Chapter 74 - Five Great Families Clans (1)

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Blue flames erupted around Namgun Hyun’s body.

“How dare this bastard try to insult the great central Asians?”

Great central Asian…

Well, the Murim was a group that had Chinese roots. They must be a good match with the modern Chinese players.

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue and activated the ‘Eye of Gluttony.’

Name: Namgung Hyun
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Level: 68
Strength 36 Agility 48 Stamina 37 Magic 35 Internal Qi 85
Stat Points: 0
Occupation: Swordsman
Unique Ability: One Hit Sword Body
Skills: Lv15 Magnificent Sword Qi, Lv14 Great Emperor Sword Form, Lv12 Lonely Soul One Sword, Lv11 Unlimited Footwork

[Copy Condition: You have encountered a dweller of 'Murim,' a force within the Tower. The dwellers who came with him are now hiding in the Triad. If you know all their identities, you will be able to copy one of the skills]


Jin-hyuk narrowed his eyes as he read the copy condition.

‘There are other dwellers here?’

Just having one of them here was surprising, but this was the first time that so many of them had come down at once.

It was simply too large of a force to descend. Considering that the murim was a force that thought most players as ants, this descent became even more shocking.


‘It means that they are very interested in me.’

He didn’t know if their purpose was to capture, kill or group with him. To be honest, he wasn’t interested either way.

Because he had no intention of getting involved with the Murim.

Instead, what bothered him the most right now was how he should copy the ability.

At that moment.



His soldiers drew their swords.

“How dare you speak like that to young master Namgung Hyun?”

“You must have a death wish.”

Hundreds of players exposed their angry faces. Since he had provoked the man openly, this was expected.

On the other hand, Yoo Yeon-hwa and Lee Taemin, standing next to Jin-hyuk, bit their lips while ready to fight.

“Nuna, take the left side.”

“Right, I will be able to warm up with this.”

Lee Taemin activated his unique ability Machine Lord, causing various machines to appear around him.


Magic bombs and magic bullets began to get loaded.


Yoo Yeon-hwa had wrapped magic around her fists and hands. To utilize her skills which were optimized for close combat, narrowing the distance was the most important.

“I will take care of this side.”


Along with those words, silver armor appeared on Teresa’s body.

Bright light also shone from her, her Blessing of the Stars.

Chun Yuseong, too pulled out his sword after clicking his tongue.

“I feel it every time I see it, but you really seem to live your life without considering the repercussions.”

It was absurd.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

If you were to pick a ranking for the troublemakers in the world, the name Chun Yuseong should be on top of the list.

“I at least think and fight. Unlike you, Captain Teemo!”

Shit. That name again!

He wanted to yell back at Chun Yuseong, but more people would hear that name if he did.

“Right. Guess you’re right. I might need three minutes here. Can you do that?”

“Three minutes? If you want, I can take care of everything here.”

Chun Yuseong smiled bitterly.

This was going to be tough.

“Let’s breakthrough.”

Jin-hyuk summoned the Memory of the World.

And at that very moment.


Players on both sides moved at the same time.



Different types of magic filled the air.

Electric poles bent down like sticks, and the road was smashed, scattering fragments in the air.

“Hold on just a little longer!”

Teresa’s use of Holy Reinforcement changed the group’s abilities drastically.

“Oh! Nuna!”

“T-this is?”

Lee Taemin’s mechanical drones and mini tanks grew in size.

Naturally, the density of the magic bullets fired also increased. Yoo Yeon-hwa also became strong enough to smash swords with her bare hands.

“These ones are strong.”

“Damn it. What is that machine?’

At least they wouldn’t be pushed back with numbers.

In addition, Chun Yuseong was at the front and created a strange scene where he could push back the enemy alone.




“My arm!”

Severed arms and legs landed on the ground. Chun Yuseong advanced forward with blood covering his path.

“Insane. He is doing it alone…”

“Everyone will be killed!”

“H-he is a monster!”

He was attacking the Triad players quickly, swiftly moving past them and taking them down with a single attack.

The opposing players slowly began to step away from his advancing figure.

They instinctively realized that they were no match for the players here but at that moment…

“It seems like there is only trash here.”

Namgun Hyun made his move.


Namgung Hyun narrowed the distance with Chun Yuseong.


His sword was drawn vertically from above to below as if it would split the heavens and the earth.



Chun Yuseong’s body shook at the impact.

Although he had managed to block it, blood was already dripping down from the hand that took the attack.

“Looked like you were used to the sword, but you are moving like a little girl who learned sword outside the tower.”

Namgung Hyun fixed his sword position.

Dazzling blue energy rose upon it.

“I will show the sword technique of the most prestigious family.”

Soon after, a spectacular sword dance began to manifest.

