Chapter 68 - One Man Legion (4)

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There was just one player here.

However, that one person possessed the power of tens of thousands.

[Black Leaf has been activated.]
[The stone statues afflicted with corruption are rapidly weakened.]

To accelerate the ending, Jin-hyuk even used the last hidden card.

The surface of the stone statues became dyed black, and the soldiers that had boasted invincibility…

… slowly collapsed.

“T-this is absurd…”

Soulless staggered and stepped back in disbelief. The stone statue it was riding on also retreated alongside.

But it was of no use.

The many stone statues protecting him were now busy fighting amongst themselves.

Above all of those, the summoned statues were the most annoying. Soulless’ power and magic had grown beyond the reach of a normal named monster.

[Lv3 Glacier Formation is activated!]


A thin wall of ice blocked Soulless’ path.

“Where are you thinking of running?”

This was the fun part, so why was it leaving?

Stay till the end.

“I cannot admit to this. The ability to interfere with the summons of… there can be no such thing!”

Soulless shouted with a pale face and trembling voice.

Well, from its point of view, this situation would indeed be entirely unacceptable.

“You have the freedom to deny reality, but the more you do, the stupider you’ll seem.”

Jin-hyuk gathered up his magic.


A golden glow appeared on his finger.

He activated the Manalda.

Did it feel the unusual magic coming from him? Soulless jumped off the statue’s head and gave an order.

“Stop him! Stop that guy!”


Somehow he had to be stopped from using the Mandala.


The bejeweled stone statue raised both hands as a large shadow fell over Jin-hyuk.


The ground cracked from the attack, but there was nothing left below to crush.

“Even when cornered, you still have the habit of passing things onto your subordinates and running away.”

A body soaring high in the sky.

Jin-hyuk was suddenly holding a bow that had been made using Glacier Formation.

Of course, the arrows were ice too.

A golden arrow imbued with the Mandala’s light was in full bloom.

[Glacier Formation and Mandala resonate!]
[Exorcism Arrow activated!]

A single ray of light.


The light flew in a straight line and pierced Soulless through the chest.


Visible heat rose up at the speed it had gone in.

“Damn… damn it!”

Soulless looked down at the wound with a face full of despair and shock. It was only for a moment, as no living being could survive without a heart.

Soulless staggered back and fell without a sound.

[3rd-floor boss monster 'Soulless' has fallen!]
[4th floor of Tower of Trials now open!]
[Time remaining until clearing next floor 89D: 23h: 59m: 59s]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

Golden status windows appeared one after another as he cleared the 3rd floor.

In addition, his level had gone up five times.

This was a huge achievement considering the increase in necessary experience value per level.

‘That stat I should increase is magic…’

The next reward that he could get was directly in front of him. Jin-hyuk walked between the stone statues and looked.

He spotted a box next to Soulless’ corpse.

“This is?”

His eyes trembled,

Violet, indigo, yellow, green, blue, orange, red.

Those were the seven colors that indicate the grade of treasure that could be obtained after dealing with relics or boss monsters on the 3rd floor.


‘I hoped that at least an orange would come out.’

All the grades on the 10th floor were red.

However, what was in front of him was a step above it, and he could guess the reason.

This was probably because of the passive effect of ‘Take-All,’ which would give him the best rewards when hunting.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Jin-hyuk’s heart beat rapidly.

Again, the most exhilarating moments in life are when you check your reward.

[Opening' Unknown treasure chest'!]

With a dazzling light, the items in the box were revealed.

[There are a total of 7 items in the box.]
[You have acquired 4 Pink Diamonds]
[You have acquired 'Priority Base Designation Right.']
[You have obtained 'Softy Soft Grain' 1kg]
[You have acquired 'Natural Water 50L'.]
[You have acquired Solar Seeds x 5]
[You have acquired 'Fire Spitting Snails' x 3]

If it was a red box, there would only be three items inside it, but this was an orange box.

‘Yah, I was rewarded nicely.’

Even this was good for him. He had thought that this was an overflowing enough gift…



Jin-hyuk, who had checked the final item, could barely hold back his scream.

[The Stone Which Blocks the Sun]


Jin-hyuk grinned from ear to ear as one of the best drops arrived.

‘I know the odds of getting this from 100 treasure boxes were under 1%.’


Once more, he realized that the effect of ‘Monopolize’ was amazing!

