Chapter 46 - Press Conference (1)

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The entire stadium was plunged into silence. Everyone there was at a loss for words because of the unexpected result.



Those watching had been surprised twice today.

The first surprise was Chun Yuseong’s ability to utterly crush players of the same rank. The second was because of the appearance of a monster they couldn’t defeat even with all their might.

A truly overpowering power.

That man was still standing alone on the arena floor.

How many minutes had passed?

It was someone’s word that broke the silence.

To be precise, it was a quietly uttered curse.


Someone couldn’t control their urge to swear due to the abnormality of this situation.

That curse let loose the flow of conversation.

“Look, see that? My eyes almost popped out. What kind of magic skills did he use?”

“There’s no way to reach that level by just learning it. He smashed through the magic stone that had been put up for protection and broke through the outer wall too!”

“Is he even human? Isn’t it more plausible that a boss monster from a higher floor decided to come down?”

“I still can’t make myself believe this. Shit. Is this a dream or reality?”

In that chaotic atmosphere.

Jin-hyuk approached two people who were standing next to the stage.

“Hasn’t it been a while?”

Jin-hyuk smiled brightly.

“.. right. It is the first time we have met after the museum.”


Min Jung-woo and Lee Yuri flinched.

The memories of them being utterly trampled at the museum came rushing back.

“Actually, the first one is just blood, but we cannot be stuck in the past forever, right?”

“Hmm. I don’t want to be like that either. To be honest, I don’t think I will ever be able to survive if I met you as an enemy.”

“S-same here.’

The two nodded at the same time.

“Then, to have a better relationship in the future, let me ask one thing. If possible, I would like Miss Lee Yuri, who is a summoner, to work hard for my sake.”

“What? You’re asking me?”

“Yes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do it.”


“Of course.”

Jin-hyuk’s eyes were opened wide.

“If you are thinking about putting our relationship in the toilet and flushing it down, you’ll say no.”


Lee Yuri’s eyes trembled.

It’s fine to say no; you have a choice. And if you refuse the offer, you never know what might happen.

“If only I can… No, I will definitely listen to you.”

“Thank you.”

Jin-hyuk gave Yuri instructions on what he needed her to do.

It was a task that needed to be completed in order to attack the boss. At the same time, it was an item that Lee Yuri would have an easier time preparing.

“When do you need it done?”

“Day after tomorrow. When you have it done, send everything to this address.”

“Y-you want so many things done in 2 days?”

“Why? Not possible?”

“No, no. I can do it.”

Lee Yuri was in tears as she took the note that Jin-hyuk handed her.

“Then, please.”

And as Jin-hyuk was about to leave.


Jin-hyuk turned his head as he caught something in his senses.



A man with a large body had jumped off from the audience stands.

It was Jong Do-hyun whom he had met in front of the office.

“This is surprising. The guy I thought was a cheerleader has this much power.”

“If you are here for a fight, you have come to the wrong person, and my body is too loose right now. I won’t be able to control my strength.”

Jin-hyuk sighed.

And he viewed the status window of the other party with the Eyes of Truth.

Name: Jong Do-hyun
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Level: 21
Strength 40 Agility 17 Stamina 18 Magic 8
Stat Points: 0
Coins: 8,535
Occupation: Giant Wrestler
Unique Ability: Giant's Power
Skills: Lv5 Giant's Grasp, Lv5 Giant's Shield, Lv5 Slow Pain, Lv5 Deep Breathing, Lv4 Despite the Weak

[Copy Conditions: The current subject approached you with a conspiracy in mind. If you can understand his intentions, you can copy the Giant's Grasp among the target's skills.]

…a conspiracy?

Did that mean this wasn’t just him trying to pick a fight?

No, before that, how could the system know what is happening inside the mind of another player?

Jin-hyuk frowned at the uniquely different copying conditions, but he didn’t have much time.

Unraveling the Tower of Trials and its secrets was something for another time.

There was no time to worry about problems that had no immediate answer.

“Wow. Don’t stare at me like this. I am not here to fight.”

Jong Do-hyun raised his palms towards the suspicious Jin-hyuk. It was as if he was communicating that he had no intention to fight.

“Then, why bother a person?”

“I think we will see each other more in the future… so I wanted to say good luck.”

Jong Do-hyun was saying strange things while asking for a handshake, but Jin-hyuk didn’t return it.

Wishing him good luck?

‘My ass.’

A person who only knew how to look down on others could never act like a gentleman. As the system said, he must have an ulterior motive. Jin-hyuk’s brain began to spin.

Although clearly inferior compared to Chun Yuseong, Jong Do-hyun was of a fairly high level.

So why hadn’t he fought here?

And unlike the other guilds, why did the Guild Master of the Black Clouds Guild come here personally?

‘It must be because there is a reason to come here.’

He didn’t know what it was, but he was sure it was important as he looked at Jong Do-hyun.

Behind that mask of calm, he could see anger and an inferiority complex.

He definitely wasn’t here to make friends.


He wanted to show off what he could do.

This act of shaking hands, Jong Do-hyun’s unique ability, ‘Giant’s Power.’ A player that was saved instead of being sent to a fight, and a guild master who was anxious for his guild’s growth.

The pieces of the puzzle were definitely here.

