Chapter 82 - Pendariel, The Mother Of The Dead (4)

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Movement beyond the senses.

It wasn’t the kind of movement that could be stopped by seeing and reacting to it.

‘Both with the talent to feel the sword.’


‘Become a veteran who memorized everything.’

Only one of those two types of players could survive before this queen, and Jin-hyuk already knew which of the two would be better suited for it.

Rather than innate talent acquired through enjoyment, the veteran’s path was the path he needed to take.


A dazzling flame.

Jin-hyuk slashed his sword towards the queen’s heart. The distance between them was narrowed one step at a time.


When Penadriel’s attack proved unsuccessful, it launched a second attack.

[Second form]

This time the tip of the sword was split into countless paths.

Divided by dots and lines.


The remnants of the attack were erased and moved towards the enemy from the front, back, right, and left.

It was a storm-like sword attack that left no blind spots.


However, the result was the same this time too.

Jin-hyuk moved the Twin Dragon Swords as if he had measured everything.

Not a single one of the attacks had touched him, and the distance between the two was narrowed again.

“This time, it is my turn.”

A streak of cold rose from Jin-hyuk’s fingertips.

[Lv5 Glacier Formation and Black Ice are activated!]

Jin-hyuk used Glacier Formation to create an ice sheet to make his opponent lose their balance.


[Lv1 'Sword Demon's Emperor Footwork' is activated!]


Using this skill, he used abnormal movement to get closer.


Pendariel roared in anger. This was a movement that it couldn’t even see.

Everything began to break down.

And Jin-hyuk wasn’t even trying to take her attacks head-on but just accepted them.

Just like that.


He got the last laugh.



He finally found the gap that he was waiting for. Jin-hyuk stabbed his swords into the ground and picked up his scythe.

“Damn… it! This cannot… be! to a human!”

Pendariel was enraged. This cannot be.

How could a human that could not even live for 100 years have such perfect abilities and not show a single gap?

This was already too late, no matter how arrogant or negligent Pendariel was.

The distance was already closed.


The first crack was heard at this moment, the first since the start of the battle. A single drop of blood flowed through the neatly cut area that marked the end.

[4th-floor boss monster 'Pendariel' has fallen!]
[The 5th floor of the Tower of Trials is open!]
[Time remaining until conquering the next floor: 98D: 23h: 59m: 59s]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[You have succeeded in defending the base! 'A-rank random box (5 pieces) will be given according to the base rankings']
[You have acquired the 'Advanced Skill Enhancement Book (1)' as a reward for most kills.]
[You have obtained a '10% discount coupon for coin exchange fee (1 time) as a popular vote reward']
[You have obtained the 'Magic Library Admission Ticket (1 time)' as a reward for defeating the hidden boss.]

Numerous things popped up.

Who would have expected this?

Anubis and the other gods who had been sure of their victory were at a loss for words.

“Still, Penadriel was stronger than the 3rd-floor boss who hid behind its subordinates.”

Jin-hyuk said softly. Of course, as Penadriel was dead, it could not hear.

The fierce battle on the 4th floor was over.

Considering the desperate situation, this reversal was close to a miracle.

And now, two hours later, in a bar in Hongdae.

Jin-hyuk and the rest of those who fought in the Tower relaxed a little.

“Oppa! Here!

Yoo Yeon-hwa waved her hand.

When fighting in the Tower, her knuckles had begun to drip with blood as she used martial arts that were bloody to use.

But now she looked comfortable in a hoodie. And quite fresh too.

“Hyung! You came?”

Lee Taemin wore jeans, a black t-shirt, and a white hat.

“Sorry, I was a bit late.”

“No. We, too, just came here. But, you are like a whole different person? At first glance, I thought a celebrity had come.”

“Hyung. Can’t we go around the Tower like this?”

After taking a break, he went to a salon, bought new clothes, and changed everything.

Come to think of it, the hairdresser said that he would look better if his hair was waxed.

He thought she was messing around but seeing the people’s reaction, it felt like he did change.

“If we dress up like this, what year will we climb the tower?”

Jin-hyuk smiled and asked.

“Miss Teresa?”

“She said she had some work for an hour or so. She said we should start before she comes.”

Unlike Jin-hyuk, Teresa had gone to the gate from the European side.

It would have been nice if she had come here, but she said something important was happening, and she couldn’t join the group.

She was bound to have her own plans if she was a ranker.


A man was sitting in the corner of the table.

“Did you see that man?”

“Talk slowly.”

“Wow! I think he just looked at him.”

He had excellent proportions and clothes, which looked amazing on him.

Additionally, he gave out a chic aura which seemed to indicate that he had no worries in the world. It was an appealing combination.

Anyway, he was getting a lot of attention.

“You are here?”

“As you can see.”

“I thought you wouldn’t come or be late for a few more hours, but you actually kept the promise?”

