Chapter 80 - Pendariel, The Mother Of The Dead (2)

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A world where everything was frozen white.

A magic mirror that reflected the appearance of oneself. The last prison was created by the Glacier Formation.

“What. Is this…”

Pendariel was surprised.

Pendaniel could not help but feel embarrassed by this as the number of zombies within it constantly increased.


It reached and broke the wall, but behind it was another wall that blocked the path. At that moment.

[Ice Jade Myriad Transformation activates Wide-spread Chaos!]

The second ability of the prison blossomed as the illusion took effect.



The zombies began to move.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


They kept smashing their teeth against the icy wall.

Some of them had lost their sanity and bared their teeth to the queen.

A situation where everything had slipped beyond Pendariel’s control.

In an instant, the white ice began to turn red with blood.

“Human! How dare you do this!”

The queen, watching its children die, became enraged. At the same time, incomparably vicious energy rose up.

[Pendariel Lv?? 'Black Death' has been manifested!]

It was the same skill that had taken down Smith’s raid team.

The Black Death was known to be the most dreadful pestilence. The black energy that manifested began to move towards the wall.


Everything that the energy touched began to turn black and crumble.

The primary goal of the wall, which had been to stop their advance, was utterly destroyed.

Truly overwhelming power.

Pendariel’s unique ability that manifested its best range based on anger was utterly different.

It was not for no reason that the people of murim were afraid of even touching the queen.

In the face of such an absurd ability, even self-defense techniques wouldn’t work.

“Where are you hiding? Come out!”


Even though the ice prison had been blown away, the opponent was nowhere in sight.


Pendariel frowned as it looked around, but all it could see were pieces of ice.

And at that moment.

Its gaze turned to the center of the barrier as if something was there.

Something small, shiny, and had a faint amount of magic.


It was no doubt the magic stone used to activate the barrier.

‘Maybe it was bait?’

Using his base and colleagues as bait? He had also made Pendariel come here while he disappeared.

There could only be one reason.

As its thoughts connected the dots, its heart, which had withered long ago and ceased functioning, began to beat rapidly.

Ba-dump! Badump!


For the first time, Penadriel felt fear.

‘… that man is really…’

It understood what the opponent was trying to do.

‘Trying to destroy all the things I cherished and hoped for.’

Its instincts were giving it clear warnings.

That single human was more dangerous than the thousands of players on this floor.

The 4th floor was a base defense battle setup.

This applied to both the players and the zombies.

The queen had left its colony to move and kill Jin-hyuk.

In other words.

‘The base is empty.’

Jin-hyuk began to move quickly.

He could keep his stamina up because of the Sword Demon Emperor’s Footwork.

It was then.


Strong magic could be felt from far away. The queen was heading back with all of its might.

‘I guess it isn’t a fool.’

If Pendariel had attacked the stadium, the base would have been captured quickly. However, that didn’t mean he would lose this battle.

That was because a victory for the zombies was confirmed only when all of the players’ bases on the 4th floor were destroyed.

And hundreds of bases still stood tall now.

Before they could destroy everything, their base was being destroyed, making them regroup.

‘It is too late even if you know it now.’

Level and skill.

Power and speed.

Everything was being pushed against Penadriel.

That was a matter of course.

Because the opponent was a boss monster, who shouldn’t even be on the 4th floor.

‘In a straight-up fight, I will lose to her.’

However, overcoming the overwhelming difference and winning the war using the rules enforced on the floor.

That was the way to climb the tower as a veteran.


Jin-hyuk took a deep breath as he eventually reached the queen’s colony.

The troops left behind caught his eyes.

’ 40?’

Of course, this would not even be enough to buy time against him.


His twin swords were unsheathed.

[Sword Grave has been activated!]

The sword he held in his left hand pulsated with black energy.


The dark red and black energy burned fiercely.

[Blessing of the Stars activated!]

The sword on his right was filled with the energy of the stars.


The light that protected the constellations answered his call.

And like that.

The miracles of two forms had manifested.



The zombies rushed in and were swept away in a single blow.

Blood poured down like rain from the storm of dismembered arms and legs. This was a mass annihilation of zombies, not a fight.

Jin-hyuk broke through the defense and dug in deeper.

The view changed, and so did the air he breathed.

The smell of blood became thick, and the peculiar smell of rotting corpses assailed his nose.

‘It is disgusting no matter how many times I see it.’

