Chapter 49 - Black Market (2)

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Alex gritted his teeth, but he wasn’t going to attack. A Necromancer wasn’t an occupation that was suited for close combat.

Above all else, the only authority that he had been given was for conciliation. Regarding any conflict, he would need approval from those above.

“Before I go, let me ask you one thing. Did you know it right from the start? What group I am affiliated with.”

“I just paid attention. Still, you were better than those two. Your natural look paid off.”

At that time, he had only been paying attention to the grand exterior, so he missed the details, but now he immediately noticed the trap.

“Last time… you were quite fast to skip the down payment for us.”

“That’s because you people treat me like some idiot and try to force my hand to do such things.”

They were forcibly shoving the cake into my mouth. As a human, I have no choice but to eat delicious things.

“I just acted how anyone would.”

Jin-hyuk smiled, but Alex couldn’t.

“It would be better to not provoke us too much. Right now, a troublesome enemy appeared, and that man takes priority for us, but we will pay you back for this.”

“Troublesome guy? You meant the masked man?”


“Well. How can you even dream of dealing with him at your level?”

“Ha! You acted like you hadn’t heard of him until a moment ago, and now you say such…”

Alex snorted at it, but Jin-hyuk continued to speak, overriding any thoughts Alex may have had.

“He has a mask engraved with runes on it and made contact with large guilds. Of course, your people were there too.”


Alex’s eyes shook, and he began to sweat.


‘Is he acquainted with that man?’

The uploaded video didn’t contain the members of his association, so a third party wouldn’t be able to know.

‘In other words, then it has to be that.’

The other possibility was that the two were the same person.

However, Alex couldn’t imagine the masked man and Jin-hyuk as the same man.

Right, that’s right. In order to raid the Corridor of the Fallen, the player had to be level 1.

Of course. The masked man must have been level 1, then.

However, according to information released to the public, Jin-hyuk, who was in front of him, had an estimated level of 20.

A level gap of 19.

‘It is impossible for 19 levels to be gained in just a couple days.’

So the two players could not be the same. That was what made sense for Alex.

But he didn’t know that this was what Jin-hyuk had planned.

‘The more vaguely one knows, the more certain they are of information.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

He thought they would know about the attack on the ruins. The range of information these people held was too large to be dealt with right now. So they must have found out some information.


The existence of the underground in the Tower of Trials…

‘Only I alone know of it.’

This was something that others could not know. At the same time, this gives him an information gap that cannot be filled.

For a long time, this was the privilege that those who enjoyed suffering obtained.

Finally, Alex sighed.

“… phew. In order to get information about him, we have to put up with the jokes player Kang Jin-hyuk is saying.”

“You know. And one can never know. Anyhow, he and I are competing, so can you give me useful information about him?”

“I… understand. For now. You should be happy with the item.”

Alex nodded.


It seemed like the relationship wasn’t too bad now.

“Ah! And speaking of…”

Jin-hyuk opened his mouth for the last time.


“If you cannot deal with just Chun Yuseong and then you get shocked at the masked guy, then you can never win against me.”

If you are thinking about trying to get information through force, assassination attempts, and such things, give up.

At least.

“Because I am crueler than them.”

After that series of events, the plane flew smoothly, and many hours passed.

It was late evening when they arrived in Las Vegas.

He couldn’t see when Alex vanished, but Jin-hyuk turned his attention elsewhere.

Right now, there were more important things and the time left for the auction was only around 4 hours.

‘For now, I need to raise money.’

He needs dollars, as much as possible.

‘I should have asked for at least 200 times the money I have…’

He could have asked Han Sang-jin for money, but if he asked him like that now, he could get into trouble later.

‘From what I know, the most terrifying department of the government is the tax office.’

If so, all that he could do was make money himself. When he exchanged the money in his wallet, he only received 4,000 dollars.

This wasn’t a small amount, but the minimum bid for the auction house was around 50,000 dollars.


“Call up Memories of the World”

Jin-hyuk called up the skills he had saved. Materials that he needed to fuse with the Eye of Truth.

‘I was going to merge it with another ability, but now I am in a clutch moment.’

He wanted an elemental ability that could act as a buffer and alleviate the side effects when he abused it.

On the other hand, the attribute also had disadvantages.

Safety and efficiency.

This meant that he needed to choose one of the two.

Under the current situation, Jin-hyuk needed to choose the latter.

[Eye of Truth (SS) and Blood Magic Qi (S) are fused!]
[The fusion succeeded!]
[You have acquired the Eye of Gluttony (SSS)!]


The two skills merged into one with a bright light.

[Eye of Gluttony
Acquisition Difficulty: SSS
Description: Higher level version of the 'Eye of Truth.' It is immune to all kinds of barriers and can see the opponent's status window and interfere with its innermost part through 'sharing vision' and 'mind reading.' However, there is a risk of the caster's personality being contaminated if used frequently due to the nature of Blood Demon Qi (the effect lasts 1 hour after usage).]

