Chapter 50 - Black Market (3)

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They were a group of people with balloon-like large muscles.

“Oh, yellow monkey. Say that again. Are you saying our casino is doing something illegal now?”

David asked.

He was already caught, and now he couldn’t give in. The guy was angry.

At this point, he decided that acting shamelessly would be the best option. Of course, he didn’t know who he was dealing with.

And there was one thing Jin-hyuk hated hearing the most.

“Yellow… monkey?”

“Right, you Asians all have the same color. Besides, what with that little boy’s face? You look more like a woman.”

And that was it.

“For now, I will hit your face until it turns yellow.”

And the next.

“He has completely lost it. Take him to the side so he doesn’t bother the other guests.”

David waved his hand, and the bodyguards approached him with clenched fists.

“Yes, chief.”

“What? He must have the will to get his body broken?”

“I don’t know, man.”

“I am looking forward to what he can do.”

The bodies of the westerners were typically large, especially these bodyguards.

However, the moment a large hand touched Jin-hyuk on the shoulder


The eerie sound of bones breaking could be heard.

“M-My hand!”

A scream came out after the hand was twisted.

The man shouted in pain.

“W-what is that!”

Everyone was shocked, but no one had the time to understand or respond to the situation.

Because Jin-hyuk, who had dealt with one person, had moved to the next.





Fast and light movement without a limit.


“S-spare me…”

The men had their arms and legs broken. Their ligaments were completely ruptured, and they’ll be unlikely to lift a fork with their own hands for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, the people who injured their arms were lucky. Some might have to be in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.

Without a single word of mercy, his hands only dealt out cruelty.

“Does it make sense? How can so many people be knocked out?”

“I-It’s a player! That person is a combat player!”

“Well, there is no other way to explain it.”

Even the people who were watching were screaming at the acts of cruelty. Now there was just one person left.


The heaviest bodyguard swung his fist. It was an attack aimed precisely at his head and seemed well-trained.

Of course, Jin-hyuk avoided the fist by simply moving his head slightly. At the same time, he moved his right hand as fast as lightning.


For a moment, the man’s breathing stopped. A hand that was as hard as steel was blocking his neck, so he had no choice but to be shocked.

But the biggest surprise happened at the very beginning.


An Asian man that was just shy of 180 cm in height and weighing only 70 kg was lifting a man who was 2 meters tall and 100 kg heavy.

With only one hand.

At this sight, David was forced to finally admit the reality.

“T-this makes no sense…”

His judgment was utterly wrong.

“No. Kuak! Kuak! Don’t!”

As Jin-hyuk slowly increased the strength in his hands, the man he was lifting was groaning. It was because he knew better than anyone here what would happen if this continued.



The collar bone was shattered.

Even the last remaining bodyguard had fallen. This was it.

Now that the muscle-bound bastards were down, it was time to take care of the dirty mouth.

“Doesn’t it seem like it is yours who I should be squeezing?”

Jin-hyuk shrugged.

“Y-you will regret it. Our casino has a contract with the Scavengers Guild.”


“Right. It isn’t too late for you to run away now. Even if you are awakened, the guild will not sit back.”

Scavenger. Scavenger.

That felt like a guild he had heard of somewhere.

“Isn’t there someone called Milo or something?”

“H-how do you know that?”


Because he had met him in the [Tower of Trials] before.

Jin-hyuk remembered seeing Milo going around slaughtering newbies in the beginner zone because of his trash movement and mediocre skills.

At the same time, Jin-hyuk remembered that they had gotten into an argument with him since he had business there but brushed it off as no big deal.

‘There was a time when I did an earth science experiment using the tides after burying their head alive in the ground. There have been times when I almost killed them by hitting them with a spoon.’

Come to think of it, the result was the same even when he had no actual weapon.

Well, after Jin-hyuk followed that man around 30 times and left him half-dead, he didn’t see him around anymore.

Probably because his self-esteem was crushed.

And these people believe in that guy?

“It is nothing.”

Jin-hyuk smiled.

‘What confidence is that?’

David tilted his head at Jin-hyuk’s attitude.

Even an awakened player was nothing in front of a guild. He could not go against multiple awakened people, no matter how strong he was.

When they are up against an A-rank guild like Scavenger, the typical reaction for an individual player would be to turn back.

And it was then.


David heard something from his earphone.

A call from the security room.

“C-Chief, I found out what you asked to search!”

“Asked? Ah! The profile! How is it?”

