Chapter 174 - Destroy (3)

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A great commotion broke out in the magic world.

The source of it was to the southwest in the outskirts.

There, the news that a giant magic was spreading was relayed inside. Naturally, the elders too learned about it.

The first to move was Marquis Linmel. He jumped over the space and moved to where the magi was coming from.

Next was 4th elder Raymon, who appeared along with the 5th and 6th elder and the 1st elder too.

And then the high ranking magicians appeared one after another.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know.”

When Linmel asked, 1st elder shook his head looking at the situation.

“Surely… the magi was strong.”

He mumbled with a displeased face.

What did it mean when magi broke out in the peaceful magic world?

5th elder Luke jumped in. 6th elder followed and the rest watched.

Luke looked at the charred ground and found a lump of coal like a corpse. When he got a closer look at it, he confirmed it.

“We have a body.”

At the word ‘body’ everyone began to talk.

“It is difficult to know since it is charred from the outside.”

Adelhart asked the magician.

“Is that the mana which came from the battle?”

“Yes. And the mana was most recently used. Mana used to control the entire space too.”

“Entire space… then Siegfried?”

Come to think of it, Siegfried wasn’t here.

And it wasn’t just that.

Like Siegfried, Simon was nowhere to be seen.

So was the 3rd elder, Serpent.

“… mana in space, burnt corpse. Did two elders fight here?”

“That seems too simple, Adel.”

“Right, we won’t know until we get a closer look.”

“It won’t be that. If it was the battle of the two Great Magicians, then this entire place would have been destroyed. And the Magi is unexplained.”

Raymon landed next to them and stared at the corpse. And walked out with a hand near his face.

And green light slowly flowed from the hand and to the charred shin, it was like an eggshell burnt.

Carefully brushing the shell off, he saw the face.

“He is… Keniac Azir. A lecturer at Phoenix Academy. A 5th class magician majored in magic circles.”

“Why is a Phoenix Academy instructor here…”

“Has the damned old man, Serpent, made a contract with demons?”

“Adel, don’t jump to…”

It was the moment when Luke tried to stop her.


A great amount of magi was felt far from the magic world. And the elders all looked at where they felt it.

Linmel and Offen moved there without another thought and the other elders followed. Raymon ordered the magicians before leaving.

“Don’t follow us and make the defense of the magic world the priority!”

And with that his body disappeared. The rest of them just looked at each other with tense faces before moving to fulfil their role.

Jamie, Simon and Siegfried gulped at the same time. Even though they were hidden in here, the terror made them horrified.

The rock on which they stood disappeared. A gust of wind, which made small and large rocks fly into the air.

The only traces left was of the giant tiger which was wielding its front paws. No one could speak.

It was a shock.

“How did you respond so quickly?”

A voice which had to be that of the demon. And the playful voice seemed to belong to a young man.

“Why aren’t you answering?”

Siegfried and Simon were speechless.

They were overwhelmed by the ferociousness that this demon gave out. Neither Siegfried who was a talented genius, nor Simon who reached 8th class could fathom the enemy’s level.

A feeling of despair as if facing a dragon in front of them.

The demon with its eyes smiling spoke.

“But, do you think I can’t attack just because you are hiding there?”

The demon looked down on them and raised magi to attack again. At that moment, only Jamie reacted to it.

‘All Might.’

Leaving behind the immobilized Great Magicians, Jamie used his artefact.

At the same time, the other side of Beyond Avalon was removed. And he found a demon with bright redskin and grey hair as sharp as thorns, and similar to a human body.

“Coming out suddenly?”

When Jamie suddenly appeared, the demon mumbled shocked.

“Are you better than those two?”

The demon looked straight at Siegfried and Simon and asked. Still, the two were unable to move because of the demon.

So how could Jamie move?

The difference was, experience.

Having stood in front of enemies greater than the demons, Jamie didn’t think much of it.

Which was why Jamie was able to ignore the pressure and move.

“Right! Do anything! Hahaha!”

The demon burst into laughter as if he found it fun.

Looking back, the Baron demon they met too had a similar expression in Apton.

That is what demons are. They judge anything weaker than them as a joke.

In the eyes of the demon, the three Great Magicians were just toys. And he had the power to play with them.

The demon shouted.

“You first!”

“Young lord!”

