Chapter 175 - Destroy (4)

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Berias fell back. Before that, he touched the thick cut on his chest. Wet blood ran down his hands.

The place where his left arm should be was empty.

The rats here were aiming for the gap which was created by his carelessness.

‘How many times has it been in such a short period?’

Hundreds of years ago, there was a time when there was a battle between the nobles under the control of the Demon King of Lust.

At that time, Viscount Beria defeated the strong and ascended to the Count position.

However, he couldn’t go beyond the rank of Marquis Ignis. Hundreds of years later, his body still remembered that defeat.

How are the wounds now compared to back then?

‘It is insignificant.’

Right, if he put his mind to it, he could win again. However, the fact that he was able to be wounded like this was a shock.

No matter how careless he was, was it possible to get this hit?

‘Isn’t it more strange to be alert around bugs?’

Even poisonous bugs are bugs.

It was normal to not be able to inflict wounds on Berias who had dragon blood.


The flying body fell to the floor.

There was no shock. If he was someone who was shocked at the wound, he wouldn’t have been able to become a Count.

He stood up. Blood which was flowing stopped. The wound will heal sooner or later.

The tickling in his left arm meant that his arms would regenerate in 10 minutes.

“Your pride seems hurt.”

And shame too.

He was disappointed by the fact that the beings which were bugs were able to hit him. He pulled out a long nail from his right hand and stabbed his left shoulder.

“This is a punishment for me.”


The shoulder was ripped off. Since the nails had magi on them, even their own body will not be able to regenerate smoothly.

At least until this fight was done, he would be one armed.

This wasn’t a handicap for the enemy. He did that as a punishment for his carelessness.

This was because at least with the loss of an arm, he would fight properly.

“Woah. When I return, I will be slapped by the Demon King. I will have to listen to the insult of that bastard, Ignis.”

Getting a chance to come over to earth is a difficult situation.

In fact, it should have been Viscount DeMold who had to be here.

However, after coming here, if he returned like this, the Demon King of Lust would be very angry.

Marquis Ignis would be giggling right next to him and smiling.

“Well this is karma.”

A human child looking down on him.

The sword which absorbs the magi and releases it back. Exceeding the expectations, he gave out a strong slash too.

If it was a normal human child, they wouldn’t have been able to inflict such a wound.

‘The thing I should be most weary of is the human kid.’

The others were just simple factors.

Berias widened his feet and bent his knees.

He lowered his upper body and put his right hand to the ground and raised his head up. At the same time, his pupils changed, something like wings wriggled behind him.


A pair of black film-like wings spread out along the body.

In the Devildom, Berias’ nickname was ‘Demon Dragon’.

The only dragon in Devildom. As he flapped the wings, the forest began to move.

And Berias began to exert his power.

While Berias was checking his condition. Jamie and the others were keeping an eye on what was happening.

“He cannot have died with that one attack.”

“Has to be a Count. The left was removed but will grow back quickly.”

“He won’t be careless any longer. We must hold on until the other elders come. And even if it means to abandon the magic world, people need to be evacuated.”

The enemy’s power was a high one, Count.

He wasn’t a Duke of the Devildom. If it was a Duke then he wouldn’t be much different from the Demon King.

Since it was such a strong existence, the attack they did wouldn’t even work on them.

If a Duke level demon appeared, the Seldam Kingdom would have ended right away.

“7th elder. Can we contain this space?”

“Young lord. Are you sane right now? The three of us cannot defeat it.”

“It will be fine.”

“Jamie Welton. Is it because of the black mana?”

At Simon’s words, Siegfried too looked at him.

This wasn’t the situation to ask about it, but Jamie’s request couldn’t be understood.

“I don’t know if the mana you use is the same as the ones warlocks use, but it will be troublesome if others notice it. But look at the situation. It is impossible for us to defeat him alone.”

Although Simon is an 8th class great magician, unless the opponent was higher than him, he was a monster.

It was impossible for him to comply with the request to contain them in a space in a situation where the other elders might come and question their reason for it.

“The elders must have departed by now. Young lord, I don’t know what happened, but trust me this time.”

“You two are mistaken.”

Jamie shook his head at those words.

The presence below is getting stronger and stronger.

He was greatly offended with their attack and was coming to kill them all. In that case, it didn’t matter if the elders would come or not.

‘Unless a group of Sword Masters came…’

Or all the elders reach 8th class.

But that cannot happen now. So he had to be adventurous. An adventure to intercept the strong at the road of death and life.

And Jamie was the most suitable ‘dark magician’ for that attack.

“Give me strength. If not, the aftermath may hurt elsewhere.”

“… young lord?”

“Are you serious?”


The dark magician, who was the strongest, obtained just a fraction of realization.

What it meant was simple.

‘Now, there is a small possibility.’

The gap between 6th and 7th class was huge.

Now that Jamie broke that wall, Jamie had no intention of losing to a Count level demon. There was a long way to go, but today he took a huge step ahead. And it was clearly a step different from what others take.

“Don’t let the shock reach out.”

What did he prepare to say such a thing?

Instead of answering, Siegfried put his hands together and began to memorize the spell. The space they were in with the demon was being blocked.

Simon checked the magi from below and stood close to Jamie.

“Thank you, both.”

