Chapter 86 - 5th Floor, Psychiatric Ward (2)

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The intense feeling of someone who was three meters tall.

The iron helmet.

A hammer that could crush anyone.

The moment he appeared through the wall was too intimidating.

This was one of the named monsters, Breaker.

The Eye of Gluttony quickly scanned the subject.

Name: Breaker
Gender: None
Age: 1
Level: 45
Strength 100 Agility 15 Stamina 30 Magic 0
Stat Points: 0
Unique Ability: Relentless Hunter
Skills: Lv12 Guillotine, Lv11 Armor Break, Lv11 Breakthrough, Lv10 Strengthening Weapon

[Target cannot be killed]

The overwhelming strength over that magic stat immediately stood out. However, the key information was that the opponent could not be killed.

The characteristic of hunger that pursued its prey to the end of hell meant that it could not die.

Because of these factors, the ward’s difficulty was much higher than the others.

Well, whatever it was, Jin-hyuk had run because the opponent was invincible no matter what he did.


“We… we weren’t scared…”

The mad ones trembled.

It was because they knew better than anyone what the outcome of their actions would be. At that moment, Breaker captured the head of one of them.


Red blood poured down like a waterfall. The monster was overwhelmingly strong, so this was inevitable.

‘If I’m caught, he can even pull the spine out of my body.’

Jin-hyuk frowned.

Since this guy was now out, he would have to play tag for now.

A game of tag where he would log out of life if he was caught once.


He then moved forward towards where Breaker stood among the kneeling madmen.

Breaker reflexively swung the hammer, but it was too late as Jin-hyuk had escaped the attack by a thin margin.

Instead, he smashed the body of one of the kneeling mad men.




Just one attack caused the wall to collapse and cracked the floors.

Overwhelming power!

Enough to turn a person into porridge.

However, no matter how strong the attack was, it was useless if it didn’t hit the target.

Jin-hyuk avoided the hammer.


The Breaker, intoxicated by blood, began to run wild.



The mad ones suffered from the wild swinging of the hammer.

Jin-hyuk widened the distance gradually between the falling corpses. A little further and he would make it to the hallway.

But at that moment.

[Breaker activates Lv12 'Guillotine'!]

The Breaker held the hammer with both hands and leaned back.


The hammer smashed the ceiling and fell towards Jin-hyuk’s head.

It was a blow with both weight and speed. The falling ceiling also obstructed his view, making the attack hard to avoid.

But it didn’t matter.

“Friend Shield!”

Jin-hyuk put one of the mad ones in front of him.

“What, fr…frien…?’

The mad one questioned the unfamiliar words and then died.


The hammer dug into the floor, and the poor lamb was sent back to the hands of God.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyuk took a flashlight out of the drawer in the hallway.

‘Fortunately, no one took it.’

Well, everyone had been too busy running away, so they wouldn’t have had time to check what was in the drawer.

Jin-hyuk turned back.


The Breaker was trying to pull out the hammer that was lodged into the ground. The mad ones inside were almost all mutilated.

‘He killed all of them on his own.’

This gave him enough time to escape. But Jin-hyuk didn’t.

Instead, he pressed the power switch of the flashlight again and again

Click. Click!

“Should I be a bit more confident now? Can you catch me with such a slow body?”

The Breaker’s eyes shone brightly. This was an outright provocation.

The third floor of the psychiatric ward.

This was where the key to the main entrance of the ward was kept.

At the same time, it was also the place where the master of this ward was located.

“What happened to these humans?”

A man with visible blue veins on his pale body opened his mouth.

This was the master of the ward and elder to the fanatics.

The man in the shade answered.

“We are taking it smoothly. Some are still running around, but it is only a matter of time before they die.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. The leader doesn’t have to worry.”

As long as their magic was sealed, the players inside were nothing more than bugs waiting to be stamped.

Everything was going as planned.

The lips of the leader turned into a smile.

“At first, when the Demonic Human Association came, we tried to put them in a furnace and burn them. From our point of view, the players and you people are all the same.”


“The moment I heard your purpose, that thought changed. I never thought there could be humans with such great intentions.”

“You overestimate us. We are just doing what we have to do.”

The man bowed his head, and the leader looked satisfied.

“God wants more sacrifices. Now is the time when the tower has just opened, and the ignorant ones keep coming in, the promised time for His return.”



