Chapter 89 - Sacrificial Ritual (3)

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Magic spread throughout his body. His heart was beating rapidly at this pleasant feeling.

‘Right, this is the taste.’

It felt like running through a wild night.

He couldn’t understand how he endured not being able to feel this for the past few hours.

Jin-hyuk clenched his fists.


This was perfect.

With all of his skills unsealed, he had nothing to fear. At that moment, the guards were busy taking down the other players.

At the same time.


The door that led to both life and death opened.

The smell was thick.

The smell of blood mixed with sand pierced his nose. A total of seven Breakers were looking at the new offerings.



Their red bodies were filled with excitement as they held weapons in their hand with the desire to tear down their targets.


And in the center was a demon with numerous thorns on its body.

A monster that strangely had a relatively large size.


A scavenger of the Tower that devoured its prey.

Its mouth was dripping with saliva as it craved humans for food.

“Everyone, we need to run.”

“Damn it. Where do we run to? We are completely surrounded!”

“Uh, mom…”

There was nowhere to run. No matter how much they tried, they were surrounded by walls in all directions.

Everyone took a step back in an attempt to live just a second longer.


And someone stepped forward.

It was Jin-hyuk.

“What? Is he a fool?”

“Puahah! He must want to die first.”

“It has to be better to die first than tremble in fear.”

The fanatics were laughing at this sight. He was there with barely any weapons and no space to fight.




Although Jin-hyuk approached the Breakers, they didn’t make any moves to attack him. No, they didn’t even look at him as if he didn’t exist.

‘As expected, a useful skill.’

Jin-hyuk moved to the beast in the middle.

Hazy Odor was usable three times a day and was now used once to disturb their senses.

If he stacked the skill thrice, his whole presence would disappear.

‘Usually, one should be enough.’

But it was different for the veterans.

They’d take a chance and will find many ways out.

Like right now.

Jin-hyuk, who had arrived at the center, knocked on the ground with his foot.

Thud! Thud!

His steps rang out.


[The red pill 'Red' has been activated!]


A large stream of fire rose up through the arena.

‘Taste my fireworks.’

It was a single pill that was activated by calculating the sewer’s location and water flow.

There was no mistake as he had done it dozens of times.



The Breakers screamed as they were engulfed in flames.

No matter how immortal they were, it would hurt when they burned.

“Why are you being like that?”

Don’t like being burned?

“C-calm down! Representatives of God!”

The mad men tried to put out the flames on the Breakers’ bodies, but nothing worked.

The Breakers couldn’t see anything now and kept swinging their hammer.



Heads were being crushed like fruits.


[Involved in the death of a wicked being]
[You have acquired 0.1 points of adaptive stat points]
[Current Adaptive Stat: 10.1]

An unexpected status window appeared.


Jin-hyuk narrowed his eyes.

‘So I get the stats even if I don’t kill them myself?’

Would the condition be satisfied by just indirectly participating in it?

This was amazing.

On the other hand, the fanatics who saw this were shocked.

“W-what? A stream of fire!”

“No… way! Did he use skills?”

“It makes no sense! Everything here is controlled by God! God’s law is everything here!’

As long as their abilities and skills were sealed, no one could use those evil abilities. Clearly, this human was cheating.

However, their shock didn’t end there as the most surprising thing was about to start.

“I am sorry, but I need to finish this within 10 minutes!”

To be precise, there were 8 minutes left.

Jin-hyuk pulled out the Twin Dragon Swords.

As Sword Grave was activated, black energy began to move through the area. A black crescent moon fell over the sky.


Even the thorned predator realized that something unusual was happening. At that moment…


Without any pretense, his sword went out to take down his targets.

One hit.

The body of the predator, which was like a mountain, collapsed.

No time for even a scream. Only blood flowed out.

“The run is over now.”

No matter how powerful they were, it was only applicable when the players’ abilities were sealed.

All the opponents here were at the level of a named monster on the 1st floor. It meant that they wouldn’t even be proper opponents.

When the beast they believed in died, the air changed.


“H-he is a monster!”

“How can a human…!’

Relaxation turned to madness.

Those who watched the slaughter from above now had to flee to escape their own deaths. Of course, Jin-hyuk wouldn’t just stand around to watch.

“This isn’t nice. Was your life this precious to you?”

