Chapter 182 - Lord of Loneliness (3)

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Saviour of humankind.

Simon had waited for the being for so long.

The horrific human conditions.

Ordinary people weren’t aware of this fact. There was no reason to know, or way to know.

Because this continent was a wide world to them and they ‘misunderstood’ that they enjoyed this space.

Most of the things weren’t even known.

Even Simon himself didn’t know much, but humans have land, life and freedom!

But such things couldn’t be enjoyed. Part of the continent is under the Bans, and part of life is lived in faith, part of freedom sacrificed because they are weak.

All of this made a mighty race look like a beast in a cage.

Now taken for granted and unnoticed. Only Simon and a few other humans noticed it.

Even then, he couldn’t do anything but watch it.

“This damned world! Why humans? Why humans! Do we have to live with oppression? The weak and strong, the law of nature. However, mankind wasn’t culled because of the weak! Humanity is strong. One by one, the facts are coming into light! Then why are humans so weak?”

Simon screamed with bloodshot eyes.

“Because they fear humans. Human potential! Because they are scared of human limitations!”

Humans are weak.

Then, why are they weak?

Was it because of their short lived life?


It is because powerful races have stolen the powers from humans. It wasn’t known how it was stolen, but humans achieved so much in their short life.

Dragons were said to live ten thousand years, and the high elves half of that.

However, the speed at which the humans learned magic was faster than the speed of the other two races.

Both races were powerful because they lived long. If humans can live that much, they would be the strongest race.

And 10 years ago, the evidence appeared in secret.

“Huge… right, it was a huge coincidence.”

Ten years back, the ‘Day Break’ project was implemented.

For the purpose of complete exploration of Capri Cave, one of the Six Bans, it was secretly conducted in the Koche Kingdom.

An expedition team of one Sword Master, one Great Magician and twenty rangers went in. They made thorough preparations to begin exploring.

In conclusion, like any other expedition, it ended in disaster. The Great Magicians and the 12 rangers were killed and only the Sword Master and one ranger could be saved.

Nevertheless, the ranger died and the Sword Master was so hurt that he could no longer hold the sword.

But it wasn’t without results.

“On that day, Sword Master Sir Heryl returned with an object and we called it this.”

Simon spoke,

“Ark Factory. It is the storage of the Ark, a mighty battleship of mankind presumed to have existed a time before the present civilization existed.”

Jamie’s eyes shone.


To hear this name here.

‘Was that left?’

It was unbelievable.

Because Ark was an aerial battleship which Diablo Volfir used against the 12 Gods before he became a dark magician.

And the Ark was destroyed during the fourth war which made Diablo set his path into darkness.

Simon continued.

“Unfortunately, the Ark Factory didn’t have power in it. However, many records were found. There was an overwhelming difference between the human technology of the past and that of the present, the abilities which humans couldn’t possess unless they were strong! That was proof that humans were stronger than dragons, high elves and the Ran. And… Jamie Welton.”

Simon looked straight at Jamie and said.

“You are the second coming for mankind. Despite your talent, your unfamiliar black mana… it is completely different from what these modern dark magicians use.”


“It must be the power of that time. I don’t know why you have such power, but…”

“Count Simon.”

Jamie interrupted Simon and Simon looked at him.

Jamie spoke.

“First, your guess is somewhat right.”

Jamie’s voice had changed.

When talking with Siegfried he had a childish tone, but now his tone was slightly arrogant.

“Mankind. Yes. They once ruled the continent.”

“As expected!!”

“But they weren’t the Masters of the world.”

“I expected it. There must have been a great war! The Ark must have been the battleship used.”

“Yes. It was a weapon of destruction of Gods, to intercept the Gods, it was created by me and my companions.”

“Weapon of destruction?”

“I don’t know which point you heard our conversation from, so I will start with the introduction again.”

Jamie straightened his posture with a troubled look.

“I am Diablo Volfir. The former head of the Humanity Liberation Army, and in the end, the man who invented the black magic to kill the 12 Gods and was left alone.”

“… left alone? No wait, Human Liberation Army… what were you trying to free yourself from?”

Simon doubted his ears.

Weapon of destruction.

Destroy the Gods. In other words, the Ark was meant to kill the Gods.

He knew that the 12 Gods were involved in the current situation, but there was a force which tried to directly kill the 12 Gods?

No, more shocking than that.

“Jamie, you said you were the head of the Humanity Liberation Army? Then who is this Diablo Volfir?”

“I don’t want to repeat the story.”

Saying so, Jamie pulled out a memory thread and shoved it into Simon’s head. Simon trembled as if he had lost strength in his legs and sat down.

He looked at Jamie, wiping his dripping saliva.

A being with dark hair and purple eyes looking down at him.


Simon coughed. He frowned at the pain in his throat.