Eye of Gluttony.

Although the side effects could end up with him losing his humanity due to over usage, in terms of efficiency, the skill was excellent.

‘Not bad.’

Jin-hyuk nodded his head, satisfied with the result. All the preparations were complete. Now it was time to pile up money.

And Las Vegas was a city that shone brighter at night than day.

The Las Vegas Luxor Hotel Casino.

David, the security chief, was not in the mood for the news that came to him.

“C-chief. We are already losing over a million dollars.’

“It is the 4th dealer now. How can we not act?”

“There is no problem with the security cameras. The barriers blocking unique abilities and skills are also working fine.”

The staff spoke with stiff faces.

“W-what is happening! If not for that, how can this situation even be explained?”


David hit the CCTV monitor.

A single Asian customer had come in.

And it all started with that one person.

‘How could you come in with 4,000 and win over 100,000 in an hour?’

This would be nonsense even if he had the god of luck on his side.

The game here was poker. It is a gamble with skills; the more people played, the more they would lose.

But this man didn’t?

It was insane.

He was winning it all while making the dealers look like idiots.

‘The win rate shouldn’t be high.’

His win rate would average around 10%. The biggest problem was that he wiped the table clean every time he won.

It was as if he could spy on every deck on the table.

‘What are you doing?’

This wasn’t a unique ability or skill. If it was, the camera would have stopped it and identified them.

And this made David come to a conclusion.

“Get ready to change the dealer again. This time I will go.”

At the same time.

Jin-hyuk was busy picking up the money at the poker table.

[Shit. You cannot lose it this time. Somehow… I need to win.]

Through ‘mind reading,’ he could hear the dealer’s thoughts.

At the same time.

[J1 Pair]

With a shared view, the dealer’s hand could be seen. All he had to do was watch and place the best correctly.

‘I cannot lose even if I want to.’

No matter how many barriers were spread out inside the casino, it could not block the Eye of Gluttony.

This felt like a skill made for gambling!

With enough time, he was sure he could sweep all the casinos in the world.

‘Well, I will be put on the blacklist right away, so it cannot happen.’

But it didn’t matter. Because this was being done due to an urgent need for money.

“Call. Pair of tens.”

Jin-hyuk pushed the stacked chips forward.

The dealer bit his lip and played the hand.

“… Four of a kind, congratulations.”

Since even the bluff he used was discovered, the dealer could do nothing but admit defeat.

“Oh my…”

“How many dealers has he beaten?”

“The fourth one already. Shit. I have been in casinos for 10 years now, and this is my first time seeing such a case.”

“He has won for quite a bit. At least over a million dollars?”

“Insane. It is like winning the lottery here. But isn’t it time to end it? If they hold on until the end, the guy will make the casino go naked.”

“Those idiots. That man is in perfect control. At this rate, the casino will close down.”

“Puahah! This might be a sight worth seeing.”

People were excited.

It was because they were fascinated with Jin-hyuk’s ability.


Jin-hyuk began to collect the stacked chips.

An extra 200,000 dollars.


‘Still lacking.’

These careful dealers weren’t taking the bait.

Thanks to that, the bet amount was hardly growing, and now he had only 30 minutes left.

And it was then.

“Dealer will be replaced now.”

A pale skinny man appeared. A face with thick dark circles around his eyes and only bones on his body. But more impressive than the deformed body was the energy in the man.


Look at this.

Jin-hyuk’s eyes narrowed.

‘An Awakened dealer?’

Perhaps they thought he was playing tricks and decided to send this man. Or maybe decided to use an awakened to get back the lost money, but…

Cute attempt.

Trying to mess around in front of the Eye of Gluttony.

Jin-hyuk pretended to not know.

“I will shuffle.”

The dealer took a new deck of cards.


He could see the magic on those fingers

[Michael Pedro activated Lv3 'Cunning Cheating'!]


The cards were being shuffled at high speed.

One, two.

The clover and heart moved as the cards were overlapped

And Jin-hyuk began to watch.

Five, six…

And finally…

The cards were shuffled and placed in front of Jin-hyuk, but Jin-hyuk didn’t turn the card.

Tak! Tak!

Instead, he tapped the table with his fingers and tried to mess with the nerves of the dealer.

“Card… you won’t check it?”

The dealer asked cautiously.


“Yes, you need to check them before placing the bet.”


“A total of seven. The only thing I saw was messing around with three skills. Do I need to look at these cards?”

“W-what do you…”

The dealer’s voice trembled.

The man appearing here was an excellent move, but the casino hadn’t trained him properly in his acting. How could he show shock on his face right away?

“Enough. Ask the hotel manager or the chief of security to come out. Right now.”

Jin-hyuk spoke out an order.

And at that moment.

“Who does this dirty Asian think he is to ask to see me? What? Skill? Scam? You must be crazy. I think you will be taken out in an ambulance today. You get it?”

David appeared alongside some bodyguards.

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