Chapter 62 - Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes, Avalokiteshvara (3)

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The view in front of him was changing too fast.

His high running speed, all the spears thrown at him, and even breathing were becoming difficult.

Still, thanks to ‘Shallow Breath’ that he had copied earlier, he could survive this without collapsing.

It was here that he was ready for a long battle.

At that moment.


Jin-hyuk swung his dagger sharply.


He intercepted a spear that was coming from the front. The deflected spear rotated in the air, but its attack didn’t end there.


The spear that was twisting in the air was imbued with mandala energy and desired his death.

The sky began to turn black as if a storm was approaching.

Haa, what is this…

‘It doesn’t give me time to get bored at all.’

Despite the desperate situation, Jin-hyuk managed to look up.

At first glance, this looked like a wide-area spell, but those types of attacks had one rule.

Each attack’s inherent rule was simply to aim at the target’s vital points. In an instant, Jin-hyuk grasped the movement of the flying spears.

He had nothing to fear.

Because it was something, he had done countless times.

‘Remember the rhythm of that time.’

Jin-hyuk relaxed his body.

Light, yet soft.

‘Relive those experiences again.’


The black energy on his dagger burned more fiercely. Jin-hyuk then heard the sound of the wind howling.

The spears were close enough to touch his hair.

‘It is getting cut.’

It was at that moment.


A dazzling blaze flared up. The roar of metal against metal.


Jin-hyuk stood in place and moved his dagger. Left to right, right to down, and then back to up.



As if he had realized where each attack would come from, Jin-hyuk did not miss a single oncoming spear.

If anyone was watching, it would be a thrilling sight to behold.

As time passed, the monster yelled out in frustration.

“Damn it… just how?!”

A single spear was then aimed at the ground right in front of Jin-hyuk.

A technique to use the uneven floors to hinder his movement.

A rip away.

It would not be easy to recognize because it was mixed into the rain of spears. Noticing it was one thing, but reacting to it was more difficult. But even that distraction was expected.


Jin-hyuk grabbed the spear that had bounced from the floor with his bare hands.

“H-he stopped that too?”

The monster stuttered.

He could not help but feel embarrassed as even that attack was blocked immediately. Additionally, wasn’t Jin-hyuk still dealing with the other spears falling on him?

The monster’s hands would soon become empty.

“Now I think everything has been shown, but if there is nothing more novel and interesting from you, I will finish it soon.”

Jin-hyuk walked forward.

A light and soft step.

[And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast]

And just in time, the last part of the song was approaching.

It was as if it signaled that the fight was about to conclude.

Did that casual tone hurt its pride?

The monster erupted in anger and rage as it said.

“You do not get to decide when the fight ends… I do!”

[Thousand Hands Avalokiteshvara brings out 'Swastika Spear'!]


A golden spear was filled with Mandala to the utmost limit. Contrary to its heavy appearance, the spear moved as fast as a bullet.


And the spear then pierced Jin-hyuk’s body. No, it only looked as if it had happened for a moment.


The monster’s slowly appearing smile became overwritten with sudden shock.

It was an optical illusion effect created by the diffusion of ice in the area. The monster had no choice but to become wholly deceived because of the carelessness that its anger had induced.

The man was more dangerous than initially thought.

The monster then heard a terrifying voice from underneath.

“Let me hit you this once.”

Jin-hyuk was tired of constantly being on the defensive. Needless to say, it was annoying and frustrating.


No more, no less, just get hit once.

Jin-hyuk threw the small Merlin’s Staff into the sky.

At the same time, his dagger was stabbed into the ground.

[Glacier Formation' Sword of the Sky' Is activated!]

A stream of ice falls from the sky.

[Glacier Formation' Sword of the Land' is activated!]

A stream of ice rises from the ground.


Due to the excessive coldness spread around the area, an icy mist began to rise up and made it difficult to see.


The monster’s body, which had been trapped inside the mist, froze instantly. Even if it was a named monster, this extreme cold energy was not something it could resist.

“Ackk. With this… do you think you can trap me?”


This was just to pass the time. There was one more thing left to do.


Jin-hyuk began to make something out of the ice once again.

A long and thick object, gently cut and smoothened.

Little by little, the ice took shape.

How many seconds had passed?

[Ice Formation is complete.]

As the blizzard cleared, the completed item was revealed.


Jin-hyuk nodded his head as if he was satisfied.

A large middle finger emerged from the ice. Big, beautiful, and dignified.

An absolutely perfect piece of art that was also optimally designed to ridicule the opponent.

“Y-y… you damned human! After imprisoning you in infinite hell for eons, I will make you reincarnate into a worm!”

