Chapter 77 - How The Veterans Defend (2)

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JIn-hyuk, who gave his team a simple warning, glanced into the air.

Now was the time to go and show himself…

The moment he thought of that.


[The 'Solar Energy' for the first wave has settled.]

As expected, it showed up just in time, making Jin-hyuk smile.

[You have acquired a total of 1500 'Solar Energy'.]

The power of the sun was obtained from killing zombies. Using this, it was possible to grow more diverse and powerful defense plants.

‘We cannot go all the way with just the plants.’

The plants that blocked the first wave were powerful, but there was a delay, so it wouldn’t be enough to prevent large waves.

As the waves continued, zombies whose bodies were dramatically strengthened or even special zombies that fell from the sky might appear.

Naturally, plants also have to be adjusted accordingly. The tightrope between zombies and plants was the key to winning the floor.

[You have earned the title of 'Botanist' because you have acquired an amazing amount of energy.]
Acquisition Difficulty: SS only on the 4th floor
Description: Increases the performance of all the plant defense towers by 10%. It is commonly known that plants have no intelligence or emotions, but it is incorrect. Plants sympathize and respond to the mind of the botanist and annihilate his enemies.\]

The solar energy you could get from the first wave was usually only 300. This was because of the speed of flowering of plants and the difficulty of growing them

That was why most players didn’t even bother to see plants as anything useful.

However, Jin-hyuk chose a large base like the stadium and could secure five times the solar energy by dealing with the zombies in this way.

This would change the story completely.

[Carbon Plant/ Destructive/ required Solar Energy: 300]
[Frozen Plant/ Ice Type/ Solar Energy required: 350]
[Rock Plant/ Defensive/ Solar Energy required: 250]
[Runaway Plant/ Wide Type/ Required Solar Energy: 600]

There were four plant types to choose from in the second wave.

Of course, he had already decided where to place the plants.

“I will plant one on the east, south, and center with an ice plant. One rock plant in the west.”

Finally, the runaway plants were placed in the pocket.

‘Nice. Then…’

Jin-hyuk also purchased additional items that he needed from the coin exchange.

‘10 kilograms of cow dung, 5 bags of last leaves, 100 Pentellas dung beetles, and 100 gray earthworms’

They all made good fertilizer. Of course, not all of them were the same.

It was the privilege of only the deceased to find the optimal combination.

[The cotyledons of the plants are moving]
[They are savoring the sweetness tasted for the first time in their life]

Hearing the heart of the plant was probably because of his new Botanist achievement.

“Right, right. Eat a lot and grow taller.”

Jin-hyuk mumbled as he sprinkled the fertilizers.

On the other hand, the faces of the rest of the people who looked at Jin-hyuk had darkened.

“Nuna, he has gone crazy, right?”

Lee Taemin gulped.

“You are seeing it too? How long had he been stuck in the Tower?”

“I-I am scared too. Mr. Jin-hyuk doesn’t think he can talk to plants, right? I am misunderstanding this, right? Please tell me.”

Yoo Yeon-hwa and Teresa shook their heads.

“If it is him, it might be possible. He… is normally unpredictable.”

Even Chun Yuseong frowned in fear.

Jin-hyuk continued without care.

“Huhuhu. Anastasia. Yes, yes, chew it right. Christina too.”

Jin-hyuk stroked the plants lovingly.

Five minutes later, Jin-hyuk entrusted the base to his four compared and left the stadium.

“Take the food. You have to sweep all the convenience stores in the alley. Understand? Food and water come first.”

“We are in charge of medicine and necessities. It will be difficult to get out as time proceeds, so we need to secure as many things as possible.”

“If possible, avoid fighting with other guilds, but don’t let them push you around.”

The streets were crowded with players.

There was still time until the next wave, so in the meantime, they were farming to prepare for the next wave.

‘Tch. This isn’t the time to prepare for something like this…’

Jin-hyuk sauntered between them and clicked his tongue.

They had come here unprepared in the first place. Did they think last-minute preparations like this would work?

The probability of having their base captured by zombies before the second half was much higher.

Instead, dumping out their coins to strengthen their defenses was the only way to survive longer.

‘Well, if they knew that, they wouldn’t have been so worthless on the 3rd floor.’

For most players, there wasn’t much information about the Tower. It was almost like they were seeing this for the first time.

So they were bound to do such stupid things.

