Chapter 185 - Family (3)

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Luke finally opened his mouth.

“Jamie, I wanted to meet you because I wanted to talk about power.”

“Power… are you talking about the three factions of the Magic World?”


“You want me to join Equality?”

At Jamie’s direct question, Luke’s eyes widened as he didn’t expect this question. Adelhart too clicked her tongue at this.

“Isn’t this a little too much for a little boy?”


“Um. He isn’t wrong either.”

Luke brushed his bread and shook his head with a smile.

“I don’t think you will stick with us.”

“Why would you think that?”

“First would be the most important reason, your background. It is hard to imagine the eldest child of the Welton family, one of the two pillars of the Eastern nobles joining us.”

“Because Equality is made up of commoners?”

“True. One way or another, in the end, what we want is to take down the class differences.”

Luke didn’t use the word equality. In a society based on titles with authority, there was nothing more ridiculous than using the word ‘equality’.

However, the power of those who wished for equality to some extent was equal to the other factions.

It was no exaggeration to say that the present world was one ruled by nobles and royalty. Actually, although most of the people in the world were commoners, they were still in a position of being exploited by the higher class.

Equality tried to break through that even a little, and it rose till this point.

And in reality, the greatest force in the Magic World of the three factions was none other than Equality.

“But, isn’t the 5th elder from nobility?”

Luke replied with a smile.

“To be precise, fallen nobility that collapsed when I was six, so calling me a noble is ridiculous.”

Luke spent most of his life with commoners. It was a bit funny to say that he spent time with them, when Luke was no different from commoners and he actually thought himself to be one of them.

“I was a commoner.”

Adelhart shrugged and added.

At the age of ten, she was lucky to be caught by a magician and was taught magic. She was talented and somehow managed to get to this position but the process wasn’t smooth.

It wasn’t known if she was at Siegfried’s level of talent, but she was a commoner who did her best to rise but her position as a commoner was always a problem.

Because of that she sympathized with Luke’s ideas and they were partners in leading Equality.

“So, I have no intention of asking you to come to Equality.”

He didn’t add anything more, but Jamie understood it.

And he asked,

“Then what do you want from me?”

“Well, it isn’t difficult.”

Luke licked his lips as if he was thinking, and said,

“If you don’t want to hold hands with us, don’t stick with the other ones.”

“… don’t join with the royalists and nobles?”

“Yes. Do you know the current state of the Magic World?”

“I cannot say I don’t know.”

It was currently divided into 3 groups or factions but three months ago it came a messy situation.

It was because Serpent Gerol, the former 3rd elder who was in charge of one of the royal factions, had been corrupted by a demon, dealt with them in the Magic World and died in the hands of Jamie.

If it was just a simple death, there was no way the power of the royalists in the Magic World would tilt.

Despite being the smallest of the three factions, it wielded the largest power. The problem was that Serpent was related to demons.

And it spread suspicion amongst the entire royalists. As it was a force of the royal family, the other factions couldn’t oppress them.

Even so, it was safe to say that the moment the suspicion began, the royal faction had lost influence in the Magic World.

After some time, it might regain its name and fame, but right now it was struggling.

1st elder Offen, the head of the royal faction didn’t even speak during the elders’ meeting, perhaps acknowledging what happened.

“If Jamie joins the nobles under such circumstances, the balance between us and the nobles which is currently stable will tilt drastically.”

“I don’t know if Siegfried would stand up for us…”

Adelhart said,

It was because she couldn’t understand him.

“Anyway, that is the reason. It is an ugly adult situation, but I hope you can understand.”

Jamie smiled.

“First, you don’t have to say it’s an adult situation. I am no longer a child.”


“And well, it sure is funny,”

“What do you mean?”

Luke and Adelhart’s expressions darkened at those words.

On the other hand, Jamie smiled.

“Right. You have no idea where the world right now is headed, but you are trying to fight like a star.”

“It isn’t…”

“Yeah, Jamie Welton. I know your name is valuable, but choose your words after much thought.”

“I am doing this after careful thought.”

When Adelhart was about to get angry, Luke raised his hand.

“Can you tell me what you mean?”

“What your thoughts are, I have no idea of them. And those little things are my concern.”