Jin-hyuk smiled coldly and took out the last pill.

[Used the black pill 'Dark'.]
[A black wall of 200 meters spreads around the caster!]

A black wall covered the entire place.

A place where they praised their God.

It was now suddenly transformed into a place that might become their graves.


Jin-hyuk frowned.

Now all that was left was to complete the hidden quest, but one thing kept running through his mind.

It wasn’t about killing because these people enjoyed the death of others.


Finding them all would take too long if so many people ran and hid.

‘I need to use a more effective method.’

It was confirmed by the system that he didn’t have to kill them directly. Just being involved was enough.



Jin-hyuk called over the players who were crouching down.

“… Uh. Yes?”

“You mean us?”

“Why are you there? Don’t you want to go home?”

The beast was already dead, you idiots.

No reason to be worried about being eaten.

“W-we can go home?”


“Sure. Get up.’

Jin-hyuk smiled.



“We are saved!’

Cheers rang out from the players. The emotions that they had been holding back exploded, but…

There was still a massive mountain in front of them.

“But can you just leave? As long as there are fanatics on the 5th floor, will we meet the same thing again?”

At Jin-hyuk’s words, their relaxed expressions became stiff again.



They really wanted to forget it.

Everyone went stiff at the thought of meeting these mad people again.

“Then what do we do?”

What could you do?

“We need to get rid of them.”

Jin-hyuk tore something out of the beast’s body.


A bone from its back, sharp and shining.

This would be enough to be used as a weapon.

“Up there, there are those who have locked you up.”

Jin-hyuk pointed to the audience.

The people who had been cheering for the players to be massacred.

“Before you get caught again in such a place, give them back what you suffered.”

Either kill.

Or die.

Those were their only two options.

Of course, there was only one choice they could make.


“I… I will kill them!”

“Never will I be locked in this damned place!”

“Fucking shithole!”

The frightened animals transformed into wild beasts.

They ran into the audience with their new weapons in hand.


“Stop them!”

The guards tried to stop them, but the difference was too much. The players ignored them and climbed into the stands.

Besides, the players had weapons, so things would get sorted.

And the fanatics will be wiped out.

For him!



The basement was soon filled with desperate screams. It was as if a war was happening.

Vengeance was always cruel.

But why?

Even in this blood-stained scene…

He couldn’t feel sympathy. Instead, it felt refreshing as they were reaping what they had sowed.

Above all, this excited him.

[Involved in the death of a wicked being]
[You have acquired 0.1 points of adaptive stat points]
[Current Adaptive Stat: 32.9]

The points kept rising even if he was just standing still. It continued to grow. He was at 33 points already.

It was so lovely to have faithful workers.

Jin-hyuk was smiling.

‘I have to move before they get to the professor.’

He was likely to be in a deeper place compared to the others, so it was a matter of time before something happened.

He would need to finish the final goal.

In the end, the players killed the fanatics who lost their actual path.

There were some people in the same place as Jin-hyuk.

The ones who had run away using the vent and left Jin-hyuk.

‘I cannot see the black woman and Asian woman.’

Only the white man and white woman were there.

What happened to those two?

“So disgusting.”

Jin-hyuk sighed.

They were startled.

The two then looked at him.

“We… are only guilty of what they told us to do!”

“R-right! We couldn’t…!’

They spoke out in defense of their actions.

“Shit! Do you think we liked it? If we didn’t kill them, we would have died! It was an extreme situation for us!”

“You don’t get a say in someone else’s life!”

Just as he thought.

They were yelling loudly. Of course, they could have killed them either by their own intent or through being forced.

“I understand what is going on. It isn’t wrong to say that it is an unavoidable situation.”

Could they be forgiven for killing someone else for their own safety?


It was perhaps not the right moral or legal action, but discussing that here was no use.

Because everyone had their own thoughts.

Above all, now wasn’t a time to be morally right.

“But it isn’t me who decides whether to save you or not.”

A voice that could not be mistaken.


A hole was punched through the heart of the players in front of him.


[You have killed the wicked being.]
[You have acquired 0.1 points of adaptive stat points]
[Current Adaptive Stat: 33.0]

The system said it.

These ones are evil too.

And that was it.

“No hard feelings, guys.”

This was sincere


The Twin Dragon Swords began to shine fiercely.

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