Chapter 181 - Lord of Loneliness (2)

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Siegfried stood in the wilderness.

The winter wind blew on the dry lands. He just stood there for a moment and felt his lips swell and skin crack.

Did such a rough land exist?

There was no rain from that dark sky, but the occasional thunder hinted at something ominous.

‘This is the memory of young lord Jamie.’

A black army rushed into the winter wilderness where there was nothing. From a distance, it was impossible to know their size.

But the closer they got, the bigger the earth shook.

It wasn’t as big as one huge one in the army, but of large and small things flocking.

Some looked like beasts and some were skeletons, some were rotten corpses and the others were knights whose armor released darkness.

Siegfried opened his mouth suddenly,

‘What are they…!’

The closer they got the more he felt. It was impossible to measure the strength of the huge army by its level.

Even the Demon Dragon he saw three days back felt ordinary here.

Each being here was strong.

A force that would have unified the entire continent which existed in the world. Numerous undead and beasts with transcendent powers.

And Seigfried knew the energy he felt from them.

‘The black mana of young lord Jamie is evident.’

These gigantic troops belong to Jamie.

But Jamie was nowhere to be seen.

‘No, since he said reincarnation, the figure before the reincarnation must be…’

Siegfried raised his eyes and tried to find the real Diablo Volfir.

But he was nowhere to be seen.

After all, finding one man in such a crowded place is no different from finding a needle in the desert.

And then the sky flashed at once! Thousands of lightning struck the ground.


Siegfried flinched and looked up. The black sky cleared up in an instant.

From there, a heavenly army with pure white wings came down.

Dazzling halo around which hurt his eyes. Despite knowing this wasn’t the real situation, Siegfried wasn’t sure how to handle this.

‘God’s army.’

A large golden carriage descending caught his eye. A carriage pulled by four Pegasus ran in the sky and someone stepped out of the carriage mid-air. A man with long indigo hair hanging down and wearing a navy blue toga.

It was a memory yet Siegfried was unable to be calm.

“Diablo Volfir!”

The man shouted.

A power in his voice, and it felt like his soul was draining by listening to it.

The man continued to speak.

“You bastard. You lost once. If you managed to survive you should have buried yourself somewhere deep and stayed there until you died. How dare you appear before me!”

The black army stopped at the man’s words.

And the heaven’s army gleamed. And a man appeared above the head of a huge beast. As soon as he saw him, he knew it was Diablo Volfir.

It was hard to see from afar, but there was a purple robe and black hair and he held a staff with strong energy in it.

Diablo Volfir, a man who was normal, answered the man.


A purple black mana gushed from Diablo.

“I have returned to restore human dignity from you.”

At that, Zenith laughed.

“Nonsense. Only when you die will the fate of the men be decided.”

“Human fate isn’t trivial for you to decide.”

“Hahaha! How pitiful you are, Diablo Volfir. A man who once claimed to be the head of humankind has been abandoned by his own people, yet you still struggle for their future! They are garbage! Bugs who don’t know grace! Pests who need to be cleaned up! And yet, you are here for them!”

“I understand their position.”

Diablo Volfir floated up.

The morale of his dark army rises enough to threaten the heaven’s army.

Zenith was also a bit confused as if he didn’t expect it. Siegfried gulped and watched them.

“So I…”

Diablo Volfir lifted the staff up.

“I’m fighting with you people for humanity’s future. So die, Zenith.”

Darkness exploded.

“Cut off his limbs and bring him before me!”

Zenith gave orders and his army rushed ahead.

Diablo Volfir didn’t command his army.

He moved towards the enemy’s army alone with a purple glare.

The dark army followed their master silently. Not recorded in history.

The prelude to the great war which took place in the distant past unfolded for Siegfried.

Great light and darkness intertwined with chaos.

It was hard to look at. Siegfried reached them. He wanted a closer look. He wanted to check the outcome. However, as if not allowed, his body was moved elsewhere.


The world was on fire.

Twelve lights were floating in the sky and Diablo was stained with blood, lying on the burning ground. The twelve lights besieged him.

-It is over Diablo Volfir.

A neutral voice, unable to know if it was a man or a woman.

Diablo, who had fallen on the floor, raised his head with difficulty. Half his face was covered in blood, yet he smiled.

“Kukuk. Right. In the end it ended up like this.”

-Don’t even think about messing around! Didn’t I tell you? You will eventually lose.

Zenith mocked Diablo.

Diablo laughed.

“How many times have you been hiding behind the other gods and talking about killing me? Quite ugly, Zenith, ugly.”

-You bastard!


As Zenith was about to go, the first spoken voice interrupted.

-… tch.

Perhaps because of the voice being higher than him, Zenith clicked his tongue.

Diablo didn’t let go.

“You are Ra’s hound. No, hound is a bit much. Maybe a very small dog?”

-Shut up!

-Diablo, don’t taunt him. Nothing changes as long as you are evil.

Stopping Zenith again, the voice warned Diablo.

The other gods just watched it. Diablo, with both hands on the ground, struggled to get up. However, as if he had exhausted all his strength, he couldn’t stand and fell down.

-You fought well. Now fall into deep sleep.

The voice said.

Diablo didn’t like it. To get sympathy from his enemy, from the foe he hated so much.

