Chapter 66 - One Man Legion (2)

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Troops on both sides of the battlefield were facing each other. Of course, there was a difference in numbers.

There were about 2,800 chess pieces. On the other hand, the number of stone statues reached 30,000, more than ten times in number.

“For sure…I admit that you are different from the humans I have seen.”

Soulless mumbled.

Although the Tower of Trials had been opened and many had challenged the boss. It was the first time it had been challenged in such a unique manner.

It was the first time he felt a threat.

“I will admit that.”

Jin-hyuk shrugged. This was what he would do even if he hadn’t been acknowledged.

“Why do you seem to be getting stupider?”


“I was correct. I acted carefully and warily because I heard nonsense about you winning a few times against the weak. Isn’t this why you’re stuck on the 3rd floor and can’t climb higher?”

The boss monsters in the Tower of Trials acted like the gatekeepers of each floor while being able to exert their influence across the entire floor.

It meant that their roles were closer to managers of their assigned floor.

And it was not just players that could expand their power and climb the tower.

They, too, had the power to do that.

“Hahaha, seriously, you are a fierce one. Human.”

Soulless laughed.

It was a laugh that was filled with anger and frustration.

“Did you think I didn’t cross to the 4th floor because I didn’t have enough strength?”

“I wasn’t just thinking of it. I actually said it right to your face. Ah! If the meaning wasn’t conveyed right, I would tell you again. At your level, the 4th floor is too much. The 3rd floor’s last gate suits you better.”

His words were blunter than before. It was an outright verbal assault.

A method to anger his opponent.

“Shaking your opponent’s mind seems to be your plan.”

But Soulless didn’t take the bait.

“Right. You can take it whatever you want it as. However, let me tell you that the absolute difference in troops and superiority cannot be overturned with tactics.”

Rather, Soulless calmly understood and judged the situation as they left it up to their subordinates.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The stone statues moved as if taking up a formation.

Despite the overwhelming difference in troops, the Soulless planned to do all he could to capture the human and crush him.

“Even if this becomes a war of attrition, your soldiers will wither and die.”

2,800 to 30,000 troops.

The victor was apparent if they began to decline at the same rate.


“If you make one mistake, that will be the end of the fight.”

Any poor judgment on Jin-hyuk’s part would lead to the annihilation of his entire army. Soulless then got up from its seat.

And looked down at its army of stone statues.


It gave its order in a low-pitched voice.



The stone statues smashed the ground as the curtain rose on this battle.

Now was the start.

Jin-hyuk looked at the stone statues rushing in.

Instead of sending its whole army at once, Soulless had ordered an advance guard of around 1,000 that were rapidly closing in.

“As expected, are you going to look at the opponent’s response?

If his troops seemed inexperienced, then the rest of his troops would be sent in right away. In other words, Soulless was testing him.

‘Whether or not you are indeed a mouth-wateringly worthy opponent.’


Jin-hyuk smiled.

[The ability of 'First Chessboard' is activated!]
[Field magic' Battlefield Domination' is activated!]
[Increases attack and defense of all chess pieces on the field by 30%!]
[The morale increased by 10%]


Blue magic spread across the ground. The bodies of the chess pieces on the field began to glow.

The number?

They were, of course, lesser. It was absurd to compare numbers to his opponent.


Do not assume that the combat power of each entity was the same.

“Pawns in the center take five steps back. Left and right pawns move a step forward.”

Jin-hyuk gave the order.



The black-armored pawns quickly changed their formation.

[Chess piece 'Pawn' activates 'Hardness'!]

A shield two meters in length was also embedded into the ground. It was in preparation for the shock which would come.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The stone statues’ footsteps came closer and shook the ground.

At that very moment.


Gray waves crashed upon the black barrier with a deafening roar.

From now, this was a battle of pure strength.


The pawns were pushed back slightly, but the solidly formed defensive line didn’t break. A brief stalemate ensued.


Jin-hyuk shouted.

[Chess piece 'Rook' activates 'Multiple Assault Shots'!]

Steel arrows were released into the air in unison.

Puak! Puak! Puak!

The arrows fell in a parabolic arc and pierced through the statues.



The stone statues gathered in one place to defend each other from the attack and spread out in a small shielding encirclement.

But that was a mistake.

This time a large flaming attack flew in from the other side.

[Chess piece 'Bishop' activates 'Flame Strike'!]

The bishops, who were casting magic before the battle even started, released their attack. The fire began to fall down from the sky like a meteor shower.