The monster shook its body wildly as it became crazy in futile rage in its icy prison.

[The condition has been met.]
[You successfully copied the unique ability 'Mandala (S)'!]
Acquisition Difficulty: S
Description: a unique ability that can be used by players who have mastered the Dharma (Buddhist teaching) and can apply special powers to weapons like sword energy and divine power. You can also use the effect that allows you to predict the direction of the opponent's attack.]
[Copied skill is saved in the 'Memory of the World'.]

After achieving the unique set of conditions, Jin-hyuk finally got it.

The new unique ability, Mandala!

‘Then now… let’s try it now.’

Jin-hyuk used his magic carefully.


A warm and cozy feeling. It was as if he could feel everything in existence.

“Kuak… this, this ice….!”

In the meantime, the monster continued to struggle to break through the ice. Its own Mandala was letting out golden sparks, but it was nowhere near enough.


Such a sad sight to see.

Why did it hurt his heart so much when idiots are unable to do their work properly?

“Don’t use your power unnecessarily. You have no way out anyway.”

“Nonsense! There is no place I cannot escape from with my power!”

“No, it is impossible, Mandala is indeed a good unique ability, but you are using it wrong.”


“If you open the ‘door’ through meditation, you should be able to maintain your composure. But you are surrounded in anger and rage, unable to control the flow of magic.”

In such a state, it wouldn’t even be able to use half of the ability’s true power.

“How dare you mock me with that mouth! What do you even know about this ability?!”

What did he know?

He at least knew more than this monster that had spent tens of thousands of years in vain. The essence of the ability, its inherent value, and everything about it.

He would show it.

How to use the Mandala.

[Unique ability 'Mandala' is activated!]


An indescribable cloud of magic was created as a golden light shone on Jin-hyuk’s hand.

“N-No way! How did you get that power!?”

The monster was shocked. It knew this ability.

Now, the ability it beheld was a more perfect version of what it wielded.

“It isn’t… possible.”

How could a human learn Mandala?

Even monks who had trained for decades would find it difficult to sense. But no matter how much it tried to deny reality, the aura of the Mandala could not be denied.

This was its new reality.

“Let’s end this now.”

Jin-hyuk pulled back the hand that contained the golden light, his forearm muscles bulging.

“W-wait! Stop!”

The monster screamed as it panicked.


The lighting left Jin-hyuk’s hand and pierced the monster.


Water dripped from the melted ice. The monster within the icy prison was now charred and suffocated.

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[You have acquired the 'Key to the Stone Statue.']

Status windows appeared one after another. Having managed to defeat a named monster, Jin-hyuk managed to gain two levels.

“Is it finally done?”

Jin-hyuk frowned as he found it difficult to bear the pain surging through his body.

‘I overdid it.’

He had hunted down the undead and Cadrick and even dealt with this named monster. That meant his magic was slightly drained.

He needed a break.

Of course, there was something he needed to do before that as he activated his status window.

Name: Kang Jin-hyuk
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Level: 21
Strength 16 Agility 16 Stamina 16 Magic 41 Rift 1000 Luck 10 Adaptive 10
Stat Points: 6
Coins: Additional settlement In progress
Occupation: None
Unique Abilities: Fusion, Sword Grave, Blessing of the Stars, Anubis' Judgment, Blood Demon Qi, Mandala
Skills: Lv5 Element of Fire, Lv4 Eye of Gluttony, Lv3 Communion, Lv3 Stigma on Souls, Lv3 Monopoly, Lv3 Shallow Breath, Lv1 Ice Formation, Lv2 DayLight, Lv1 Giant Grasp, Lv1 Soul Chasing Sword

His newly acquired abilities and stat points.

‘Stats should be invested in magic.’

When he considered cases where battle might become prolonged, his focus had to be on magic.

[Magic increases from 41 to 47]

As his magic stat was raised, the pain and swelling on his hands began to subside.

‘Now I feel like I can relax.’

In the end, using the Mandala to the maximum to generate lightning took a significant toll on his body.

But the harder he worked, the more results he obtained.

Thanks to completing Merlin’s Staff, he managed to learn Glacier Formation, which was an advanced version of Ice Formation.

He also managed to copy a named monster’s unique ability.

Besides, he also leveled up. Wasn’t this a perfect raid?

Truly an ideal finish. Now all he had to do was find a nice bed to lay down on and release the fatigue.


That would be the usual path.

Once the day passed and night came, he would rest.

‘So they need to come before it turns dark.’

Jin-hyuk turned to the forest.

Even at this moment, he was still watching the people from the Demonic Human Association.

They probably thought they had the upper hand with a surprise attack, but…

A completely different future awaited them.

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