Chapter 179 - The First (2)

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Before Jamie came out.

The two were able to only greet and speak of the past.

“It’s nice to see you again like this.”

“I, too, am thrilled to know that my Master is alive.”

“You’ll be able to meet the other guys soon.”

“… other guys?”

Jamie walked around with his hands behind his back. The interior of Chaos Ocean was completely dark, but to them darkness was the same as the light of the day.

“Behemoth is alive. And Jormungand is also possibly alive.”

“… those guys!”


As Jamie spread out his right hand, black mana bubbles spread and a bat with big eyes popped out!

Traika who saw it was wide eyed.



Tears welled up in Black’s eyes as it looked at Traika and flapped its wings like it was calling for him. Black clung to Traika’s face and wept.

“Hahaha! Oh my! To meet like this once again!”

Kik… kik.

“I still can’t understand a thing that you are saying! Hahaha!”

The only ones who could communicate with Black were Behemoth and Jormungand.

To Traika, Black was a cute pet bat.

Look. Even now, instead of being treated like the 3rd generation summons, they were hugging each other.

“You are still plump, Black!”


In the past this behaviour of Traika’s called for a battle, but now Black was so happy that it just accepted it.

Jamie looked at them and suddenly thought.

‘If I had just shown him Black right from the start… I wouldn’t have had to get beaten up by Traika.’

He was so embarrassed that he didn’t think of calling out Black.

If he had shown Black, Traika would have believed that he was Diablo Volfir right away.

Thinking that, all the bones in his body throbbed.

‘It isn’t easy to heal either.’

Traika, that bastard.

He was so messed up that he crushed his body.

Normally he could use the holy power and black mana, but it seemed like he would still have to rest to be fully healed.

“Rather, Traika.”

“Please, ask.”

Traika responded while still holding onto Black.

“What happened to magi?”

“That… I am not sure either.”

“Not sure?”


He let Black fly into the sky and continued.

“After a thousand years of losing reason and fighting like a monster, I have very few memories of that time, but it seems that something has changed in my body.”

“The magi and black mana fused?”

“Rather than fusion… it is a form of black mana absorbing the magi.”

Black mana was the power of the shadow world. In other words, it was a power created using the dimension ruled by the Dark Spirit King.

On the other hand, magi was a power which existed within the Devildom.

There was nothing but darkness in it which then could be fused.

However, it was a power that was born in a completely different dimension in a different way and existed with Traika.

‘This… maybe I should research?’

Even Jamie, the creator of Black mana, didn’t expect this to happen.

Or maybe Traika is the special one.

‘But I am the one who made Traika.’

There may have been some changes in Traika’s body while he stayed in Devildom, but after studying them all, conclusions can be drawn.

“Take this.”

At that moment, Traika took something out of the subspace and handed it to Jamie. It looked like a normal black stone, but strangely there was a letter embedded inside.

“This is?”

“A dimension stone from Devildom.”

Jamie’s eyes widened at that word.

“The dimension stone that I know?”


“It is precious…”

“When you become a Demon King you can get as much as you want.”

“Huh. Look at you.”

Jamie looked at the dimension stone.

The Dimension Stone is a fragment of the Dimensional Core, in other words, it is the core of the dimension and its energy is compressed in a stone.

On earth, it is a stone like the magic stone. Right, magic stones available in the markets were mere fragments and the core, the foundation of this place, is known to be guarded by the dragon race.

‘Simply put, it means the core of earth is in the hands of the 12 Gods.’

Dragon is one of the 12 Gods, the Dragon God Brahman.

As long as he exists, the core of the earth cannot be touched, and it is impossible to oppose them.

Which was why Jamie created Black mana.

“The stone contains magi which has been condensed for 100 years. It should be enough for research.”

Although they had been separated for 60,000 years, Traika, who came from the undead, remembered his Master’s personality.

Even if he hadn’t given the stone, Jamie would have found another way to research it.