They didn’t have much time.

The magi was expanding rapidly right below them, and almost ready to attack.

Jamie retracted the sword and held just his staff. His eyes were dyed in purple and black mana began to rise around his body.

[A bird which cries in solitude. I am a stranger who doesn’t allow light. Standing alone in the dark world, nightmare erasing everything.]

A veil of darkness unfolded around him.

[There is an enemy trying to destroy the world. Over there, an enemy trying to swallow the darkness is watching. There is someone who claims to be the master who will destroy this world]

Black wings spread from below. Towards where they stood, magi exploded.

[Don’t cry. The place where you stay will not disappear just because you lose everything.]

It was a dragon.

A long, black, thorny snout spread out.

The breath of magi flew into it.

[Darkness in the world cannot be taken away.]

Siegfried tried to push Berias away.

It was his magical realization ‘manipulation of space-time coordinates’. However, a Count of Devildom transcends space.

As the large body that was being pushed spread out the wings, the distance narrowed in an instant.

[Go your way. Spread out your will.]

Simon’s body was dyed in red and the red lotus was in full bloom.

Flames over the stems which locked in the air, wanting to melt that Demon Dragon.

However, the dragon just swung the wings and put it out.

Siegfried and Simon turned desperate and looked at Jamie.

He couldn’t hear their voices, but he knew what their faces were saying.

[The enemy is right in front of you.]

Berias opened his mouth.

Black magi formed in the throat and spurted out.

(Dragon Breath)

A unique power which just the dragon race had. A ray of destruction.

It stretched out and attacked Jamie. But Jamie didn’t look away.

He finished the spell and looked at the world which was changing black.


Darkness enveloped the darkness. Berias felt his Breath being eroded.

It was the breath with his full power, yet he couldn’t feel it.

He looked at the darkness which covered the world with trembling eyes.


The darkness felt familiar.

He didn’t know why this young child was dealing with darkness, but this felt unique like the Demon King of Lust, whom he worshipped.

It was then.


Consciousness was shaken.

A mighty force coming through the space for him.

Berias couldn’t get his mind around what was happening.

“D-Demon King?”

The Demon King of Lust forcibly crossed the dimension, even though it was just the image of a soul, it felt like he could be crushed by it.

“Kuak… Demon King! It isn’t possible! Even if the 12 gods are in fights among themselves, they wouldn’t miss it if he descended!”

But his master was the reckless kind.

Berias tried to endure for the sake of his master, but it was impossible for a Count to deny entrance to a Demon King.


Berias lost consciousness and there stood a full plate knight with black smoke around.

The knight drew the sword, raised it and said,

[End it.]

The world began to vanish.

“It has to be here, but I don’t feel anything.”

“Maybe the space was isolated.”

Linmel and Offen arrived where the battle between Jamie and Beria was happening. And the forest looked peaceful.

The birds were chirping, the grasshoppers too.

However, the two Great Magicians who reached 8th class noticed that this wasn’t it.

“7th elder?”

Linmel answered Luke’s question.

“Has to be. it seems like he isolated the space in fear of damage.”

“Can he subdue a demon with his power alone?”

“I don’t know.”

Offen shook his head.

“Perhaps the entire magic world is in trouble with this enemy, so he must have isolated the place.”

“… did Siegfried always have such heroic thoughts?”

As Adelhart said, Linmel glared at her.

“Do not underestimate the 7th elder. Whatever it was, it is clear that there is a fight here.”

“Was the 8th elder in with him?”

“I don’t know. Luke. Lead the magicians and evacuate everyone from the magic world.”

“4th elder! That…!”

Luke tried to deny the request but elder Raymon and Offen stopped him from speaking.

“4th elder is right. Please ask the 5th elder. 6th elder help the 5th elder.”

Luke and Adelhart looked at each other and others with discomfort.

Regardless of how they were with each other, they were the strongest magicians of the Seldam Kingdom.

If the space in which Siegfried was broken, what would happen would be their responsibility.

Luke too wanted to help them, but he was obligated to protect the citizens of the magic world.

He didn’t like that it had to be him who had to do the last, but the top three elders were stronger than him.

“I understand.”


When Luke accepted it, Adelhart grabbed his arm, but he just looked at her and nodded.

Raymon smiled at them.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s go.”

“… old men. Please survive.”

The three didn’t answer.

As Luke and Adelhart disappeared, Offen spoke.

“This seriously, is a difficult situation.”

“You should leave too. You are His Majesty’s teacher.”

“Huhu. Which is why I need to stand ahead. To set an example, right?”

“I didn’t think you would say that.”

“Enough, stop talking.”

Raymon stopped the conversation and took out the staff.

“Anytime soon.”

“Seems like it.”

“Terrifying magi.”

It was a peaceful forest, but there weren’t any beginners who couldn’t feel it. In particular the little magi coming out of the cracks in the space was sending chills down their spine.

“Let’s set an example for the children.”

“Sounds good.”

“To see you two holding hands in the battlefield… the sun will rise in the west tomorrow.”

“I wish I could see the sun tomorrow.”

They moved while spreading small jokes.

The isolated space began to break away.

The moment they broke it.

“… what is this!”

“The sky!”

It ended.

Purple darkness, the night had come.

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