Chapter 59 - End Of 3rd Floor, The Heartless Army (5)

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“Do not keep provoking me. If we go in for a proper fight, we might suffer, but you won’t be able to survive here either.”

Cadrick was angry.

Even from just hearing his voice, he sounded like a child who could not hold back his anger.

“Yes. Yes. Old man. I understand that you have many undead troops prepared, so stop using your mouth. I’ve been told implants cost a lot of money these days.”

“This… this fucking person! I will kill you!”

Cadrick’s face was red, and, at the same time, a large explosion of magic erupted from the staff he was holding.


[Cadrick activates his unique ability, 'Gravekeeper of the Black Tomb'!]
[Special Skill' Guardian of Pyramid' is activated!]

“C-cadrick! Are you using that here?!”

“There will be no more mana to use to face the boss after this!”

His fellow necromancers shouted at him to stop, but it was too late as Cadrick was hellbent on killing his opponent.

“Shut up and just follow my orders!”

Even if the boss fight failed, he wanted to kill this guy!

The Demonic Human Association might have something to say about it, but he didn’t care.

All he wanted to do was tear this bastard to pieces!


It was then that the ground began to crack.



New undead began to rise up from the ground. These looked more like mummies with bandages wrapped around them.

Their armor, adorned with gold and jewels alongside their Egyptian-style crescent swords, stood out in particular.

“Huk! Huk! Huk…”

Cadrick had to calm his heart.

Due to this skill consuming more of his magic, his face was pale but filled with a sense of accomplishment.

“The ability to summon the bodyguards of a Pharaoh…”

Seeing something like this… it felt like doing everything on his own was a bit too much.

Perhaps using necromancers and summoners to do the work while he gave out orders from behind was better?

To be honest, he felt envious.

What if.

“If only the subordinates are made up of those who are actually useful.”

Even if there weren’t a thousand, just a few who could perform well was enough.

No, summoning strong undead wasn’t easy for anyone. The mana that these undead consumed was too extreme.

“You still have that arrogant mouth flapping around. Fine. I will show you my true power.”

Cadrick once again gathered his magic.

Tsss! Tsss!

He wondered if the staff would glow, but it instead flickered, and no magic came out.

“Shhh. Did I overdo it?”

Cadrick clicked his tongue briefly. But it was just for a moment.

“Come here. I need help.”

Cadrick grabbed the necromancer next to him by the neck.

“C-cadrick, sir! Ack!”


Cadrick absorbed the necromancer’s vitality through his hand. The necromancer who had been grabbed soon twisted their body.

They tried to escape but to no avail.

Since Cadrick wasn’t the type to let his prey go.

“Quiet… quiet now. The pain will only grow if you struggle.”



The screams began to fade. Not long after, the dried-up necromancer crumbled to ashes.

“Disgusting. Aren’t you on the same side?”

“Huhu. Of course, we are the same. Which is why we dedicate our lives for the sake of victory.”

“You are saying good words for someone who kills people without consent.”

“Perhaps I should agree. Later. If you go to hell and meet the guy, ask him directly how he feels.”

Cadrick, who had been supplied with enough magic, stroked his staff.


Thud! Thud!

The undead soldiers at the front line, which had been pushed back by the Moai statue, began to turn the tide as their new reinforcements arrived.



Spears made of gold were swiftly piercing the stone statues, the power behind each attack overwhelming.

‘It had to be at least the level of a death knight to destroy ten of the Moai statues at once.’

The Moai statues were powerful. A simple change in the number of the undead should not have been enough to change the outcome.

“How is that? Can you still speak after seeing that?”

Cadrick smiled confidently as Jin-hyuk bit his lip.


Seeing that only made Cadrick more excited.

“Puahaha! At a loss of words now? Right, it is normal to be excited.”


Jin-hyuk tilted his head

What was with this old man?

“No, I was at a loss of words because it is just too ridiculous. Seriously, were you planning on attacking the boss with just this much strength?”

No matter how good this looked, they would have been wiped out in 5 minutes…

No matter how carefully he considered the scenario, the necromancers were bound to have been destroyed.


Despite his honest advice, Cadrick was considering it a simple bluff.

“Whenever one is pushed to a corner, they start to talk nonsense. Well done. Let us end this boring conversation.”

Cadrick gave the order.



His mummy soldiers roared loudly, their mouths seemingly torn as black smoke seeped from inside them.

“Kill him.”

In a forest a little distance away from the temple.

At the highest point among the trees, two people, a man and a woman, watched the battle while perching on a branch.

It was Melena and Li Qiao who were sent from the Demonic Human association.