‘I keep forgetting that I shouldn’t judge them by my own standards.’

Jin-hyuk burst into laughter.

While looking around like that, he arrived in front of the place next to the mart.

Unlike the mart guarded by the murim and the Triad, no one took this base.

The building was cut off from people because there was no advantage to being in there, and it did not have supplies.

Jin-hyuk walked in.

[You have entered the 'Geek's Antique Storage Area'.]

Medieval armor made of iron and pottery lined up in neat rows. Most of the showcases were smashed, the floor seemed damaged, and the dust had accumulated over time.

A place where ruined modernity and lost history overlapped.

‘It has been so long.’

Almost eight years?

This was a place he had stumbled one while wandering around in an experiment testing to see how long he could run from the zombies.

Jin-hyuk looked at the dozens of paintings hanging on the wall.

Faded landscapes that would fit in the corner of a museum.

He had lost his weapons and had reached a dead end here. He had considered a last stand against the zombies before dying here.

Jin-hyuk stretched out his hand towards the frame.



His hand passed through the picture.

The seemingly perfect wall suddenly transformed into a passageway leading to the mart next door.

‘I knew this.’

The corners of Jin-hyuk’s lips went up.

A bug.

Bugs in games could not be reproduced in reality.

Jin-hyuk quickly moved to the side.

‘No one is standing on guard.’

As expected.

Zombies and intruders would all come through the entrance. Naturally, everyone’s focus would be there. They probably didn’t even consider the existence of a hidden passage like this. Jin-hyuk then looked at the mountainous pile of food supplies.

This was enough for a few hundred people to endure for 2 to 3 weeks.

This was why the marts were good.

“Thanks to you, our cutie can eat a lot.”

The final plant that he had brought from the base.

[Runaway Plant]

It had the disadvantage of requiring a large amount of energy. Wasn’t it fortunate that there was plenty here?

If it wasn’t his, there was no need to feel bad about losing these supplies.

[The Runaway Plant is eating]

In the depth of a warehouse that no one cared about.


The reddish plant began to grow at a rapid rate.

“Kuak! Fucking bastard! I will grind him down! I will not leave him alone!”

Zhuge Cheon was cursing out loud as his face gleamed blue due to its large bruise.


He tore the water bottle into pieces, and the water splashed in all directions.

“I also think Cheon is right. No matter how hard we try to get to the top of the Tower, we don’t need to lick his foot, right?”

Tang Soha responded to Zhuge Cheon.


Hwangbo Gunak was silent until he asked Namgung Hyun

“Hyun. Do you think the same?”

“I… I.”

Namgung Hyun mumbled.

Hwangbo Gunak lifted his eyebrows.

“What? You aren’t scared, right?”

“Me? Scared?”

“Right. What is the difference between stuttering and putting your tail between your legs?”

Hwangbo Gunak deliberately provoked him

Because getting angry meant overcoming his fear.

However, Namgung Hyun didn’t respond to it. He was still.

Because of Kang Jin-hyuk.

‘Is this the limit?’

A wall that can only be felt by those who fought against him and not those watching it from afar.

Perhaps they didn’t realize they were poking at someone they shouldn’t mess with.


As Hwangbo Gunak began to address everyone.


The whole mart shook with a loud roar.



“S-save… us!”

At the same time, terrible screams erupted from all around.

“What is happening?!”

Hwangbo Gunak pulled out his sword and kicked the door. Obviously, there was still time until the second wave.

So the current shock could not be due to zombies.

In addition, their highlight video would have clearly shown that they were not a place that was easily attacked.

Because everyone knew that they had the strongest base.


There was one person who could do this.

A man with the guts to do such a thing.


Tang Soha mumbled.

“A… A large plant appeared from the warehouse, a huge plant!”

“All players are being eaten by the plant! Uhhh… n-not us! Please!”

No doubt.

It had to be him.

“Damn it! My base!”

Hwangbo Gunak shouted with desperation.

There wasn’t much time left until the second wave struck. If they lost their base now, then their preparation would have to happen in the worst possible situation.

Losing this place had to be avoided, but it felt like it was too late.


The ceiling was collapsing as the pillars were smashed.

The whole mart began to collapse. Standing in between the carnage was…

“Ugh. I brought some housewarming gifts because our cherries are edible. This is quite a shock.”

Jin-hyuk stood scratching his head with an innocent smile.

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