Chapter 57 - End Of 3rd Floor, The Heartless Army (3)

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“B-black leaves?”

The human-faced tree stuttered as it heard those words it hadn’t expected. It was the same for the viewers watching.

-BuscuitIsFuture: What? It wasn't just three types of leaves we could get as a reward? What are these black leaves?
-BaeksuOverTusu: Looking at how shocked the tree seems, maybe it's like a hidden reward?
-SeoYoungEonHwan: It makes sense to know information that others do not if he is a veteran.
-BiscuitIsFuture: Does it make sense? Why would they go solo? They should build a guild or something.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: Why? He could be a veteran who likes traveling alone without belonging to one place.

Right, there was one like that.

The strongest player who cleared the Corridor of the Fallen alone while wearing a mask. However, that was a difficult reality to accept.

Because the viewers had been fooled by too many fakes.

But what if this was the real one? What if they had come to that player’s channel?

-SaeYoungEonHWan: Above all else, this situation makes no sense.

He knew about the hidden rewards in the tower? How many people were there who would have such information? Anyone who could know this much had to be…

There was no doubt.

It was a certainty.

-BaeksuOverTusu: Wooowo. Unknown hyung! I am a huge fan of yours! I watched the corridor raid video twelve times a day!
-BiscuitIsFuture: First of all, I want to greet you!

The behavior of the chat turned 180 degrees. Jin-hyuk didn’t even care as he was already expecting this kind of reaction.

“H-how do you know about the black leaves?”

“It doesn’t matter how I know. Just give it to me.”

“B-but they’re!”

The tree seemed agitated.

The black leaves had a ‘decay’ effect.

However, it needed to dry and kill all of its remaining leaves to make its black leaves. This meant that no other player could take the quiz.

“Now, don’t go around making excuses. You said it with your own mouth that I get to take what I want.”

Did it already forget that it promised upon the honor of the spirit?

Ah, it couldn’t have.

“… kuk. Not that. Please. Instead of that, if there is anything else I can do.”

“I don’t need anything. All I want is the black leaf.”

As long as the stream was live, the information about the black leaves had already gone out to everyone.

As time passed, the information would spread, and more people would pass the quiz.

‘I cannot leave it for them.’

Even after all that, he could not let anyone else get a leaf enchanted with similar attributes.

‘Because they are not allowed to use items like mine or those I don’t have.’

This was a perfectly normal way to play. Jin-hyuk held out his palm.

No compromise here. And finally…


The reddish autumn leaves which covered the tree began to burn black.

[You have answered all 3 questions asked by the human-faced tree!]
[You have acquired 1280 Black leaves!]
[Black Leaf
Acquisition Difficulty: AAA
Description: When used on weapon or armor, a special effect of corruption attribute (Inflicts additional damage equal to 1% of target's total health per 3 minutes when attacked) is added. The caster does not take damage. Only enemies are affected by the attack.]


Finally, he had all of the puzzle pieces.


Jin-hyuk turned to the temple, leaving the tree behind, looking 1000 years older.

The temple had a nostalgic atmosphere.

Jin-hyuk chose the east entrance of the temple’s four entrances.

-BiscuitIsFuture: The east is dangerous. Isn't that the most difficult one?
-BaeksuOverTusu: At the other entrance, you can see the four-story stone pagoda but from the east is hell.

Why did he choose the most difficult side?

It wasn’t anything too complex.

‘Because the east is the most fun.’

That was why he used this route the most.

After trying and challenging this temple hundreds of times, his body still remembered the way, and he didn’t hate it.

So how would you get to the boss?

Jin-hyuk pulled out his reddish dagger. At the same time…


The pillars on both sides of the entrance began to vibrate violently. It was a defense mechanism that responded to an intruder.



The stone statues lined up along the wall began to move.

Rock statues standing a meter tall looked at Jin-hyuk.

-BiscuitIfFuture: Damn, they are here too. Those damned statues.
-BaeksuOverTusu: It is terribly tough to destroy them

There was a reason why these stone statues were difficult enemies.

They had a life orb within them that had to be destroyed to make them stop moving completely. In addition, the statues’ attack power and movement speed were terrifyingly accurate. Seven such statues surrounded Jin-hyuk.

