Chapter 79 - Pendariel, The Mother Of The Dead (1)

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[New video has been updated in the Tower of Trials.]

Due to the video uploaded by Jin-hyuk, the forum turned upside down again.

-HardPunch: Wow. Why did that large guild put up for four months? To stop zombies?
-Taiwan number 1: Yep. Look at how annoying they are. They made it look daunting, but they didn't even know that there was a hidden boss? In what way can they break this?
-Stand inside the Line: How careless can they be to not even withstand the 2nd wave? Seriously disgusting.
-Black tea rice cakes: It is like the large guild trying to pre-empt the queen a while back that got taken down too. This is bad. They played with luck and lost.

People continued to curse them out. The large Chinese guilds couldn’t open their mouths to refute.

The Triad had been annihilated, and the people of the murim weren’t players, so their images couldn’t be refuted.

Everything went as planned by Jin-hyuk.

-BaeksuOverTusu: Still, the genocide was prevented because Jin-hyuk pulled the boss's anger onto him.
-God Emperor: If it wasn't for Kang Jin-hyuk, everyone there would have died.
-David H: That is nice, but does it make sense for five people to go against the queen?
-Chosun First Sword: No one knows, but still, he is an S-rank recognized by the nation. I trust that.
-EatingManic: If it is Kang Jin-hyuk and his videos, I can always trust him.
-SaeYoungEonHwan: Will Unknown not appear at all? I want to see a fight with Kang Jin-hyuk.

In contrast, Jin-hyuk’s name skyrocketed.

This was because of their perception of Jin-hyuk being the one who saved the other players.

“Oppa. Did you really do this?”

Yoo Yeon-hwa asked.

The Jin-hyuk, whom she knew, liked to break common sense and did the strangest things, but this went overboard.

Something didn’t feel right.

“Hyung, how did you know there was a boss here?”

Lee Taemin was a bit embarrassed too.

“Well, I found out after doing this and that.”


He had found out about this while testing things out.

Even if he did put it like that, he had done countless things and challenges to discover all the hidden quests.

“It was Mr. Jin-hyuk who took down the mart, right?”

Teresa asked the question that she was curious about.

“I don’t know. I don’t know much, but it probably didn’t go down naturally?”

Jin-hyuk scratched his head with a smile while giving her a non-answer.

“So, is there any way to deal with the queen?”

The most important thing was finally mentioned.


It was good to get the game started and gather everything’s attention, but if there was no way to solve it, then its just suicide.

And of course.

“There is a way to win.”

Jin-hyuk knew the way to end this. Only he knew it.

The process would not be smooth. However, considering the rewards, it was worth the risk.

“I am glad you didn’t do anything without thinking. So what do we do?”

“If I tell you how, will you do it?”

“I will do anything to survive.”

“You cannot change those words later. Your role is vital this time.”

“… tell me.”

Chun Yuseong nodded his head with a stiff face. Perhaps, he was the most trusted person to do this task.

The difficulty of this task was correct. But it would be a different kind of difficulty than he expected.

“To take them down, you need a fair amount of skill. The problem is…”

“Problem is?”

“It is expensive.”


Chun Yuseong’s expression darkened.

“Don’t mess around. Why should I give you my coins? No, rather, why are you trying to rip only me off!”

There was Teresa, who was wealthy, and the other two were also doing quite well! So why?!

“Yoo Yeon-hwa gave me the weapons, and Teresa handed me coins before. Above all else, don’t act like an idiot here. I know the number of views you had on your video was huge.”

“Damn it. You saw that?”

“Yes, I saw it. It was fresh and nice, right?”

Was the video’s title called, ‘Sword technique that would allow the grandmother next door to survive in a dungeon’?

Hearing that the famed swordsman would directly guide them, many had been attracted, and Chun Yuseong had hit the jackpot with it.

Thanks to his ability, the video was a hit and made it to the Hall of Fame for a day.

“I will kill the guy who taught me how to edit the facial mosaic.”

“Don’t speak nonsense. I knew it was you right away.”

He had used such clumsy editing to hide his face but couldn’t hide his unique sword technique. Above all, he couldn’t fool Jin-hyuk’s eyes.

Because if it was the one technique that Chun Yuseong used, Jin-hyuk could recognize it even with his eyes closed.

