Chapter 69 - Magic Runaway

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The voice implied that it was serious.

“What happened, Yeon-hwa?”

Jin-hyuk asked carefully.

“Oppa, grandfather…. Grandfather collapsed. At this rate, I don’t think he will make it past the night…”

If it was Yeon-hwa’s grandfather, then it was Yoo Chun-young?

Come to think of it, Kim Gitae had asked her about him during his awakening test.

He had asked if the old man was fine, and Yoo Yeon-hwa had responded with some anger.

A veteran who he had shared his time in the Tower of Trials with.

‘If Yoo Yeon-hwa, the child who smiled brightly, became so confused and contacted me…’

It had to be because there was no hope left.

It meant that she wanted to share her sadness with someone.

“Where are you?”


“Where are you now?”

“Seoul National University Hospital. But, even if oppa comes…”

For today Jin-hyuk would have to change his schedule a bit.

“I will be there now. Just wait 30 minutes.”

“Oppa, over here.”

He saw Yoo Yeon-hwa waiting in front of the hospital room.

“Thank you for coming here. I… I really didn’t know who else to tell.”

Her haggard face and eyes told him that she had cried a lot.

He understood that she was upset, but the priority now was to understand the old man’s condition.

“Can you tell me what the problem is?”

“It is a symptom of explosive magic overdose. Grandfather originally had a chronic illness, but after the Tower appeared, it had gotten worse.”

The magic from the Tower caused these changes in the old man.

Relics that were stored in the museum or items similar to them.

The magic that emanated from these objects could lead to various side effects, so the cause of all this was predictable.

‘It must have something to do with the material arts the old man learned.’

The interaction between the Tower’s magic and his long-accumulated internal qi was what was causing this to happen.

“Maybe we can try something.”


At Jin-hyuk’s words, Yoo Yeon-hwa looked surprised.

When everyone else had given up, this man said that he might be able to save her grandfather.

The chances were slim, but…

It felt like her frozen heart began to melt again in an instant just by this glimmer of hope.

“First of all, I want to see the patient in person. Is he here?”

“Yes. One minute.”

Wiping her tears away, Yoo Yeon-hwa opened the door to the room.


The door creaked as he entered the room filled with a dozen people.

Doctors and nurses in white robes, a healer holding what seemed to be a magic tool, and men in uniforms.

Of course, the most notable figure was an old man lying on the bed.

Jin-hyuk narrowed his eyes

Yoo Chun-young.

‘Korea’s strongest?’

Name: Yoo Chun-young
Gender: Male
Age: 78
Level: 5
Strength 25 Agility 50 Stamina 38 Magic 7 Qi 103
Stat Points: 0
Coins: 0
Occupation: None
Unique Ability: Tai Chi Martial Form
Skill: Lv13 True Tai Chi Cultivation method, Lv12 No Retreat in Face of Battle, Lv12 Strengthening…

[Copy Condition: His healers had been trying to make death a certainty for Yoo Chun-young. Even if they are convinced that there is no hope, if you manage to save Yoo Chun-young’s life even a little by revealing the plan of the healers to embezzle his assets, you would be able to copy any of his skills.]

The Eye of Gluttony was truly splendid.

Just level 5.

Yet a person cannot be judged by their levels. Especially not this old man.

The exact player rankings weren’t even appropriately determined yet, but if he had to pick the strongest player in Korea, it would be Yoo Chun-young.

Regardless of his level and ability, he was great.

‘They said he had never entered a dungeon before this, and that was true.’

The old man had increased his level while dealing with monsters outside. It was a pity that he hadn’t seen it because he was inside the labyrinth.

‘That is why I came here on purpose.’

That was why he came here despite the promise of comfortable rest and delicious meals.

Of course, it was partly because of his friendship with Yoo Yeon-hwa, but the most important factor was the chance to copy his skills.

The opportunity to meet a giant like Yoo Chun-young wasn’t something that happened often.

At that moment.

“Miss Yeon-hwa. Where are you coming from? We need to leave… Uh?”

One of the healers became silent as they recognized someone familiar.

“P-player Kang Jin-hyuk?”

“The one who got the S-rank?”

“Right. It is him!”

“What is happening here?”

How would they not know? This was one of Korea’s most-searched information.

Not only did he get S-rank for his magic, but he had also shown amazing skills against Chun Yu-seong and Hong Deok-yo. The public would not forget it anytime soon.