Being locked in the psychiatric ward, brainwashing humans, and transforming them into mad people were all to gather sacrifices for their god.

The leader looked straight ahead.

To be precise, he was looking at the players who had been captured before.

“Ugh… Kuak…”

“S-spare us…”

“My… leg. I will do anything you ask. Please let me live.”

The players who had come with Jin-hyuk had escaped through the vent but were soon captured.

“Do not be this afraid. Humble servants. I will give you a choice.”

The leader stroked the cheeks of the Asian woman with his cold hand. It was so cold that it gave her an eerie feeling.


“If you convert and follow, I will spare you from being burned alive.”

A chance to live.

At those words that promised an escape from death, their eyes fluttered.

“However, you must kill another person as proof for the conversion.”

Only two of the four could live.

Only those who give up their humanity can gain this new life. The leader dropped a black dagger on the ground.


Who would live and who would die.

The four people looked at each other and the dagger.

But at that moment.

“Leader, I think you should take a look at this.”

One of the believers looking at the CCTV urgently called for him.

“What is it?”

The man went and looked at the screen, which showed an unbelievable sight.

“What is this…”

On the screen were Breaker and a player.

It was common to see the players being chased, but the problem was that this player was playing around with Breaker.

Even though he could escape, he purposefully let Breaker get close and pursue him.

He dodged the attacks by narrow margins as the hammer hit the ground. He was also flashing the light constantly.

Those eyes read through the opponent’s movements so quickly. Such freedom of movement and thought despite his life being at stake.

Who would look at this and think his abilities were sealed?

“How… how can a human do that to God’s agent?”

They shouted while holding the screen.


His nails left marks on the screen as the man beside him saw the scene.

And he mumbled.

“K-Kang Jin-hyuk? How did he come here?”

“Kang Jin-hyuk? You know him?”

“Yes. An S-ranker from Korea…”

The man knew the player.

“He is the most dangerous stumbling block in our plans.”

Even though his unique abilities and skills were sealed, if they considered him weak, it would lead to a considerable loss.


Again, the hammer went through the air.

Hundreds of attacks were launched in just 20 minutes, but Jin-hyuk avoided them.

‘It has been a while since I did something this fun.’

He moved around, teasing the opponent while using the terrain to his advantage.

Even things that should get boring with time felt nice and exhilarating when they involved seeing his opponent angry.

The pleasure of seeing them biting their nails while running wild made him enjoy this even more.

Of course, it was all a game he enjoyed/


Breaker kept running wild in anger.


Now, whether or not it could cause injury, it kept using the hammer to knock everything down.

Jin-hyuk would only slightly distance himself.

It wasn’t like there was any time limit, but he wasn’t simply doing this for pleasure either.

‘It is almost getting close.’

A god was worshiped by the leader of these fanatics on the 5th floor. You could get his attention if the Breaker was pushed beyond a limit.

And at that moment.

['Corrupting Heart' is interested in your actions.]

A red status window shone in front of him.

‘As expected.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.

Nickname: Corrupting Heart

Like Elise, he was one of those strong ones and had been called various names…

People often referred to him as the ‘Demon King’.


Braham’s Ring trembled.

Elise, who must have sensed the magic from the message, flinched.

But there was no need to worry.

Whether the opponent was a Demon King or Demon God.

He was someone who lived on the 40th floor. Above all, knowing about him already helped give Jin-hyuk an advantage.

“Ugh. How did this shabby person even come to such a precious place?”

Jin-hyuk smiled.

[Corrupting Heart proposes to be your sword.]
[The second job change requirement has occurred.]
[If you accept the offer given, you will change your occupation to 'Black Apostle']

‘I really like this.’

A second job quest to become a Black Apostle.

If Teresa was the Paladin of the Stars.

Then the Black Apostle was a black knight under the protection of the Demon King. He would have different abilities and live with the disadvantage of being a servant of the Demon King.

‘The biggest problem is that if we refuse, we will be cursed by the Demon King.’

And once the curse was placed, an order to kill him would be sent to all the demons.

Naturally, when this was just a game, no player would refuse the offer as they didn’t want to risk the curse.

Now that this was a reality, everything hurt twice as much.


“I am sorry, but I will decline. Do you know why? A tiger cub cannot go under a Chihuahua.”

Jin-hyuk chose the other path this time.

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