Chapter 178 - The First (1)

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Traika bowed his head.

There was no exchange of words between them.

And Jamie silently waited for him. Moments later, Traika raised his head and asked Jamie,

“What happened? Why-why did you have to send me to the Devildom?”

“… I didn’t know it was the Devildom.”

Jamie recalled that time.

“Then… my only thought was to keep all my children, including you, away from me. Defeat was certain.”

He couldn’t kill Zenith in the last fight.

And that was his last chance.

If Zenith had been killed, there would have been 11 Gods, and those bastards would have had a hard time standing up to Diablo.

However, he failed and the 12 Gods united.

He had sensed defeat.

If he tried to fight with all his strength, he would have endured for a little longer.

However, that wouldn’t change the result, and it was clear that all his children would die bitterly.

“I didn’t want that.”

Diablo didn’t think of them as tools. They had fought together for far too long for him to think of them like that.

They were his family, his friends.

Even though he died, they had to survive. So he ordered all his familiars and Undead to leave. Since the order was absolute, they couldn’t disobey it.

But Traika was an exception.

-I will perish by the side of Master. Even if you order me to leave, I will disobey. Because that is the privilege my Master bestowed upon me.

The dark knight whom he trusted the most.

The undead knight who always took the lead in battles, was the only one not bound by orders.

It was set that way to win the wars. Because he knew that the Gods could be defeated.

But when things got worse, there was no way to let him stay. So the decision was to move him to another dimension.

He wanted Traika to live until the black mana died.

“But I didn’t think the place I moved you to was the Devildom. I am sorry.”

“It is fine. Because of that I was able to meet Master again.”

As said, if he wasn’t sent to that place, the black mana would have been exhausted.

As a result, Devildom was the right choice. It was the most annoying place though.

“But that body…”

Traika scanned Jamie’s body.

Compared to his previous life, he looked insignificant. Although he was strong for a human, there were plenty of people stronger than him now.

“What will you do? With such a body, there is no chance of insulting those 12 Gods…”

“Traika. This body just began.”

“What does it mean?”

“It has been 8 years since I was born. It’s only been less than a year since I developed my strength.”

At that, Traika’s eyes widened.

If the strength was achieved in less than a year, the story was different.

‘With just the memories of the past, he faced Berias with just less than one year of growth!’

Berias the Count Demon Dragon under him had great potential.

It was because he had the blood of dragons within him.

If he was trained for another 100 years, he would reach Marquis rank.

But Jamie faced him with less than a year of training.

‘If we fought properly, we wouldn’t have trouble with our current strength either!’

Traika looked at the two humans outside the Chaotic Ocean.

Even with their help, Berias would be a tough one to defeat.

“As expected of my Master.”

“Don’t do that, even if that was the case, it is true that my strength isn’t what it was.”

“If you were able to be this strong in a year, won’t you recover by 10 years?”



Despite being away for so long, he still treated Jamie as his Master.

And Jamie was grateful for it. It was because it wouldn’t be strange for him to be killed in the weakened state he was in.

“What about you? I know you went there, but how did you get that power?”

Traika was the Demon King.

The highest Undead, Dark Knight, was strong, but it couldn’t be compared to the 12 Gods or Demon King.

What happened there?

‘In my current state, I can’t even measure Traika’s power.’

One thing was certain, it was a presence now who couldn’t be pushed even with Diablo’s power.

“I can’t sum it in a nutshell. It has been so long.”

Unlike the Behemoth who had been sleeping for thousands of years, Traika endured it.

Had he not been an Undead, his mind would have collapsed.

“I understand.”

“I will pass on the memories.”

Traika touched his temple with his index finger.

As soon as he removed his index finger, a purple thread flowed out.

“It is so vast that I couldn’t capture all of it.”

“Even if I had been in my previous form, I wouldn’t have been able to endure 60,000 years.”

“Must be true.”

Traika smiled and ran the purple thread through Jamie’s head.

Jamie’s eyes flashed as the memories began to flow one after another. Jamie who scanned it couldn’t say much.

‘… must have been miserable.’

Even if they weren’t the full ones, everything he saw showed struggle.

Fight, kill, eat.

To survive, to be strong.

Humiliation and held back anger.

A time of hardship.

All for the sake of his Master.

Jamie looked at Traika.

Looking at the eyes of the Dark Knight, they weren’t much different from the past.

‘Though he went through such a difficult time, he didn’t change.’

He couldn’t say anything.

And he felt guilty at the thought of being irresponsible.

He felt sorry for Behemoth, Jormungand who was somewhere, and the others too who might be alive.

“Thank you.”

He didn’t want to make excuses.