In an instant, all that was left was a large crater in the middle of the ground. A crater filled with broken limbs and blown-up bodies.

The stone statues had been broken into small pieces of rocks, so great was the destructive power of the attack.

Because they had concentrated their formation to block the arrows, the fire attack’s damage on the attacking unit was very potent.

Of course, even this was Jin-hyuk’s plan.


This attack’s failure would probably make the assault stop for a moment.

“Go ahead.”

A short command followed.

The pawns pulled out their shields which had been stabbed into the ground. The purpose of this was to move forward.



There began the one-sided massacre.


An exclamation of surprise escaped from Soulless’ mouth as it watched the battle.

He had expected a tough battle, but it had ended too quickly.

The 1,000 statues that he had sent were all completely destroyed. On the other hand, not even 100 of the chess pieces had been defeated.

A one-sided defeat.

`We cannot win a fight using equal numbers..’

The enemy’s forward line with those shield soldiers was solid. Even if they attempted to break through, the damage would be too great.

But Soulless considered that sending a group was probably worth it.

[Soulless activates Lv14' Military Strategy'!]

It reached into its battlefield experience that had been honed through countless battles.

Military Strategy was a skill that would deliver optimal stratagems based on the vast amount of accumulated battle records.

The reason the raid teams were having such a hard time was all because of this one skill.

‘The overall protection is good, but there is a gap on the left side.’

The line looked thin, and the bishops took a long time to cast their magic.

It looked like an appetizing target. It was a spot where only one good attack was needed to collapse the entire structure.

But why?

Why didn’t it feel like it was worth attacking it?

‘It looks a bit too appetizing.’

It felt like a poisoned apple. Something felt off.

That was why it didn’t give its soldiers the command to move.

[Soulless activates Lv14' Insight of Weakness'!]

As it activated its skill, a status window appeared.

1. If you destroy the 'crown' on the chessboard, all the pieces will be destroyed.
2. The crown exists on either the King or Queen
3. A crowned king or queen must be protected by the innermost chess pieces.
4. When a King or Queen is not wearing the crown, all the stats increase by 100% for the enemy leader.

Only when a King or a Queen wore the crown.

Soulless narrowed its eyes on those conditions.

‘Is that girl playing the role of Queen?’

Behind the layer of soldiers was a silver-haired girl that wore a crown.

On the other hand, Jin-hyuk, who could be considered the king, was leading the knights in preparation for a move elsewhere.

At that moment, a thought flashed through its mind.

‘I see. It was like that.’

Now he understood the intentions of his opponents. It was to goad it into an attack.

Then why would it attack?

Soulless decided to spread out its troops further.

‘To fight me.’

To be precise, it was to make full use of the 4th point that highlighted the effect of a 100% stat increase when fighting.

On the surface, the man acted like he would fight on the front without sacrificing his soldiers. But he was actually trying to save his life by using his base as bait.


Contrary to his robust appearance, the enemy had the mind of a hundred snakes.

But once it understood his intentions, it could take advantage of him.

‘Do whatever you want. Instead, my men will strike the queen before your sword reaches me.’

Soulless smiled.

‘… is that what you are thinking?’

Jin-hyuk looked relaxed.

Having provoked the boss so much, he knew the next path it would choose was the safest and surest one.

Defeat would be unbearable to its status as a floor boss.

‘And as long as you have the ability to detect weakness, you must have understood the weakness and intention too.’

A confidence that was formed through questions and resolving issues. The more intelligent the individual, the more thought they would put into a situation.

Of course, the cost of overthinking would also be painful.

It was then.

“Is this really fine?”

Elise, who was wearing the crown, asked him.

“Are you worried?”

“Of course, I am not. I know you aren’t normal. But neither is that thing. It isn’t like it is guarding the 3rd floor without reason.”

“It is the first time I have seen you compliment someone. So, are you trying to say Soulless is stronger than your people?”

“What! No…! Are you saying that hollow-headed stones with bodies are on par with the nobles of the night? If I wasn’t imprisoned within the corridor, that guy wouldn’t…!”

Elise raised her voice.

Seeing her yell, it felt like her tension was somewhat relieved.

“Do not worry. I have it planned out. All you need to do is keep the crown on.”

Who would keep the crown longer?

Who will cut the opponent’s head first?

Those two factors would be what determined victory or defeat in this fight. And Jin-hyuk already had the answer.

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