Chapter 183 - Family (1)

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A lot had happened in three months.

First was the funeral for Keniac.

Normally, he was also guilty of taking part in the demonic plans, so his post processing had to be completed as a criminal.

However, at Jamie and Ann’s aggressive request, he wasn’t tagged as a criminal. Even so, the seriousness of the crimes committed so far were so great that he didn’t receive a funeral by the Magic World.

Siegfried was furious at this and with his authority as the principal, he held a funeral in the Phoenix Academy.

Although not many attended it, all the students who were blessed by him attended it and filled the place.

The remnants of the demons were wiped out. The request was put for the paladins of the 12 Gods staying in Seldman.

Those related to the demons were captured one after another. Since they were all away, they didn’t know of Traika.

And as if Traika did something, the magi was pulled out of the Apophis.

Traika, who hates humans, did that for his master.

Thanks to that, even the humans in critical conditions were alive. But it was impossible to save them all. A few lives were lost.

3rd elder Serpent Greol was the main culprit of this case and was branded as the enemy of mankind and soon his family disintegrated.

Since he had no close family, nothing much happened.

Several depressing events overlapped one after another in the Magic World.

Fortunately, the melancholy which spread didn’t last long. It was because of the newspapers in the Magic World about a fortnight after the incident.

[The greatest talent of all time, Jamie Welton! Ascended to the position of Great Magician at the age of just 8!]

Like a pearl in mud, this news brought hope to people.

This article spread across the continent in an instant and then to the world. In the capital, Jamie Welton was recognized as a Great Magician and was appointed as a temporary elder of the Magic World.

A formal appointment was to be planned after he healed. Three months passed.

“How is he?”

Ann was looking somewhere with her hands clasped hands worriedly.

Lennon was with her.

Lennon crossed his arms and looked away, pretending not to care, but his eyes were on the same thing as Ann.


There was Jamie standing up and looking at them.

He tried to stretch out his hand as hard as he could and stretched his legs.

He would rush short distances with all his might.

The form of holding the sword and wielding it, gently using the Sea of Hundred.

Finally, it stimulated the mana core that spread evenly through the body.


Mana flowed through his body and Jamie closed his eyes while moving the mana.

It worked smoothly with no blockage.

He nodded and smiled.



Ann jumped and ran next to him.

Lennon was happy, but he calmly approached Jamie.

After crying once three months ago, he developed a habit of hiding his emotions as much as possible.

Jamie found it funny, but he thought it was a child’s prerogative to look like that.

“Does Lennon have nothing to say?”

“… congratulations?”

“Is that how you congratulate someone?”


Lennon closed his eyes and screamed.

Jamie smiled and said to Ann.

“I feel like I will lose my ears, right Ann?”

“I know, this little guy is, well, since I am older I will teach him well.”

“Who is older?!”

“Ann is like an elder, so isn’t she like a sister to you?”


Since Jamie was an old minded person he valued hierarchical relations. Even though they were students who came in on the same day, Ann and Lennon weren’t of the same rank.

It was done.

Lennon, who had nothing to say, bit his lip.

Ann looked at Lennon and smiled.

‘Ann too has a playful side.’

He thought she was too grown up that time, but she had a playful personality.

Jamie stroked the heads of the two.

“Be nice. Siblings are to be one till death.”

In his previous life he never said such things to the children. He remained with great regret now.

This time he wouldn’t let his disciples get hurt.

Fortunately, Ann could take care of Lennon and Lennon, despite pretending to be strong, wasn’t a bad kid.

‘There were bad times.’

And since Lennon was a child, his behaviour could be corrected.

And if it wasn’t corrected naturally, Jamie could use force.

“Right. Teacher, Principle Siegfried came and left earlier. He asked to tell you to come see him once you were done.”


“He said at the central tower.”

“Okay. Have you finished the task?”



When the task was mentioned Ann and Lennon went silent.

Jamie frowned.

“You people still didn’t do it?”

“… it is hard.”

“It isn’t going as I thought.”

Jamie couldn’t teach them properly because he was focused on recovering for three months. Instead he gave them tasks, so they could practice on their own.

The task given was activation of multiple attributes.

It wasn’t difficult. But they needed to bring out two or more attributes at the same time.

“That is basic. If you can’t learn this on your own, you can’t do any.”

The five attributes flowed from the five fingers of Jamie.

“It isn’t enough to just want to rise to the top. It is important to know how many different types of magic and attributes you can handle when you reach a higher level.”