He simply bowed his head towards Traika.


Jamie suddenly bowed his head and Traika walked to him in surprise.

“Don’t do that.”

“No. You suffered so much because of me.”

“… that must be expected when one says they will be loyal.”


Jamie felt his heart ache.

He didn’t question why it arched.

He got rid of emotions, but now he knew.

‘It was just nothing more than a suggestion.’

He just believed that he removed his emotions.

So he chose to deny everything. But over the past year, he had been through a lot and slowly came to know.

‘Emotions are alive.’

Even at this moment, wasn’t he feeling guilt and gratitude for his subordinate?

The emotions he first saw when he met Rebecca, when Ricky threw himself to save him and when he let Venna go.

The past and present life were different.

The way he moved and how he acted were all different.

So he decided.


“Yes, Master,”

“I will kill the 12 Gods.”

“Wise words.”

“But it is impossible now.”

He was lacking in everything.

He just broke through the 7th class, but at least he was now at the starting point.

His power in his previous life surpassed 9th class.

At that level, it could be said to be equivalent to the 12 Gods. However, even that failed to achieve the goal in the past.

“If you have any orders for me, feel free to ask.”

“I have no orders now.”


Jamie raised the black mana. Traika looked at him.

The sharp eyes turned around and black hair turned to a soft emerald.

Needless to say, his height was smaller and his voice was like a child’s.

Even so, his Master’s past form overlapped with this small body.

“When the day comes, I will call you…”

And Jamie continued.

“And let’s fight together.”

He wasn’t going to fight alone.

That would be disrespectful to his subordinates.

And he realized it too late.

Traika nodded.

“It is something I have been wanting to hear for tens of thousands of years.”

“Thank you again, for waiting.”

“I will be with you until the very end, Master.”

The relationship which was tightly linked.

Siegfried saw the sphere large enough to occupy them.

He could feel the torrent of power which he was feeling for the first time and an ominous feeling too.

It felt like a little more and he could be sucked.

“Jamie made this…”

Being shocked, Simon went closer to the sphere.

“It is dangerous.”

“Staying here is dangerous. Getting close cannot be any more dangerous.”

Even Seigfried, who tried to stop him, thought he was right.

He looked at the sky, from a certain moment the sky was dyed purple and this was a different feeling.

As Simon said, nothing can be more dangerous than staying here.

He was also curious about this sphere. And it got better as they knew there was no going back.

So he followed Simon and approached the sphere.

“Such huge mana. No, is this black mana?”

“I don’t know. What is certain is that it feels different from a dark magician’s own.”

“I would like to do a few experiments.”

Simon was a ferocious experimentalist.

He was the type of person who liked to experiment and satiate curiosity.

On the other hand, Seigfried was a pragmatist, he had no desire to know of this black mana.

Yet, he still wanted to try touching it.

“7th elder. Even if you are greedy, you shouldn’t do that, you could die.”

Siegfried unconsciously placed his fingers close to the sphere.

A little more and his hand would have reached it but it was clear something happened.

“… thanks.”

“Enough of that. Rather, I don’t know what is going on inside.”

“Inside the sphere is a completely different space, I cannot use my magic.”

“You can’t see through the space, 7th elder? Jamie, what is he up to…”

What secret did he have?

The two of them frowned.

“Rather, he must be safe, right?”

“If he died, this would have been lifted.”

The black sphere was fine. This meant the caster was alive.

Magi was a sensitive thing, so even the slightest influence on the caster’s mind would upset it.

There were no exceptions. Conversely, taking control of the opponent’s magic was also a hard thing.

The Demon Dragon was strong, but not strong enough to steal from Jamie.

So, it was possible both were alive in there.

‘It is a situation of losing one’s mind and running wild knowing we cannot intervene.’

But what if Jamie was hurt?

Siegfried clenched his fist and blood gushed out.

Anger surged over him at the thought of it. It was the same with Simon.

The two looked at the black sphere without another word.

It was then.

“It is breaking!”

At Simon’s scream, a crack began to open.


Cracking like an egg, a purple light leaked out of it.

Simon and Siegfried spread back preparing to attack if the demon was coming.

Then, as the sphere shattered a purple energy swept through it.

“7th elder!”


Siegfried immediately formed a seal and began to isolate this space to make sure the purple energy couldn’t flow out.

Simon brought out fire to contain it.

If the enemy survived, he wanted to charr it.

The two looked at the centre of the sphere.


A sigh.

And Siegfried’s eyes widened.

“I think I will live.”

Jamie who said that started to fall down with a tired smile.

“Young lord!”

Siegfried approached Jamie with a bright smile.

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