Was what he just saw, true?

That formidable sight and despairing world… did it all happen in the past?

Then the boy on the bed right now…


Simon stood up clenching his hands. His vision widened, and the vision of Diablo Volfir’s face overlapping with Jamie Welton’s appeared.


This is reality.

Humans were the slaves of the 12 Gods, their livestock.

And that fact was confirmed 66673 years ago.

A great dark magician had once arrived in a world where there was no answer. Simon couldn’t say anything.

He stared at Jamie and then acted weird.


Siegfried jumped up.

Simon looked at Jamie and got down on one knee.

Jamie looked at Simon.

“What are you doing?”

Simon looked into his eyes and said,

“I see the King of Mankind.”

“… Count.”

“You are the savior of mankind. Taking the lead when no one did, even at the moment when you were alone, you fought for humans. You, who fought fiercely and died horribly, thought of humans until the end. So you are the King of Mankind. This Richter Simon swears allegiance to you from now on. I will follow you along this thorny path. For humans.”

Jamie let out a low sigh.

He knew how Simon would react to the truth, but didn’t expect it to be like this. If Jamie, who knew it was going to be like this was still shocked, then imagine Siegfried who couldn’t digest this well.


“Call me comfortably by my name.”

“I cannot do that.”

“… king.”

“I am no king.”

Jamie got out of the bed and walked towards Simon.

He felt like his body could collapse but he didn’t show it. Instead, he bowed his head to Simon.

“Lend me your strength.”


“Count. I have been through a lot of such kinds of relations and it never ends well. This time I am trying a different way. So feel free to call me by my name.”

“… Jamie.”

“That is enough. The same goes for Elder Siegfried. Lend me your strength.”


Siegfried sighed.

To be honest, he didn’t understand half of the conversation. And despite being a great magician, he was an outsider.

It would be a lie if he said he didn’t feel it.

He travelled the world and saw many things. But the world which Jamie showed and his identity was a shock to him.

Siegfried looked up at the ceiling.

“By the way, the seat of the 3rd elder is vacant.”


“As soon as you recover well, the young lord will rise to the rank of elder. Wow, it seems like there’s too much firsts for the young lord.”

Siegfried smiled and looked at Jamie.

“I wish you all the best in the future, companion.”

Jamie smiled and nodded.

“Look after me.”

“Elder Simon too, let’s get along well. Like it or not, it will be like that, right?”

“Huhu. I didn’t know I’d be in a boat with you, you were always step ahead.”

“I wanted to live the rest of my life like that.”

The two elders smiled and Jamie looked at them.


“Tch. You overdid it.”

Siegfried grabbed Jamie and laid him on the bed.

Jamie looked at Simon and said,

“By the way, didn’t you say earlier that there are people you want me to meet?”

“Yes. They are with me.”

“I am asking just to be sure, are they Frontier?”

The first organization which came to Jamie’s mind was this name.

They knew a bit about Diablo and made a deal with Behemoth.

They must know a lot. An organization which had access to secrets.


But Simon’s answer was unexpected.

“We are different from Frontier. They are multi ethnic. They are people who obscure even what their goals are at times.”

Come to think of it, Siegfried said something. about the Frontier assisting the Harmonia Liberation Army. In other words, it was a force helping to overthrow nations.

Simon continued.

“Unlike Frontier, we act with a focus on the future of mankind and the secrets of the world and it is difficult to say, we can just call it a secret society.”

“The members…”

“You will know when you meet them in person.”

Simon smiled.

Jamie too nodded with a smile.

‘There is a lot of time.’

Whatever comes, he needs to recover first.

“The kids are waiting downstairs.”


“Your disciples.”

Ann and Lennon.

Come to think of it, he couldn’t even do a first class for them.

“Call them here.”

He didn’t want to see his disciples like this, but it wasn’t good to send them away after they had come all this way.

Ann and Lennon smashed through the door.


They came at him with weeping faces. Simon and Siegfried decided to leave the three of them alone.

Jamie greeted the two and raised his hands to stroke their heads.

“I am fine.”

“You are really fine, right?”

“I thought you’d… die… ugh…”

Ann cared for him but Lennon was crying and there was snot and that was unexpected for Jamie.

“Puahaha… Ack!”

It was difficult to move, so just laughing hurt his body.

Thanks to this, the two kids kept checking on him. Fortunately, Jamie calmed down.

“I almost died from laughing.”

“… why would you laugh when someone is crying?”

“Thank you for coming, both of you.”

“As your disciples, we had to come.”

“It was nothing. Sniff.”

Lennon rubbed his nose to stop the crying.

Jamie grinned.

Although he didn’t know them very well, the relationship between the two of them seemed to a little better right now.

“Let’s do well in the future.”

“Thank you.”

“… take good care of me.”

And three months passed.

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