Chapter 176 - After a Long Time (1)

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“… Luke.”

“What the hell is happening?”

Luke was unable to answer Adel’s call and looked at the purple sky. That ominous huge presence.

It was as if he witnessed this with his eyes just before the world was ending. He watched the situation below.

“R-Run away!”

“We need to get out of here.”

“Keep order! Order!”

“You will be hurt! Everyone slow down!”

It was abyssal.

People who had evacuated the Magic world in an orderly manner at first were now frightened looking at the purple sky and began to run.

The magicians were dealing with it, but it was impossible to handle so many people.

“5-5th elder. The citizens are in a state of confusion. They are out of control!”

“We have wounded on street 3!”

“The Atrain fell causing deaths of many!”

“Some magicians are fleeing with the citizens!”

The city was collapsing fast. Although there was no damage yet, the people were the ones causing the secondary damage.

Luke nodded.

The moment he saw that purple sky, he too desperately wanted to leave the place.

The reason he couldn’t do it was because of the responsibility and superior disciple he had.

If he was lacking either of it, he wouldn’t be much different from others. The purple sky was truly the madness of the Devildom.

“The defense?”

“All the magic towers are on standby, waiting.”

All in preparation for an unexpected invasion from outside, they had powerful magic weapons built.

“Can the central towers, ‘Dimension Breaker’ be activated?”

“We have 5 A grade mana stones.”


Magic weapon, Dimension Breaker.

The strongest weapon created by the high ranking magicians.

Five A grade mana stones were used, and they could be used only once, so it wasn’t easy to decide.

The power wasn’t even seen by Luke till now. It wasn’t just Luke. Even their king or other elders too didn’t see.

Dimension Breaker is only triggered when the Seldam Kingdom is in great crisis.

And Luke thought it was today.

‘I wish I didn’t have to use it at all…’

But it was just a wish.

Luke said, looking at Adelhart.

“Adel. You lead the refugees safely.”

“Luke! Are you really going through?”

“In this situation, someone has to remain here. And you are weaker than me.”

“What cowardly words are that!”


At Luke’s words which lost their playfulness, Adelhart clenched her hand with tears in her eyes.

Clenching her hand, she looked at him and warned.

“If you die, I will kill you.”

“… I will try.”

Adelhart and her men headed towards the people.

Since Adelhart specialized in psychics, she could handle them safely by suppressing their fear.

All that was left was for Luke to give out the command to the battle magicians.

“Everyone, hold tight.”

Despite them all being far apart, they were telepathically connected, so everyone heard him.

“And… let us all survive.”

The magicians all looked at the purple sky. In a form ready to engage in battle at any moment.

Jamie slowly opened his eyes.

Someone broke into the dark space he spread out. And it didn’t stop there, but robbed a part of darkness and made it his realm.

A strong presence.

Earlier, the demon dragon now seemed like a child in front of this one.

‘What happened?’

He couldn’t understand it.

The dark space Jamie unfolded was his own realm, ‘Chaotic Ocean’.

It was a deadly terraforming magic created to deal with enemies stronger than himself.

Even though he was still in an incomplete state because of the child’s body, he could defeat the Demon Dragon.

Had it not been for this unexpected situation.

‘It can happen if a stronger demon descended, but… how did it usurp my Chaotic Ocean?’

Chaotic magic is a black magic which assimilates his black mana with space. In other words, it is impossible to rob unless they have the same black mana.

It wouldn’t work even for the 12 Gods.

This shouldn’t have happened at all,



The darkness was telling him.

Jamie got up. Purple eyes shining more intensely and the black mana began to be amplified under the influence of Chaotic Ocean.


An arm came out through darkness. It was an arm with a black armor. The darkness was grabbed with the hand.

Chaotic Ocean shook. The color of the darkness didn’t change, but Jamie could feel it.

‘It is encroached again.’

Starting with the captured part, Chaotic Ocean’s initiative was easy for the opponent.

Jamie’s eyes shone.

Could it be that someone took his black mana?

In the present world, the traces of Diablo Volfir are scattered everywhere.

A hand grabbed the darkness and pulled on it. Another arm appeared from the space, grabbed the darkness on the other side, spreading it wide.

The right foot came out of the hole, and the head and torso then came the left leg.

A being armed with full armor, giving out a black smoke stood in front of Jamie.

And Jamie knew it right away.

‘Demon King.’

It had to be that.

He didn’t know why the Demon King didn’t show hostility, but thanks to that he was able to breathe.

Why did the Demon King appear here?

The Demon King’s enemy is the 12 Gods.

And there was no way that the 12 Gods were unaware of his appearance, and the descent of a Demon King cannot be missed, and that would allow the 12 Gods to come here as well.

But the 12 Gods didn’t appear.