Jamie smiled and nodded.

“Thank you. Thanks to this the research can proceed quickly.”

“And it also includes the ability to communicate with me.”


“But… it is filled with magi, so if you go near those who worship the Gods, they will notice.”

“Huhu, don’t worry about it.”


Jamie smiled and showed his left hand. And the symbol of Pyro flowed out and it began to cover the Dimension Stone.

And the magi which was radiating out disappeared like an illusion, sealed with holy power.

Traika, who saw it, panicked.

“Holy power… why…?”

“I ended up making a deal with Pyro. A good one to use.”

“An alliance with a God?”

“You should know too, the 12 Gods are currently fighting and Pyro is at the centre of it. so a useful stone to use.”

“Hm, it could be.”

“Any means and methods are alright. Even if it means to sleep with the enemy.”

“You are right.”

At that moment, Chaos Ocean began to shake.

“Time is up.”

“Are the Gods intervening?”

“They might not have sensed my presence yet. However, it would be better to get out before they do.”

Even if Traika was a Demon King, it was impossible for him to survive on the earth where the influence of the 12 Gods was huge.

He looked at Jamie sadly. The Master now was still weak compared to the past, but he knew…

This Master would soon restore his power.

No, he will reach a state beyond his heyday and condemn those Gods!

‘I don’t know how many years it will take, but it’s a fleeting moment in front of the years I have been waiting for.’

It didn’t matter if it was 1 year or 10 years. Traika could happily wait.

“Master. I look forward to the day we meet again.”

“When the time comes…”

Jamie finished the speech looking at the darkness crack open.

“We will enjoy our freedom.”

“I look forward to it.”

Traika disappeared into the darkness and Jamie looked into it.

Light began to flow into the cracks. Fatigue was rushing into a completely shattered Chaos Ocean.

Looking at the dazzling light with the eyes which loved darkness, he mumbled.

“I think I will live.”

And his consciousness faded.

It had been three days or so when Jamie woke up.

He looked around with one eye open.


Whether it was a private room, there were no other beds around him. There was a small desk next to it and a vase on it with two yellow tulips.

Jamie touched his stiff waist and forced himself up.


His whole body screamed in pain. His bones hurt and it felt like his muscles were torn. His organs felt like a mess and an unusual pain rose.


As he lay down, the pain barely subsided, and he wondered what was going on.

His head hurt beyond normal.

‘Traika you brat…’

All because of him.

His body was crumbled like a piece of paper because Traika couldn’t recognize his master and tried to crush him.

At that time he had no idea how painful it was because he endured it with black mana, holy power and adrenaline too.


It was an impossible situation where he couldn’t even lift a finger, let alone call someone.

Jamie put mana on his index finger.

And the mana flowed out.


There was no way that the body which had been broken could do any task. He managed to cast magic on the finger.

[Jamie Welton, up!]

It was to amplify it and the effect was certain.

It was noisy outside.

“Young lord!”

The first person to come was Siegfried. It wasn’t known if he stayed in the hospital all this time or if he had just arrived, but he was right in front of bed and grabbed the bed’s handle.

“Are you alright, young lord?”


The bed shook and Jamie lost consciousness again.

After a while, Jamie regained consciousness again and heard unfamiliar and familiar voices.

“7th elder. No matter how excited you were, you shouldn’t shake the bed with a critically hurt patient!”

“S-sorry. I didn’t shake it that bad…”

“Then the patient just decided to faint?!”

“I apologize.”

When he opened his eyes, he looked at a middle-aged man who seemed like a doctor scolding Siegfried.

An elder in the magic world being talked to so harshly, which meant this doctor was pretty good.

“Well, it looks like he can talk with magic, so don’t touch him and have a short conversation. Right now, Mr. Jamie is in a state where he needs rest.”

“Yes. Thank you, sir.”


A doctor who could maintain such dignity in front of the elders, was such a cool person.

Jamie watched the doctor go out.