“H-How does Miss Yeon-hwa know him?”

“I have known oppa for a long time. He came with me to look at grandfather’s condition.”

“Uh? To check the condition….”

“Are you saying the player Kang Jin-hyuk will treat him?”

Everyone looked doubtful. Well, it must be hard to believe.

Because a random person had come out of nowhere and claimed that he would be able to heal this old man. No, they were likely more terrified that something more important would get revealed here.

[Damn it. Why did a ranker have to appear now?]
[He couldn’t have noticed that we were trying to suck up the money while doing the treatments, right?]
[As if. Can someone who only knows how to fight tell the difference between veins and arteries?]

Through mind reading, he was able to discern their true thoughts.

Those who do business by preying on the hopes of others are trash.

These guys were the worst.

They knew that Yoo Yeon-hwa wouldn’t give up on her grandfather.


Making others suffer and cry to fill their stomachs?

Jin-hyuk’s expression became chilly as he opened his subspace inventory.


What appeared was a glass vial with a special liquid inside it, the Elixir.

However, the healers’ faces didn’t change even after seeing this. On the contrary, they just clicked their tongues.

“I know what you are trying to do, but we already used elixirs before this.”

Heo Jinsu, the representative of the healers, opened his mouth.

How could they have not done everything to treat the man?

Of course, they tried everything, like elixirs and medicinal herbs.

“Well, you may have talent in combat, but this field is different from that.”

“Even the materials of the Tower cannot help him.”

“It is fine. Do not worsen the conditions of the patient with your little knowledge.”

Words of ridicule flowed out of their mouths.


Were they actually trying to act like they cared?

To have such a high ego and elitist attitude. Now he understood why the system had set such specific copy conditions.

It was disgusting how they acted like they knew everything about the Tower.

But all this did was make Jin-hyuk want to hit them even harder. With a tilt of his head, he asked the healers.

“Um. No. Did you use the elixir as it was?”

“Of course…”

“Haha. No way. Those who are well versed in this field wouldn’t have just poured the elixir into the throat of a patient who is suffering from runaway magic unless their heads are empty.”



The healers’ faces became red as they felt their egos being stabbed.

But if they protested now, they would simply admit that they did what he said. This forced them to hold back their words.


Now they look like docile sheep.

“The symptoms have gotten this bad because the cultivation used by the patient is incompatible with the way magic is gathered from the Tower. The different energies would then rage within the body. In other words, the disease can be healed if the energies within him are diluted or released.”

“T-the player Kang Jin-hyuk knows how to do that?”

“Of course, I know it. Just like the amazing healers in here.”


“Eh. Why are you being so humble? The method to save the patient can only be used after they have fallen into a coma. Isn’t that why you have been patiently waiting until now?”

Jin-hyuk smiled brightly

An unrelated person might like that smile. From the viewpoint of the healers, that was a smile they wanted to wipe off that face as soon as possible.

‘If we say we don’t know, we can never set foot in this industry again.’

Heo Jinsu grit his teeth.

A healer that had lesser skills compared to a combat player.

“No, we were waiting for that too.”

“As I thought! So with my little knowledge, I will be learning what you healers do from now.”

Jin-hyuk took a step back.

Heo Jinsu expressed dissatisfaction.

“T-that… I know how to do it, but I think consuming the needed materials will take some time. It might take a few hours. So if player Kang Jin-hyuk could do it with me.”

“Hm, that is odd.”

“Odd, you mean?”

“Lack of materials. From what I see, there is the exact amount to try it just once.”


Heo Jinsu gasped while trying to control his expression.

But it was no use.

It was because Jin-hyuk heard everything through the ‘Eye of Gluttony.’

[Uh, How… does he know that? He cannot know about the money we took, right?]

Well, how else would he know?

Jin-hyuk smiled.

[I am the only one who knows about the account. In particular, we are using borrowed names and cryptocurrency and distributing the money through seven places. Even God couldn’t find it now]

“Looking at the borrowed name on the account… Huh, now I see. You used a bitcoin wallet as well? You must have eaten up tens of billions in total. No wonder you don’t have any money left to get the ingredients.”

“N-No do…”

Heo Jinsu took a step back as things no one else should know became known.

‘Such a deceptive ability.’

Although conditions were applied to it, the ability to read minds was amazing.



At Heo Jinsu’s following thoughts.

[… be caught.]

This time, it was Jin-hyuk’s turn to become shocked.

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