Namgung Family’s Great Emperor Sword Form.

A storm that devoured all within it.



Chun Yuseong received hundreds of sword attacks.


Blood and flames filled the air, but which side had the upper hand was clear.

It was a wall that Chun Yuseong could not cross yet, and his opponent looked relaxed.

At best, the opponent was just testing him.

He would die as soon as Chun Yuseong reached the end of his stamina.

And to prove it…

“This is the end.”

Namgung Hyun smiled coldly as he delivered the last blow to Chun Yuseong. The sword flew for his neck, making Chun Yuseong close his eyes.



He couldn’t feel his neck being cut, nor any pain. Carefully, he opened his eyes.


“Three minutes”

He looked at Jin-hyuk, who had finished his preparations.

“Damn it. You should have hurried up.’

“Right. You had a hard time holding them off.”

Namgung Hyun looked at Jin-hyuk.

“I thought you were hiding behind because you were scared. I’m surprised.”

“I had to prepare a few things, so I needed a little time.”

“Do you think you can beat me with a few preparations? You should have watched your friend being pushed back, right?”

He did see it, and it was heartbreaking.

Chun Yuseong. This guy was a hard worker who had his own way, but wouldn’t he feel lost because a man who lived on the 20th floor had come down and did a better job than him?

Well, the problem was that people played like this wherever they went.

Did you know?

There was one person who climbed to the end of the Tower of Trials?

And that person enjoyed playing games too.

“I just wish you would stop pretending there is something special about the idiots on the 21st floor…well, it is true that to see you pick up red belts in the taekwondo dojo and come here. But if you cross the line, I will be annoyed.”

“21st floor? How do you know that?”

Namgung Hyun was shocked.

“Of course, I know it. Why? Did you think I wouldn’t have known the ones who lived on the 21st floor?”

“… you, you are no ordinary player. What is your identity? Are you from…”

“I am sorry, but I won’t take questions.”

There were less than 20 minutes until the first wave arrived.

Chun Yuseong and the others needed to rest, so they could not waste time here. Jin-hyuk simply released the magic that he had collected all at once.


A large flame began to gnaw on the ground.

“What a shallow trick!”

Namgung Hyun widened the distance at once, but his vision was lost due to the smoke.

Was this done on purpose? Since this had happened, he would not give up his vision and rely on his other senses.


Namgung Hyun, concentrating on his senses, began to raise his head.

He could feel the magic from above the sky.

“Idiot. Moving to a place where you cannot move to escape?”

That was a wrong choice, but it also meant he was out of luck.

Once all the tricks were known in advance, that was the end for the opponent.



Namgung Hyun tried to move his body, but it wouldn’t move because of the Glacier Formation holding his feet.

A combination attack made the opponent look up while freezing their feet from below.

The smoke cleared, and Jin-hyuk could be seen slightly.

“I will tell you one tip, always check your feet when fighting.”


A dazzling light shone on the sword he was pointing at Namgung Hyun.

[Range Max]
[Lv3 'Daylight' is activated!]

A condensed pure white light was released.


A straight white light was directed at Namgung Hyun.

The only flaw was that the skill took time to activate, but it was still a skill with good range and destructive force.

But before Daylight made contact.

“This is unexpected.”

“Right. Maybe Hyun cannot handle this alone.”

Two people from the Triad came forward.

[Self-Defense Energy is being deployed!]
[Great Sword Defense is activated!]


Two defensive skills made of enhanced qi were used to protect Namgung Hyun.

The transparent wall cracked, but the target was safe due to his two allies’ skills.

“Ugh. That is pretty good. I didn’t think people outside the Tower had so much power.”

The third man walked forward.

Three people in total.

All the hidden rats had come out.

‘They came out.’

This was the only way to find those who were hiding in this crowd of hundreds.

If Jin-hyuk made a play that Namgung Hyun couldn’t survive on his own, then his allies would come forward to help. And that proved to be correct.

[All the dwellers have been found.]
[The condition has been met.]

A familiar status window appeared.

Of course, the skill he had to choose was already decided.

[You have successfully copied the unique ability 'Infinite Steps Footwork'!]

He had obtained the skill of a Murim dweller.


Jin-hyuk’s heart began to pound quickly.

Ordinarily, he would have been satisfied and ended it here since this was already a considerable achievement.


‘I am not.’

If he had wanted to simply end this by copying an ability, there was no need to choose Fusion as his unique ability.

To get more powerful and diverse skills. To use a higher-leveled ability than the opponent.

That was why he chose this unique ability.

[Infinite Steps Footwork and Sword Grave are fused.]

Jin-hyuk combined the two skills at once.


An indescribable light appeared. And at that moment.

[Fusion is successful!]

A new skill that had been made from the combination appeared in front of him.

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