Chapter 64 - Demonic Human Association (2)

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The sound came from the shrine behind them, its volume spreading like a breeze in the bamboo forest.

“W-what is this?”

“A reaction to magic?”

Li Qiao and Melena shouted at the same time.

Until a moment ago, they had only felt the presence of three people. It was something they had checked multiple times after arriving here.

But that was no longer the case.

Because a new source of energy had appeared from inside the building.

[Totem Pole, 'Great General of the Heavens,' has been designated as the Great Warrior!]
[Totem Pole, 'Female General of the Underground,' has been designated as the Great Warrior!]


The earth began to shake as two long-haired trees appeared, each about 5 meters tall.

[Totem Pole, 'Great General of the Heavens,' looks at the enemies.]
[Totem Pole, 'Female General of the Underground,' is waiting for the caster's command.]

They were likely a pair of ancient trees that protected a village in the past.

They were guardians of the land that was optimized for defense.


Li Qiao was shocked. He would have been less shocked if the enemy had been a Lich or a Death Knight.

“I-I’ve never heard of such ability.”

Even Melena could not comprehend the situation. Right, that’s the proper reaction.

The ability to handle summoned creatures was not common. Even among necromancers, those who could control the undead only amounted to 3%.

And elementalists who could deal with spirits were rare enough that less than 100 of them existed worldwide.

And those who could actually handle spirits efficiently could be counted on two hands.


None of them could even attempt this.

A player who summoned a god.

“H…how the hell could this happen?”

Li Qiao shouted with a look of despair.

Jin-hyuk looked at the approaching general totems with a smile.

‘It has been a while since I have seen them together at the same time.’

He had chosen this campsite, in particular, to use these two through Anubis’ Judgment.

His magic had almost been entirely drained after dealing with the named monster.

This was a stage he had created to show the system’s loopholes to them. The two of them had happily jumped into the trap all by themselves.

“Ah. Don’t bother trying to run.”

Jin-hyuk glanced over at the two who were backing away.

“You will pursue us? Do you think we didn’t know you haven’t recovered yet?”

“Right. I cannot.”

A chase would last too long if it was just him. In his current body’s state, it would be near impossible.


“I will have the great generals do it for me instead.”

The moment Jin-hyuk said those words.

[The Female General of the Underground activates 'Exit Not Allowed'!]


Thick vines began to spread along the bamboo forest.

A large number of vines shook in the air as if they were blocking all paths out.

“Cut them down! We cannot be locked here!”

Li Qiao shouted as he swung his sword.


Melena followed suit.


Black-colored bullets struck the wall of vines. Gaping holes were left in the wall of vines, but it recovered quicker than she could damage them.

New leaves sprouted from where the bullets had burned them away.

A wave of green that came quickly and densely.

“Come this way…! You should aim here!”

“Damn it! I am trying!”

However, no matter how much they used their sword or magic, it was no use.

Because a necromancer who only managed to complete the 2nd occupation quest would be unable to destroy the generals.

With Anubis’ Judgment effects included, this match was already decided.

“Cheer up! That’s right! A little more!”

Jin-hyuk cheered for the struggling Li Qiao and Melena.

“Almost done! Go for it! You can do it! Let’s go!”


He was cheering for them from behind.






Jin-hyuk raised his voice and let loose encouragement that sounded more insulting than a cheer.


Eventually, Li Qiao could no longer bear it, stopped using his sword to escape, and turned around to point it at Jin-hyuk with a blaze of killing intent.

“Are you going to give up cutting on the vines?”

“The vines are fine. If we kill him, then these things will be gone naturally.”

Oh, smart guy.

“You are right. The summons will return to their original location if the caster is killed.”


“Is that possible?”

If they had watched the fight against the named monster, they should understand that they couldn’t win against Jin-hyuk.

Didn’t it terrify them that despite their regular person act and the Coin of Caligula, Jin-hyuk was still fine?

“Don’t look down on us. Even a mouse fights back when it is cornered.”

Li Qiao bared his fangs.

But Jin-hyuk had already seen the magic circle drawn under Li Qiao’s feet.


Faint magic continued to spread along the ground. It was a short-distance spatial movement spell that necromancers often used.

Look at this?

Was he thinking of running away by pretending to fight?

Alex, who he had met in the auction house, and Cadrick, his teacher. How come all these necromancers did the same thing once cornered?

