Chapter 48 - Black Market (1)

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“Be careful? What are you talking about?”

Jin-hyuk lowered his voice.

[That guy. He smells weird. Should I describe it as unpleasant and disgusting? Unlike you, it's a scent I don't want to eat even if I am starving.]

That was what Elise noted.

Was it the smell of blood?

What did this kid think of people? A walking lunch box? Or a snack to chew on when bored?

Neither of those was correct.

[Looking at his expression, I can understand roughly what he is imagining. I’m not joking around and am giving you real advice. That man there is not an ordinary person.]

She was speaking in a serious voice.


Jin-hyuk’s expression became stiff. Considering all that she said, she wasn’t joking around.

He glanced to the front and spotted a blonde man wearing a white suit.

The man appeared to be in his 20s. However, the naturally ingrained slack of his body made it feel like he was much older.

“Hahaha! It doesn’t matter!”

“R-really! How did you get it?”

The man and the stewardess were smiling and having fun.

‘He looks more like a young CEO or a second-generation chaebol…’

Was it really, as Elise said, he was hiding something?

There was only one way to find out.

Jin-hyuk activated the Eye of Truth.

Name: Alex Judelaw
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Level: 27
Strength 15 Agility 13 Stamina 15 Magic 61
Stat Points: 0
Coins: 0
Occupation: Necromancer
Unique Ability: Forgotten Tombs
Skills: Lv5 Resurrection of the Dead, Lv5 Contract with the Dead, Lv5 Magic Melting Furnace, Lv4 Touch of the Dead, Lv4 Interbreeding

[Copy Condition: Depending on the intimacy with the target, you can copy one of the unique abilities and skills. However, in order to achieve the highest level of intimacy, you need to join the Demonic Humans Association.]

No way…!

Jin-hyuk couldn’t contain his shock. That man belonged to the Demonic Humans!

Was that friendly face all a lie?

[See. I was right! My nose is second to none in the tower.]

Elise raised her voice, delighted that she was right, as I tucked her ring into my pocket, silencing her celebration.

She was helpful, but she had a downside. She talked too much.

Considering that she still thinks of herself as a queen, that does make sense. And at that moment.

“Are you enjoying the journey? Player Kang Jin-hyuk?”

The flight attendant came over with a smile.

This was good. A chance to ask for information about Alex.

“Yes. Thanks.”

“If there is any inconvenience in here, please let me know. And I brought some snacks. Would you like any?”

“I was about to ask you.”

Jin-hyuk took a sandwich with beef from the stack and a can of beer before gesturing toward Alex.

“Looking at it, it seems like there are other people in the first class beside me. Awakened?”

“Ah! You are talking about Mr. Alex!”

When asked about him, the stewardess smiled brightly.

Seems like she likes him a bit.

“He is an executive at a famous French cosmetic company and said he came to Korea for work and was heading to the US now.”

That guy’s a cosmetic company executive? A necromancer that dealt with corpses seems to have an odd day job.


‘Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that he is in first class with me.’

There was a high chance that this was all planned, meaning there could only be one reason.

It was probably to renegotiate the deal that the previous two had clearly failed to deliver.

‘But, I wonder how he will approach this again.’

Since the assassination of Chun Yuseong had failed, even they would have a hard time approaching him.

They will either try to offer a more attractive deal or try to build a weird trust network and then try to pull him in.

Jin-hyuk folded his hands. As long as he knew the other person’s intention, the ending would happen the way he wanted it to.

All he would have to do was act all innocent for that guy to come. After a few hours…

Alex got up to go to the bathroom.

As he pretended to head towards the lavatory, he approached Jin-hyuk.

“Uh? No…”

When Alex saw Jin-hyuk, his eyes widened as if he had met a celebrity in real life.

“Excuse me, but are you Mr. Kang Jin-hyuk, who is ranked as an S class in Korea?”

A slightly excited face and an anxious voice.

Look at those acting skills!

If he could do this much, he should have just aimed to be a movie star. Why work at a cosmetics company?

But when it came to acting, Jin-hyuk wasn’t a slouch either.

“Yes. I’ve only recently gotten S class.”

“As I thought! Today I watched the video posted on the [Tower of Trials] community over and over again. It was so amazing. To meet the person from the video in real life.”

Alex spoke with excitement for a bit, then acted as if he remembered something and rummaged through his pockets.

“Sorry… I am Alex Judelaw.”

He handed over a business card that identified him as the Overseas Sales Director of the De Feona Corporation.

“I am Kang Jin-hyuk.”

“It is a coincidence for us to meet like this. How about going down to the bar and having a drink? On these long trips, drinks help the time move faster.”

Let’s build friendships!

It certainly wasn’t a bad idea if someone with such a gentle face asked. Few people would say no.


Who would end up with the last laugh?

“Well. It would be nice to pass the time. It is a bit disappointing that I’ve only gotten beer to drink here.”

