Chapter 78 - How The Veterans Defend (3)

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“Eat a lot, my Cherry.”

Jin-hyuk stroked the red-stained man-eating plant.

It had eaten all the food in the warehouse, so its size and power exceeded his expectations.



The huge plant, now over 10 meters, roared loudly.

The air felt electrified.

Contrary to the name Jin-hyuk had given, this was the most terrifying nightmare a player could see.

“H-here it comes!”

“Damn it, spread out now! If you stay together, you will be annihilated!”


Its large vines swept through the mart in an instant.

“What is all this!”

Hwangbo Gunak screamed as he moved forward without hesitation.


“If this base is destroyed, the number of zombies which will hunt you will increase! Why did you do such a stupid thing?”

The fourth player was a competitive stage and a floor that required at least minimum collaboration.

If he would openly troll a fellow defended like this, everyone could die.

Even if they were members of the murim from the 20th floor, they could not handle it all.

‘That stupid player must not know this.’

If he knew the consequences of his actions, he wouldn’t have dared to do something like this. Hwangbo Gunak clicked his tongue.


“You must be afraid of the queen.”

The words that came out of Jin-hyuk’s mouth were unexpected.

“Q-queen? You know about that?”

“Of course.”

There were two ways to get the special rewards on the 4th floor. The first was to achieve the most kills.

And the second is to be voted the most popular defensive base by the subscribers.

Those were the two.

But in actuality, there was another way to get the reward. There was a third way.

The Hidden Quest ‘Womb of the Dead’.

Defeating the queen of zombies was the best way to get the biggest reward on this floor.

“… I cannot believe it. How did a human who just got into the tower…”

“A special event will happen if one of the large bases guarded by over 200 players is destroyed before 3 hours have passed. And that is what is happening now.”

‘I found this method as a shortcut by bringing a cheap clay doll to life.’

There was no chance that a well-defended base manned by over 200 people would fall before the 3rd wave.

Therefore the queen of zombies would only wake up when it became known that humanity’s power was weak.

In order to wipe out all of the unworthy enemies in one hit, it would move directly towards the base of humanity.

At Jin-hyuk’s actions, Hwangbo Gunak lost his reasoning.

It was true.

The opponent knew everything.

“You knew about the queen but intend to bring her here?”

“I don’t want to block fifty waves of zombies one after another. It is boring and, needless to say, exhausting too.”

Under normal circumstances, they would end up staying here for a few weeks. There was a way to avoid that suffering, but there was no reason to go down the difficult path.

Of course, at first, he was planning to go the long path. This was because destroying a large base within three waves of zombies would result in a massacre.

But the moment he had met these ones, and the fact that they had chosen the best base on the floor, he had changed his plans.

There was no reason to feel bad for those who raised their swords against him in the first place.

“With this, all of your base is destroyed.”

No matter how powerful they were, it would be unreasonable to deal with the zombies without a base. There was also a limit to the physical strength of their troops.

“So for the remaining time. Wherever you live, do your best.”

His purpose coming here had been accomplished. Now it was time to head back.

Jin-hyuk turned his back without hesitation.

“Where is this bastard trying to run away after saying what he wants? Do you think you can get out of here alive?”


Sparks flew out from Zhuge Cheon’s sword.

However, Jin-hyuk paid no attention to the man as he walked out of the mart. There was no reason to fight anymore after all.


The plant had already turned their base into ruins.

At the same time.

Bang! Bang!

At Sangam Stadium, a frantic black wave was pounding itself against the rocky plants.

[The rock plant activates Lv1 ‘Deep Root’!]

It was a rocky plant with a steep body, so steep that even the zombies couldn’t easily climb over it.

This time the zombies began climbing by using each other’s bodies as a foothold.



The bodies of the zombies lying on the bottom were crushed by the weight, but they didn’t seem to feel any pain.

But the moment the first zombies crossed the shield of plants and tried to enter.


A shadow fell over the head of the zombie.

[The fleshy plant uses Lv1 ‘Whole Body Leap’!]


A fleshy plant of indeterminate size and weight crushed down on the zombies. The frozen plants were also radiating cold, reducing the zombies’ speed.

An effective and clean defense.

It was enough for the four that remained to just do clean-up work.

“… seriously amazing. This kind of system can even defend without any players being involved. Did Mr. Jin-hyuk calculate this?”

Teresa mumbled in awe.

This was an unbelievable sight to see.

“If it is hyung, then anything is possible.”