Jin-hyuk frowned.

If there was hell, would this be how it felt?

A massive tomb of corpses and skeletons.



As he moved further in, the number of zombies increased, but none of them could even take one hit from Jin-hyuk’s twin blades.

Where the zombies were concentrated, he used Daylight to wipe them out in a single blow.

Not far now.

The flag of the queen was less than 100 meters away.

‘The time has come for this…’

Jin-hyuk looked at the discolored floor. There was a place where he felt a sense of discomfort.

In the past, he had been surprised over and over by this.

The moment he thought that.


A long blade protruded from the floor, but Jin-hyuk had already jumped back as it appeared.

“I… will. Eat…!”

“Taste… be… good! Guts… meat!”

A giant zombie with two heads and a deformed body emerged from the ground.

The ‘Watchman’ who guarded the Queen’s flag, also known as the Butcher, was the most annoying special zombie type.

That was why.

Despite there being annoying named monsters that he wouldn’t ever want to fight against, if Jin-hyuk was asked to specify one, he would name this guy on the 4th floor.

The Butcher had no vital points and could easily handle its 2-meter-long scissor weapons. It could even stay mobile after losing its head.

To completely stop it, the monster had to be reduced to small pieces or wholly dismembered.

Even though Pendaniel was still far, it would return when he dealt with this.

Jin-hyuk had around three minutes.

“Choose again. What do you want to do? Spicy? Neat cut?”

Jin-hyuk asked.

“Is… this… for… real?”

“We… are… seeing you… for the… first time.”

The Butcher tilted its head.

The individual heads moved to separate sides to avoid colliding.

“Right. But, this is my 30th time fighting against you.”

As he had climbed the Tower numerous times, memories of that past kept coming back.

The knives.

He had used fire and even tried it with many chopsticks.

He had to use around 180,000 of those to even crush one head back then.

‘Tch. I shouldn’t try that again.’

It felt like he had done all of the experiments necessary.

“Gibberish… talking…”

“Yum… need… to eat… from head… to toe!”

Clack! Clack!

The Butcher snipped its scissors.

It was a torture weapon that could cut down even the thickest iron sheet.

It must have taken the lives of so many until now.


This prey was different, and they didn’t know.

The Butcher aimed its scissors at Jin-hyuk’s legs as he thrust his twin swords into the ground.


The scissors were stopped by the swords.

“Not… moving?”


For some reason, it couldn’t cut down the swords. Thinking that they were normal swords was the Butcher’s first mistake.

And the second one…

[Lv6' Element of Fire' is activated!]

The main point was that Jin-hyuk wasn’t just yet another human. He jumped over the head of the Butcher and smiled.


Ray of flames pierced both eyes.

The flames which burned through the eyes pierced straight into its brain.


“Eye… eye!”

He had learned how to inflict pain on them using chopsticks. Naturally, he had also learned the fastest and most effective way to kill them.

‘Take the sight away.’

Next, take advantage of this and aim for the enemy’s weakest point.

Jin-hyuk gathered the sparks on his fingers.

He then drew a runic spell at the Butcher’s feet.

From below.


To above.

A fire erupted that melted the Butcher’s flesh and bones.

Jin-hyuk didn’t stop his attack as this was a named zombie that could still move.

The time to crush it was now at its weakest moment.

Jin-hyuk moved his swords.

A red line was drawn on the Bucher’s gray flesh.


“It… hurts! Hurts!”

The Butcher screamed and kept swinging its scissors. Rather than an attack, it was more of a movement caused by pain.

And since it was such a directionless movement, it did nothing.

“Thank you. One minute, the shortest time taken.”

Thanks to this, he achieved a new record on the 31st attempt.



Jin-hyuk’s twin dragon swords pierced the Butcher’s spine.

At the same time, he replaced the energy in them with Mandala.

His vision became golden.

[Level has risen]
[You have acquired 'Scissors Infused with Spirit']

Nothing was left standing in the place that the light had swept through.

The Butcher became nothing, leaving behind only its weapon.

A level up and some rewards.

‘Nothing can be compared to this.’

It felt worthwhile to run all the way here.

The distribution of stats and confirmation of items should be done later.

Now all that was left was to pull the flag since no one was left to defend it.

The fight was done.

But at that moment.


An unexpected status window popped up.

“Look at this?”

Jin-hyuk smirked.

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