“To treat class issues as trivial. Did you know that this actually spawned a lot of rebels around the world?”

“So? Will you start a rebellion?”

“This one is serious!”

“Miss Adelhart. I am not very patient, so act in moderation.”

Jamie smiled and looked at her, anger raged in her body making mana fluctuate.

The mana which started with her small body had now brought her to the position of an elder.


Luke hit the table with his hand and the mana around Adelhart scattered.


Adelhart sighed and sat down while Jamie admired Luke for a second.

‘He is good.’

He suppressed Adelhart with condensed mana, but Luke relieved all the mana around without difficulty.

It meant that Luke’s skills were on the same level as Jamie. He heard that this man had been in 7th class for some time now. Even though he isn’t on the verge of 8th class, he was still one amazing 7th class magician.

“Excuse Adel.”

He did say it, but Luke’s expression looked a little angry. If Jamie had extended the argument, she would have attacked him and Luke wasn’t a man who liked causeless violence.

“It wasn’t rude. And I think I need to tell you the difference.”

Having said that, he looked at Adel who was there with an angry face but Jamie just shrugged his shoulders.

“Let’s just continue what we were talking about. Sooner or later, the continent will be in great storms, so what would this class even mean in such a situation?”

“Because humans will continue to live even after the war is done.”

“It is a matter of surviving.”

“… Zenith is alone in this. And the Olivia Kingdom is already forming a union. The Zenith Church has locked its doors, unable to withstand the pressure from the entirety of Olivia and it is clear that it could curl its tails first. Even if the war breaks out, it will be subdued sooner or later.”

“You are misunderstanding. Or should I say, you think too easily?”


Jamie was fed up with the idealists’ words.

Apart from the equality concept, he sees the human world as he wants to see it and he wants to create a world for all?

It was an overkill to be honest.

“What is a magician? Without even understanding the circumstances before and after. How can you just spit out easy seeming words?”


“You really don’t think Zenith is alone, do you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Find it out yourself. Curiosity is an important thing for magicians, right?”

Luke’s eyes trembled at those words.

“I will just say one thing.”

Jamie got up and spoke to Luke as if warning him.

“If we all don’t unite, we are done.”

It wasn’t known how this idealist would respond, but if he wants to walk down in his own path, he has to withdraw from the idea of the people being on the same level.

Jamie opened the door and was about to leave, but then he turned back and said,

“The coke was nice. It was the good thing that came out of my coming here.”

And closed the door.

“Such a boring person.”

As the head of Equality high expectations were put on Jamie, but it was disappointing.

Three months ago, they were all impressed when they heard that one of the elders was bringing this kid into the magic world.

The problem was that in a situation other than a crisis, the brains of people didn’t work. Anyone can be a leader in peaceful times, but now was a time when war could break out.

‘War may not happen too.’

Jamie was just predicting the possibility of a war.

Zenith, if he was still proud like the past, he would give back what he suffered.

“If they understand what I said, they’ll come to me again.”

Jamie decided not to think of it.

“First, I need to depart to the capital.”

His appointment ceremony, the new position. Jamie wanted fame.

Not to enjoy wealth and glory but to make allies for the war. To be the winner.

Jamie’s form scattered with mana disappearing and from above, Luke and Adelhart were watching Jamie disappear.


“Good kid. No, I shouldn’t treat him like one.”

“What do we do? What that guy said, I don’t think he is wrong. Maybe we are taking things too easily.”

“Can a person leading a faction be swayed by such words?”

Luke’s words made sense, so Adelhart shook her head, but she knew.

She had been beside Luke for more than 10 years. The lips were faintly moving, but it was a smile.

‘Did you like Jamie Welton?’

With the other elders, he always kept words to a minimum.

But Jamie was different. Jamie was saying everything he wanted to say and nothing was a childish remark.

Rather, as an adult he harshly criticized the current state of the Magic World. By now it was clear that Jamie’s words were running inside Luke’s mind. But it wasn’t known how those words could change him.

Adelhart decided to watch this quietly.

‘Rather, just don’t give up next time.’

She wasn’t the type of person to live in suffering. It didn’t seem like they would win the match, but she knew that a challenge was the right way to make the one mature.

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