Chapter 187 - Family (5)

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The warp machine released a large amount of mana in the form of light.

At the same time, a group of people were summoned before a warp plane.

It was Jamie’s party.

“Less shaking than before.”

“Right. When we used it last year, I got motion sickness.”

After using the warp plane, Linmel gave a brief description of how riding the warp plane was. Jamie also admired the smooth movement.

There was a warp machine in his previous life too.

To be precise, it wasn’t a mechanical device such as a warp machine, but a method of stacking scrolls. The effect was good but the warp passage was unstable and the user would have to stabilize the path from within.

That alone was tiring, but the shaking was severe enough for many people to become sick regardless of how tiring it was.

‘Certainly, magic is better than it was back then.’

It’s something he had felt for a long time but going through some things, he could feel the difference.

Well, in his previous life, magic wasn’t so mainstream.


Jamie looked at Ann who was beside him, bowing her head.

“Are you alright?”

“… I feel nauseous.”

The problem is that it was a smooth movement that was limited only to Great Magicians. The rest of them complained in a similar way to Ann.

It seemed like it had to be developed further.

Jamie used his holy powers to restore Ann and the others’ motion sickness. There was nothing the holy power couldn’t heal.

“Phew… I think I will live.”

Ann rubbed her stomach and then looked at the view of Fibre.

“Wow. The capital is so wonderful.”

“First time here?”

“Yes. How about you, teacher?”

“It is my first time here as well.”

Jamie turned to see the city. The warp machine was installed in a terminal built on a stone mountain next to Fibre.

As soon as they got out, they could see the city.

When Jamie was a child, his father showed him a picture of Fibre. At that time he didn’t think much of the Fibre.

But now it was different.



Ann nodded her head as if she could agree with her eyes.

“The castle is especially pretty.”

“That place… Royal Skadium.”

A symbol of Seldam Kingdom, built at the northern end of Fibre. A huge blue place and six obelisks around.

A symmetrical annex building, a garden embodying perfect nature and a pure white fortress wall which spreads out as if encompassing it.

As soon as Jamie saw Skadium, he recognized it.

‘The huge magic circle.’

The obelisks around the magic circle were symmetrical.

“Isn’t that cool?”

Linmel approached and asked Jamie and Ann to which Ann nodded.

“It is so beautiful. The place where His Majesty lives.”

“It is difficult to dismiss the Skadium as just a castle. It is a building symbolizing Seldam.”

“And it is a great central place.”

“As expected of Jamie. You see that at a glance? But I guess we need to talk about that later.”

Seeing the two of them looking at Linmel with a questioning look, he smiled and pointed somewhere.

Jamie’s eyes widened as he saw it.


Someone called out to him with a sad voice. A woman running while holding her pale yellow skirt with both hands.

A face he hadn’t seen in a long time but had never forgotten.

Jamie felt his own legs move and he cried out.


“My baby!”

Sears didn’t care if her dress got dirty as she knelt down to hug Jamie tightly.

Jamie too willingly fell into her arms.

“My baby… Is your body alright? It isn’t hurting right? Are your wounds alright?”

“It is okay. There’s no pain, mother. Everything is fine.”

“My baby… do you know how worried your mother was?”

Sears’ tears were falling on Jamie’s shoulders.

Jamie only felt the warmth from his mother’s hug. It had been half a year since they met.

He felt bad for her. Even though her heart was hurting to be away from her son, she listened to her son’s wishes and stayed back. Sears wept so hard that she couldn’t speak.

As Jamie had begun to accept his emotions, he felt similar emotions of sadness and joy rise inside him.


“I am sorry. I am sorry for being such a stubborn son.”

“No. It is fine. It is all good because I got to see my son.”

The two stayed there hugging.

“This is nice. But I feel strangely alienated?”

At that moment came the voice of Count Welton from behind, then Jamie came to his senses.


“No. Stay in my hands a little longer.”

Sears wouldn’t let Jamie go. So he had no choice but to stay like an infant in her arms. It was a bit embarrassing but he didn’t hate it like he did in the past.

Quite a strange thing.

He decided to accept the emotions, but how can a person’s heart be so different?

Jamie smiled awkwardly in her arms before seeing another girl run towards Count Welton’s arms.



Sarah wept and buried her face in the Count’s arms. The sight shocked Jamie.

“Her brother vanished and didn’t show up for a while, so Sarah is upset.”