“Phew, such a scary person he is.”

Siegfried shook his head and looked at Jamie.

And their eyes met.

The two looked at each other without a word and Siegfried smiled as he said,

“I’m glad you are awake.”

Siegfried pulled out a chair and sat next to the bed.

“Is speaking hard?”

As Jamie winked to affirm, Siegfried sighed and applied healing magic to his stomach.


It shocked his body, opened his mind and touched his head.

It was a natural phenomenon to release the tense body in an instant.

Jamie took a deep breath for a moment.

“It’s temporary recovery magic.”

“Like a priest’s recovery magic.”

“Looking at you talking nonsense, you seem to have gained your energy.”

“I don’t think I will die.”

“Don’t die. Anyway, the body is so bad that it might take three months to fully recover.”

“… three months?”

“I don’t know what you did inside, but when you came out, young lord you were on the verge of death. It is a miracle that you woke up in just three days.”

The black sphere was the Chaos Ocean.

“The aftercare?”

“Is there anything to worry about when we fought in the forest? Ah, one side of the academy was a mess.”

Where he fought with Javelin and Serpent.

Since a full scale battle took place in the subspace, there was no major damage, but the problem was that Siegfried entered the battle by blowing up the hallway.

“At the end of the day, it seems like the elder had to clean up the shit he did.”

“Calling it shit is too much. I was looking for you.”

“And got sealed right away.”

“Hm. I didn’t think they would prepare so meticulously.”


They were all planning in case they would meet with the elders. The problem was that Jamie Welton was a variable.

Had Jamie’s involvement been known, their plan would have changed and worked.

“The flower was left behind by a disciple of the young lord.”

“Ann must have come.”

“Why can’t it be Lennon?”

“Because he isn’t the kind to bring flowers.”

“Right. Well, he came with his father.”

“By the way, are you and Count Simon alright?”

“We are fine. Someone ended up playing as the dealer and tanker at the same time.”


Siegfried looked at Jamie asking why, but Jamie just coughed in vain.

“Elders too came and visited. A lot of them came in the three days.”

“But how do you know about it?”

“That… I heard from the nurse.”

Actually, Siegfried stayed in the hospital until Jamie woke up, claiming to be his guardian.

He didn’t want to say that but it was impossible to fool Jamie.

Jamie smiled,

“Thank you.”

“I was resting at home, you know? A very~ refreshing rest.”

“Yes yes. That is how it should be.”

“What do you even know?! Didn’t you learn that if you make fun of an adult you need to be spanked?”

“Didn’t you learn to not hit a patient?”

“I don’t know because I was a slave.”

Jamie had nothing to say and admitted defeat.

“Slave is a foul word.”

“It is like an invincible word!”

And the two smiled again.

But soon, Siegfried who smiled, used the proofing magic to prevent the sound inside from going out.

He felt the air inside heat up. Siegfried spoke in a serious voice like never before.

“Young lord.”


“What… was that?”

Siegfried remembered Jamie’s black mana.

It was different from a dark magician’s own, but it was black magic. It was an ominous force which couldn’t be called as black magic.

“Do the other elders know?”

“Only I and elder Simon know.”

It seems like the two decided to stay silent and keep it secret.

But as a magician, holding their curiosity must have been tough.

When he fainted, they could try and see through his memories, but the two of them seemed to have respected him and didn’t.

“First, thank you for keeping the secret.”

“Because we aren’t stupid enough to speak without knowing the story.”

“Where do I begin…’

In the situation where he had to use black magic. If he hadn’t used it against the Demon Dragon, all three would have died on the spot.

Better to be caught than to die. And fortunately, Siegfried and Simon were trustworthy.

‘I don’t know how they will act once they find out the truth…’

No regrets.

Thinking, Jamie looked at Siegfried with a serious face and said,

“I’m the first…”



“Reincarnation of the first dark magician, Diablo Volfir.”

Silence passed between the two.

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