Chapter 188 - Initiation (1)

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When things calmed down, Count Welton asked Jamie something he was curious about.

“Who is the child who came with you?”

“I know right? Mom is also curious. That girl looks cute, did you meet her there?”

Sears held Sarah in her arms and shook her finger. Both were talking about Ann.

They seemed to misunderstand because he hadn’t talked about Ann and Lennon.


“Really? Our Jamie, has a girlfriend?”

“Young love, what is this?”

“Kids progress so fast these days! The son of Viscount Alter is 11 years old and already…”

“No. No. No. No it isn’t like that, don’t make things up.”

As Sears tried to say something, Jamie urgently stopped her. They both looked at him with wide eyes and Jamie told them the truth.

“That… is my disciple.”

“Aha. Kids these days seem to play teacher games a lot. I used to do that too when I was younger.”

“I know. I used to do that too when I was younger.”

This time, the couple dismissed it as a game. With that being said, Jamie sighed as they misunderstood it.

“Not a game but a disciple. They learn magic from me.”



The Count and Sears stared at their son, then at each other, and suddenly laughed.

“Haha, such realistic games.”

“Haha. Right. It has to be real to feel good too.”


Meanwhile, Sarah, who didn’t understand it, just looked at her mother while Jamie just sighed. After this, it was obvious that they would treat anything as a game.

He thought it would be quicker to show it.



Jamie teleported out of the room and the couple were puzzled as they watched Jamie appear with Ann.


It was dinner time so Ann had changed into a dress and waited.

Although she was a noble she was nervous because it was the first time she was in such a dress. Then Jamie appeared and brought her here.

It was in the large room of the Welton family.

Arriving at this place made Ann feel like she had been paralyzed.

“Ann. Tell them about our relationship.”

He asked her to say something.

“Eh… Eh? Uh?”

“What are you doing? Tell them about the relationship between us.”

“Oh my. I never knew Jamie was so proactive.”

“… haha. He takes after us.”

Count Welton and Sears were a bit shocked about this. Jamie felt like the misunderstanding escalated and told Ann.

“Are you not going to tell them that you are my disciple?”

“Ehh. Ehhhhh!”

Ann was losing it.

Jamie grabbed her by the shoulder and shook it and the couple was shocked again.

Sarah chuckled wondering if the sight was funny. To put it simply, it took quite a while for the misunderstanding to be resolved.

“… she really is a disciple.”

“2 years older than Jamie?”

“He also took in the second son of the Simon family.”

The Welton’s eventually accepted the reality of things and were looking at Ann in disbelief.

There is no way that a teacher is older than the disciple and there is no way a disciple is older than the teacher.

But Jamie was 8 years old and it made no sense for a teacher to be 8 years old.

Jamie isn’t a normal child so he didn’t think teaching would be difficult. Even in terms of magic, Jamie was superior to others.

The problem was that Jamie and Ann’s relationship wasn’t just a student-teacher relationship. Ann was Jamie’s direct disciple. It meant that this disciple was someone who would inherit Jamie’s vision of magic and spread it to future generations.

This couldn’t be dismissed as some child’s play.

But this too was only possible for Jamie.

Their son was none other than the youngest Great Magician.

‘It is difficult to put into words.’

Although Sears didn’t know things well, Count Welton knew better than anyone how the student-disciple relationship was.

He too was under his father and learned a lot. And a teacher-disciple relationship was rather severe.

And such a relationship is difficult on both sides. It was because the teacher would have to take care of the disciple’s life and the disciple learns about the life of the teacher.

Can these two young people get through such a relationship?

Worry rose, but the Count could say nothing.

He did believe in his son, but not this disciple under him but it felt wrong on his part to intervene.

“Jamie, teach well and Ann will try well.”

That was what he could say. Sears too seemed to be troubled but she couldn’t say anything since her husband decided not to.

“Both of you, do well.”

So she did support them and Jamie answered.



Ann followed just because her teacher did. The Count smiled as he got up from his seat.

“Then it’s getting late.”

“Ann should head back and rest. Jamie, drop her and come.”

“Yes. Come.”

Jamie took Ann’s hand and teleported and Sears who saw them disappear said,

“… I can never get used to Jamie disappearing.”

“Isn’t that magic?”

Sears nodded in reply.

It had been a busy meal for a long time. It wasn’t a smooth time.

It was because the Weltons didn’t like Linmel and Siegfried.

That said, didn’t they take his son into the Magic World and put him in face of danger? And the two Great Magicians said nothing.

Fortunately, there was no commotion during the dinner, but Count Welton asked to talk to them separately, and they went to talk in the room. Ann was sleeping in her room and Sears put Sarah to sleep.

Left alone, Jamie snuck out to explore the capital.

“Definitely huge.”

Fibre, a capital city, was large when viewed from a distance, but when viewed up close, it looked different. Although he was born in one of the great estates, Haiss felt like a town compared to this.

This place was similar to the Magic world.

Although the advanced culture of the Magic World was more developed, it was because it was the centre of magicians.

