Chapter 58 - End Of 3rd Floor, The Heartless Army (4)

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He could feel powerful magic from the gate to the north.

This wasn’t a raid from a large guild, as he had made sure to let them know he was doing this alone.


Jin-hyuk frowned as he felt disgusting and unpleasant energy.

There was no doubt.

A Necromancer, to be precise, one from the Demonic Human Association.

‘They sure don’t want to give up, do they?’

In order to unravel the twisted nature of their relationships, Cadrick had come here directly.

This would probably be fun.

“Broadcast viewers, I will turn it back on again after a while.”

Jin-hyuk said to his stream.

-dead998: No, what are you saying? What are you a eunuch… to go for a sudden release?
-BaeksuOverTusus: Hyung, can't you see that the number of viewers is increasing now? You need to paddle when the water comes!
-VeteranIdentification: Is there a BJ who has more important things than this?
-SaeYoungEonHwan: Tell me at least what time you will turn it back on again.

The viewers were just starting to have fun watching Jin-hyuk’s content.

Of course, a backlash to his decision to temporarily suspend the stream would inevitably appear.

“I don’t know when I will turn it on again, but check for yourself and come.”

-Dead998: How do we subscribe to this?
-PizzaSweetAndSourPork: I am trying to get everything to understand this concept.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: I like this selfish concept.
-VeteranIdentification: I am looking forward to seeing the boss fight.

End of chat.

[Broadcast has ended.]

The first broadcast was now complete, and the chat window activity stopped.

“This is more tiring than I thought.”

Jin-hyuk scratched his head as he thought about how he felt he had become quite used to broadcasting after doing it for years.

Trying to handle dozens of viewers compared to the thousands was utterly different. He’d have to get used to it, though.

Because no one was famous from the beginning.

Now that the eyes that were watching had gone, it was time to play with Cadrick.

‘I hope you have prepared hard enough this time.’

Because Jin-hyuk had a twisted personality, he found it fun to demolish things that other people worked hard to build.

Especially if the opponent was simple trash.

At the northern ‘Supreme Harmony Gate’ of the temple.

Dozens of necromancers struggled to reach the four-story pagoda where the key to the inner chamber was stored.

They had been trying to break through for almost 10 hours, but the path hadn’t opened as it was blocked by a thick defensive layer of stone statues.

“Gather the troops! We need to break through here!”

Cadrick pulled on a strap around his neck.

He continued to release magic but only felt frustration as there were no results.

If it dragged on like this, his necromancers would only become exhausted before reaching the boss.


“Put the Durahan in the forefront! Those with high differentials should focus on doing damage.”

“I will place a curse on you and let everything pour out!”

[Cadrick activates Lv5 'Night of the Dead'!]
[Johan activates Lv3 'Weakened'!]
[Setsuna activates Lv2 'Fatigue'!]



The undead army roared wildly.

Most of their numbers were skeleton warriors or archers, but mid-sized monsters such as the durahan could occasionally be spotted.

‘Certainly, it is nice to see.’

Jin-hyuk took out the popcorn and cola he kept in the subspace inventory. It wasn’t common to see these kinds of spectacular scenes.

Especially a group battle involving necromancers who specialized in guiding a large number of units.



Hundreds of small stone statues had been knocked down at the entrance. Their condition was completely different from when they were simply swinging their fists.

The stone statues here used armor, shields, and spears like an army.

At that moment.


The first row of each army collided.



Dust made up of bone and rocks fell all over the ground.

Two different kinds of armies.

Their goal was to wipe out their opponent. It was a battle that was difficult to predict which side would push ahead.

And how much time had passed?

The tight balance between the sides was beginning to tip slightly. It was very subtle but hard to ignore.

‘Oh. They will break through?’

Surprisingly, the necromancers and undead army were doing well. Should he say they were like a battalion that went in without fear of death?

Even the obsession in their eyes felt like poison.


This was a bit difficult.

It was a pleasant surprise that Cadrick was here. Saying that, even if he got a key, it wouldn’t register in the minds of the general public.

‘Because I will be the only one to get the spotlight for this raid.’

Eliminating unwanted competitors early was probably the answer.


Jin-hyuk stood up. He didn’t know if either side was strong or if the two were just equally weak.

Just a little…

Even the slightest intervention would destroy the tense balance.

‘I need to aim for a time that would cause them the most pain.’

He’d already confirmed where to best stab the opponent to make them shed tears of blood.


Jin-hyuk gathered his magic and, at that moment…

A new variable entered the battlefield.


A necromancer who had been frantically using black magic suddenly shifted to wind magic.

It was a surprise for two reasons.

The first surprise was that a human being had appeared from the side. The second was that said human brought with them a blade covered with sword energy.

He activated a shield to defend against the sudden attack.

It increased his chance of survival by 1% at least.

In an instant, a black curtain of magic spread around the necromancer.