Their destination was the bar lounge for first and business class.

“There is a drink I like. Would you be fine with it?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as it is strong.”

“Haha. You do not have to worry.”

Louis XIII.

It was the finest cognac sold at the lounge for 15 million won a bottle.

Alex made it look as if it was a can of soda that he pulled from a vending machine.

One glass and then two.

As the bottle of strong liquor was emptied, his hold on reality gradually weakened.

At least, that was what Alex believed. Once the bottle was finally empty.

“Actually, the reason I came to Korea isn’t because of cosmetics. It is to expand the business towards the Awakened.’

Alex began to speak in earnest.

An ice cube the size of a fist was being moved into his glass. Jin-hyuk acted as if he didn’t notice.


“Yes. First of all, we tried to lighten it up, but then there was a small problem.”


“Before I say it, Mr. Kang Jin-hyuk, do you know about the mask-wearing player?”

Of course, he knew. The mask was still with him.

If he pulled it out and wore it now, surely Alex’s expression would be a sight to behold, but… he should hold back on that now.

Still, the story wasn’t done.

Jin-hyuk straightened his expression as he replied.

“I’ve seen him a few times. He’s the player who played the biggest role in the raid on the Corridor of the Fallen ruins on the 1st floor. At a recent meeting where the guilds announced the attack on the 4th floor, he said he would do it solo. But… what problem would that be for Mr. Alex’s company?”

“Would you understand if we say it’s like fighting for a meal? We also wanted to help with the boss fight, but the man completely blocked us. Perhaps he wanted to get all the good reputation from it on his own.”

Look at this guy!

He knew his evil intentions, but he still dared say such bulllshit? Jin-hyuk had even been kind enough to edit out the part with the old man.

It seemed like they thought a third party wouldn’t know the truth behind what happened.

‘With this, he is laying out a good base for him.’

Well, he wanted to deceive Jin-hyuk but was getting deceived instead.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

It seemed like things were going to get interesting from now.

“He is quite a greedy friend. That person with the mask.”

“You are right! He is too much! That is it. If Mr. Kang Jin-hyuk would come with us… it would be a huge help for us.”


“Yes! You are an S rank and have the right to act alone so no one can touch you.”


You want to use the privileges of another S-rank player and get something from the 4th floor.

How should he describe this?

Was he acting like he had such thick skin and no shame? Even if Jin-hyuk stabbed Alex now, he doubted blood would even come out.

“It isn’t that I don’t like it, but it is a bit excessive.”

“Of course, I plan to pay the right price as long as the demands aren’t unreasonable.”

As if he had been waiting, Alex immediately opened his subspace inventory.


A bottle containing the blue liquid of an elixir appeared alongside a brilliant light. An elixir was known to be a medicine that could cure any fatal disease and even the most broken body, regenerating even a heart.

’For real, what the hell do they do to have such expensive things with them?

No, for real!

If possible, this time, he wanted to film a video showing the demonic humans’ true colors.

How viciously they live from waking up to sleeping at night. One had to watch and learn.

Jin-hyuk fiddled with the bottle of elixir.

“This… is huge.”

And Alex pulled out a paper.

“As long as you sign the contract, the elixir will be given to Mr. Kang Jin-hyuk.”

[Alex activates Lv5' Contract with the Dead']

Faint yet ominous energy rose from the paper. It was the unique skill of a Necromancer that bound the contractor using dark power.

‘He is using this?’

Jin-hyuk narrowed his eyes.

On the surface, it was like any other contract, which was why this was more terrifying.

Because one could get caught without realizing it.

‘Because it is something anyone could get caught in, and that would force the victims to carry out the content in the contract.’

Failure to do so will result in death. But this elixir was too precious to give up.


Jin-hyuk lightly clapped his hands as if he remembered something.

“Have you decided?”

“Yes. I am sorry, but I cannot sign it. There are too many fraudulent things these days that I am careful when it comes to acting with pens.”

“That… is quite disappointing. If that is the case, we will have to take the elixir back.”

Alex reached out to Jin-hyuk. Since the contract wasn’t processed, he could take it back.

“I will keep this for myself.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am also careful not to spit out the candy I’ve already put in my mouth once.”

Having said that, he gathered magic.


The plane began to shake violently.

“P-Passengers. The plane is shaking due to the turbulence outside, so please fasten your seatbelts…. Ack!’

“We would request everyone to stop moving.”

The crew began to move. Everyone assumed that this was a turbulence issue.

“You should head back to the seat for the sake of safety, Mr. Alex. Please follow the instructions of the crew.”

Jin-hyuk smiled as he said that.


Feeling cheated? Want to pry it forcefully from my hand?

But will you be fine?

Necromancer… What could you even do?

Do you want to kill everyone here?


That wouldn’t happen.

Because his position in the Demonic Human Association wouldn’t allow him to act independently.

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