Chapter 60 - Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes, Avalokiteshvara (1)

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A black moon fell over Cadrick’s face.

The moment of death felt as if it had passed slowly.

He didn’t even notice it coming for him

When did he even get this close?

No, did he ever have the chance to run from this man? It felt like his head would explode with so many thoughts in his mind.

And then…


Those were Cadrick’s last thoughts.


His body fell to the floor.



As Cadrick died, all of the undead under his control turned to dust. Other necromancers were still alive, but not for much longer.

The stone statues were coming close to them.


“S-save me!’

The battlefield was finally becoming stained with blood.

The necromancers who had been the hunters were now the hunted.

And using that gap…

‘Um. Everyone seems quite busy.’

Jin-hyuk approached the four-story pagoda that no one seemed to care about now.

The four-story pagoda was carved out of large pieces of granite.

There were three stone statues equipped with armor, spears, and swords in front of the place that stored the key for the inner chamber.



Considering that there should have been at least ten times as many statues here, this just felt like three dogs were left in an empty house.

Jin-hyuk stretched his body.

“I wish you didn’t have a brain.”

He wouldn’t be intimidated if there was an overwhelming skill difference.

But they were just puppets that moved. In a way, the brainless, heartless army was the strongest force there.

Jin-hyuk picked up a spear and shield that had fallen on the floor.

It was the posture he practiced until he got tired after watching the movie 300.

Even though he was alone, he couldn’t bring himself to do the same exact pose as in the movie.

He had used the spear and shield until his hands were blistered and he could achieve maximum efficiency.

Agh! Of course, he had learned one more thing in addition to the spear and shield.

That was the most important.

“Shall I come, or will you come?”

Jin-hyuk sat down once before getting up again. The point here was to sneak a peek inside.

It was like asking them that if they didn’t come first, they would be giving up something important.

Did they understand him?

The stone statues stamped their feet on the ground.


And they moved

Jin-hyuk raised his shield up. The beauty of a shield’s function was in its ability to disperse the shock.


The stone statues’ swords and spears simply scraped the shield before passing him.


Jin-hyuk, confident of his timing, twisted his body 360 degrees.


The spear that was boosted by the addition of his body’s rotational force pierced through the head of one of the statues.

It was great that he could do this in an instant. Jin-hyuk then held the spear’s handle and aimed it at another statue.

“… uh?”

Now with its leg broken, the stone statue collapsed to the ground.

This was because Jin-hyuk had aimed at its joints that were used for movement.

“You should freeze to death.”


The spear touched the chest of the stone statue.

[Lv2 'Ice Formation' is activated!]


The cold air from the tip of the spear began to seep into the stone

The cold spread in under 3 seconds and froze the statue.

‘This is the second one.’

Now there was just one left.

Jin-hyuk took a basic stance against the last stone statue. The spear for offense and the shield for defense.



The stone statue screamed suddenly and stretched out its hand to the stone pagoda.

And then took out the golden key which had been inside it.

What was this?

Was it trying to hand over the key in exchange for its life?


The stone statue swallowed the key into its mouth!

[The key to the inner room responds.]
[Gate is activated!]
[The being from beyond the Gate answers the call.]

Successive notification windows popped up.


The air around the temple began to change.

“This one is more ambitious than I expected.”

He didn’t think a stone statue would sacrifice itself to activate the Gate.

Jin-hyuk licked his lips, and at that moment.


A green vortex appeared in the statue’s stomach that had swallowed the key.

It was sacrificing itself to summon higher-level monsters.


A completely different kind of magic was flowing out now. Jin-hyuk, too felt something different.

It wasn’t that he was afraid or shocked by this unexpected situation.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

He couldn’t control the heat rising in his body that yearned for battle…

He would finally get the chance to have a proper fight.


‘If you give up your vintage place and come out, I’d be grateful.’

If it was the monster he’d dealt with before, it would be better to face it outside rather than inside.

After a few moments, something emerged from the shaking gate.


What appeared with sounds and lights was a statue with a multitude of arms.

[The named monster’ Thousand Hands, Thousand Eyes, Avalokiteshvara’ appears!]


The named monster looked around its new location with a benevolent smile and a thick fishy smell wafting from it.

Then, it looked at Jin-hyuk.

“This is surprising. I had no idea that a human who could threaten the stone tower would be among the intruders here.”