And finally,

A flash of insight appeared in Jin-hyuk’s head like a lightning bolt.

‘Right. There are reporters here.’

A guild master who was afraid of a rookie appearing out of nowhere and stealing the spotlight. As a response, he sent Jong Do-hyun.

He didn’t know for sure. Jong Do-hyun was someone who had superior strength compared to most players. A newbie who came in and received attention being pushed around by a person with only physical strength?

That would lower Jin-hyuk’s image and increase his own value.

That seems right. It wasn’t a bad method, either.

‘That is if the opponent isn’t me.’

And as he made his conclusion.

Tring! Tring!

A chime that seemed to prove his hypothesis right.

Status windows appeared one after another, confirming that the copy conditions had been achieved.

[The copy condition has been met.]
[You have acquired the skill 'Giant's Grasp' (B)]
[Giant's Grasp
Acquisition Difficulty: B
Description: You are able to use the power of a Giant. In particular, your grip strength will increase dramatically, and you can exert a force of up to 10 times your body weight.]

As expected. His conclusion was correct.

‘He was up to something.’

But this was what made it fun.

Jin-hyuk’s face broke into a broad smile, and he used the unique ability he had acquired underground.

[Unique Ability 'Anubis' Judgment' is activated!]


The air around them swirled. The skill’s user needed to ask three questions, and the subject needed to answer all three for the conditions to be satisfied.

“Is this handshake representing the entire Black Cloud Guild?”

Jin-hyuk asked the first question,

“Of course. Deok-pyo hyung is also interested in you. It seems that you aren’t with a guild yet, so if you join us, we will give you special treatment.”

Special treatment…

He was good at talking about shit that he didn’t care about.

Clearly knowing the intent behind it made every word sound disgusting.

However, he couldn’t express it as the answer was already made.

“I am actually in dire need of that. If I sign up, do I get a huge down payment? Like something where sports stars get paid in advance during a transfer season?”

“Puahaha! Well, isn’t it obvious? Just tell me the amount, and we will give everything to you.”

The second question was answered.

This was why Anubis’ Judgment was such a scam. The conditions could be met with just trivial questions.

Above all, he liked the fact that, unless a person was way too intelligent, they wouldn’t even notice this skill was activated.

He would have to give a reasonable amount of time between uses to not provoke the Gods again.

“I will consider it.’

Jin-hyuk reacted to Jong Do-hyun’s words.

And like that, their hands met.

’Caught you!

A mischievous smile formed on Jong Do-hyun’s lips.

Finally, the target took the bait.

‘No matter how good you are with swords and magic, your strength is weak.’

He could create the best result if he hits the target like this during a press conference. The reporters, who saw them shaking their hands, began to approach.

With both camera and phone.

All the eyes there are focused on the two of them.

“Who are you?”

“If we look at the tattoo, it looks like someone belonging to the Black Cloud Guild?”

“Oh! Oh! Looks Like they are trying to recruit that player before the other guilds. This is a complete scoop we need to catch.”

“It is a meeting between a large guild and a prospective ranker… we won the top article.”

‘Perfect timing!’

[Jong Do-hyun activates Lv5' Giant's Grasp'!]

Jong Do-hyun’s forearms began to bulge. His human hands were now filled with the power of a giant that could crush even steel.


“… Uh?”

The face of the opponent whose hand he was holding distorted slightly in pain.


The hands that were holding to each other trembled. It was a sign that both hands were balanced in strength.

It couldn’t be…

‘Does this mean his strength is on par with mine?’

That was absurd.

He had never heard of this kind of perfect all-around player in this field. Yet, no matter how much he clenched his hand, the balance of strength wasn’t broken.

It was as if his opponent had the same ability.

At that time

“Last question.”

Jin-hyuk slowly asked.

“Kuak! Fuck. What now?”

Jong Do-hyun, whose face was red, managed to answer.

“Did you think that you would have the upper hand if it was simply strength?”

“Of course not! A lousy bastard like you and me… kuak!”

The moment Jong Do-hyun answered the question, the balance of power collapsed. Did the opponent get stronger?

No. It wasn’t that.

It was he who weakened…


It was hard to believe, but his unique ability and skills were suddenly sealed.


The pressure on his hand began to exceed the limit that he could tolerate.

It will break.

By this point, all of his fingers had gone numb.

“Let go… let go!”

“Uh? Why? Does it hurt?”

Jin-hyuk smiled.


“Don’t be shy. It looks like you have confidence in your strength, but trust in size is just a sign of a fool.”

“Enough, enoughhh!”

In the end, Jong Do-hyun bent his knee in pain. Any thought of playing around with Jin-hyuk had vanished.

All he wanted to do now was to get out of this terrible pain.


Jong Do-hyun swung his fist. It was more an act of desperation than an attack.

Of course.

Such attacks won’t work. The punch hit Jin-hyuk in the stomach.


But it ended with that.


A fist moved like lightning in reply and pierced through Jong Do-hyun’s abdomen.


His body felt utterly broken, and he coughed up blood as a result. However, Jin-hyuk didn’t stop there.

It was because he was planning to trample this guy completely and show Hong Deok-pyo.

But at that moment.


An unfamiliar magic intervened.

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