Siegfried tried to reach for Jamie’s robe, but his hand didn’t reach as Jamie moved ahead.

“You seem brave?”

The demon laughed and moved ahead too. It let out an eerie laugh as it swung the thick claws of the right hand.

That was it.

The attack which turned the huge mountain into dust in one blow.

“Can you stop this?”

Humans don’t act seriously with ants. Even if they see ants trying to fight, they will laugh.

And the demon was doing the same. The only thing better was that humans kill ants with their feet, while here it is using the hands.

It was a bit unfortunate. If he had treated Jamie as an ant, he would have tried to kill him by tramping him with his feet.

‘It would have been better if he was more careless.’

But it was greed.

What Jamie wanted from the demon was carelessness. To be given a chance to act out against a strong opponent.

Don’t bother thinking about the Count level demon which appeared, but do what you need at all costs.

Right, in order to survive, choose any means and methods.

“From now on, please keep everything you see a secret.”

Jamie spoke to the two men.

He opened up his new magical realization with clenched hands.

[Sword of Fusion: Convergence.]

He could feel the power of magi in his fingers. And Jamie used the Futility Divide.

And crash.

A great force came. It looked like the sword would break too.

Jamie expanded the output of All Might to maximum all the physical shock on his body disappeared.

And at the same time.


Magi began to flow through Scud’s blade.

The demon seemed shocked.

The moment his sword and the nails of the demon collided, there was no doubt that the sword had to break. But this was strange.

‘Is he sucking in my power?’

Magi was being sucked in as if he was being one with humans and the sword.

There were many in the Devildom who made others’ powers their own. It was annoying, but thanks to them he learnt a lot.

His eyes smiled and so did his lips.

“Take more!”

All he had to do was give out more than they could absorb.

And they would die.

The human child will die more easily. In the first place, such a small body cannot handle his enormous magi.

But the human child laughed.

“I was waiting for that.”

He wondered if the demon was smart.

Even the strong aren’t careless. And normally things pass down from one demon to another. However, this demon constantly looked down on Jamie from the start. That meant there was a time when he was looked down on.

So, in this situation he tried to use force. And put ‘what if’ into his calculations.

‘And he took the bait.’

Strong against the weak, stronger against the strong.

A sword which contains magi.

The enhanced Leviathan captured the demon’s magi.

The power was so great that it put weight on his shoulders, it was a huge shock even though All Might was being used.

This demon was stronger than the baron demon he met in Apton.

The shock he was receiving would be several times in real situations and Jamie’s eyes shone a bright purple.

[Darkness Return!]

Pull everything.

And accept it.


For the first time, instead of a smile another expression appeared on the demon’s face. It was a shock.

The dark sword began to push the claws, the hands and arm.

Using his own magi on him!

‘It wasn’t just absorption?’

The demon, Berias frowned watching himself being pushed.

He thought the child was an ant, but he was a superior beast.

As a young child, he thought he would be nothing and then felt the power of a Baron or Viscount from him.

‘This is fun?’

The experience of getting this from the weak wasn’t bad.

But more than that, it felt absurd.

“This is all you can do.”

He didn’t have just one hand.

“I will kill you at once for the price of peeling the ‘shell’.”

The left arm went up. Twice, no three times the magi from the right hand.

“Die in peace.”

He smiled and lowered his left arm.

“Talk later, there are important things now.”

At that moment, Berias’ arm was blocked by an invisible wall. Seeing that he wasn’t moving, it was like he was trapped in space.

This seemed like some joke. It was like a sand castle which could be crushed down with the smallest force.

That was what the demon thought until golden flames flowed into it.

“You better give a nice explanation. Jamie Welton.”

Count Simon too unfolded the magic spell.

“7th elder. Hold him tight.”

“Feel free to do it quickly.”

[Golden Flare]

A golden flame which far exceeded the temperature of the sun exploded in the isolated space which surrounded the left arm of Berias.

Although the space holding the arm was shaking, Siegfried concentrated so much that his eyes were turning red.

Berias’s eyes widened at the sensation of the left arm.

Jamie didn’t miss the chance.

[Futility Divide Version: All Might.]

[Breath of the Demon Dragon with Berias]

A long sword was drawn on the chest of the half demon and half dragon, Berias.

A slash made by the demon’s own energy.

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