Chapter 70 - Dweller Of The Tower (1)

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[Just how much does he know?]

Heo Jinsu’s true feelings were shown to Jin-hyuk. His thoughts that followed were most shocking.

[Here, I have to end it here… the fact that the Black Cloud Guild and the 'Dweller' had contacted us shouldn't be known.]

Jin-hyuk frowned. What was this guy talking about?

Could it be that this wasn’t just for money?

In an instant, the copy condition flashed into his mind.

‘Uncover the plans’

At first, he had thought that meant he just needed to dig up the corruption, but it felt that something more was happening.

For one, the Black Cloud Guild was one of the top guilds in Korea, and that’s before the mention of the Tower dwellers.

A player had just conquered the 3rd floor today, but the dwellers of the Tower could only be encountered after reaching the 15th floor.


‘That meant that first contact was made from the side of the dwellers to the Fathers of Fighting Guild.’

He wasn’t sure of their purpose, though.

However, one thing was certain, their plans involved the death of Yoo Chun-young.

‘From their point of view, human players would be enemies who threaten the Tower…’

This was becoming interesting.

At that moment.

“Oppa, what do you mean?”

“You mean they stole the money we gave them to heal the master?”

“You fucking bastards!”

“What the hell did you do? Don’t ever think about living after today!”

The followers of Yoo Chung-young shouted in indignation.

The healers they had trusted had stabbed them in the back. It was no surprise they were furious.

The moment that a sword was pulled out of its sheath.

“Leave them to me.”

Jin-hyuk said.

“Player Kang Jin-hyuk. We appreciate you getting the truth out, but I don’t think our anger will die down if I don’t kill them here.”

“I apologize, but I am of the same opinion. You entrusted your teacher to these people…”

The disciples all bit their lips at those words. They didn’t look happy with this situation.

“Instead, I will treat elder Yoo Chun-young right now and here.”


“I-Is that possible?”

At Jin-hyuk’s words, their swords were pushed back into their sheaths.

Revenge was important, but saving their teacher’s life was more important.

“Of course, it is possible.”

He’s dealt with these kinds of issues in the past.

‘Let’s see…’

Jin-hyuk grabbed the fluids and medicines that were placed on the table. Naturally, they were just props to support his act.

Tools to hide the fusion skill and properly get the job done.

Jin-hyuk, who had finished his prep, looked at Heo Jinsu.

Keep your eyes here.

See how the Elixir is appropriately used.

[Unique Ability' Blessing of the Star' and 'Elixir' are fused]
[Fusion Successful!]
[You have acquired the special item 'Tears of Stars (SS)'!]
[A 90-day cooldown is required to use the Tears of Stars again.]


In an instant, the Elixir changed, and the liquid within it began to shine with a bright light.

Jin-hyuk took the Elixir and approached Yoo Chun-young.

‘Any normal person would have been long dead.’

The bulging blood vessels were clear symptoms that his body couldn’t handle this for much longer.

Indeed, he was truly strong.

He wasn’t letting go of the string of life despite being in such terrible agony.

‘One or two drops won’t be enough. I will feed him all of it.’

As the condition was quite serious, he decided to pour everything inside the man’s throat.

The Tears of Stars was pricey stuff.

But it was a low price if he could copy one ability from the old man.


The liquid ran down the old man’s throat and seeped into his body, his pale face slowly turning red as it did so.

“Huuu… hu….”

His breathing became stable as his cold sweat gradually stopped. All of the bulging blood vessels also slowly settled.

After a long period of suffering, the man finally recovered.

[Condition met!]
[Choose one of Yoo Chun-young's skills?]

He knew what to choose.

[You have selected to copy the unique ability 'True Tai Chi Cultivation Method (S)'!]
[True Tai Chi Cultivation Method
Acquisition Difficulty: S
Description: This is a self-defense and qi cultivation technique developed by Yoo Chun-young, which can absorb magic from the air. When used, the magic recovery speed is increased by 30%, and it has the effect of making the body look younger.]
[Copied skill in Memory of the World.]

Status windows appeared in succession.

Jin-hyuk reviewed its contents.

‘So there was an effect to make the user look younger as well as recovering magic…’

Yoo Chun-young definitely looked young for his age. Not a surprise considering this skill was already at level 13 for him.

That alone would have been enough to consider him a monster of a player. As Jin-hyuk continued to review his newly-acquired skill.


Yoo Yeon-hwa touched her grandfather’s cheek

“T-this is….”

“Did the teacher really recover?”

