Chapter 81 - Pendariel, The Mother Of The Dead (3)

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[The 'Black Hound' reveals its presence.]
[On behalf of the Egyptian mythology, a suggestion would be made]

‘Black Hound’ was just a title.

It was Anubis.

After his humiliation on the underground level of the 1st food, he had stayed silent, but for him to appear now…


Jin-hyuk looked at the sky while holding the flag with one hand. They must have been watching from the moment he entered the colony.

No, maybe when he entered the 4th floor itself.

“Tell me if you are listening.”

[Black Hound roars loudly.]

Anubis didn’t hide his uncomfortable feeling as he expressed his presence and began to release divine energy.


The air trembled as magic began to run wild.

Of course, it wasn’t much more than a threat. This wasn’t the floor control.

So what more could they do aside from cough and curse?

“Huh? Angry? Should I just pull this out? Do you still care?”

Jin-hyuk clenched the hand which held onto the flag.

The flag was slightly lifted up.

Then the energy that had manifested disappeared.

[Black Hound is incredibly flustered]
[He is asking you to calm down.]
[They say they still want to see a proper end to the fight.]

“I know. That is why they intervened.”

For those who dominated the Tower’s upper floors, it would be difficult to accept that the 4th floor was cleared without a proper boss fight.

It was self-evident who would win the fight. They didn’t want to see a cheeky human come out victorious.

But that was their opinion.

“Why should I accept your suggestions?”

Jin-hyuk snorted in derision.

There was no reason to fight against the boss as the end was already decided.

[Black Hound is…]

“Ah! Do not bother making cheap threats against me. To be honest, even if a god of your level barks for a hundred days, I will not be bothered.”

He’d instead request that Anubis come down to speak to him face to face.

“If you would rather negotiate with us, then use something. Offer me something that might make me want to change my mind? For the fight against the queen?”

Jin-hyuk gave out his terms, and the status window halted.

After ten seconds had passed.

[Black Hound says if you agree to the fight, he will present you with the 'Jackal's Tooth'.]

Another status window appeared with unexpected contents within it.


He was expecting something like this to get suggested. He did think that there was a slight chance that this might happen.

Jackal’s Tooth was a material that increased attack speed by 10%.

Although there were restrictions placed on item upgrades, it was still at least an A-rank effect. But in terms of how it would be used, it would be closer to an S-rank item.

And it looked like it would be enough of a bribe to satisfy him.

The problem was.

“I am a greedy person.”

Jin-hyuk smiled.

“First of all, give me all the teeth. And if you grant me something else, I will think about it.”

[Black Hound is incredibly shocked.]
[He asks how you know about the teeth.]

The most powerful of the jackal’s teeth were the molars.

Unlike the other teeth, the molars would increase the attack speed by 20%. A particular molar would even grant an increase of 30%. The strongest teeth would be able to leave a large scar on an opponent’s body and were one of the best items that Anubis could give.

“You don’t need to know how I know. Will you accept the condition or not?”

[Black Hound wonders what the second condition is?]

“It is nothing. There is a thing called the ‘White Twig’ among the B rank items. I need that. Of course, everything mentioned till now has to be in advance payment.”

White Twigs were mainly used for medicinal purposes but could not be obtained on the 4th floor. However, after the 10th floor, they would be easily available.

Naturally, from the viewpoint of Anubis, they were nothing more than trash.

[Black Hound accepts your offer]
[The contract has been set.]
[Black Hound will pay the promised two items right away, and player Kang Jin-hyuk will not draw the flag until the fight with the queen is complete.]


Sharp-looking molars and white twigs appeared in front of him.

…. Caught him!

Jin-hyuk bit his lip. This arrogant god thought everyone was below him.

From now on, he will hit rock bottom and regret it.


The ground shattered, and black smoke rose around the colony.

“No way. Did you kill the guardian too?”

Pendariel looked at the Butcher, which had been turned to ashes. It had expected the human to enter, but this was far beyond its expectations.

At this point, Pendariel had to admit it.

This wasn’t a worm that it could simply trample but an enemy it had to fight with all its might.


Pendariel dashed right towards its room. The flag hadn’t been pulled out yet.

It looked like he was waiting for the queen to arrive under the banner.

“Why didn’t you pull it? Pull. And the victory is yours.”

“I will. But it was too boring.”

Jin-hyuk shrugged.

“B-boring? With me in. in front of me. You say that?”

A cold voice.


His hair began to rise all along his skin. Indeed, the magic of boss monsters was something terrifying.

