Chapter 184 - Family (2)

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“… was there any such thing for the appointment in the first place?”

As Great Magician is a Master class, something extraordinary would be done. However, since he was a reincarnated one, such highly done ceremonies weren’t seen.

“Isn’t this normal? A Master class is the best power of the nation. Such an existence has been born, of course an event on national level will be held.”

“True, but…”

“It is annoying. And it bothered me a lot too.”

Siegfied sighed, recalling the past.

Just thinking about it, his own appointment was tiring. The preparation process, as a slave it didn’t feel nice to receive congratulations from the nobles at royal castles.

He was used to living like this now, and most of the nobles were nothing to him, but there was a time when he hated them all.

But that was annoying. He was also mentally tired.

‘Well, the young lord’s situation might be different, but…’

It will still be tiresome.

After the appointment all kinds of nobles will approach him. Considering how many nobles tried to appeal to Siegfried a slave, would they stay silent if a Master class child rose from the Welton family? That day alone, everyone would pounce on him.

“Ah, right. I got a letter from the Count.”

“From father?”


Jamie’s eyes widened at the letter from Count Welton.

3 months back.

When the Weltons heard what happened, they tried to run down to the Magic World right away. But Jamie asked them not to come thinking of how sad their faces would be if they saw him hurt.

His mother was adamant, but Count Welton, who understood his son’s feelings, stopped her.

He knew that they would still do something.

Their son was injured. How could they not be worried?

But Jamie only wanted them to see his healthy side. And he wrote letters, twice a month at most.

The last letter was a month back, so it’s been a month since he last sent one to his family.

“Read it.”

Siegfried handed him the letter, Jamie opened it with a heavy heart.

[To my dear son Jamie,

Has your health recovered?

Your mother still wets the blankets with her tears when she thinks of you, even Sarah cried thinking of her brother.

This father of yours is also heartbroken.

Because of the fact that I cannot see my beloved son. However, I couldn’t ignore the feelings of my son who didn’t want his parents to worry despite the fight with a Demon, so we refrained ourselves for three months as much as possible.

And it’s been three months.

Is your body better?

As there is a saying that no good news is good news, I try to wait patiently but you see it isn’t easy.

But I am happy.

The opportunity rose for the son I am proud of to rise to such a high honor and the chance of meeting him soon was also due to it.

Then, my dear son, let’s meet on that day.]


His body had been in perfect condition for a while.

He was planning to head to Haiss and meet his parents, but it seemed like his family was coming for this Great Magician ceremony.

‘Isn’t it natural?’

The Welton family was one of the great families of Seldam and since they had a son who was a Great Magician, it made no sense for them to not attend.

Jamie had been a noble for 8 years now but he never enjoyed a noble’s life, so he was ignorant of things.

When he thought of meeting his family after a long time, he smiled. It’s been a while since he knew them, so he wasn’t sure how to describe their relationship. But he knew he had to apologize.

With that in mind, he was closing the letter when he saw something.

[P.S. Remember the sisters of the Balle family? They said they would come too. Hahaha]

Hahaha, what?

Jamie frowned.

How could he not remember them?

One was Jane’s reincarnation and the other a tomboy. And most of all, they had a crush on him.

Jamie scratched his chin.

It’s been over half a year since he last saw them, so their feelings for him couldn’t still be there and they were kids. There was no way their feelings stayed the same.

‘It would be nice to see them after a long time.’

Jamie who acknowledged his change of emotions was able to see things in a new perspective.

“Young Lord. How long will you close your eyes?”

“… why are you closing your eyes?”

Siegfried’s eyes widened at those words. And he said,

“I know, right?”

The two looked at each other and started to laugh.

As soon as Jamie was done, he left the office and headed to his residence.


But someone called him from behind. But at the cheeky call he decided to walk without looking back.


Maybe they thought Jamie was ignoring them so the person came and blocked his path. Jamie looked at the woman who blocked his path with an annoyed expression.

A beautiful woman with a fine face and pale skin.

6th elder, Adelhart.

“You again?”

“Again? Again?”

“You came to the hospital every day and acted annoyed. What is it now?”

“Brat! If anyone hears, they will really think I came everyday!”

“Six times a week is everyday.”


Adelhart flinched not knowing how to respond.

“Still a bad boy.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you. What is it today? Don’t tell me you want to play mana tug of war again?”

Since the day that Jamie’s condition improved a month back, Adelhart would visit him everyday and ask for mana tug of war.

In simple terms, it was a match where the mana of each person would be connected like a string and be pulled.

Jamie had no intention of playing it. but he didn’t understand how to deal with her if he ignored her.

And as he continued to refuse she would keep coming and going from the room until she finally made an offer.

-If I lose one round, I’ll do what you ask! So accept it.

He couldn’t understand why this woman with high self-esteem would even ask this, but maybe he thought the offer was made because of that self-esteem.

And there was no loss for Jamie so he accepted it and won without difficulty.

-Damn it! As if it wasn’t enough to be overtaken by an 8 year old! I even lost in a mana tug of war… I lost!