“What are you so surprised about? I will also cut down the boss monster here in a few days.”

“Hahaha! Such a confident human. I don’t know about you, but I do know you have guts.”

Avalokiteshvara burst into laughter. What was a serious matter to Jin-hyuk, but the monster was treating it as a joke.


This was why he hated intelligent monsters.

Because the passive effect of Communion made them feel attached to him even when he didn’t desire it.

“Stop talking. I want to end this quickly.”

“I want to enjoy a conversation with you. Don’t you feel the same?”

“I don’t hate to talk, but instead, let’s do it with swords and blood or with chicken and beer. I wish there was some soft skin aside from statues with faces.”

“Treasure this moment too little, human. When death comes, you might miss this.”


And the stone statue pulled a sword out.

And with that, each of its countless hands began to grasp its own weapons.

Swords, blades, daggers, short swords, spears and axes, mace, and bows!

It was as if it was a walking armory.

“In exchange for that cheeky mouth you have, I will cut off the left arm first and then the left leg. And then I will cut the right arm. The last will be the neck.”

“Sorry, but I prefer my limbs where they are. I will keep them where they belong.”

“It looks like you will taste good. This is why I have a hard time getting tired of humans.”

Its lips rose up.


The monster’s killing intent mixed with its magic. This thing was something completely different from the ordinary stone statues here.

Jin-hyuk adjusted his balance perfectly as he covered his body as much as possible with his shield.

He was prepared for any kind of attack at any time.


Jin-hyuk cleared his breathing and ensured that all of his senses were alert.

From now on, he cannot even blink his eyes.

At that time.


An attack that was undetectable to the naked eye ripped audibly through the air.


‘Left shoulder!’

The monster’s body moved a lot faster than he expected as Jin-hyuk used his shield to deflect the oncoming sword.


As iron and iron collided, the air was filled with dazzling sparks.


The monster exclaimed with genuine surprise.

“Why are you so surprised? Is this your first time having your attack blocked?”

“Responding to the speed of sound…”

Not being able to see it yet still reacting.

Jin-hyuk had already dealt with this monster hundreds of times. Enough times to imprint the movement and speed in his mind.

Of course, that wasn’t something just anyone could do.

“Hahaha. This is getting more and more interesting.”

The monster attempted to attack again.

This time the attack was aimed at his left arm and right leg at the same time.

‘I cannot defend both with the shield.’


[Lv2 'Ice Formation' is activated!]

A snowflake-shaped shield appeared.


As he expected, the ice wouldn’t be able to stop the attack.

But it could slightly divert its path.


Jin-hyuk hid behind both shields.

Of course, the monster wouldn’t just stand around watching this.


Nine spears were thrown instantly.


The shield created by the Ice Formation shattered.

However, not a single spear reached Jin-hyuk.

“… surely, you should be hit.”

It had aimed for its prey.

It had to hit the human.

Then why?

“This has the effect of distorting vision.”

The layers of life reflected the light and created an illusion. Jin-hyuk then created a gap and grabbed his spear.

A proper interval that allowed him to save speed while reducing the range.

On the blade of the spear, dark red magic from the Blood Demon Qi began to dance.


The monster moved back and used all of its thousand arms to defend.

But it was too late.


Because the spear had already left Jin-hyuk’s left hand and pierced through the monster’s arm.


The monster’s face contorted in pain.

A feeling it had never felt before.


An unfamiliar sharp pain that blew away all reasoning.

It felt the desire to tear apart the human in front of it, but…

The first priority was dealing with the red magic that was spreading inside its arm.

“Poison… no, something similar.”


The Blood Demon Qi was less destructive than the Sword Grave. In exchange, just a single wound made by the Blood Demon Qi would cause terrible damage over time.


The monster simply chose to rip off the affected arm without mercy.

“You want to live.”

He thought that at least some other attempts would be made.

But its attachment to life felt strange as it pulled out its own arm.

“Don’t act too arrogant. If you were aiming, you should have aimed for the head. What are you trying to do with just one arm?”


“Because I know I cannot kill you even if I aim for your head.”

If you wanted to kill a named monster, normal means could not be used.

So he deliberately aimed for the arm.

To be precise, he aimed for the arm that held a jewel among its many weapons.

Jin-hyuk pulled out the jewel from the severed arm.

And took out an item he had kept in the subspace inventory for this moment.

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