Jin-hyuk sat with a smile as he thought of how he had made this man come here.

-Come to the bar at Exit 3 in Hongdae tomorrow night at 7. We will all have a beer.
-Funny. Why should I come there?

Chun Yuseong had frowned, but…

-You need to come there if you want to take a pick from the random box, right?

Jin-hyuk promised that if he came, he actually did end up coming.

Anyway, this guy…

Chun Yuseong looked like a neighborhood gangster from how he talked and acted.

He knew that Chun Yuseong was a medical student at Korea University, but he was genuinely worried about the safety of the people who would be his patients.

Because it was obvious that he would swing the sword and not the scalpel during surgery.

“Call for a healer or kill me if I ever get hurt.”

“What nonsense is that?”

“I think it would be easier to just let me die slowly…”

“Don’t worry. Merit is merit, and living is living. I will do my best to save the patient I am assigned to.”

Shit, he cannot even joke about this.

Jin-hyuk clicked his tongue and drank the beer.

The chilled ice beer went down his throat, which was hot from running.

He immediately ripped out a chicken coated in spicy sauce. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.


Jin-hyuk exclaimed his love for the taste. The fatigue was essential to enjoy the taste.

And at that moment.

[Give me some too. Don't keep eating alone!]

A shrill voice rose from the ring.

It was Elise.

After the battle on the 3rd floor, she was quiet to recover her magic, but now it seemed like she was okay.

After all, she has been stuck in that Corridor of the Fallen for far too long. She was curious about the food of the outside world.

“I really want to eat together, but it is quite expensive. No matter what, it is a burden on my wallet.”

[Expensive? How much?]

Jin-hyuk deliberately made a serious expression.

“At least a diamond the size of a thumb. Still, it is a small amount compared to the price of alcohol, but considering our relationship, I will handle that.”

Be kind and nice.

The key was to use Elise’s mentality.

[That! I am not someone who will take things for free.]

Elise said in a low voice. As expected, prominent and wealthy people were always welcome.

Especially at a drinking party.

“Oh. Are you saying that this is a drink made by you people?”

Elise’s eyes shone brightly.

From the black dress with gorgeous lace and a necklace adorned with rubies and gold. The fact that she could come outside meant she had to put effort into her body.

“It is called Draught Beer.”

“Um! Not bad! Although it cannot be compared with the finest blood I have enjoyed for years of history, it is still good enough to make me thirsty for more. It must have been made by the artisans whose recipes had been passed down through generations.”

She was making assumptions here.

This was a 2,500-won beer that was mass produced in a factory. Especially today since it was on a 1+1 offer which was being run due to the 4th floor being cleared.

“Eat this too.”


“Chicken. It is coated with soy sauce and seasoning.”

“Meat…I do not like it, but you recommend it, so I will try it once.”

Elise elegantly clicked the chicken thigh with a fork.

What she ate made her eyes change.

Like a beast that had caught its prey.

Jin-hyuk tried to take one piece of chicken.


Elise blocked it with her fork.


She wasn’t going to let even one piece leave her sight.

Right. When it came to meat dishes, be they boiled, grilled, or anything, one would go crazy.

“Eat a lot.”

“Thank you. I will not forget this.”

Elise grabbed the beer mug with a lovely expression, like an innocent girl.

Who would look at this little one and think they are looking at the true ancestor, one of the strongest beings in the Tower?

“Everyone! I am here!”

After a while, Teresa joined in, and the atmosphere became hotter as they ate delicious food and thought of happy things in the Tower.

But as they were all in the middle of talking


The TV volume went up, making everyone look at it.

This was because there was a special feature related to the Tower of Trials, not gossip about sports in the entertainment industry.

[As the attack on the 4th floor succeeded this time, the attention is being focused on the 5th floor.]
[Yes, right. There have been many ups and downs, but the Koreans have been ranked highly this time. Thanks to Kang Jin-hyuk, we could reach the 5th floor.]

A man and woman continued.

[Before we talk about the 5th floor, can we see a simple summary of the data for the general public to understand?]
[Of course. The table below shows the players who played the biggest role in dealing with the boss monsters from the 1st to 4th floor and which nations they belong to.]

Patrick of the American Titan Guild cleared the first floor.

Maria of the European Olympus Guild and the Chinese guild cleared the 2nd floor alongside Teresa.

Unknown who cleared the 3rd floor.

Kang Jin-hyuk cleared the 4th floor. Top rankers in each nation and the hope for mankind.

The names of those who would continue conquering the floors in the future.

[Wow! Just hearing the names makes my heart feel glad]
[Hahaha! So am I. It seems like these people will somehow lead humans to the next level.]
[Then, please explain about the 5th floor.]

The female announcer said.

[I understand.]

The 5th floor.

The main theme of the place where they would spend the next 90 days.

[The 5th floor…]

Has been revealed.

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