Chapter 180 - Lord of Loneliness (1)

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Siegfried rested his elbows on his crossed legs and clenched his chin, contemplating for a moment.

Even though he revealed himself, there was no response so Jamie felt flustered.

It was a face which was thinking about how to respond to this child.

And the silence wasn’t too long or short.

Jamie listened to the ticking second hand of the clock and looked at the hospital ceiling.

It was impossible to move, so he kept looking at it. Then Seigfried spoke,

“Young lord, I have been thinking about it.”


What was he thinking?

Would he say, ‘working with dark magicians isn’t really my thing’?

Jamie thought that would be it.

It would be impossible to escape with a wounded body, and perhaps even if he tried to escape, he would be executed by the numerous magicians in the magic world.

In that tense moment, Jamie gulped when Siegfried said,

“… who is Diablo Volfir?”

Siegfried asked with a frown.


Jamie had forgotten.

There is no one in this world who knows about Diablo Volfir. Even if anyone knew, the 12 Gods would kill them.

Recently, he met a few people who knew him so Jamie thought Siegfried would also know.

“Dark magicians. Yes, I understand that you are a Dark magician since I saw it. But… Diablo Volfir’s reincarnation? Who is Diablo Volfir, putting that aside, young lord is a reincarnation?”

For Siegfried Diablo Volfir didn’t matter.


The thing only seen in books. There were people who claimed to have reincarnated, but none of those claims were proved right.

Jamie Welton said he was a reincarnation.


There are many things in the world which are hard to believe, but reincarnation is a joke, not a belief.

‘But seeing young lord Jamie…’

Jamie Welton, the greatest talent.

With that said, Jamie is a Great Magician at just 8. And not just his magic…

His sword skills were strong and it was difficult to dismiss the adult-like attitude of the child.

But somehow, it might be possible.

The most shocking thing Siegfried saw was when Jamie casually killed someone.

Even if the man had it coming, an 8 year old killing was… if he showed an innocent face afterwards, Siegfried would have thought of Jamie as a psychopath.

‘Young lord Jamie didn’t seem bothered with killing people.’

Siegfried travelled with many battle mages and his first killing was still vivid to him.

After killing for the first time he felt guilt, and excitement, and the blood began to vividly move in his body and his limbs trembled.

He couldn’t calm down. There were usually two people who can be calm after murder.

One, a psychopath or if one had murdered a lot.

And for Siegfried, Jamie was the latter. So it was difficult to understand Jamie’s character.

‘Reincarnation fits well.’

The talent, the black magic, the killing.

Siegfried felt uncomfortable looking at Jamie, but he didn’t show it.

If Jamie was a reincarnation, all this perfectly made sense. But he couldn’t admit to it.

Reincarnation, wasn’t it absurd?

Jamie spoke to Siegfried.

“I understand. Suddenly speaking of such a thing… I wouldn’t even believe it.”


“But what I am talking about now, reincarnation is an unrealistic story.”

“The past life?”

“Yes. What kind of person Diablo Volfir was and how he lived and how he got to where he is.”

Jamie looked at Siegfried.

“It is difficult to speak, so read my memories.”

“Young lord.”

“Elder should know. The only answer to that question is to directly look into my memory.”

Once black magic was discovered, reincarnation was no longer a thing which had to be hidden.

And since this happened, it would be better to be honest with each other.

‘Siegfried is a talent not to be missed.’

He thought for a long time.

Siegfried’s potential was at a level that can only be counted on his hand, even in his past life.

And making such an ally will be of great help against the 12 Gods.

‘The problem is I don’t know how Siegfried would react after seeing my memories…’

It was left to fate.

Fortunately, Siegfried didn’t follow a God. That said, it didn’t mean he would be with someone who wields black magic, but Siegfried wouldn’t betray him, that was something Jamie was confident about.

‘Maybe that is what I want to believe.’

Jamie closed his eyes and he rolled the dice. The move was up to Siegfried.

“I won’t back down.”

Siegfried said so and put his hand on Jamie’s forehead.

“I am ready.”


Siegfried nodded his head and breathed in mana.

In his head, a world very old, before the sinking of numerous civilizations unfolded.

“Is he up?”


“I hope he wakes up soon.”




Ann and Lennon were on their way to visit Jamie.

They didn’t intend to go together, but they ran into each other. If there was no ‘Jamie’ their relationship would have been awkward, after exchanging the words, silence fell.

Lennon looked at the other side awkwardly. Even though it happened three days back, the people on the streets were all smiling.

‘Even though the Demon appeared, there was no major damage to the city.’

The battle with the demon happened in the forest, and there weren’t many who were seriously ill apart from the ones who drank Apophis so they were being treated quickly.

However, due to the damage on the Academy, Phoenix Academy was temporarily closed.

This allowed Ann and Lennon to casually dress and come.

“The sun’s hot.”

“It’s April.”

Winter was gone and spring was in full swing. It was cold at night, but warm during the day.

It was cold in the night, but that was fine.

“Teacher’s tasks were done yesterday.”