Looking back at her daughter, Sears said.

“Because the brother was acting stubborn, his little sister was upset.”

“Mother, you said it was fine…”

“Yes, mother is fine, but your sister doesn’t seem to like that.”

Sears replied sternly. When Jamie looked at Count Welton wondering what to do, he only laughed.


“Sarah… come to brother.”

Jamie cautiously called out to Sarah. But Sarah continued to hide in the Count’s arms and just watched.

“Sarah seems to hate me.”

“You are a bad brother.”

Sears said with a serious expression.

They had finished evacuating in front of the terminal and had returned to the Welton mansion in the capital.

Jamie glanced at Sears.

Even before, she had a cold attitude which made him wonder if his sister was the same one who cried for him.

‘She deserves to be mad.’

Sarah’s form was really cute because he knew Sarah wasn’t truly hurt. Jamie grinned, and Sears pulled on his cheek.

“Are you smiling?”

“I am sorry!”

“Promise that you’ll come to see your mom frequently.”

“I promise.”

“And, don’t tell your mother not to visit you in the Magic World. Promise that too.”

“… that is a bit…”

“Do it!”


Jamie’s cheeks which were pinched wobbled.

However, he couldn’t allow it, so he kept saying the same thing. Sears, knowing he wouldn’t back down, decided to drop the topic.

“Who does my son take after to be so stubborn?”

“Your son.”

“He’s your son too!”

“True. Hahaha!”

Count Welton laughed happily. And gently stroked Sarah’s hair.

“Sarah. The brother you love so much is here. Go and give him a hug, if not your brother will be sad..

“… brother.”


When Jamie called her confusedly, Sarah hid her head behind the Count’s shoulder. Seeing the situation, Jamie went silent.

He didn’t think she was wrong.

“Mom understands Sarah’s feelings.”

Sears only backed up Sarah and Sarah looked at Jamie.

Then the Count said.

“Making your sister feel better seems quite difficult.”

“And as a bonus, you will have to work twice as hard to make your mother feel better too. Like a hundred kisses every day. Right, Sarah?”


Sarah nodded and Jamie just scratched his head.

“Haha… I’ll have to work hard.”

One hundred kisses.

It wasn’t quite heavy labor so Jamie laughed.

The Count looked at his son with a happy face and looked around at the family which was back together.

After Jamie left Haiss, the family became quite lonely. It was a huge thing when one of the family members left. The days which seemed like hell.

Now that they were together, although he knew that he would be separated from his son in a few days, the fact that he was with him right now made him feel fappy.

‘And… he grew up a lot, my son.’

Jamie had become noticeably stronger since he left the home, and the Count was really shocked. Although he didn’t show it in front of his wife, he felt the mana inside Jamie’s body.

‘Becoming a Great Magician…’

Master Class. A boy who was now 8 years old.

His son.

The feeling was new. He didn’t have this kind of feeling before. To say that the feeling was new was because Jamie had extraordinary growth.

The world will one day revolve around Jamie. He had heard such things since Jamie was young.

But he never thought it would be this close. It is still not enough to be the centre of the world, but at the rate of growth, it wasn’t far away.

‘My son is still young.’

Flustered by Sears’ words, Jamie tried to appease Sarah.

Why was it that his son, who seemed close enough for him to catch him, seemed to be moving away?

‘This feeling… no.’

Jamie was growing up fast.

He’ll be nine soon and might change and be as tall as him too. It’s a pity that he wouldn’t be able to watch Jamie’s growth from the sidelines and his heart ached.

‘It isn’t a good thing to have talented children.’

He thought many times of wanting Jamie to be a noble child. But now he admits it.

The heartbreak of a parent, but the Count had been preparing for his son’s departure from Haiss.

“Sarah~ look at me once.”


“Huhuhu, son, if you kiss mom’s cheek, I will make Sarah show her face~”

“… mother.”

The Count looked at the peaceful family and tried to capture it with his heart. He might not be able to see this later, so he should capture as many as he could in his mind.

Today was a happy day.

“Jamie, Dad too wants a kiss after a long time.”

“Ah, father, why are you doing this too!”

“Dad also wants to be kissed by his son, you won’t? Fine! If you don’t want to be touched by Dad’s beard then you do it nicely!”


“Look at him! Huhuhu!”


“Sarah! Sarah is crying!”

May the family remain as noisy as ever. Count Welton prayed to an unbelieving God with small hope.

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