And Jamie’s left hand didn’t shake or tingle, so he cannot talk to Pyro now.

Jamie looked at the Demon King with a nervous face. He couldn’t speak and a moment of silence passed as he decided to talk.

“Are you the Demon King?”

No answer.

Jamie frowned and tried to ask again,

“I asked if you are the Demon…”

-What are you?

The soul seemed to vibrate.

Just a couple words, yet it felt like Jamie’s soul shuddered.

Jamie could barely breathe.

Anger and pity at the same time. In the past, he would have stood with his shoulders wide looking down on the opponent.

Whether it was a Demon King or a God!

‘Right. I am Diablo Volfir.’

No matter how weak he was, the essence within him didn’t change.

Jamie raised his chin and looked at the opponent and crossed his arms.

He is not going to be pressured by the Demon King.

That was what he was aiming for.

The Demon King’s eyes shone at that sight.

-I cannot know.

He bowed head and then asked.

-How can you handle this power and be able to look at me like that?

Unlike the first, he spoke for a long time.

Jamie, who had endured it, took a deep breath and answered.

“I don’t know the meaning behind the question. This is my strength and power, I am not a fool who bows before the strong.”

-It is impossible. Your level cannot handle my presence. Here, too, I am being careful. So it is right for you to bow your head.

The being slightly raised the right hand and lowered the index finger.

Jamie’s stiff neck was being pushed down, but he endured clenching his teeth. Because of that, the black mana around was seething.

The being lowered the finger harder.

Blood began to drip from every hole in Jamie’s face, yet Jamie didn’t bow and looked straight at the enemy.

It hurts to die, but it was better to die than surrender to the enemy.

That was what Jamie and Diablo Volfir believed. No one can trample on that.

Stubborn. It might be arrogance for others.


The force was growing stronger.

The bones at the cervical vertebrae were broken. The joints in the body seemed smashed.

Jamie let terrible neuralgia, but he forced the black mana to flow through the body and hold his position.

-Impossible. It is impossible for more human beings like him to exist.

It wasn’t known what he was talking about, but Jamie was wide eyed.

Blue lines spread over his skin, blood vessels were ruptured.

-You are like him!

At that, the being stretched the arm and Jamie was pulled in. He couldn’t stop.


Jamie was grabbed by the neck and coughed blood as he opened eyes with difficulty.

He looked at the helmet.

The face couldn’t be seen. It was because everything inside it seemed dark. Except for one thing.

‘… purple eyes?’

Jamie’s eyes trembled.

It wasn’t surprising when the Chaotic Ocean was encroached. If they had the black mana he had, it was possible.

But having purple eyes wasn’t a possibility.

It was the only identity that Jamie and Diablo Volfir had. It was the light which could be called his source.

Those who were endowed with that color were among the creatures of Diablo.

Could it be someone of his powers which spread to the world and they inherited the purple color?

“Y-ou, how do you have that pur…”

His voice cracked.

He was grabbed by the throat, and it seemed like his vocal cords were broken.

-That is my question! Why are you eyes like that! Why are your eyes purple like his?!

“That… is my question.”

Jamie tried to get the fingers around his throat away with his hands.

But it didn’t change,

No matter how much he tried, the hand catching him didn’t even shake.

He gave up and asked.

“You, why do you have my powers?”

-… your powers?

“Yes. My black mana… why does an ugly demon like you have it?!”

Jamie released black mana. The presence of the armor unknowingly let go of his throat and with a look of bewilderment took a few steps back.

-No way… his- his legacy must have been cut!

“Cough! Cough!”

Jamie grabbed the neck and coughed over and over again.

His lungs seemed to be wounded.

No, forget that, his entire body seemed like a mess.

With a painful expression, Jamie let Pyro’s holy power flow through him.

He wasn’t sure why Pyro didn’t come, but he was lucky to use her holy power.

The messed up body returned to its original state slowly.

Jamie lifted his head and looked at him. It was shocking how this being was covering the face with both hands and moving a step ahead and back.

-What happened? All of his things were erased… didn’t the 12 Gods completely erase the traces?

And he looked at Jamie.

-Explain your existence.


-If you don’t explain.


The space shook violently.

The entire world might collapse.

The force roared.

Jamie thought that this felt familiar. But he couldn’t remember it.

It was then.

-If I don’t understand how you got Mr. Volfir’s power, I, the Demon King of Lust, will drop you to hell.

And the Demon King took off his helmet and shouted.

A familiar face.

Dark black hair, long and purple eyes, a large scar in place of a nose and closed lips.

Jamie slowly called out the name.



The first undead created by Diablo Volfir, and the dark Knight who always stood at the forefront of the battles.

“You are Traika?”

At that question, the space which was shaking stopped.

Traika, the Demon King of Lust.

Looked at Jamie in disbelief.

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