“Do you have to care? He accepted us as official disciples.”


Still, it was a bit disappointing that they couldn’t see the academy. But first, their Teacher had to regain consciousness.

“That said, you asked the 8th elder to help?”

“…how do you know?”

“I just came to know.”

Ann spoke as she smiled, Lennon turned his head away.

‘Actually, that is what the 8th elder told me.’

The day before yesterday, the 8th elder, Count Simon went to visit Ann.

She was inside Gremia, so she had no idea what was happening.

Through the 8th elder, she learned what had happened and what happened to Jamie. She also found out that Lennon was the one who asked him to help.

“I-I was trying to go, but if something happened to the Teacher while I went I wouldn’t have been able to handle the repercussions, so I asked father for help.”

“Hmm~ right.”

“What is with the hum?! That is the truth!”

“Sure. Sure. Whatever.”


Ann didn’t listen and moved while Lennon broke out in cold sweat. The two, who were walking, arrived in front of the hospital.

“We’ve arrived.”

“For real? Are you a selfish person who only cares for your…”

“Okay, okay. That only makes you a fool for others.”


Lennon’s shoulder dropped and Ann tapped him and took the lead.

“I won’t tell Teacher, so trust me.”

“Trust whom?”

“Yah. Think of what kind of reaction the Teacher would have? As expected, Lennon my disciple, you are the only one!”

Lennon’s face turned red at Ann who imitated Jamie. For some reason, despite having a woman’s voice it seemed plausible.

In a low voice he mumbled.

“Noisy… take the lead.’

“You are cute!”

“Just take the bloody lead!”

“Who is screaming in the hospital?”

As he shouted, behind him came the familiar voice of a man.

Lennon looked back in cold sweat and looked at his familiar yet terrifying father.

Ann, who looked back, greeted him first.

“Good morning, 8th elder.”

“Nice to meet you too. But, my son must be unhappy to see his father here.”

“Greetings, father.”

“Huh. Don’t use words which don’t suit you.”


When Simon appeared, Lennon suddenly turned silent. Ann looked at him and covered her smiling lips.

Lennon, despite seeing it, couldn’t say a thing because of his father.

Simon just smiled looking at his son and walked ahead.

“Did you come to visit Jamie?”


“… yes.”

“Lennon, your voice doesn’t have much strength.”



Lennon glared at Ann who laughed. But he just stared at her and didn’t say anything.

Count Simon knew what was happening behind him, but pretended not to know.

“Shall we go together? I don’t know if Jamie is awake yet.”

“I want him to wake up.”

“Me too…”


“Isn’t my son curious about his teacher’s well-being?”

“Ah, no. Of course, I also want Teacher to wake up. I just started as his disciple… there are so many things I want to learn.”

Lennon sincerely thought so. At first, Jamie was someone he feared but after joining the academy, Jamie was an object of envy for him. And he didn’t tell anyone, but after hearing the heroic things he did, he even liked Jamie.

Not just Lennon.

Ann cried as she heard what Jamie did this time. Tears of sorrow that her Teacher was injured and respect that he defeated the demons wonderfully.

‘Our Teacher.’

‘Is the coolest guy out there!’

Ann and Lennon had different personalities but when it came to Jamie they thought the same.

Looking at that, Simon said,


Jamie’s room was on the third floor. And the three were walking up when the doctor approached them.

“8th elder.”

“Ah, sir. I am here to visit Jamie.”

“Good timing. Just now Mr. Jamie regained consciousness.”


“Is that true?!”

The two kids seemed more excited than Simon.

“Did Teacher wake up?”

“His condition? Is he in good spirits?”

The doctor looked at the children who were approaching him and stepped back.

“O-One after another.”

“Are there any complications?”

“It might be difficult to use magic…”

“Both of you stop.”

When they were pushing the doctor against the wall, Simon, who couldn’t watch it any longer, lifted them both up by grabbing their collars.

The children who were hanging in the air, looked at each other and then apologized to the doctor.


“We were so excited that we crossed a line.”

Confirming that their words were genuine, Simon put them down and the doctor thanked him.

“I lived thanks to you.”

“Well. Can we go up?”

“Elder Siegfried is there. I think those two are having an important conversation.”

Simon had a rough idea about what it was.

It has to be about the black magic they saw the other day.

Putting his hands on the children’s heads he said,

“You should wait a while and then come.”

“Is it something we shouldn’t hear?”

“Not yet, at least.”

At those words, Ann nodded her head, not yet, meaning they could be told later. And that was enough reason to wait.

It was a pity that Lennon couldn’t enter, but he had no choice but to stay after listening to his father’s serious voice.

“I will wait here.”

“Good. It won’t take long.”

If Siegfried was here, it meant that some of the matter was already covered. A brief summary would be sufficient.

It wasn’t too late to listen and then decide. Before heading up he told the doctor,

“Don’t contact the other elders yet.”


It wasn’t known why but the doctor who didn’t know of the magicians nodded.

Then, looking at the children he asked,

“Would you like some candy?”

Green grape candy tasted the best.

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