Chapter 56 - End Of 3rd Floor, The Heartless Army (2)

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As his darkened vision returned, the landscape in front of him had changed completely.

It was now a place reminiscent of an old-fashioned oriental temple with trees filled with reddish autumn leaves.

This was the battlefield at the end of the 3rd floor and the main stage of the raid.

[A new challenger has appeared in the realm of the 'Heartless Army' on the 3rd floor.]

A status window appeared as he entered the boss monster’s room. After seeing this, he realized it was finally time for those guys to come.

‘I’ll be crazy busy for the next few days.’

This raid required more than just numbers.


Jin-hyuk bowed slowly towards the outskirts of the temple.

Before entering this realm, there was a task he needed to resolve first.

‘After all, the autumn leaves here can be rated as the best in the Tower.’

The super view of the room was what he thought about. This vast autumn forest spanned tens of kilometers and was undoubtedly beautiful.

But he wasn’t just looking at the leaves.

‘It has to be here…’

Jin-hyuk’s eyes moved quickly between all the similar-looking trees.

Among them, there was a special tree that differed from the others.

‘Found it!’

Jin-hyuk looked at it.

It was called the human-faced tree. A giant tree with the face of a human.

It was a tree that was quite popular among players as it had been uploaded to the community quite a few times. And as he was about to approach the tree.

['Useless Exploration Specialist' entered]
-UselessExplorationSpecialist: I came here to see because I was feeling bored. But what kind of man would go to a boss room that even the large guilds couldn't attack?

The first viewer entered the room.

But the guy was only cursing at him.

-UselessExplorationSpecialist: Ha, this jerk wears a mask too. Why are there so many people with the same concept these days? I am leaving. Bye bye
[The viewer has left.]


Considering his reaction, it seemed like the number of people wearing masks had increased.

But he could understand why.

Attracting attention was a virtue for any broadcaster. Since a player with a mask had cleared the Corridor of the Fallen, it was definitely a character type that everybody wanted to use.

It wasn’t difficult to find similar masks.

At that time.

[BiscuitisFuture entered]
[BaeksuOverTusu has entered]

Another viewer came in.

This time it was two people. They didn’t give off the smell of a long-time broadcaster.

-BiscuitIsFuture: Hmm. What is this? The stream showed up on the related searches for the 3rd-floor broadcast.
-BaeksuOverTusu: I saw it and came here too! Hehe! As expected!
-BiscuitIsFuture: Wow, but this is my first time seeing a solo challenger. Is this man crazy? Doesn't he know that this is a place where a 100-man raid had failed?
-BaeksuOverTusu: If he is a lost young elk who shakes his hips to the sides, I will tell him the way out!

A sarcastic conversation.


Jin-hyuk smiled.

Seeing these people chatting like this reminded him of his past as a BJ. It felt like he was falling into his past memories.

‘Right. This is how broadcasting is.’

Viewers would make fun of the new BJs they watch for the first time. The BJ would then win the heart of the viewers by showing off their skills.

So he was looking forward to it, how the attitude of such people would change.

-BiscuitIsFuture: Uh? Maybe he didn't see it?
-BaeksuOverTusu: Actually, the occasional ones do this and try to get lucky. Those hoping that this challenge will be a lottery for them.
-BiscuitIsFuture: But who doesn't watch Viewtube? Don't they know it is impossible if they have seen the other players?

All three of the human-faced tree’s questions had to be answered for the reward to be received.

Occasionally, someone would get one question right, but no one could answer all three.

Even the explorers who enjoyed exploration and research couldn’t do it. For this reason, the tree was ignored completely.

Until Jin-hyuk came.


It was then that the human-faced tree turned to him.

“Kulkul. After all, you are a unique human.”

Those pumpkin-colored eyes turned to Jin-hyuk. At the same time, an innocent-sounding voice that did not match its face came out of its mouth.

“Did you come here to solve my quiz?”

“Yes. Let me take a look at the questions now.”


Jin-hyuk laid down on the fallen leaves by the tree. It was so lovely and soft. It felt like he was burying himself inside nature’s mattress.

It was also a bonus that allowed him to rest and pick on his chin.

Seeing that, the tree shouted.

“W-what are you doing!”


“How dare you act this rude when someone is in front of you! If you irritate me, I will give you a question that cannot be solved!”

“Ah… this? Sorry, I must be comfortable in my body to focus well, so do not worry about it.”


-BaeksuOverTusu: Hahaha. I like this concept.
-BuscuitIsFuture: I've never seen the tree getting angry at players.
[PizzaSweetAndSourPork John Matteng has entered\]
-PizzaSweetAndSourPork John Matteng: What is this room?
-BaeksuOverTusu: Ah, a new viewer. It is a room with lots of fun.
-BuscuitIsFuture: It is a bit unique. A player with a dual attitude concept.
[SaeYoungEonHwan has entered]
-BaeksuOverTusu: Ah, you are back
-BuscuitIsFuture: Hey, this room is good. But what does your name mean?
-SaeYoungEonHwan: New Heroes Always Welcomed!
-PizzaSweetAndSourPork John Matteng: What kind of concept is it?

Gradually the numbers increased.

This wasn’t a bad start.

Above all, the most positive sign was that viewers were coming without anyone leaving.