“We used to go around with oppa, so I thought I knew something about him, but looking at it like this makes me feel like I know nothing.”

Lee Taemin and Yoo Yeon-hwa said in unison.


On the other hand, Chun Yuseong frowned, clearly not liking this.

The more he saw his rival, the more it annoyed him at how much of a monster he was. It was extremely difficult to deal with a foe who was so much more ahead of him in terms of knowing the situation and the enemy.

And at that time.

[Large base ‘Mart’ has been captured]

A status window appeared in front of them.


Teresa was surprised.

“If it is the mart, it is where the Chinese players were staying, right?”

“No way…”

“No… it cannot be something oppa did, right?”

Jin-hyuk had left with a smile on his face. Above all else, it didn’t make sense that the top base of the floor had collapsed on only the second wave.

There was no doubt.

Something happened.

And to prove it.

[A special event has occurred.]
[Pendariel, the master of the 4th floor, moves to punish the weak players.]

A red status window shone on their faces.

“The master of the 4th floor… what is this?”

“No way. Don’t we have enough trouble just stopping the waves?”

The fact that there was a boss monster on the 4th floor was news for Lee Taemin and Yoo Yeon-hwa.

Of course, no other player on the floor knew of this either.

“Looks like we have something huge coming up.”

Chun Yuseong looked up at the stadium.

Jin-hyuk left the mart and moved to the roof. It was to find a suitable place to use an item.

How far up did he move?


Jin-hyuk’s footsteps stopped.

There were a number of bases around, so the flow of magic felt complicated, and he wasn’t far from the stadium.


Jin-hyuk took a small stone out of subspace and a special item he had gotten after defeating the 3rd-floor boss.

The Stone that Blocks the Sun.

[Stone that Blocks the Sun
Acquisition Difficulty: Unknown
Description: A ceremonial relic used in the ancient Mayab Empire, allowing it to block the sun and bring darkness. When used, it reduces the ability of the elements of water, fire, earth, wind, and light by 50% and increases the power of dark attributes by 100%.]
[The fury option is forcibly activated.]

An item that should never be used on the 4th floor.

Most of the players would have one of the five elemental abilities. The item would also buff the zombies on the floor.



Jin-hyuk crushed the item in his hand, and its shattered pieces fell on the roof.

And at that moment.


Darkness swallowed the sun, which caused a thick carpet of darkness to fall over the building.

The difficulty of clearing the 4th floor would increase now, but he didn’t use the item just for the sake of the added thrill.

Another event would occur if the risk was intentionally induced.

And right away.

[Human. What are you thinking?]

As expected.

A message that can be sent only by the boss monster appeared.

The same way Elise had talked to him in the Corridor of the Fallen.

“It looks like your men are trying to turn the bases into wastelands.”

[Well. They could not even stop the scouts. There is no need to save energy against you people.]

“I am sorry, but that sounds funny, and don’t touch the other bases and come to me. The stadium, which you see behind me, is the base.”

[Human. Alone. Sacrifice is what you want?]

“Rather than sacrifice, even if a million zombies come, they cannot do a thing.”

[Cannot do a thing? Come out, my children!]

Pendariel’s voice changed.

Due to its lack of intelligence, the tone of voice didn’t shift much, but he could feel its anger.

It was inevitable for it to become angry.

Because a single human was standing there and ignoring the boss.

“Try to challenge it by sending all the troops you have. I will wipe them clean.”

Jin-hyuk said with a grin.

[Fine. Humans. Your base. It will be destroyed first. Warning to all humans. To make you regret attacking us.]

The message from the queen ended there. After a few moments, all of its wrath-filled troops would head toward the stadium.

‘Did it record well?’

Jin-hyuk looked at the broadcasting system.

[The edited video from the large base ‘Mart’ is being uploaded.]

After seeing the notification, he clenched his fists.


Everything went as planned. The stupid Chinese players couldn’t hold their base, triggering a hidden quest.

So now was the preparation for the worst-case scenario.

In a moment, Kang Jin-hyuk would risk his life to save everyone.

He would use the Stone That Blocks The Sun so the zombies would flock to his base.

It would make him look like a hero for all.


‘Most kills rewards and popularity votes. In addition, I will take all the rewards for catching the boss.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

Saving people was just a bonus.

The primary purpose was to take all the rewards. Through this, a golden chance would come for him to monopolize all the popularity.

No one else.

‘But with my strength alone.’

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