“… I had to do it because of my personal quest.”

“Well, I guess so.”

In order to grow as a swordsman, Chun Yuseong received a quest that he needed to receive recognition from the people. In the past, the standard had been low because the number of players was small.

Now that the scale involved the whole world, millions of people had seen the video.

“I know you have a hefty pocket now. Donate some for the sake of the team.”

“How much?”


It was the exact amount that Chun Yuseong had in his possession. When he heard the amount, his expression changed as if he was being made to eat poop.

Everything he had collected through the quest seemed to be sucked out.

“Don’t you have a lot of coins too? Even if you didn’t touch my coins…”

“True, but using that much is unfortunate.”

And why would Jin-hyuk use his own money?

“Hurry up, I don’t have time.”

Jin-hyuk snapped his fingers. He was the captain of this base

And the others were his sailors.

Above all else, in order to defeat the mighty enemy, they needed to obey the captain’s orders.

“… You. You really won’t be killed so easily.”

[You have received 100,000 coins from player Chun Yuseong.]

Chun Yuseong gritted his teeth as he gave up his coins.

At that moment.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Sounds of footsteps that shook the ground could be heard. They were finally here.

At a fast pace as well.

Except for special floors, such as the labyrinth types, each floor typically had a single boss which dominated the floor.

And they were the ones who had the strength.

But their skills were necessarily proportional to the place that they dominated.

This was because some of the monsters found it annoying to move out and fight. Those types instead moved to a lower floor to relax.

And Pendariel was one of them.

In an apocalypse where everything else had been destroyed.

The ideal world it had sought after was a land where only the dead could roam.



Countless zombies roared in the middle of the street. But, as if waiting for something, they didn’t move.

And at that moment.


Pendariel took a step forward.


Thick smoke rose over the streets.

The effect of ‘Corrosion’ was caused by the poison from these walking corpses.

Regular zombies had a certain amount of that effect, but the amount contained in Pendariel was very different.

The intensity of Pendariel’s Corrosion was to the point that anything around it would burn.

“Human. Is of this. Level.”

Pendariel spoke. Its horrible appearance was that of a body stained with blood.

Pale skin and red hair that reached to its waist. An appearance of an undead that one would see only in nightmares.


A man in front of her groaned in pain.

Ian Smith.

After seeing Jin-hyuk’s uploaded video, Ian Smith, a ranker from Europe’s Pantheon Guild, had set out to hunt the queen.

Not only did he have experience playing the game for years, but he also had experience raiding.

But the result was this.

The raid had consisted of 55 players, but they were now all rotten corpses that had been unable to even touch the queen.

“What monster are you…”

No one can defeat it. Its very existence made it feel like this was no longer the 4th floor.

Smith looked at the queen one last time.

Those empty and cold eyes.


And that was this ranker’s last memory.

“Human. Except that. One. Kill all. I will. Kill him. myself.”

Pendariel gave the order.



The zombies around it sprinted forward at once.

Reinforced zombies that stood three meters in height stood at the front, followed by zombies with large arms or long heads.

All of them were zombie types that typically only appeared in the second half of the siege.

If the queen hadn’t walked out with them, the zombies would have eventually been cleared out. However, all the powerful enemies were now being gathered in one place.



All the plants guarding the entrance were smashed through.

The rock plants and self-destruct types tried to stop them by sacrificing themselves but failed.

It was a natural outcome.

Because this was the kind of thing that couldn’t be stopped.

“It is done.”

Pendariel, who had foreseen this, was confident of victory.

After a short time, the arrogant human will be dragged out in front of it.

But the sounds it heard from the zombies inside the stadium were unexpected.

[Four humans trapped in ice. And the person you speak off is not here.]

“Humans locked in ice?”

Did they kill themselves after being scared of being tortured?

Or maybe…

Was there another plan?

Pendariel thought of the current condition. It knew the provocation had been deliberate to get its zombies to this base.

But why?

It suddenly doubted everything about this.

‘To weaken the power of this side?’

It would have needed to thoroughly distribute the zombie’s power all around.

‘… to come to hunt me.’

As that thought reached its head, it became still.

And at that moment.

[Glacier Formation 3 'Ice Jade Myriad Transformation' activated!]

The blackened world was painted in white.


Walls of ice enveloped the queen and its escort zombies.

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