second.”

“Would you be happy if it just ended? If even the slightest amount of magic was put into that sword, the F rank would be cut in two.”

“Well, no matter how much security is set in the fight, unexpected accidents can happen.”

He’d be lucky if he escaped without serious injuries. If he was unlucky, then he might die out there.

This was a common thought shared by everyone there. But despite the advice, Jin-hyuk began to descend towards the arena.


With a face full of annoyance.

The arena was laid out with various weapons. Jin-hyuk reached the bottom and picked up a long sword from the floor.

It was light in weight and well balanced.

“Please, I beg of you, if you lose again this time, stop this.”

Seriously man.

‘I’d appreciate it if you stop this.’

“You are talking like I will lose. Are you saying that after watching the fights?”

“Um. It sure seems like you have improved your skills. Trained hard?”

Those muscles seemed solid. How many hours did he work out? They were so well-toned that he wanted to ask what kind of supplements he took.

He wasn’t on steroids, right?

“Is that the only thing?”

“Ah, I also thought getting this kind of invitation would be such a hassle.”


Chun Yuseong’s face wrinkled in anger. At the same time, the concentration of magic on the sword changed.


[Chun Yuseong Lv6' Soul Chasing Sword Qi' activated!]

A chilly-cold blue aura.

The qi and the killing intent, which were suppressed until then, were now merged.


Jin-hyuk felt his skin tingle at the pressure.

‘The things he was showing off in the fights till now was just him saving strength.’

It was like he was holding back his strength for the right time.

“Everything is fine, but this is a friendly match… right?”

Didn’t the atmosphere feel like he was in a Colosseum? Where the rule was to fight until one died.

“If you get an invitation to fight, you fight, right?”

Chun Yuseong took his stance and extended his sword.

He moved his right foot and lowered his center of gravity.

He was planning to close the distance between them immediately.


The floor that was made of magic stone was vibrating.

“O-Oh my…”

“He is seriously trying to do that!”

“Shit. Call the guards! That guy will get killed!”

Those who were watching this screamed.

Chun Yuseong, who didn’t care about the audience, began to release more energy.

But at that moment.


A new kind of magic enveloped the entire arena. A magical force that was incomparable to Chun Yuseong appeared.

An ominous and ugly black energy.

[Unique Ability' Sword Grave' is activated!]


The energy didn’t just wholly envelop the long sword. Even the air was shaken as the aura that covered the blade extended its length by a meter.


“S-sword energy!”

“Insane. What kind of F rank can do that?”

“It is perfected sword energy, not a half-developed one. Only a handful of players in the world can reach that kind of level.”

It was natural for the audience’s reaction to be one of shock. Even Hong Deok-pyo looked shocked.

“… I cannot believe this.”

All of the officials from the various guilds gulped from their seats.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Their hearts were beating quickly. They collectively understood that this could be a match that could change their lives.

In the heated atmosphere, Jin-hyuk asked.

“Do you think sword qi would work? You must have forgotten what happened at the ruins?”

Overcoming the difference in ability was by no means an easy task. This was especially true when it came to the sword.

“Obviously, sword qi cannot withstand sword energy.”


“But it is something that one can try to make up.”

And at that moment.


Another layer of sword qi was overlaid on top of Chun Yuseong’s sword.

One. Two… seven times

The qi layered over the sword as if it was wearing multiple layers of armor.


Jin-hyuk frowned.

Indeed, he could do the same with sword energy and make it last a while. The issue was that it consumed more magic and stamina.

‘Rather than a prolonged fight, he aims to end this in one shot.’

He would be able to last for perhaps three or so minutes. Anything over that would be challenging. He could win this by just allowing the time to pass.

Jin-hyuk’s eyes turned to the long sword in his hand.

He could already see the blade starting to crack.

Right, that was how it should be.

No normal sword can handle so much sword energy.

People might link him with the masked man if he fought with his dagger. That was why he had chosen this weapon on purpose.

Thanks to this, the time limit applied for both of them.

“Here I come!”

The first move was made by Chun Yuseong.


He instantly launched himself off the ground at a speed that narrowed the distance.

His sword was aimed forward towards Jin-hyuk’s neck.

Jin-hyuk met that sword head-on.


A strong wind filled the arena as the swords collided due to the pressure that both blades generated.

It was fast and terrifying.

Kwang! Kwang!

A series of constant slashes were made. Chun Yuseong’s speed was so quick that his sword’s movement couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.

Jin-hyuk resisted each of those attacks.

The air was filled with flashes of lights and sparks as their swords clashed.


Intense bursts of magic exploded out with each blow. Even the magic stone floor of the arena couldn’t withstand it.

“Phew, man. This is so scary that I almost have blisters on my palms. Can we end it now?”

“No… it hasn’t started yet.”

Chun Yuseong’s sword became red.

Those were the layers that he had built upon his sword.

‘2nd form!’

A blazingly hot red energy filled the stadium.

The Soul Chasing Flame Emperor.

The second form of the Soul Chasing Sword technique.

The power to burn all the enemies in front of him.

Jin-hyuk could feel the intense heat.

‘This brat is too gifted.’

He was already capable of using the second form of a sword technique. It wasn’t perfect by any means. Still, just being able to use it was already a significant achievement.


Seven red petals bloomed, which made things dangerous.

Jin-hyuk realized immediately that he should never attack those things head-on.

And then…

Jin-hyuk released the Sword Grave.

And he used the magic he had filled the sword with to activate a different skill.

[Ice Formation is activated!]

Countless ice particles appeared, generating a rectangular shield.

Chun Yuseong’s eyes twitched.

It was probably due to embarrassment as he had not expected such a skill to get used. But it only lasted for a moment.

‘No matter what happens, don’t be surprised, don’t.’

Chun Yuseong kept telling that to himself and swung the petals that were in full bloom.


Ice and fire collided head-on.

Completely polar opposites.

However, in terms of skill perfection, Chun Yuseong had the upper hand.


Chun Yuseong smiled. A large amount of vapor began to fill the air, obscuring his view.

But he could feel the shield of ice collapsing.



The moment that he was confident of victory.

['Daylight' is activated!]

A ray of light flickered through the vapor. It wasn’t an ice skill.

Another skill had been activated.


Chun Yuseong took a deep breath.

Never… never be surprised!

The following scene made him feel like he was about to drown in despair.

[Chun Yuseong activates Lv6' Sword Veil']

He activated a defensive skill.

At the same time


The light that moved unerringly straight penetrated through the magic stone and walls of the stadium.



Chun Yuseong’s body shook violently.

Smoke was rising from his body.

Because the attack had been controlled, he didn’t lose his life.

But it still didn’t make sense that even his defensive skill was penetrated.

“You… how many skills do you have….?”

Words that he could barely speak.

And with that.


Chun Yuseong lost his balance and fell.

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