These statues clenched their fists and gradually narrowed down the distance.



The battle began with the sound of howling wind. The stone statues quickly closed the remaining space between them.

‘Here it comes.’

Jin-hyuk slightly loosened his arms and legs.

If he wanted to destroy them cleanly, he needed to stop them all from recovering. First, to the right.

Attacks from above were simple and straightforward but had a strangely destructive power.

Those had to be avoided.

Jin-hyuk lowered his center of gravity


At nearly the same time, the fists came through the air.

And then came a kick aimed at his back.

It was a sophisticated and poignant straight kick.


Jin-hyuk raised his dagger to stop it. He knew what to avoid and what to defend.

At the end of the series of attacks, the statues slowly came closer to ensure that Jin-hyuk was cornered.

-BiscuitIsFutue: Wow! Avoiding all that! Look at those crazy moves
-BaeksuOverTusu: Isn't it like he memorized every pattern?
-SaeYoungEonHwan: As expected, it seems like he is on a different level from those who just tried to play aggressively.

At this rate, it seemed possible to break through the entrance.

Of course, he would still have to destroy the life orb in them, but this was still a massive achievement for him.


The viewers were all shocked at what they saw.

-BaeksuOverTusu: is there no replay function?

The stone statue stopped moving, and all of its pieces fell to the ground as if it was cut.

There was only one condition in which this happened.

When the life orb was destroyed.


Jin-hyuk pulled out his dagger from the stone statue’s shoulder.

And looked at the cut life orb.

‘The life orb has the tendency to move in the opposite direction of an attack.’

For example, when attacking from the right side, the orb would move to the left.

Because it instinctively hid when in crisis.

The exact location could be identified by the subtle shaking of the stone statue’s body.

‘It wasn’t a waste of time to go through these hardships in the past.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

Thanks to this, a fight expected to take an hour at the quickest ended much quicker.

It took him only three minutes.

[Current viewers: 38,350]

Within 30 minutes, around 38,000 viewers had come. It was incredibly fast.

Especially considering this was his first broadcast.

-VeteranIdentification: The more I look at it, the more creepy it gets. I don't know if the boss fight can be successful?
-BaeksuOverTusu: It is possible. I started watching this hyung from when the stream started, and I believe him.
-dead998: The elite raids of large guilds also tried to clear it, right? Raids were originally created to overcome the shortcomings of solo raiding.
-BigPie: I agree with this. It isn't for nothing that there are roles like aggro, tank, and heal.
-EndingLife: Besides, the monsters haven't come out yet.

The opinions were mixed, as some were pessimistic that the masked man wouldn’t be able to cross the final hurdle too easily.

At that time.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, but I want you to stop talking about it.”

Jin-hyuk scratched his head, feeling annoyed.

-BigPie: Huh? Did he say something to us?
-BlandCurry: Ah, no. Would he have said that to the viewers if he was sane?
-Angermanagement: Right. But he knows that he would lose subscribers if he said that to the viewers.

“I did say it to you people.”

Just watch this quietly.

Because he had no intention of making them feel like they owned his channel.

“If you want to get out of the channel, get out, and if you want to watch, then do so. But keep one thing in mind, I am the owner of this channel, not you.”

There were definitely players like that. Those who bowed down to the viewers for the sake of views.

They would show whatever image the viewer wanted to see. And the number of views will go up too.


If you get dragged around like that, they wouldn’t be able to do the things they want to.

‘Foolish bastards.’

If his primary audience were the people outside, then the number of viewers now made no sense. Jin-hyuk was simply playing around with this channel.

He would use a strategy that only veterans would know of.


If he had those…

‘I don’t have to be dragged around by these viewers.’

Because once high-quality content was shown, people would come and stick around.

‘It is more important to stick to one concept.’

Right, that would be how the Unknown player worked.

And as Jin-hyuk thought that.

-KangHodo: I understand this hyung's concept. Lol
-Deadlife: Wow, so chic!
-BaeksuOverTusus: It is normal to feel bad, but why do I don't? I feel like I'm a pervert.
-SaeYoungEunHwan: To be honest, it is fresh.

Some viewers were becoming attached to this tough-acting player concept.

But then suddenly, the chat volume increased frantically.


Something registered itself on Jin-hyuk’s senses.

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