Chapter 186 - Family (4)

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It was time to go to the capital.

Jamie was looking into the mirror with obvious discomfort. He wore a robe with blue silk and a white cloth over the cuffs, adorned with a gold thread. It was undeniably a luxurious robe, but it wasn’t Jamie’s taste.

The problem was that this was a robe Sears had sent from Haiss for him.

‘If I don’t wear it, my mother will be sad.’

By now the Weltons would have moved to the capital, Fibre. It was clear that Sears was waiting for him there.

However, he couldn’t imagine what would happen if he didn’t wear the robe she prepared for him. The size was perfect, completely for Jamie.

“Wow! Teacher! So pretty!”

Ann, a disciple of his who came to see him, clapped. Looking back, this robe did look girly. He wasn’t sure if he should be grateful for the fact that Sears, who was in her 30s still had a girly side, or should he be sad that she was rubbing it on him.

‘It’s pretty…. Not cool though.’

With a brief sigh, Jamie put on the robe and prepared to move and when he went to the living room, Siegfried and Linmel were having tea.

…. But why was Linmel here?

“… Marquis?”

Jamie didn’t know that Linmel was coming. Even Siegfried who was sipping tea had a sullen expression. Linmel put down the cup in his hands and said,

“The robe suits you.”

“Thank you… but what did you come here for?”

“I just wanted to be with you. Have I come to a place I am not invited to?”

“Not that.”

All the high ranking people would have to be there in the capital for celebration of the birth of a new Great Magician.

Not just the magicians. The talented people who were all in Master Class would come there.

In other words, all the best powers of the Seldam Kingdom will gather.

Linmel was one of them, so going there together was normal.

But he thought that they would be moving separately…

“There is no need to take the attendants since it’s quite troublesome. Isn’t that why you are going with the 7th elder?”


Siegfried answered with a frown.

“And Count Simon?”

“He probably has a lot of people to meet, so he would move separately.”

“Lennon said he would be there. He won’t be coming here.”

Jamie chuckled at Ann’s words. Looking back at Lennon these days, Ann was right. He was expressing himself a lot more.

And it was nice to see a good change in him.

“Done preparing?”

He nodded at Siegfried’s question.

“Well, my family must have prepared everything. I just need to go.”

“Nobles must be happy having their subordinates do everything for them.”

“I need to remind you that I am a noble too.”

“Ah! So-sorry!”

Siegfried, who forgot that Linmel was there, apologized.

Looking back, Siegfried didn’t ever speak back to Linmel, it wasn’t known what happened but it was amazing to see Seigfried acting all nice.

“Let’s go, 7th elder.”

“Yes. Yes. As you wish.”

Siegfried looked at the gathered crowd. A magic circle was drawn on the floor and they disappeared.

D-3 till the appointment.

Even if Siegfried was great, it was impossible to go to the capital at once. They arrived in front of a warp plane used for long-distance travel.

Jamie saw the giant ring shaped machine.

It looked like it was 20 meters high and he could feel the huge mana inside the device as well.

“This is a great product of magic engineering. Isn’t this awesome?”

Linmel stood next to him as he approached.

Jamie nodded.

“I can feel the mana stones inside this thing.”

“They say that the mana stones used to warp are around 100 B grade ones.”


“This has also greatly reduced the fuel economy. When it first developed it needed 100 A grade stones. Do you know the value of the A grade ones?”

“… insane.”

To activate a Dimension Breaker, the strongest magic weapon in the Magic World, it takes 5 A grade mana stones. However, the fact that it took 100 of them to operate a warp meant that the cost effectiveness itself was ridiculous.

“It’s normally like that. At first, it consumed a ridiculous amount of energy, but as time went on, the shortcomings were compensated for and changes were brought in. According to the person who developed it, after 5 years, the amount of mana stones will come down by half.”

“More and more efficient.”

“Right, the goal is to install warp planes throughout the kingdom.”

“All preparations done!”

As the two of them were talking about it, a voice came saying the warp machine was ready. Linmel turned his head and said,

“Do you know why I suddenly talked about the warp?”

Jamie looked at Siegfried at the question.

“The machines are evolving. And whoever develops the machine makes more progress.”


“I hope you do too. I can’t help but think that it’s funny that I am worried about you even though you are the most hardworking one, it seems like I am putting too much pressure on you, who is still young.”

Looking at the sky, Linmel said,

“As you go through life, there are bound to be people who will bear the burden of fate on them, but there will also be a lot of people who fall down, unable to handle the burden.”


