Chapter 173 - Destroy (2)

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“A noble of Devildom?”

Count Simon asked.

He asked, looking at the four armed giant screaming at Seigfried.

It was definitely a ferocious magi which was running around the giant. Siegfried was blocking its movement with all his might.

“Let’s hear what exactly happened, after all of this is done.”

“Elder! We will move like this!”

“As far as possible!”

Siegfried clenched his teeth and crushed the giant who was supposed to be a noble with all his might.

In his mind, he wanted to make it flat like a cloth, but it was impossible because the power of the giant exceeded his.

Jamie looked at Count Simon and then extended his arms ahead.

Fortunately, the Magic world was in a remote area surrounded by a huge forest. This meant that as long as they got this being out of this academy, they could fight in peace.


The entire space where they stood was covered with mana.

Warp was a space-based magic, which was like teleportation. It was magic that a 7th class couldn’t even do and even a Great Magician would call for an enormous amount of mana.

However, a person who just stepped into the 7th class cannot do a warp.

“… what is this?”

“Young lord?!”

Simon, who was beside him as well as Siegfried, looked back at Jamie in shock.

The mana covering the space moved up. At the same time the entire surroundings they stood in had changed.

All of them were moved elsewhere.

“Everyone seems surprised, but we don’t have the time now.”

Jamie moved first.

He didn’t know why there was a vicious four armed demon giant in the place where Javelin had to be, but this was fine.

Jamie inhaled and raised his hands up with his palms facing down.

And then dropped the hand as he memorized.

[Ifrit Hand]

The highest level magic that could be created with fire was the fiery hand of Ifrit, the Spirit King who controls fire!

A huge burning palm fell on the giant’s head.


A hand of fire swept through the forest and a tremendous pressure exploded.

When Simon saw that, he felt shocked.

“Spirit magic!”

Befitting the name ‘Crimson’, Simon was well aware of fire magic, and of course he was aware of the Ifrit Hand that Jamie used.

A spirit magic spell which was known to be the best.

Among them, Ifrit Hand was a high level magic which could only be done in 7th class.

“You keep surprising me.”

It wasn’t enough that he was a Great Magician at 8, but he was able to understand spirit magic and use it.

Simon bit his tongue and spread his arms wide.

Even if the child was a Great Magician, he wasn’t going to lose to a child.

Spells began to be chanted from his mouth at a tremendous speed. His eyes dyed yellow.

[Fire Emperor.]

In the aftermath of Ifrit Hand, the flames which had spread throughout the forest were concentrated in one place and moved according to his will.

This time Jamie was shocked.

‘He made the fire I created as his own.’

‘Fire Emperor’ is a type of magic which takes control of the fire. The magical realization which Simon obtained and the source which made him be called Crimson.

“Burn to death.”

He stretched out his hand.

[Sun Flower.]

The fire split into numerous lines and got entangled.

The seeds of the fire scattered around and colored the world red, and finally the petals were in full bloom, creating huge fire flowers.

Everything inside radiated and oxidized the surroundings.


Jamie couldn’t properly look at the huge flowers in the fire. It was because of the heat which seemed to melt the entire body if they weren’t far away.

A white light as bright as the sun was shining from the stamens.

All of them have violent power proportional to their beauty.

[Red Lotus]


When Simon called back his hands, the petals of crimson flame extinguished to a faint one.

The land where the flowers fell was charred, and the huge hole in the middle was the result of it.

Siegfried stopped suppressing the space and bit his tongue at the sight.

“What destructive power. It is like that of a monster.”

“I don’t want to hear you say that. But…”

“Yes. By the way.”

The two Great Magicians looked at Jamie.

“Did you hit 7th class?”

Siegfried continued to rub his eyes with his hands, as if it was unbelievable to him.

Simon said to Siegfried,

“You should know by now.”

“But it is so hard to believe!”

“…That is true.”

Simon, too, had to skip the conversation because of the situation, but he didn’t expect a 7th class magician at age 8.

In fact, almost all the acts of Jamie were amazing, but turning into a Great Magician was a different story.

“It just happened.”

Jamie was too lazy to explain it, so he wanted to skip it.

However, the two Great magicians weren’t the kind to let this incident go.

“Since I am your temporary guardian, I will send a letter to the Weltons.”

“I too will have to send a letter to the Royal palace as a representative. As an Eastern noble.”

“It will be a mess.”