When she first lost, she was out of her mind and Jamie thought he wouldn’t have to see her because he shattered her pride. But she kept coming to him and asking for the same thing.

And Jamie accepted it each time, but never lost to her.

Sometimes he did want to lose and give her a win, but Jamie wasn’t the kind to underperform in anything, and losing intentionally would hurt Adelhart’s pride.

‘She’s going to lose anyway.’

“You will lose! Today is different… no, I am not here for that!”

“I might go deaf because of you.”

Jamie covered his ears to avoid the loud shouts of Adelhart.

Adelhart cleared her throat with a puzzled look as if aware that she was screaming too much.

“Hm. It was something different.”

“What is it?”

“Come with me for a moment.”

Adelhart said,

No matter how beautiful and strong her sense of decadence was, she looked scary up close. Fortunately, Jamie was a necromancer so such faces didn’t scare him.


“Our base.”

“… base?”

He managed to understand what this base was.

“Are you talking about the Equality lab?”


Pushing back a few strands of black hair, Adelhart smiled.


The 3rd largest faction in the Magic World was made up of magicians from commoners. A place which had nothing to do with Jamie, who came from a noble family.

But he expected this to happen.

Jamie made it to the 7th class and was being appointed as a Great Magician and will be at the 3rd elder rank.

He had no intention of entering any factions, but since he was from nobility, he expected people to think that he would be of the Nobles faction.

But it was clear that people would try to take him into their faction.


He saw Adelhart and the unnatural smile on her face.

She was trying to smile, putting up a nice face, acting all nice but she was a pessimistic person.

“What? Did you come to me everyday to get me into Equality?”

“W-what was that?”

“I must be right. Ha, I almost forgot about it. I thought you were coming because your self-esteem was hurt, but you were acting all along.”

“It isn’t because…”


It was then, he heard a middle-aged man’s voice from behind. He turned to Elder Luke.

He scratched the back of his head with a flustered expression.

“Don’t get it wrong. Adel didn’t feel inferior and came to see you.”

“Luke! D-don’t call me inferior to anyone!”

“I just asked her since the relationship between the two of you wasn’t bad. Just making sure to know how to approach you since I was feeling a bit awkward about it.”

“I-I don’t feel inferior! It means nothing to me that a little boy is reaching 7th class…”

Adelhart’s lips trembled.

Jamie barely held back his laughter looking at her and then told Luke,

“I knew it. I knew she didn’t have that kind of personality.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, the 5th elder wanted to meet me?”

“Well, yes.”

At Jamie’s straight question, Luke answered.

“Before you climb to the heights we can no longer reach… I wanted to make some connection between us.”

Luke was quite a blatant bastard.

“Why are you both ignoring everything I say?!”

And Adelhart wouldn’t stop screaming.

“Did you have tea in the 7th elders office?”


“Then, would you like to try a drink which is popular among the commoners these days?”

Luke showed a glimmering black liquid inside a bottle.

Brown bubbles were rising over the black liquid and there was vapor around like it was cold.

“Coke is a drink, it has a tangy taste and is a bit carbonated too, it is refreshing and sweet. They say that children can’t stop drinking it.’

“So delicious, kyak!”

Adelhart was already drinking and burping.

“… Adel, what are you doing?”

“You’re acting as if you don’t do this.”

“Don’t talk. Would you like to drink?”

“One glass please.”

He was curious because it was a strange drink.

As Luke poured it into the glass, bubbles began to come up.

While travelling with Siegfried, he had a lot of different things, but this was a first so he carefully put it close to his mouth, and his eyes widened.


“Nice, right?”

Adelhart smiled as she asked, and Jamie wiped his lips looking at them.

“What is the name?’

“Coke. The most popular drink.”

“… cool, right?”

As soon as he took a sip it felt like current passed through his tongue, and when it went through his throat his body shuddered.

It was so fresh and weird at the same time that his brain was pounding. And there was a strong urge to have it again.

“There is no drug in this right?”

“Puahaha! What is this child saying?”

“Huh. Delicious foods boast an addiction which is hard to compare with drugs.”

With that, Jamie drank the coke again.


Thanks to that, his throat was soaking in it.

“It is impossible to drink at once unless the person is skilled. It will be impossible for a kid like you.”

Adelhart waved her finger at Jamie. She was trying to fill the pride he crushed with something like this and Luke who noticed it just shook his head while looking at her.

Jamie didn’t say a word and just looked at her.

“Y-You two! What is with that look?”

“Well, I called you because I wanted to tell you about us before we departed for the royal castle. Hopefully we didn’t waste any time.”

“Yah, you are ignoring me again!”

“You gave me a delicious drink so I can surely spare some time.”

More than anything, Jamie wanted to bring them to his side. Talking to another important side was done recently.

‘Like them, even I am after the same thing.’

Jamie smiled to himself thinking of the other elders.

“Are you ignoring me?! Stop ignoring me right now!”

The two talked ignoring Adelhart’s screams.

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