Then this…

‘Maybe I will also get the sweetest rewards up on the 4th floor?’

Jin-hyuk was already drawing up a new plan in his mind.

[The 4th floor has opened.]

A message was sent to all the players in the Tower of Trials.


“The 4th floor is open?”

“The boss is defeated?”

The active players in the Tower knew all about the 3rd-floor boss that no one could even touch. It was hard to believe that someone successfully beat such a monster.

Wasn’t this something that even the large guilds had failed to do? But seeing the status window in front of them made them unable to deny it.

This was the reality.

“Really… he did it.”

Patrick of the Olympus Guild gulped in disbelief.

He had been skeptical of the masked player. It was inevitable since even a perfectly made raid group had failed to even touch the boss.

But now those doubts vanished.

“All done solo.”

Maria, the European Ranker, also had a complicated expression. There was a relief since the end of humankind was averted again, but there was also shame at the difference in their skills.

Those two emotions ran through her mind.

“The birth of a hero.”

“Still, I am glad we earned 90 days until we have to attack the next floor.”

“This time, we will prepare properly.”

The other rankers chimed in relief. On the other hand, Ten Wei, who didn’t like this situation, clicked his tongue.

“Relief? Happy? So foolish! Do you think the success of this raid will benefit us? In the future, that guy is going to suck everything up!”



Everyone flinched as he told the truth.

Currently, the whole community refers to this player as Unknown. After the highlight video of the boss raid was uploaded, the phenomenon had only gotten more intense.

-TopNewSoldier: Wasn't it such a strong name?
-AntExercise: Could it be called anything better?
-Iam soccer killer: Yep. So most raiders also went the other way to avoid him
-Kingdom3: Wow. And he took them all down alone?
-Ancestors listen: Besides, it was crazy to use chess pieces as pets to catch the boss.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: Please continue to subscribe to the channel Unknown!
-Dog which barks when it sees a Veteran: Wow\! Bow\! Bow\!
-Darami: Why not hand over all the guilds to this man?

Skills that showed Elise’s existence were all edited out, so the complete picture wasn’t shown, but extra added effects were enough to satisfy the viewers.

An overwhelmingly popular player. At this point, there was no one more famous.

“Hmm. It could weaken our position.”

“I do not like it much.”

The room became noisy as the atmosphere changed.

Sighs of relief turned into ones of envy and jealousy.

At that moment.

“What do you mean to say?”

Teresa jumped from her seat.

“About what?”

Ten Wei asked.

“We all survived, thanks to him. Let’s be honest, who in here can deal with that boss? How could anyone here walk into that hell with necromancers who don’t even have experience!”

Instead of showing their gratitude, they were all only concerned about their own growth.

It was like saving a drowned person who then asked about the whereabouts of his bags instead of thanking their savior.

Of course, she despised Ten Wei the most.

“Ha! You are taking his side of him because he is your acquaintance.”

“I am speaking the truth here.”

Teresa drew a clear line.

“And if the rest of you have the same thoughts as this man… I will no longer be a part of this.”

“N-No… are you saying you want to leave the ‘meeting’?”

Patrick asked in slight shock.

This was a place where rankers made connections with each other. Of course, there was no elected leader, but no one left since wealth and honor was guaranteed.

But Teresa seemed sure.

“Do you believe that man this much?”

“I do.”

She believed in him more than anyone.

If there was a player who could see the end of this Tower.

Then it was that man alone.

And if she had to decide whose side she would take.

There was no doubt about who Teresa would choose.

At the same time.

Jin-hyuk exited the Tower after receiving his rewards.

Before heading up to the 4th floor, he wanted to rest and recover his stamina.

‘Since we achieved the results which exceeded our expectations, maybe indulge in some luxury?’

He should go to a 5-star hotel, take a hot bath and then enjoy a full course meal.

‘When I was a BJ, even having a meal was difficult since I had rent and bills to pay.’

Even so, there were times that he had to starve himself for two days to do a mukbang show. But no longer.

He could earn more than 300 million by selling just one pink diamond.

Jin-hyuk’s stomach rumbled with the expectation that he could treat himself properly for the first time in his life.

But it was then.


His phone vibrated

[Caller: Yoo Yeon-hwa]

Checking the name on the screen, he answered the call.



Yoo Yeon-hwa’s voice was trembling as if her world was about to crumble.

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