“But just focusing on one is daunting.”

“Multiple attributes is difficult even for strong magicians, and kids like us…”

“Lennon. Since when did you treat yourself as a kid? Compared to the elementary ones, you considered yourself higher.”

“I-I never compared myself to kids!”

“Fool. Even now, you aren’t saying you are a kid.”

“Right. Lennon makes fun of me every day for being dumb. He knows how to do it, but I don’t.”

“Yah! How can I counter it if you put it like that?!”

When Ann spoke of what Lennon would say, Lennon tried to shut her mouth.

“Yah, I am your sister!”

“… sister.”

“Yes. Sister.”

Lennon looked at her and Ann smiled. Jamie just chuckled as he saw them.

“Anyway, you can do it. I am not giving you something impossible to do. Right?”



“Answer me.”


Jamie forced an answer out of them and smiled.

“No hints. Multi attributes are something you need to realize by yourself. I believe you can do it.”


“I will do it…”

“Then finish it by the time I come back.”


“That isn’t fair!!”

The disciples were shocked and Jamie left the place.

As soon as he left, he teleported. And Lennon with Ann stared at the empty place.

Siegfried wasn’t in the academy principal’s office, but in his own office in the central tower.

He didn’t like it too much.

The hotbed for politics. However, after going through a series of incidents, he spent most of his time here. It wasn’t because he changed his mind.

“My life which was free…”

Jamie Welton.

Because of that child.

No, a child is misleading.

In that tiny body, there was a being who was at the peak of magic.

If he had known that, he wouldn’t have walked this far, but he promised.

To help in the future.

So he ended up living in the central tower, which wasn’t normally entered unless there was a meeting.

“This is why people need to be careful of what they say.”

Siegfried shook his head.

The plan to sit in a high position and live like a king has vanished. Well, he enjoyed it while it lasted.

Didn’t he continue to travel the world by extorting a lot of things in the name of being a Great Magician?

There were still many places he hadn’t been, but he didn’t have any regrets because he was bored from wandering around.

And then came the knock.



His secretary, Sally.

The silver haired beauty, with her hair neatly tied, came to his office.

“What is it?”

“Mr. Jamie has arrived.”

“Ask him to come in.”


“Bring some tea for us, please.”


As Sally left, Siegfried sighed. Having a secretary was uncomfortable.

He didn’t use it in the principal’s office. At that time, Siegfried was the most powerful person, but not here.

-Wouldn’t it be weird if someone named the elder of the Magic World did his own work? That too in the central tower, which was the symbol of the Magic World.

-Right. And the secretary isn’t just for you. When you start working, you are going to come into contact with high ranking officials, and if you hand out your own tea, they will ignore you!

-That is what it is like to set foot in here. If you don’t like it, give up the honor of enjoying the title of Great Magician. That title on your head alone will give you research funds and a residence to live. If you don’t want to give up the title, don’t complain and work hard!

Siegfried recalled the nagging from 2nd elder Linmel and 4th elder, Rayman.

They nagged for so long that it felt like his ears were playing it again and again.

Kkondae like old men.

Thinking, he clicked his tongue.

“Why are you sighing so much?”

“You came?”

“You called.”

Jamie sat naturally across from him. Soon after, Sally came in and set the tea for the two.

“Have a pleasant conversation.”

Sally bowed and left the room.

Siegfried, who looked at her, sighed.

“Are you still uncomfortable with a secretary?”

“Would you like the feeling of being watched by someone?”

“Elder is seriously such a unique person.”

Jamie took a sip of his tea with a disbelieving expression and then brought up the topic.

“Why did you call for me?”

“I guess you haven’t heard the news yet.”


Siegfried tapped the teacup with his index finger and smiled. An eerie smile which made Jamie frown.

“You received a call from the royal palace.”

“… royal palace?”

Siegfried cleared his throat and got up and spoke in a heavy tone.

“Jamie Welton receives the King’s orders!”

When Jamie was wide eyed, Siegfried suddenly shouted.

“Kneel down!”

It was difficult to understand the situation, but the King’s Order couldn’t be talked about like this.

Jamie got up and knelt down. And Siegfried began to recite the King’s order.

“Tell Jamie Welton, the date and time is 12 o’clock the day after tomorrow. Jamie Welton’s Great Magician appointment ceremony will be held in the Royal Palace of the capital of Seldam, Fibre, make sure to come.”

And he spoke normally.

“That is it.”

An unexpected move. And Jamie already looked exhausted.

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