He had activated the best defense skill at his disposal.

Of course, it was almost as good as nothing…

But the magic.

“… Ak?”


Blood gushed out from his cleanly-cut throat.

The man, whose head was decapitated, staggered a few steps before his corpse fell to the ground.

A few seconds passed since the rest of the necromancers took notice of Jin-hyuk’s sudden appearance.

Jin-hyuk took the time to dissipate his sword energy to save his own magic.

Like a joke of fate, all of the necromancers turned their eyes to the dagger, drawn to it like moths to a fire.

“Such a surprise!”

“A player? How many?”

“I am alone. There’s no one around!”

“Not funny. What can you even do on your own?”

He was nothing but a fly.

All they had to do was to organize the situation and immediately refocus on the battle.

“Kill him!”

With an annoyed command, the skeleton archers aimed their bows toward Jin-hyuk.

The strings on their bows were pulled tight.

Poison, frost, fire.

Magic arrows imbued with three elements were fired off at the same time. Before the arrows could even hit, however…


[Lv2 ‘Ice Formation’ is activated!]
[Blessing of the Stars is activated!]

Magic of a wholly different level surged out. Ice pillars engraved with snowflakes smashed away all of the arrows fired at Jin-hyuk.

A thick layer of ice then shattered.


“What kind of ice….”

The necromancers gritted their teeth and stepped back.

The cold energy was so terrible that it raised the hairs on their bodies.

In addition, some of the higher-level undead was going out of control due to the light pouring from the sky.


The durahans frantically swung their axes around, smashing everything in sight.

“Ack! Why are the ones who went mad attacking us?!”

“Focus on controlling them again. All these guys have lost their minds due to that divine power!”

“S-save me!’

The order and control of the battlefield had collapsed.

This was a declaration of war on Cadrick.

‘Since you rang the doorbell, I should treat the guests properly.’

Cadrick, who had been in command of all the troops from the rear, felt like he was walking into hell.

“Even if that damned idiot has to show up, does he have to come at the worst time?”

Victory was already theirs! If they had just pushed a little further, he would have gotten the key hidden inside the four-story pagoda.

There was only one step left to reach the goal.


All of the carefully made plans were thrown into the mud instead due to the masked player’s appearance.

“C-cadrick. Even the third group was destroyed.”

“There is no doubt that only our people are being aimed at…”

“Skeletons or durahans cannot stop him.”

He had created four groups to maximize raid efficiency. Precious agents that had made it possible to simplify the supply of magic were now collapsing.


Cadrick groaned. This was not how he wanted things to be.

Currently, there were three Death Knights that they had created by investing enormous amounts of resources.

It was their secret weapon that they had brought in to deal with the monsters inside the temple. The main problem was that the other party also knew about it.

“This way!”

Jin-hyuk, who had been raging only on the necromancers’ side, went towards the stone statues this time.

He headed towards the strongest stone statue there.

The Moai Stone Statue.

“Can you catch me if you move this slow?”

After Jin-hyuk provoked the opponent, he went towards the middle of a pack of undead.



The giant stone statue with a single face soared high into the sky. Its shadow fell dark on the undead and the necromancers below.

“Kwak! Why are you here, you idiot!’

“Avoid it! If it falls down here, we all die!”

As the panicked screams and shouts filled the air.

The Moai statue fell.


A large crater was formed in the middle of the ground due to the impact.

There was no need to even wonder what happened to those who had been beneath it.

Of course, Jin-hyuk, who made it happen, was alive and well.

“Oh my, it must hurt. No matter how strong your bones are, they cannot stand this. It is a level which cannot be solved with calcium intake.”

Those bones must have turned into powder as if they had osteoporosis. It wasn’t an enemy that a normal undead could deal with.

They would have to send out the Death Knights to stop the Moai statue. Cadrick would have no choice but to struggle with this dilemma.

‘If he aimed for me, then his undead would all die. But if he left the statue alone, the process of him dying would become slower.’

Either way, there was no bright future for them from here on out.

Finally, no longer able to control his temper, Cadrick shouted at Jin-hyuk.

“T-this brat! What kind of enmity do you have to keep throwing dirt in our faces?”


“We have done no harm to you, so why are you trying to burn down our livelihood!”


This story.

Jin-hyuk shrugged as if not understanding why he was asking such an obvious question.

“This was the place that I had claimed already.”

But then they came here to try and make it their own. Of course, he wanted to throw dirt on their faces!

“Besides, why are you demonic humans even speaking like you have been walking down the right path?”

Who went around in a dungeon saying, ‘This is my spot,’ or ‘Ah, I didn’t know, sorry’?

Who does that?

This was a place where you could get stabbed in the back at any time.

The weak die and are purged, while the strong would move up and survive.

That was the only rule that was followed in the Tower.

“Don’t whine, and come at me if you have complaints.”

Jin-hyuk snapped his finger at Cadrick.

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