Fibre had quite a few things similar to the ones over there. It also had a train moving in the sky and a large screen of magic vision on tall buildings.

“It wasn’t for nothing that magicians wanted to come to the capital.”

After graduating from the academy and obtaining formal licenses, magicians either go to labs or jobs related to magic. Naturally, companies in the Magic World recruited most of them and then came Fibre.

“The road is wide and isn’t dark, even at night.”

The long street lights along the road were shining so even carriages could pass. Looking at this, it felt like modern life was nice.

It felt like two different paths were merged into one.

Trains above and carriage on the earth. He wondered if the carriage would change soon.

“Nice fountain.”

Even at night, Jamie stood in front of the fountain and leaned back watching the full moon rising.

It was very nice to see the water from the fountain come up like jets and shine in the moonlight.

It was around the time Jamie had sat down.

“Pretty right?


Jamie was shocked. Looking to the side, a smiling silver haired girl in the moonlight could be seen. Just seeing the girl with a yellow headband on her head, he tried to calm his startled mind.

‘Who is this?’

Jamie walked around observing the girl. He could notice her energy. It wasn’t like she was some great human.

‘… her vitality seems so weak that it could die out at any moment.’

Weak enough that it would crumble with one clench. So he couldn’t sense her. The girl looked at the full moon and said,

“I like to come outside and look at the night sky.”

At her words, Jamie wasn’t sure how to react. Not caring, the girl continued.

“But I don’t get to see it often. The moon and stars are always there, but we can only see them for a short time when they appear like this once in a while.”

“Why? You can always come out and see.”

“Well, it might be easy but it’s not easy for me. I have been sick since I was little. I am still young though.”

The girl stuck out her tongue and smiled. It’s hard to treat someone her age like a kid, but she was a good kid.

“How did you get out today?”

“Well? Secretly?”


“Haha. Secret.”

At first glance, she looked sickly yet she was running around to see the night sky. Jamie smiled looking at this tomboyish girl.

‘Does the secret have any meaning?’

They had only known each other for less than 5 minutes. Jamie decided not to complicate things. Having lived through 8 difficult years of childhood, he grasped children’s habits.

“Yes. Secret.”

“We are just meeting for the first time, how can you be open with me?”


He thought maybe this was a habit.

“I’m just playing around.”

The girl smiled. Jamie shook his head and looked back at the fountain. The girl giggled and looked at it too.

Despite meeting for the first time there was no awkwardness between them and about 10 minutes later, the girl got up.

“It’s time for me to head back.”

“I see.”

“Aren’t you going to say bye to me?”

“Hm, well.”

Jamie gently waved his hand and the girl pouted at it.

“Let’s meet next time. Treating me so coldly!”

The girl who said it ran away and Jamie just watched her.

“So slow.”

“Because I don’t run a lot!”

Maybe it was because of her pride, she turned back and answered to which Jamie smiled. The sound of her running gradually faded away.

“Huh. Huh.”

The girl was so exhausted that she panted with her hand on a tree.

It had been a while since she ran like this and her hair stuck to her face.

Someone approached her.

“Was there a reason to run?”

A polite old man’s voice sounded. The girl took a rough breath and looked at the old man. She smiled as she looked up at him.

“It’s just that, after talking to him, I wanted to run for some reason.”

“I don’t feel like the conversation called for it.”

“You overheard us again.”

As the girl pouted cutely, the old man laughed as he looked at his granddaughter.

“That is this grandfather’s job, understand me princess.”

The girl called princess was Isabel P Friedmoor.

A member of the royal family of the Seldam Kingdom and the eldest daughter of the current king. The old man called the grandfather couldn’t back down.

“I hate you.”

“If the princess hates me, grandfather is sad.”


Isabel stuck her tongue out and ran again. But she quickly held her heart and the old man ran over to hold her before she fell.

The old man touched her chest and induced mana into her. Mana soon went around her entire body in an instant and her beating heart became normal.

“Huh, huh, huh.”

Isabel began to choke on her breath.

“Do not run from now on.”

“… Yes.”

As Isabel answered gloomily, the old man picked her up and sighed. Isabel wrapped her arms around him.

“Jamie Welton.”

“How was meeting him in person?”

She remembered the emerald haired body who sat next to her. The greatest genius of all time who rose to the status of Great Magician at the age of 8.

Isabel knew she was going to meet him there tonight and she got a glimpse of him.

Jamie Welton’s gloomy future which was lying ahead.

“He will be on a long journey.”


“Whether there will be light at the end or a pit of abyss, no one knows. I can’t see it until we get there.”

Isabel held her breath and continued.

“Poor kid.”


“Because I know it better than anyone.”

Isabel had sad eyes.

Jamie Welton’s future which she saw was horrendous and Jamie Welton himself could even imagine it.

How would it feel to know that there were dreadful things ahead?

Even Isabel, who was in a hopeless situation, couldn’t understand Jamie’s feelings.

“I want to go back and rest.”


Swordsman Tarix Pan, feeling sorry for the princess who always empathized with the others, walked quickly.

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