And the voice said,

-We will seal you.

At that Diablo smiled.

“You couldn’t do anything alone, yet, despite all you coming here, you couldn’t kill me,”

With dark purple eyes, he stared at the 12 Gods.

“Come on. Seal me. But when I wake up again!”

The dark magicians smiled more sullenly and warned.

“Your dazzling light will be dyed black, and you will not die in despair but beg for death!”

And the voice said,

-… look forward to it.

And the seal of light which started from the gods struck him.


Siegfried reached out to block the light. However, it was impossible for him, who was just watching to intervene. Light covered the entire place and Siegfried covered his eyes with his hands.




Siegfried was back.

He paused for a moment and stared into space. After seeing such a shocking sight, he couldn’t come to his senses.

Did it happen? What he had just seen?

He saw Jamie.

Frail little child who couldn’t lift a finger and Diablo Volfir’s face overlapped with him, the dark hair and purple eyes.

“Did you see?”

“… that was young lord?”

There was no manipulation of memories. Jamie’s memory was what it was, buried deep inside his mind.

It was impossible for even a master manipulator to interfere with memory.

‘No. Diablo Volfir, it is possible with his ability.’

Although he only saw a part of it, the power he saw was a shock to Siegfried.

In particular, it was hard to believe that it was the same magician with overwhelming power who wasn’t pushed by 12 Gods.

How did such a powerful person exist in the world?

It was a shock just to face the 12 Gods, but the Gods’ presence was buried in front of Diablo.

But now Jamie isn’t Diablo Volfir. Compared to him, he was embarrassingly weak.

It wasn’t right to think of the Great Magician who reached 7th class as weak, but Siegfried was disappointed with the current power of Jamie.

‘I don’t know when, but there were a lot of strong ones.’

Aside from Heaven’s army, the dark army was led by Diablo. Each of them was a monster equal or greater than Siegfried. He still wondered if he was dreaming.

“It isn’t a dream.”

Jamie read Siegfried’s expression.

“It actually happened on this earth, 66666 years before I was born in this form.”

“66666 years?”

“Past which cannot be grasped. The mythical era known in the world today was treated as a myth.”

Jamie forced himself to get up.

“Young lord!”

“I-it’s fine.”

While Siegfried was seeing his memories, he used his holy power to heal his body.

He could now sit with a pillow against the wall.


Jamie sat down and took a deep breath.

“It is a memory of a time when the mankind fell into slavery to the 12 Gods.”

“Humans were slaves?”

“Not the past tense. Humans are still slaves to the 12 Gods. A human being who has been built up and destroyed by the 12 gods many times and improved according to their own taste.”

“What is… there are people like me who do not follow God.”

“But know that Gods exist. That alone is nourishment for them. Humans today are created that way.”

This was a shocking statement.

Siegfried couldn’t believe it, but the boy in front of him was the only human who faced the 12 Gods.

“They exist to seek eternity in this world. Humans are the slaves who achieve their goals. No, just cattle.”

“Then… don’t the 12 Gods do much for the humans who follow them?”

“Humans feed the livestock too.”

It felt like being hit on the head with a hammer.

When Siegfried was speechless, Jamie continued.

“Above all, humans were under surveillance.”

“… by the church?”

“Not wrong. Humans do not believe in humans and accuse each other of their sins to their Gods can also be called as monitoring. But what I am talking about is the power of monitoring.”

“Power of monitoring?”

“Dragon. Priests of the Dragon God Brahman. Their existence is a race created for the purpose of monitoring humans.

Jamie said, looking at Siegfried with purple eyes.

“They are holding on to the human leash. The problem is that I don’t know at all about the period of vacancy which unfolded after I got sealed until I entered this time.”

“Are you referring to the world from 10,000 years back?”

“Yes. It was said that there was a Ban. The moment I tried to figure it out, I discovered the keywords set by the 12 Gods and the dragon came.”

“Is that true?”

At that moment, Count Simon appeared through the proofing magic. He looked at Jamie with trembling eyes and asked.

“I asked if that was true.”

It was something Simon had to know.

Jamie nodded.

“Humans are surrounded by the concept of a fence called a continent and live under the supervision of dragons. Humans are weak, so they simply do not notice the dragons monitoring them.”

Some nations were secretly interacting with dragons. Words were being exchanged, and a one-way transaction in some.

However, since it is an undisclosed fact, he didn’t mention it.

Jamie looked at Simon. With his head bowed and fists clenched, he laughed.


This wasn’t his usual self.

He smiled grotesquely over and over and looked at Jamie with wide eyes.

“As expected. Our thoughts weren’t wrong.”

“… our thoughts?”

Siegfried looked at Simon with a frown, and Simon looked at him in delight.

“Elder Siegfried. I apologize for not approaching you, judging that it’s still hard to believe for you. But, it’s a lot better now.”

He looked at Jamie.

“Jamie Welton.”


“There are people I need for you to meet.”

“… meet?”

“Yes. These are the people who want to make the humans masters of this absurd world. And that includes me.”

Did humans have access to the truth of the world?

“And… we have been watching you for a long time.”


Pointing at Jamie, he said confidently,

“A being who appeared to save mankind. That is you, Jamie Welton.”

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