‘It is thrilling to fight her at this low level.’

No matter how much the Rift stat could close the gap, there was no single player who could beat the queen.

Usually, a 1-1 fight wasn’t something that could happen.


Due to the unexpected contract, a player who could defeat the mother of zombies would be born.


Jin-hyuk cuts down the scissors of the Butcher into half. Only one side was still fine, the right-sided blade.

It now resembled the eerie shape of a sickle.

And Jin-hyuk took the next step.

“Fuse Jackal’s Tooth with the Spirit of Scissors.”


He possessed a unique ability to combine substances with different properties into one.

The ability that he had thought was his best tool for climbing the Tower.

At this moment, it manifested to allow him to face his worst enemy.

[Fusion Successful!]
[Scythe That Cuts Cause and Effect has been completed!]
[Scythe That Cuts Cause and Effect
Acquisition Difficulty: Unknown
Description: This is the relic of a god whose judgment is absolute. You can kill those that cannot die and cut those that cannot be cut.]
[The system intervenes due to the appearance of an inappropriate relic on the 4th floor]
[This item can only be used once.]


A strange light shone around the scythe.

‘Possible to use just once?’

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue at this. He already knew that it would be impossible to spam this permanently.

So he thought he would get at least 2 or 3 chances.

Now that this was reality and not the game, the conditions were more strict. Perhaps, not just Anubis, but if a relic of another god was used, maybe he could use it one more time, but this one chance was a luxury too.

‘It is enough to clear the minimum conditions.’

One fatal hit.

He obtained a weapon that would take the enemy down with one hit. This made the conditions equal.

Because they both wanted to kill the other.

[Black Hound is watching!]
[The Gods of Egypt cannot easily accept this situation!]

Status windows kept appearing one after another, which showed their lack of comprehension.

“That weapon, how…?”

Even Pendariel was shocked.

It didn’t care about the other things he had held until then. None of the Jackal’s Tooth, the scissors, or the White Twig would be able to hurt its body.

However, the moment those items were combined and became one.

Everything had changed.

“This… cannot be.”

This destroyed everything it understood and created a new item.

“You bastard! Who the hell are you?”

Pendariel shouted.


Pendariel’s dark energy began to encroach on the surrounding area. Jin-hyuk felt that it wouldn’t let him attack easily from now on.

It was the first defense skill that Pendariel had used, considering its aggressive nature.

“At least I know you are scared.”


“Am I wrong? To me, you are like a hedgehog ready to attack due to being scared.”

“Ahhh! This! damned human!”

Pendariel moved its hand.


The ability to corrode anything it touches. The energy that was closest to death was consuming both air and land.

And Jin-hyuk moved accordingly.

The ability covered a wide area, so it would be impossible to avoid it, but he had prepared an ability to counter it.

[Unique ability 'Mandala' is activated!]

A thin golden film wrapped around his body. As the boss’ dark energy and the Mandala touched each other, smoke rose.

“My ability doesn’t work?”

Pendariel was shocked once more. It had believed in its ability, so much so that this was shocking.

“There is no such thing as an invincible power in this world.”

Those who used the power from the opposite spectrum would have the right to survive through these situations.

Above all, it was impossible to break through the Mandala with only this level of corrosion.


Realizing that it had made a mistake by spreading its corrosive energy, Pendariel instead gathered it all in a single point.

Its corrosive energy was wielded in the form of a two-meter-long sword.

Although it didn’t suit Pendariel’s slender build, it swung the sword as if it was a toothpick.


A blow that cut open the ground.

It looked scary and threatening.

However, no matter how destructive it seemed.

“If it doesn’t touch, it is useless.”

Jin-hyuk already knew from where the attack would come.

He had infused the twin dragon swords with energy from the Sword Grave and the Blessing of the Stars.

In order to create the perfect timing, he had to cut the opponent’s physical strength.

And what followed afterward was an onslaught.




Sparks filled the air as his two swords found gaps in Pendariel’s movement.

Little by little, Jin-hyuk was slowly cornering the queen of the undead and forcing it to use its last resort.

[Pendariel Lv?? 'Mourning for the Dead' is activated!]


A screeching noise came from Pendariel’s sword, the sound closer to a howl.

As if it couldn’t stand the pain.

“Unfortunate. I was just getting excited. Are we already reaching the end?”

“Let’s see. If you laugh after this.”

[1st form]

To see off the dead.

A sword to destroy the dead.

[Eternal Annihilation]

The bastard sword the queen held disappeared

The form.


And the presence as well.

Everything turned to nothing.

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