Because this meant that this was worth something they could invest the time in.

At that time

“Fine. If you answer all three questions, I will give any number of maple leaves I have.”

The human-faced tree calmed its anger and said this.

But its voice was still shaking. And Jin-hyuk could see that.

“You cannot change it back later. Okay? You promised that you would give me any number of your leaves.”

“What do you think of me? On the honor of the tree spirit, I will keep my promise.”

“Hmm. I will trust you if you say that.”

And he made the tree take an oath, so it wouldn’t change its words later.

“Then let me ask you the first question. Please answer about the optimum depth and temperature for the seawater species’ Kel’Gorn’. It is a naturally easy question. No amount of error will be allowed.”

The Kel’Gorn was a monster that lived in a deep sea reef on the 7th floor.

-BaeksuOverTusu: Wow, this is insane right from the start. I have heard of the monster, but the depth and temp?
-BuscuitIsFuture: The correct answer! It lives pretty deep. Hehe.
-PizzaSweetAndSourPork John Matteng: Might be cold as it is deep water, around -5 degrees? I don't know.
-SaeYoungEunHwan: They're just saying the wrong answer. This is gone.

The viewers’ responses clearly indicated that they didn’t like this question.


“Depth is 175, and the temperature is 1.5 degrees.”

Jin-hyuk immediately answered the question.

‘How many times have I snorkeled down there?’

In the middle of being impressed by Disney’s Little Mermaid, he got bored and went for a dive there.

So he knew.

Not just the depth and temperature, he could even tell the tree about the changes in the current flow.


The tree looked shocked as Jin-hyuk said,


“I… didn’t say you are right yet.”

“If It isn’t the answer, you wouldn’t be silent. Use your head.”

“… fine. Then the second question. How players can take the Feliani’s spongy body…”

“Just put ‘Salt of Sunshine Desert’ and a ‘Holy Water’ made by the priest who finished the ‘second appetizer’ in a pot and cook the white tree growing in the winter cave with firewood for five hours. On low heat.”


Another correct answer.

The tree’s face was becoming stiffer.

He had asked the most difficult questions to this rude human, but wasn’t he answering them too easily?

And now there was just one chance left.

The range of questions that the human-faced tree could ask covered topics up to the 10th floor.

However, this wasn’t the time to be fair.

Because its pride as the greatest, oldest, and most knowledgeable tree on the 3rd floor was at stake.

“Last question! The giant eagles of Sky Plateau only mate once a year. Which month is that in?”

-BaeksuOverTusu: Sky Plateau? Is there such a place?
-BuscuitIsFuture: It is the first time I am hearing about it. First time I've heard about a monster called the Giant Eagle too.
-PizzaSweetAndSourPork John Matteng: Wow, human-faced tree. Since he got two right, it is now making up some weird questions?
-SaeYoungYeonHwan: If you look at everything we know, this isn't something from the Tower floors we know.

That’s right.

The Sky Plateau was on the 15th floor. Moreover, it was located on the highest point of that floor, so it was a place where even the most famed players had never been.

Such a question could not be answered correctly.

Even the cheeky human here would become frustrated and angry. The result was already obvious.


It will be that…

“November 17th when the first snow falls.”

An answer that shouldn’t have come out appeared anyway.

“W-who… are you? How can you know all of this!”

The human-faced tree was angry.


Its branches were swaying as numerous leaves flew up in the air.

“I am not a great person. I just like to wander around the tower.”

“Do…not make me laugh. No human can answer all my questions.”

“Do not get too excited. If you stay calm, I will tell you something you don’t know.”

“I don’t know?”

“Right. It seems you are aware that the giant eagles mate for a year, right? Giant eagles mate twice when their numbers fall low after having a special diet.”

“Y-You really mean that? W-what the hell do they eat for…. Uh! Ahem!”

The tree cleared its voice, but it was too late, as its true intention had leaked out.

-BaeksuOverTusu: Phew! It is my first time seeing someone break the quiz.
-BuscuitIsFuture: Wow, does this make sense? This is some Naver Intellectual.
-PizzaSweetAndSourPork John Matteng: It looks like an awful situation, to be honest. It's like the gods sent this guy to smash this place.
-BAeksuOverTusu: Admit it! Thanks to the guy, we can see the reward for the first time.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: What will he choose?

When a player passes the quiz, they would be given the right to choose one of the special items in the tree’s possession.

Red leaves boosted attack power.

Yellow for defense.

Finally, the green would increase agility.

-BiscuitIsFuture: Of course, it will be red, which gives attack power. The raid team also took the quiz to get those leaves which will help when attacking the boss.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: I would rather he chose yellow. Defense is essential.
-BaeksuIverTusu: If he doesn't have speed, nothing will work. Agility is the right choice. Green leaves! Unknown hyung! Let's enter a new world.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: What are you saying? Defense is the pride of a man!

The chat window was blowing up.

The situation was sure to be put into the Hall of Fame.

Their chat logs showed that they were all too excited about this.

“Now tell me. What do you want from me?”

The tree asked.

And the viewers were all focused.

Depending on his choice, the fight with the boss on the 3rd floor would change.


“You use a lot of trashy maple leaves to hide the good ones. You have black ones, right? Give them to me.”

Jin-hyuk’s words made everyone dumbfounded.

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