“I-it is true! The wave of magic inside is stabilized.”

Thick streams of tears began to flow down the faces of everyone there. It was difficult to control the emotions that they had held back for a long time.

On the other hand, Heo Jinsu, who had been watching the scene, stood with his mouth wide open as he was unsure of what had just happened.

‘I cannot believe it.’

The opponent was someone who fought.


He also knew the method of treating runaway magic? Something that no one else had known until now?

It was easy to say that the elixir concentration had to be done perfectly. However, it was impossible to understand if it was perfect or not unless the body reacted to it.

But the opponent did it all in just one go.


Heo Jinsu trembled at the overwhelming potential he felt from this S-rank player.

Add to that the medicinal knowledge. It was like dealing with a monster.

Though all he could do was think about running away, his body wouldn’t move.

At that time…

Jin-hyuk approached him.

“The other side seems to be a little lost. Let’s have a nice conversation here.”

“What will you do to me?’


“You want to kill me too?”

“No, I might if we were inside the Tower, but it is a pain to kill someone out here. Above all, it is ridiculous to kill someone who stole money,”


“The money you received. Cough it back up, and you’ll get to leave.”

“You’ll forgive me… if I send back the money?”

“Isn’t this a good deal? You get to run from the man’s crazy disciples too. You should take the chance I am giving you.”

Jin-hyuk shrugged as he indicated that he only cared about the money.

‘Is money what he wants?’

Heo Jinsu considered it. If money was the opponent’s goal, he didn’t mind returning it all.

The mission to kill the old man had failed, but at least the information regarding his identity hadn’t leaked yet.

He didn’t have to worry for long.

“I will do it.”

“Then, as soon as the money is put into this account, I will release you.”

Jin-hyuk handed him a piece of paper.

An account with an untraceable number is a benefit given to S-rank players alone.


[A new financial transaction occurred.]
[36,350,000,000 won has been deposited into the account of Kang Jin-hyuk.]

A notification window appeared on Jin-hyuk’s cell phone.

Around 36 billion.

Most of the amount stolen from the old man was returned.

“Can I leave now?”

Heo Jinsu asked.

“Yes. It was a nice transaction.”

Jin-hyuk smiled and stepped away from the door. No one was now blocking the path, which meant that there was a way out.



“Come out now!”

“T-thank god!”

As soon as the door opened, the healers rushed out, worrying that Jin-hyuk might change his mind and come for them.

“Hmm. Are you going to send them off just like that? That isn’t like you.”

Elise commented to him.

‘She is watching from inside the ring.’

There was no way he wouldn’t be wearing the ring. Thanks to it, he had managed to stay out of trouble most of the time.


Jin-hyuk slowly said.

“From now on, find out where he is going and who he is talking to.”

“What? You let him go on purpose?”

“He won’t speak even if we ask him. Above all else, neither Black Cloud Guild and Dwellers would give them much information as they are just disposable pieces.”

No matter how many ants were killed, it was futile.


“We need to make the ant run back to its queen.”

Jin-hyuk smiled.

After a few moments, only Yoo Chun-young and Jin-hyuk were left in the room.

He had told the others that he needed to make sure that the old man’s body had absorbed all of the Elixir into his body. Therefore he had asked to leave and rest for a bit.

Jin-hyuk then looked at the man.

“No one is here now.”


No answer came.

“I know that you already regained consciousness.”

Jin-hyuk added.


“Haha. I thought I hid my presence fine. You are a lot smarter than I thought, young man.”

The old man who everyone thought was unconscious was awake.

“Was it my breathing?”

“No, it was perfect.”

No player of any skill would be able to detect Yoo Chun-young’s breathing patterns.

It was the Eye of Gluttony.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to deceive you.”

“It is fine. The timing of my appearance was quite strange. Besides, I think there’d be some doubts if someone came with the cure for runaway magic that no one else knew about..”

“Puahaha! Right.”

Yoo Chun-young laughed aloud.

Had Jin-hyuk tried to say something else, Yoo Chun-young wouldn’t have believed him.

However, seeing that he was laughing, he probably liked Jin-hyuk at least a little.

“I am someone who has a hard time trusting people. So what do you want from this old man?”

“There is one thing I want to ask.”

“You are someone who saved my life. I will answer anything.”

Yoo Chun-young nodded with a bright smile.


“Sir, you fought with a dweller on the first day of Tower of Trials… am I right?”

This question wasn’t expected.

“How do you know?”

The smile vanished right away.

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