“Hmm. A lot more reckless than I thought.”

Melena tilted her head as Li Qiao said.

“His intentions when destroying the first group were good, but not getting out immediately was foolish.”

“Puah! Well, that isn’t courage for sure but plain stupidity. But what on earth was he thinking by not running away?”

“He must have misjudged the difference in power with the opponent. He thought we only had skeletons and durahans, but he was wrong. Cadrick’s unique ability is so annoying.”

Black magic that could resurrect a large number of corpses was useful for this battle, which was why he had been put in charge.

On the other hand,

Cadrick’s opponent seemed too lax.

“And because he is foolish, we don’t have a reason to go out.”

Cadrick can handle this on his own

Or at least that’s what they thought.


A strong energy rose up from the masked man.


“What is that?”

It was not magic or divine power but rather a sense of coldness.

Ominous and dark.

Their eyes shook at the ferocious magic that covered the dagger in the masked man’s hand.

“W-what is that? What kind of absurd skills does he have?”

Melena jumped up in disbelief. It was the same for Li Qiao, who was utterly dumbfounded.

This was absurd. No matter how strong and confident he was in his skills, who would think they could win against such a large army of undead.


Li Qiao gulped.

Due to his battle with the stone statues, he thought the masked man must have used up at least half of his strength. However, if this was all just a trap.

If this whole sequence was carefully calculated to provoke Cardick and end with him being surrounded by the enemy line.

…Perhaps this would become the worst ending imaginable for them.

[Sword Grave is activated!]

The sensation was ominous as goosebumps rose up on his skin.

‘Right, this is it.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

That feeling of something creeping in.

‘Ice Formation’ and ‘Blessing of the Stars’ were good skills, but this was why he liked the ‘Sword Grave’ more.

‘Magic and divine abilities do not have this kind of thrilling taste.’

This ability to choose to attack alone without paying attention to defense was the real ability that made a veteran of the tower a veteran.

‘Um… was it like this?’

Jin-hyuk moved his dagger, which was covered with black energy, to the left and right. The blade’s smooth trajectory continued to cut the air a few times before…


‘Oh! I did it.’

A portion of the Soul Chasing Sword Dance that Chun Yuseong had used was being reproduced.

[Understanding of the Soul Chasing Sword increases.]

Jin-hyuk had managed to reproduce the most amazing sword dance.

It had been an art he had ignored entirely while spending 10 years of his life in this game.

However, now that he had the skills of a swordsman in his repertoire, such a gap didn’t seem like a problem.



The sound of the wind blowing filled the air.

Now he understood why this sword technique was called such.

[Understanding of the Soul Chasing Sword increases.]

How to properly use it?

He would comprehend it all.

[Understanding of the Soul Chasing Sword increases.]

As the status windows appeared constantly, memories flowed into his mind as he reached a true understanding.

‘Soul Chasing Sword Dance.’

Black flames spread around his body.

‘Fifth form.’

This was the final form of the sword technique that even Chun Yuseong could not reach.

‘Soul Chasing Heaven Destroyer.’

This fifth form was referred to as the essence of the sword.


Cadrick’s eyes shook.

At the same time, Jin-hyuk swung his dagger horizontally.


The first thing which escaped his blade was the wind. It was a weapon that only released wind but also magic.

The mummies in front of it stood n chance.



Their bodies were torn to shreds as their blackened flesh became exposed.


A powerful shock managed to reach Cadrick despite his barrier.



His three-layered shield was shaking.

However, the dagger had come to strike without even giving time for him to catch his breath.

No pressure was felt on his shields as the attack came. All that he registered was a…


Alongside a terrifying sound that made Cadrick’s head turn downwards.

He could no longer see the arm which should have been there.

“T-this cannot be…”

He had cut down all of his mummies in one blade swing. Moreover, he had even cut off his arm?


His mouth began to clatter.

Not too long ago, he had cursed his disciple, who had died in vain because he could not understand how the boy had lost.

But only in this situation could Cadrick understand why Alex had died without resistance.

This was a monster that could not be destroyed.

Running away was the only way to save his life.

“Death Knight… stop that man…. Now!”

The stone statues were no longer his concern. Even if it meant sacrificing all of the undead and necromancers here, he had to get out immediately.

Cadrick picked up his severed arm.

He whipped his body around before falling down and headed towards the northern gate.

No, he tried to walk away.

“If you want to leave, you need to get permission from the opponent first.”

The voice he didn’t want to hear was already there.

And at that moment.

[Black Moon Night is activated.]

The sword that reflected the black moon fell upon Cadrick’s face.

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