“I… I don’t want you to end up like that. When tired, speak up, when you have a problem, get counseling and when tired, get rest too. I hope you don’t live under the pressure of responsibility.”

It felt like he was here to say this to him.

Jamie smiled.

He could empathize with him because he knew about it.

To Linmel, Jamie was like a grandson and he would have been worried about such a grandson who was ready to enter a battle.

Above all, the conversation of ‘that day’ must have been like a thorn in the throat.

-Jamie… are you really the reincarnation of that being?

He couldn’t forget Linmel’s trembling voice.

He passed on the memories of his life to Count Simon and he heard that there were people on the side of Count Simon. At first, he thought he couldn’t trust them, but when he heard of their identities, he thought meeting them would be fine.

And when he recovered he met them. Linmel and 4th elder Rayman.

And they talked about that day.

But what really stood out in his memory was Linmel’s reaction when he heard of his identity the first time.

Since then, there has been no change, only talks about the future. However, it seemed like Linmel was concerned about him.

Even if he was a reincarnation, to him Jamie Welton was a grandson.

“Thank you for your concern.”

At Jamie’s thanks, Linmel smiled.

“Let’s go now.”


Siegfried and Ann moved faster too.

The hostess of a terrace café approached an old customer and asked.

“Does it suit your taste?”

“It tastes fine.”

“That’s great. Then have a good time.”

The owner sighed and walked away. There was cold sweat on her forehead.

The old man only savoured the tea. It wasn’t empty words, the tea did taste good. Even the dessert cake, too, was the right amount of sweetness and pleasing to his palate.

As expected of the famous café in the capital, Fibre. It was always crowded but strangely it felt empty today.

And the old man enjoyed it.

“It’s nice to have a nice capital.”

The old man reclined, enjoying the warm sunlight on him. Spring, the smell of flowers in the wind made him feel refreshed.

The old man stirred the tea with a spoon and then grabbed the sword next to him. It was a weapon not suitable for the café but for some reason it didn’t feel strange.


How long was it?

Even at this age this old man was busy and this little time was precious to him.

It was then…

Someone came to him.

“Sir. What are you doing here?”

A man with a languid face and indigo blue hair that looked like a lion’s mane approached him with a long spear.

The spear had a blade which was as large as a great sword. The old man responded to him.

“As you can see, I’m enjoying my precious holiday.”

“Yah. Sir, this is why people don’t approach you.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Why would people come if you keep giving out so much energy?”

The old man looked around at those words.


Only then did he realize.

“I forgot it.”

The old man looked at the empty street. He was puzzled that the corded street wasn’t crowded but empty.

Was it because of him?

The old man laughed.

As soon as he controlled the energy being released from his body, the hostess at the counter collapsed, it felt like she had felt pressured for a long time and then relief took over.

The man shook his head and sat down.

“But, did you hear the news about the little boy?”

“Jamie Welton?”


“Well. I don’t know anything other than him being a Great Magician at the age of 8.”

“Sir, you have little interest in such things.”


The old man closed his eyes and enjoyed the holiday.

In the meantime, as the energy from him disappeared, people began to peep out of places. At that sight, the man clicked his tongue.

How ignorant could an old man be to empty the streets of a city? He was familiar with the strength the old man had, but this was a new thing.

“Did you hear from His Majesty?”

“Slowly, we can move slowly.”

“If we go slowly, His Majesty might die from waiting.”

It wasn’t something normal people could say, but these two were exceptional ones.

The old man grinned and stood up.

Talking only hurts the mouth.

“Don’t come if you are only there to watch. Because I want to see your skills, it’s been a while.”

It wasn’t that he wanted to see the skills of the old man. But because he knew this man was strong, insanely strong.

And the man wanted to check it out.

To which the old man answered with narrowed eyes.

“I hope it doesn’t end the same way as before, Albert.”

Albert, who was called the King’s Spear, raised his eyebrow.

“Don’t worry, unlike back then, I have grown a lot during these past days.”

“I expect much from you, Spear Master.”

Among the Five Sword Masters of Seldam, Albert was a famous Spear Master who gave him a thumbs up and vanished.

The old man too seemed to be tired so he got up and stretched.

“Master, leave the bill to the Pan family.”

There was no reply from the unconscious owner.

The old man, Tarix Pan, took his sword and walked out.

He was the Sword Lord.

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