At this point, it felt like their association just taught everyone to escape when in these kinds of situations.

“I wanted to capture you as harmlessly as possible, but you are asking for more.”

Naturally, he had no intention of letting them go. No one would release prey that they had caught with such effort.

Jin-hyuk nodded his head to the totem pole generals behind him.

“Suppress them.’

A cold command.

[Totem, 'Great General of Heavens,' activates the 'Punish One to Command a Hundred'!]


An invisible fist smashed against Li Qiao’s head.


A scream of pain erupted from his mouth.

Before he could even think, another attack arrived.



Li Qiao’s body shook with each hit. Each punch was so quick and powerful enough to crush his body.


Once more.



And one more time.

It took less than 30 seconds for all of Li Qiao’s bones to shatter.


Li Qiao dropped to the ground with his body covered in blood. His condition was so dire that it was a miracle that he was still alive.


Melena, who was next to him, trembled uncontrollably.

“A G-guardian Deity… how the hell can we win against this?”

There was less than a minute left until the Coin of Caligula could be triggered, but she didn’t dare use it.

She was utterly terrified of Jin-hyuk, who had shown abilities beyond her comprehension.

Jin-hyuk approached Melena.

“It seems that the situation got roughly settled, so let’s converse like a civilized person?”

It would be much simpler if he could use the Eye of Gluttony to read their minds, but they were both skilled players.

It meant that it would not be easy.


The only way to make use of this ability was to use it to discriminate between her truth and lies.

[Lv4' Eye of Gluttony' is activated.]

Jin-hyuk’s eyes shone.

“I will be asking questions now and want only honest answers.”

“What… What are you curious about?”

Melena gulped.

“I have known about your existence for a long time, but honestly, I don’t know the motive. If the tower isn’t climbed, humanity will perish. So why are you disturbing other players and doing such strange things?”


Melena flinched.

At that moment.

“Do… not speak. Seal your lips, Melena!”

Li Qiao shouted.


Despite being crushed to a pulp, he still retained consciousness? He must have formidable mental strength.

“It is nice to be loyal to the place you belong to, but you should know the time and place to express it.”

There were two people he could question.

Even if one died, he could just ask the other person. Jin-hyuk snapped his fingers.

“Never…! You can never say it!”

Li Qiao shouted at Melena. And that was that.


Those were his last words as an invincible crushed him to death.

Even though there were just two people, it was still gruesomely terrifying.

“Eik! H-he is dead! Li Qiao is really read.”

Melena, who lost strength in her legs, fell to the ground.

Her complexion became pale white.


Now that he had used enough persuasion methods, it was time to get things done.

“My principle is to never let those who try to kill me leave alive, but if you tell the truth, I will spare you.”

“S-spare me?”

Melena looked at him with wide eyes.

“Right. Inside information is valuable information. So if you give me useful information, I will hold up my side of the deal.”


A momentary silence.

What escaped her next was a voice that had given up on everything.

“… I get it. But I don’t know the details.”

As Jin-hyuk made to snap his fingers again, Melen added hastily.

“No, really. For real? First, we are a point organization, and Li Qiao and I are assassins, so we do not get any information other than our immediate missions.”

[Eye of Gluttony detects the target's words]
[Melena is telling the truth.]

So that wasn’t a lie.

“Who gives the mission?”

“I don’t know his real name, but we call him Lancelot.”

Lancelot was one of the knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend.

It was a code name. That meant that he had completed his second occupation quest.


“It was said that if we could collect all of the tower’s relics… we would survive even when humanity perished. On top of that, we would even get a reward for it.”


At her words, Jin-hyuk narrowed his eyes.

Those were meaningful words.

“I-I don’t know more than that. This is all I know.”

[Eye of Gluttony detects the target's words]
[Melena is telling the truth.]

There were limits to what she would know unless they were an executive.

“Right. I believe you.”

Jin-hyuk nodded his head.

The information he received was fragmented, but he could understand it.

The Knights of the Round Table and the twelve cursed divine relics. Additionally, there would be a reward for collecting them.

Clues added up here and there and gave him insight into what they were aiming for.

Jin-hyuk smiled.

‘This is a lot more than I thought.’

These people were crazier than he expected. He had guessed that these people would try to clear a hidden quest, but…

It was likely something that was related to the summoning of the Demon King.

This was going to be a lot of fun. Maybe this would become a new edition with new variables.

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