“If the other elders see, they will scream that this is a lie. The thought of seeing their faces brings laughter to me. Puahaha!”

“Don’t laugh. Be aware of your position.”

“Why would you say that to a former slave?”

“Hmm. I guess so.”

Even if Seigfried was like this, was Count Simon like this?

Jamie smiled as he shook his head.

To him, 7th class was just a process but to others it was an incredible achievement. It will be a huge issue.

‘It’s not bad to rise high.’

It would be convenient to live in high ranks.

Contrary to the words, the higher the rank the better the treatment.

“Come on, we need to head back.”

“Aren’t we going to check the body?”

“Huh. Are you doubting my skills?”

“It isn’t that.”

Simon’s flame magic was so destructive that even Siegfried didn’t doubt it.

Actually, the huge black pit in the centre was proof of it. It wasn’t known if the demon was a noble or a strong man, but the moment it was hit by Simon’s attack, it was done.

“Unless it’s Count level it cannot stand it.”

Demon nobles are similar to human nobles, they are ranked by power.

Therefore, it can be said that all nobles have the power of master class, but the difference in ability differentiates them. Baron and Viscount weren’t too strong.

But Counts are different.

Their power is similar to that of a dragon, the strongest race on earth.

However, it was impossible for a Count class demon to appear here. If a being with such power descends here, the 12 Gods will appear to intercept it.


Normally it should be like that.


A huge presence.

Jamie, Simon and Siegfried all looked back, not wanting to be careless.

Dark red magic jumped out.

Dark clouds gradually covered the sky and the concentration of magi increased.

The enormous pressure pressing down on them, making it difficult to breathe.

And the three immediately realized.


Simon shouted at Jamie and Siegfried as he summoned his staff.

Flames engulfed him. To spread the Red Lotus once again and Siegfried manipulated the space.

The presence which was revealed was isolated into a cube. If it kept releasing more pressure then it would hurt itself.

Then Jamie?


Unlike the two, Jamie didn’t prepare anything. There was no need to.

Cause it was already too late.

“Nothing comes easy.”

And breathed mana into Beyond Avalon.

The space turned, pushing the three people away.

Simon and Siegfried looked at Jamie with confusion, but they soon understood his reason for it.


An unbelievable violent force swept through the place.

Javelin thought.

‘Ah. Am I to die like this?’

His body was torn into pieces. His entire body was so damaged that it wasn’t easy to regenerate.

There was a saying that the best defense is offence. If he can’t stop it, go into the battle with determination to defeat.

However, Siegfried was one of the best battle magicians, and his vicious strength made a knight of Devildom to give up.

‘Just a little more power, if the Demon King could give me…’

If he could rise to a Baron level and live in the Devildom.

Javelin’s dream wasn’t too huge.

Get out of here and live like a king by acquiring a small piece of land in the Devildom.

To that end, he practiced many things and followed the orders of the Demon King.

‘But… why is the Demon King so obsessed with this place?’

The Apophis was the only way to summon the ‘Demon King of Greed’ to this earth.

They had to do various things to make it easier and it worked.

It was fun. Most didn’t know they were helping in the plan to summon the Demon King, everyone begged for that drug like slaves.

Some even crossed the path of life. They might hate them a lot, but their malice would help the Demon King grow stronger.

‘I cannot do that anymore.’

Siegfried approached him, whose body was torn.

A compressed space. If he overdid it, his body would be like minced meat.

‘A pity that it ends here.’

However, since he was a demon, he followed the rank of power.

Siegfried was strong and he was weak.

‘Would I have won if I ascended to Baron?’

He was skeptical at first, Siegfried’s strength wasn’t restricted to 7th class.

His ability to deal and handle the space and the sense of battle was over his, maybe the fight would be interesting.

But Javelin wouldn’t win.

And that was sad.

‘If only I participated in the grand event five years earlier…’

What good would regret do?

Everything is done.

And he tried to give up.

-If you are going to die, hand over your body and die.

His heart raced.

He could hear the heart beating, which should have been in pieces.

Javelin’s eyes shone.

‘Ahh! It isn’t done yet!’

Dark space.

Someone was standing there and javelin reached for him.

The one standing was smiling broadly, revealing the sharp fangs.

-Well done, chess piece.

Darkness swallowed him and Javelin cheered in the fading consciousness.

Despite ending up like this, everything wasn’t done yet.

He mumbled, reaching towards the black hole.

“Long Live His Majesty, the Demon King.”

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