“T-that is…”

“Damn it! Don’t dawdle and say it!”

“His name is Kang Jin-hyuk, an S rank in Korea. I checked it because of the match video, but he is a total monster. Never. Never fight him.’

“S-S class?”

David was so startled that he was unable to speak.

Unknowingly, he lost strength in his legs.


His heart was too startled that it skipped a beat.

‘T-that is too high of a rank.’

Even in the US, there were less than 20 S ranks. This was even though they were being supported by the might of the whole nation.

And to deal with, no, to even touch him, a mid-level scavenger… Even if the entire guild came, it wouldn’t be a match.

‘We’ve touched a beehive.’

Even David, who knew nothing about the tower, knew this. About the influence that any high ranker possessed.

And if the opponent was determined to run wild.


Cold sweat began to flow down his body. Either way, the casino’s reputation would fall.

All he had in his head now was to live.

So he spat it out.

“I apologize. I am sorry I stopped noticing it and made a mess.”

He spoke in an earnest voice.


“Why are you suddenly apologizing?”

Jin-hyuk’s face became more contorted, as if he had heard something he didn’t want to hear.

“Uh? That. I just heard about Kang Jin-hyuk from security.”

He had been asked why his attitude had changed suddenly.

“After hearing my rank, did you think you touched the wrong person? So you apologized?”

Would you have beaten them up if it was an F-rank or a normal person?

“I-I didn’t mean…”

David tried to make excuses, but it was too late.



He felt the terrible pain of a fist digging deep into his stomach.

“It isn’t over if you apologize. Right? If you are sorry, you shouldn’t have done this from the start.”

You wanted to kill someone and then say sorry and forget it all?

Even if you regret it all and cry, the deed was done.

“R-right. I will never make such a mistake again…”

“Whatever happens in the future, I cannot know for sure. Let’s just hit you for what you have already done.”

He had promised, after all.

He would only hit him until his face turned yellow.

And Jin-hyuk was sincere about it.

“Wa… ack!”



Jin-hyuk punched the man.

One hit, then another.

As if to relieve the stress, he kept hitting him with single punches, never too many or too hard.

When he was about to hit 30 hits, David spoke.

“S-spare me… I will do anything. Just stop…”

There was blood dripping from his bruised face, and the nose bone seemed crushed.

Jin-hyuk stopped.


“Yes, Yes! Anything!”

“Then go stand in front of the mirror and play rock paper scissors until you win. If you stop without winning, you will get hit again.”

“Uh? Rock paper scissors?”

“You don’t know? Then we can continue with this.”

“N-No! I will do my best! Just leave it to me.”

David staggered as he got up and turned to a mirror. And he started playing rock paper scissors as if his life depended on it.

Jin-hyuk sat down, and the dealer on the other side of the table had a confused expression.

“Now, do we continue?”

“Uh? You… what do you mean, sir?”

“The game we have been playing, I didn’t win, so I will continue.”

“A-are you being serious?”

“I know. You might consider it as a joke, but I am serious.”

Jin-hyuk smiled.

What a joke.

A skill?

Do whatever you want. That is, if you can.

[If I use my skills again, I'll end up like the manager. That is a no-go. There is no reason to be loyal and sacrificed.]

The voice of the dealer could be heard through Eye of Gluttony.

“I will go all in….”

Jin-hyuk pushed the piled-up chips, and the game resumed.

Five minutes later.

The Scavengers Guild arrived at the casino.

“Chief David?”

A-rank player John Smith had no idea how to handle this situation.

The bodyguards were groaning on the ground with broken body parts, and David, who called them over, wasn’t even paying attention to them and was playing rock paper scissors.

“Chief! Get yourself together!’

As Smith yelled at him, David looked away from the mirror.


“What happened here? Who left the chief and the bodyguards like this?”

“N-Nothing….nothing happened.”

He could say nothing.

But how could they believe that nothing happened after seeing this? John Smith then turned to the table.

To be precise, his attention was drawn to Jin-hyuk, who was piling up an absurd amount of chips.


There was no need to explain.

Because he was the only one enjoying this situation and playing.


“Wait. Damn it! Ne-never touch that person! We are all fine so just leave!”

David began to beg with a pale face.


“Oh. Is it time already? I was too busy with all this.”

Jin-hyuk stretched out his stiff body, got up, and gave a ten-dollar chip to David.

“Ah! Chief. I had a nice time. You must be cold trying to work here, so on your way off duty, have a hot bowl of soup.”

Hot soup was the best when one felt lost.

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